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  1. Jake

    i honestly forgot how bad this was lol

  2. Malik Jones

    Rodgers🎯Waller TOUCHDOWN Raiders

  3. Bobert Skiffington

    RIP to all the people who paid 3000 dollars to watch a 13-3 game with the worst halftime performance ever

  4. Blue Gamer Studios

    2:04:17 lynch was wide smh

  5. Pssax

    I thought they playing madden😐

  6. Club Penguin

    I think bucs are gonna win this. They have improved and the chiefs are missing 4 starters for their O-line. Eric Fisher LT is out for the season due to a torn Achilles and we saw what this bucs defense did to Aaron Rodgers (5 Sacks) without their LT.

  7. Marlin

    Holy hell I forgot about Ray Lewis

  8. Qais Nimri

    Every team ? What about the chiefs

  9. RowYF

    Will Travis send em the ice when they in the the Super Bowl? That’s the question I have.

  10. Mark Cox

    Get after the QB?? Please do....Mahomes will feast on that!

  11. Brandon O'Connor

    omg look at 4:10 and watch number 10 glitch...

  12. Steven Robinson

    Instead of kicking that field goal Rodgers should of ran it in like Vince did in the 2005 rose bowl but he blew it and passed it

  13. Dev Harden

    That’s just sad

  14. ellia duran

    I wonder if that guy has seen any of chief's games. Running game is also powerful.

  15. HOG

    MVP PLAYED SO MANY TOP Ds also absolutely no help from the running game

  16. ellia duran

    I don't think there's a way to stop them so Bucs gonna need the best Tom Brady in the field to keep them close and wait for some errors.

  17. Eduardo Diaz Gonzalez Reyes

    the bucs are studying this video

  18. Samuel Grady

    Thanks Parkey

  19. steven Jackson

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  20. Colin Leahy

    Originally scheduled at 4:25 PM on FOX

  21. Sam Joshi

    Who's here after Brady beat Mahomes in the Superbowl?

  22. Cool JCRV

    I think we already know who's winning the super bowl

  23. Colin Leahy

    Originally scheduled at 1 PM on CBS

  24. Colin Leahy

    Originally scheduled for 1 PM on FOX

  25. Akash Patel

    This will be a great game but Brady can’t throw 3 picks like last week bc unlike GB, KC will get TDs.

  26. S&S Slots

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  27. Tracey Ferrie

    Best halftime performance ever

  28. The Ringo & Monte Show

    3 interceptions ......3 words = he still won

  29. Mystical Llama3500

    For people saying Aaron Rodgers should’ve scrambled there’s no way he’s outrunning the 2 defenders already spying on him

  30. Ryan Kohler

    James white: the king of the 3rd and 4 conversion

  31. Josh Henry

    Lamar = 🐐

  32. Carmela Perrigan

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  33. Archer

    The Miami Dolphins watching this game, saying... What made us think we can beat any of these teams in Regular Season?....49's watching this, saying... Damn, were we just lucky last year or something? We didnt even make the playoffs... Miami Dolphins had a better shot at making the playoffs then we did... Ouch...

  34. Dash Crawford

    Will someone tell me why I am recommended this 4 years later? It’s not going to change how the game played out

  35. Luke Adams


  36. Bigz boy

    The Chiefs remind me of The Greatest Show On Turf

  37. Jake2006

    I need help for school how many complete passes how many times does he run how many times does he run

  38. FLY GUY

    Maybe they should bring more clothes since they tend to fall off at these things.

  39. Magic

    imagine if Davante adams played this game 😳

  40. CL Anderson


  41. joshua hand

    These guys can't count, Rich. You'll be aight.

  42. Paresh Pandya

    " હૈ બૅટરી(ચશ્મા વાલા) યૌર વેરી ગુડ લુકિંગ ફોટો🙏👍❤

  43. cloudy chiffon

    i will always come back to see these masterpiece perfomance

  44. Gem Squad

    2:04:11 Marshawn Lynch should haved ran in.

  45. depaula rodrigues

    Eu só queria estar nesse lugar neste dia !!!

  46. jfrawgthedawg

    watch the preview for this vidoe his legs dont move

  47. The Best

    Reminds me of brees

  48. John50 Beach

    1:31 Yeah ok, find me ANY other QB that can break tackles, change direction and then throw a dime like that

  49. Da.Real.O.G

    For those who think all this stuff is ancient history and doesn't apply to today's society: Carolyn Bryant (The lady who falsely accused Till) is still alive to this day.

  50. z zz

    Well done the Bills for getting this far, Kansas were on fire this game. Tampa will have their hands full at superbowl LV. Unless Brady and co can do something special. Having said that, could you write a legendary QB off from upping his game, when the chips are down. It looks like being a very good finals regardless of the result. Well done Tampa BLNS, Congrats Kansas City Superbowl 55 Champions is my verdict. Or will I just have to watch Tom do his MVP thing, as per usual.

  51. Maddens Elite

    Nice to hear real fans. I guess #wwe will really have fans at mania this year since NFL does.

  52. George Washingpun

    And that's concludes the last Chiefs game I've ever been nervous for. Mahomes was shining here but be damned if he isn't shining brighter now. Hell yes. Time to go watch a Patriots losing compilation

  53. GB839

    Im a bills fan, but My second favorite team is the packers 💚💛 I am really sad that both my teams lost in the playoffs, but theres always next year The packers are a team i have a TON of respect for also. 💚💛

  54. Pepsi Man

    I'm going to give one last Corvette Corvette before the super bowl. Steelers you could have had it all.

  55. Skill Champ


  56. Skill Champ


  57. benjamin franklin

    Stafford washed up, he's now a Ryan Fitzpatrick. waste all his talent in detroit 😂

  58. Skill Champ


  59. Tully Bell

    We've already won! You can't slow them down! They can't be stopped!!!

  60. Skill Champ


  61. Tona Cor

    She sounds good ☺️

  62. Skill Champ


  63. Skill Champ


  64. Hugh G. Rection

    The part about Aaron Donald that shocks me the most is that normally, by this time, players would regress and one would see a drop in production or skill or athleticism. I'm a Rams fan, and I've been watching Donald extremely close every chance I get. The guys isn't getting any stronger. His strength has plateaued, but his skill, his technique, and his freaking athleticism has seriously gotten better. It's scary. He heals slower than the Terminator, but he heals faster than your average human. Total freak of nature..

  65. Skill Champ


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  69. Yolanda Shikers

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  72. Tully Bell


  73. Archer

    Tom Brady is so good, He's better then your 99 Rating QB you created in madden.

  74. 2509 Romesburg

    what a brother he got two super Bowl rings for his brother when he puts his mind to something he gets it done no problem

  75. Vinson Dong

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