Penei Sewell FULL Pro Day Highlights!


156 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

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    күнү жарыяланды 14 күн мурун


    1. Eric Stevens

      Probably would play left guard next to in Detroit next to Taylor Decker. Imagine that. Decker, Sewell, Ragnow, Jackson, Crosby (also from Oregon).

    2. Diego Vazquez

      Cowboys need to draft this beast !

    3. Faik Sadek

      Absolutely locked in👌

    4. Chief

      Bengals ..... don’t overthink this

    5. mvc god

      He really should go number 1 but whatever

    6. Elprocesso

      Could the falcons take him at 4?

    7. Jacion Bryant

      If the bengals don’t draft him there dummy’s

    8. Buffalo Brando

      Over rated 💯

    9. Husky Chipmunk

      He should not leave the top 5 but the way kipper and McShane want these teams to take qbs and other players let him fall to 10

    10. Husky Chipmunk

      The fact they will ask a o lineman to balance on one foot is insane

    11. MotherLoveBone

      With the 7th pick, Detroit selects:

    12. Greysoul Jr

      reminds me of aaron donald

    13. More Weights More Mates

      If Bengals don't that's a huge mistake. Get a wr 2nd or later

    14. E.D. MN

      49ers, you have a lot of QBs already. DRAFT THIS GUY!!!


      My only question is: _can Andrew Thomas play right tackle?_ *#Giants4Life*

    16. Maxbps

      Let's hope starting at 3:33 is foreshadowing.

    17. Alton Kaylynn McClure

      Chargers organization....Please draft up to get this guy.

    18. Slikk Music


    19. Benjamin Hoff

      Not exactly generational athletic ability. He has 10 pounds and 6 reps on Wirfs but Wirfs also had a 4.86(5.09), 10.1 broad(9.1) and 36 vert(28).

      1. William Fale

        So you're disputing the experts? And your credentials are?

    20. Aaron Adams

      He’s 350 and can move like that? My god

    21. Aaron Adams

      Best prospect in over a decade on the o line

    22. Donald Belmonte

      I'd rather Joe Burrow throw in a clean pocket to a contested receiver than scrambling to throw to an open receiver down field

    23. Shooting Star

      The biggest bust from this draft mark my comment

    24. ChristmasCrybaby

      Idk, still think Bengals should take Teven Jekins instead and Panthers get Penei for Darnold

    25. Rich Gerow

      I hope the Bengals get him. WHO DEY!

    26. Alpha Wolf

      3:48 Me blocking COVID

    27. Alpha Wolf

      2:08 That's just rude, out here making him look like a DJ lol

    28. Ben Gardner

      All the teams ahead of the Raiders in the draft do not draft this guy you don’t need him But the Raiders will take him

    29. Mats Bartram

      Tbh, peneii is the coolest draft prospect purely on size, strength and potential alone. Big bois are always more fun to watch in training than qb's and wide-outs

    30. FA MY DAWGS ENT!!!

      My panthers must get this guy

    31. Spencer Cranmer

      I like the drills they had him running 20 yrs old and 350, he’ll get his balance down after a few years of development. He’s still ridiculously explosive and agile for his size, bengals don’t get him they’ll definitely be a team trying to move up to snag him. Slater is more agile and athletic but you gotta remember Sewell has 50 pounds on him, that’s gonna wear teams out and cause them to substitute linemen more

    32. Allen Fuimaono

      Love watching kids from the rock make it big! God Bless Sewells, can't wait to watch you on Sundays!

    33. Seymour Butts

      Bloody Samoans 🔥

    34. michael c

      What was his weight this day? His cone drills were impressive imo.

    35. Lanz22

      What an incredibly impressive prospect sheeeeeeesh

    36. charlieB.great

      This guy is top 2 pick!!!!! Only trevor is forsure qb over him

    37. someone

      If he goes to the Bengals, he'll get hurt, their o-line can't protect him wait

    38. Scotty Mazarati

      Damnn The goalie from mighty ducks killing it.

      1. 305 chris phins

        Who would though he grow up to be a football player

      2. Scotty Mazarati

        @KGup's Most Wanted facts

      3. Philly Mob Thornton

        Omgg im cryingg 😂😭

      4. The GOAT Compilations

        Dammn lol

      5. YouTube's Most Wanted

        he do look like him! Lol

    39. smash shearer

      This boy can move

    40. SBE HEED

      Do y’all see this mans footwork??? 🔥

    41. WWE Clarke

      I mean chiefs are in dire need for a offensive lineman

    42. Keli Tia

      Lets go uso

    43. MaikoEdits Edits And Funny Skits

      He could be the next Anthony Munoz

    44. Jewels

      He's the safest pick to be a Hall of Famer

    45. Nate Saunders

      Bengals scout all over him

    46. John Dallyn

      Can't believe he ran a 4.40 that's mad,

    47. bubba da beast

      He looking at the bengals logo like shiieeeeeeeeeeeiiiittttttt

    48. SmithN' Wesson

      Next Joe Thomas?

