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  1. Sena Skepta

    Man !!!

  2. Dream Big

    Tightend - waterboy

  3. Zane Carratala

    I feel bad for the camera man....

  4. James Martin

    I love Norman cracking up at being seen like that. I mean, it's not like he could deny it anyway, nor do I think he'd want to.

  5. Kanan's Krazied

    Literally are national anthem is about a poem of a guy who was trapped in a prison cell as the flag is getting bombed and bombed and people are dying. And this is supposed to be better? I get racism is bad but without this war, we would literally not have anything here, we would all be playing soccer and call it football.

  6. Joe Nehama

    Belichik leaving the field before the game was over shows how classless he is and a sore loser

  7. Alpha Wolf

    Camera could barely keep up with CJ

  8. Jayna Phillips

    I am happy for juju got a Touchdown

  9. Sam Rosendahl

    Very under the radar blue chip dude, good guy for the team

  10. JokersOblivion


  11. Trevor Sacco

    The first thing I said was the ball never touch the ground

  12. pete haight

    i miss this team

  13. Chicago Bears

    Not gonna happen

  14. Robert Adams

    Jamar Chase and Joe Burrow aren't going to have chemistry still. Joe Burrow spent the beginning of last season getting his time down with his WR'S and RB's in Cincinnati. Joe Burrow has to find his chemistry with Jamar Chase all over again.

  15. Truitt Michael

    Eagles should have let him stay in Philly

  16. Robert Adams

    Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is going to be defensive Rookie of the year. I called it first.

  17. Brendon Honken

    I hope the Minnesota Vikings win super bowl 56

  18. Liam Kelly

    Black national anthem the national anthem was made for everyone no matter race gender ethnicity so people may disagree but the anthem was made to be sung for all people of America not just the whites

  19. Highlight Hole

    anyone see me in the odell color rush jersey haha? If you do I love you

  20. Alias Marg8ta

    I'm only here to watch the Hooligans.

  21. Nurse McFarlane

    JB Smoove, Jeff Ross you are funny. Some of these other people are not funny,

  22. DaWon

    It is hard to imagine the future of the Brady--> Evans connection.

  23. Alisa Seny

    The damaged t-shirt acromegaly lick because jump sequently change excluding a hulking tempo. voracious, staking dream

  24. Mastodon1976

    He used to torture the Bucs.

  25. Ynrn King

    Watch falcons win 10

  26. Coop’s Gaming

    Bro what are these projections?🤣

  27. arixvega

    plus- some of y’all are crazy! Washington is definitely making the playoffs, I’ll be back!

  28. Chance Fritch

    The one on 25 was such a bruh moment

  29. arixvega

    who’s not making the playoffs: the cowboys.

  30. Ridley

    “Dad why is my sister called rose” “Because your mother likes roses” “Okay thanks dad” “No problem house of balloons into blinding lights transition”

  31. Coop’s Gaming

    Sad he didn’t stay this good for a while

  32. Kasen Peters

    Hit 10 million subscribers

  33. MarioTheFalcon

    Honestly, I wanted the Super Bowl to be Bills vs Bucs.

  34. Tapatio Man

    Once again the cardinals are not on there

  35. Alex Levingston

    One of the best Thursday nights ever.

  36. Josh Roth

    I don't know why but I really wanted the Broncos to win this game. And they did so I'm a happy man.

  37. Chad Brisco

    You seriously have the Steelers going 7-10. Woof. Boy are you gonna be wrong.

  38. James Cowan

    Not even a top 100 player. JS

  39. Emily Ramsey

    This was lots of fun!

  40. Keston Franklin

    Love it !!!

  41. Jovan Espinoza

    Hey blonde nobody cares about the mullet we love football

  42. AznPersuasion619

    That move against Ty Law....

  43. IC4c3s Gaming

    The abandoned basement compatibly rely because north systemically annoy past a crooked chicken. abashed, opposite laborer

  44. wasgoodandrew

    bruh why they have lions stafford in the thumbnail


      The la logo is behind him Not many pictures of him in a rams Jersey because he hasn't played yet

  45. Tony L


  46. IC4c3s Gaming

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  47. Vlad the Impaler

    Niners with 28k travel miles. NFL always giving them the most ridiculous travel

  48. Joshua Shook

    Jaycee Horn vs the NFC South! Dude has his work cut out for him.

  49. dc chilin

    The weekend was horrible

  50. Steven Kovacs

    Why is it always they talking about the last year games ?...If this ..If that tupid topic

  51. Elie Aoun

    I love how bad bunny looked at the camera when he said i spent in the club what you have in the bank otherwise shakira would be b**** please

  52. Randy T

    As a die hard fan sad this cowboys group couldn't win the big one really heart breaking well talent players

  53. Granville Friel

    Kapp watched this game in tears a underrated free agent took a job he was trying too get . Stupid pos

  54. Hayato Bonds

    Chiefs: 13-4 Chargers: 9-8 Raiders: 7-10 Broncos: 5-12 Titans: 12-5 Colts: 10-7 Jags: 5-12 Texans: 1-16 Bills: 11-6 Dolphins: 9-8 Patriots: 7-10 Jets: 5-12 Ravens: 13-4 Browns: 10-7 Steelers: 9-8 Bengals: 6-11 Buccaneers: 14-3 Saints: 9-8 Falcons: 8-9 Panthers: 7-10 Packers: 10-7 Bears: 9-8 Vikings: 9-8 Lions: 4-13 Seahawks: 10-7 Rams: 9-8 Cardinals: 9-8 49ers: 8-9 Football Team: 9-8 Cowboys: 8-9 Giants: 6-11 Eagles: 4-13

  55. Dillon Gephart

    Cynthia is an idiot

  56. IC4c3s Gaming

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  57. Lawomenshoops

    This is how stupid the Bengals were. Two years before, they drafted a QB with the 3rd pick overall, Jack Thompson, when they had a QB, who should be in the HOF, in the prime of his career!! What a wasted draft pick. Though, five years later they did trade him away for what turned out to be the #1 pick overall in 84. At least they made a great draft choice a year later, taking Anthony Munoz, to protect Anderson!!

  58. Super Epicpro

    And the Tampa bay Buccaneers finish with the best record with a whopping 12.2

  59. Tyree Powell

    Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski Are GOATS!

  60. Bryson Michael RC

    49ers vs Bills calling it now

    1. Kaliba King


  61. Wangari Bar

    The man right there is the best thing that happened to music

  62. Chris Diaz

    Plus chase !!!!😅

  63. lil Cam

    Best back

  64. Richard Sholly

    Jalen Hurts has the potrntial is to be the greatest QB in NFL hisyory.The Eagles will win many Superbowls with Hurts.

  65. Gorilla Gang

    The chargers are doing way better 9-8

  66. Emerson Smith

    lmao that one guy dumb. how ja'marr have more rec tds than any other wr in cfb last 2 years, dude has 20 plus freshman year if u count that. devonta has 37 last 2 like what

  67. Bill Buyers

    My favorite Buc ever

  68. David


  69. earl Keaton

    Even better than chase young

  70. cincinnatihustlers

    Carson Palmer made that happen and set it up for fitz at the end

  71. Heisenberg

    NFL is seriously so much better with fans!! Just one season without them & it really shows a difference!

  72. Tom Wayne

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  73. Perry Conrad

    I love Football 🏈

  74. Robert Szuflada

    I didn't want to be govnr that let saints go I can respect that

  75. Emma Elliott

    Trouble never again

  76. Zane さき

    Kobe was literally in every major sport commercials. RIP Mamba