    49. Sholtzi

      1:15 Coming straight at you, that is terrifying.

    50. Green Sea Eagle

      Has Hall of Famer potential if he can stay healthy. This kid will help get you a Super Bowl ring as long as he doesn't end up as NY Jet

    51. Emmanuel Perez

      Bruh... all pro for sure

    52. Musty Smells

      The Jets screwed up should've just kept Sam Darnold and drafted this stud. Now Matt Jones is going to be broken and Jets are going to keep drafting and crippling QB prospects for the next 10 years.

    53. DonnieTheSportsGuy

      Shouldn’t they be running backwards as a offensive lineman LOL

    54. DonnieTheSportsGuy

      Once upon a time could have been a Jet

    55. Broadway M

      I don’t see the hype

    56. Brad Murdock

      Wow. We will be A HOP'r if he keeps that drive

    57. KG3 24

      Needs some work late 2nd round definitely a project good change of direction.. but a bit stiff in the hips

    58. Brandon P

      Not good other than the bench. Some of these comments are real head scratchers.

    59. A- DUB

      If he gets pushed far enough down chargers need to do whatever they can to trade for him!!!

    60. Vaalotu Iakopo

      The Miamis licking their chopsticks atm. Just come to the dolphins uso lol


        If 49ers don't get him first !

    61. Chance Collins

      Id take the guy from Northwestern over Penei and soft west coast defenses.

    62. Dexter Vlash

      If he’s at #4, We need to take em since the front office is torn between QB or Pitts.

    63. Gseric47

      Anybody got the 40 time. Why didn't they include the time :(

    64. Evan Jones

      I swear if the Seahawks have the opportunity to draft him Ik they won’t but if they do and they pass that’s probably the second biggest mistake they ever made besides not running the ball

    65. Manuel Pastrana

      Should be the #2 pick could have been the book end tackle with Becton

    66. Micah 4:1

      Bro he is moving bruh

    67. himynamescaden

      Mans is a unit

    68. Matt

      Sewell should have sat out of the drill with the yogis at 2:18.

    69. Rasheed

      Being a offensive lineman is mad hard fr. They don’t get enough credit

    70. John Sharnetsky

      Bengals, please pick Chase. Dolphins, please draft Smith.

    71. Killa Beez

      Maybe Burrow will have a chance with this guy protecting him.

    72. Austin Tran

      Future Bengals

    73. Malik Ogundare

      His agility is crazy for his size

    74. Ron Crute

      He looks good..but he haven't faced NFL caliber players in college..So as a phins fan hope we pass..We can get Leatherwood in the second round

      1. William Fale

        Duh? All college players haven't faced any pros!

    75. Jay Bubblez

      I would like to see him in Seattle

    76. Joe B

      Hes hungry!!!

    77. ChicagoBear 61

      Wish he could come to Chicago because we need lineman, but there’s no way he’d go 20th overall

    78. Chuk Morris

      Dude moves really well for his size. Awesome footwork. Wish my Chiefs could snag him.

    79. Dmane2207 The God

      Average tackle at best idk why this kid has so much hype

    80. Joshua Sims

      He is very quick he will fit well in the league

    81. TOKOMIKO88 925


    82. Chances Bail Bonds

      Miles Garrett will dominate this kid

    83. Chances Bail Bonds

      Bengals will pick a wr watch👀

    84. Will P

      If the Bengals pass on him they're proving they've learned nothing.

    85. George Kassabian

      what a beast, pls protect joey B!

    86. Hawaiiguy Kailua

      My Gosh, when he becomes a man in 3-4 years... Sheesh!

    87. Drew Shenberger

      This guy is the next Anthony Munoz

    88. Isaiah Kaopua


    89. traplandmuzik

      Its players like this is reason QBs thrive at the next level. Every QB needs protection. Building a team that can compete for championships starts up front

    90. Jorge Pavon

      Welcome to the brother hood 😁

    91. Daniel Tayong

      Bengals or Falcons will take him

    92. Mark Jones

      Bengals are gonna get him to protect burrow

    93. Bry Bry

      I say Bengals get him. They need protection for burrow

    94. Rob Rusia415

      Bengals move Jonah to RT and let him play LT will be great for joe

    95. Pacific Beatz

      I don’t need Sewell to high jump. I just need him to block for Herbert. ⚡️

      1. Parker

        Burrow needs him more than herbie

      2. Adrian Pena

        Chargers won’t get him without a trade up

    96. grizzzyoass

      Future browns

    97. Aland Armstrong


    98. Sebastian Saona

      His footwork is impeccable

    99. Original One

      Dude not better than Slater

    100. Rob

      3:18 if you want to see why this man will defintely be worthy of a top 5 pick....swift feet. Hey speed rushers, Goodluck.