1st Rd. Mock Draft: What Every Team SHOULD Do


70 миӊ. көрүүлөр98

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    1. Gareth Johnson

      Should do, Really? Are you sure? That's such an awful mock draft.

    2. Slask

      ill take Etienne

    3. Kenyatta Watkins

      This is so stupid

    4. Levi 420

      Y'all are dumb #7 like we have Goff and a back up we want Kyle Pitts

    5. Barcamex 32

      We don’t want Mac Jones lmao

    6. JacksonDoesAll

      Jamarr Chase isn't that talented compared to devonta

    7. Lxck WAVY

      The jets already drafted a amazing QB coming out of college, if they do it again they’re just gonna waste his talent

    8. Consti Röder


    9. Archibald Edits

      That beat is cold 🥶

    10. Jamison Leung

      Slater to Cowboys... Nah

    11. adalberto rios

      To much WR for a first round. This is not even logic.

    12. Brendan Federspiel

      why on EARTH WOULD THE BUFFALO BILLS DRAFT TRAVIS ETIENNE WHEN WE HAVE 2 OF HIM ALREADY IN MOSS AND SINGLETARY, WHO ARE #2 RBS THEMSELVES. NAJEE HARRIS IS OBVIOUSLY RB1 NOT DEBATABLE. THE BILLS ARE DRAFTING BARMORE, LB, CORNER, OR NAJEE. How on earth is this the legit NFL KGup channel. Like who can actually be getting paid real money to provide actual dogshit content like this

    13. Five thetribe

      In what world do the bears pick a d line and not a o line

    14. Chin

      Who ever thinks Mac Jones or Trey lance will be drafted by the 49ers is a sheep

    15. dmn

      Vikings: Have the worst guard situation in the NFL Also Vikings: Take a DE

    16. RellyBo

      49ers not taking Drunk Jones 🤮

    17. Kamil Chmieliński

      Ravens need some wr

    18. BKNY

      Why would the Giants take a WR at 11th pick 🤔

    19. German Blanco

      Hand the drugs Adam

    20. Thomas Dukaczewski

      I like Mac Jones but no way 49ers traded up to 3rd to grab him if they did that’s huge mistake could got him at 12 if your trading up to 3rd your taking a chance on Justin fields or tray lance

    21. weed

      Imo Mac Jones will probably be another Garappolo

    22. WhereMyKeys

      Literally why the hell would the Steelers want to draft an edge when their Oline and run game are garbage and need to be fixed??

    23. jwin122

      I love Steelers that’s my favorite team

    24. Myles Wardlaw


    25. Dallas Cowboys

      This is trash

    26. Luis Colin

      Everyone picked after kadarius toney is better than him lmaoo

    27. MDT Games

      The Detroit Lions we’re not gonna pick Justin fields it’s gonna be a receiver because we already have Jared Goff and Tim boil and Chase Daniel

    28. Tyrell Hines

      Bruh the Broncos are not going corner after signing two in free agency they gonna try to get a QB.

    29. Travis Booth

      Yes, the Patriots should take another corner while having Gilmore, JC, Jones, and multiple starting calibre depth players

    30. Boltz 4live

      Edge first round...rlly...

    31. douglepong

      That's.. frightening how spot on those picks should be.

    32. Cris Magalona III

      Shanahan said it he’d want the biggest, fastest guy who can stand in the pocket, Mac Jones looks like a teletubby

    33. Frank Stange

      I think Giants pick smith over waddle

    34. Mike Norm

      Steelers ate taking Harris

    35. Randy Hernandez-Hernandez

      you really think the niners are going to draft fat ass Mac jones???

    36. Justin Fields

      7th huh? How in the hell is Mac Jones ahead of me

    37. Jeremy Collins Jr

      This is made by the genius mind of Adam Rank

    38. bryce parks

      The cowboys would go jaycee horn if the broncos took surtain but why would the broncos do that they are stacked at CB

    39. Bobby Fisher

      I’m going defense instead of devanta smith if I’m the Eagles in this scenario

    40. Raul Contreras

      If niner get Mac Jones I’m done being a niner fan don’t care say what u want

    41. Grayson Pitts

      Pats don’t need corner

    42. Grayson Pitts

      Broncos don’t need corner lmfao

    43. Grayson Pitts

      I disagree with fields to the lions they need receivers and should give goff a chance

    44. Jose Sanchez

      Jesus Loves You

    45. Jose Sanchez

      God Is Good

    46. Jose Sanchez

      Jesus Is King

    47. Sonnenmoser

      Chiefs don’t need oline anymore they’ve gotten so many lineman in free agency we actually have depth now

    48. ThatGuyMatt

      Wait the packers don’t take a quarterback

    49. Kristopher Phillips

      Yo fr, niners pick us trash

    50. Coach Adam Taylor

      This sucked!

    51. Richard

      One know one thing for sure, theDetroit Lions aren't drafting an Ohio State quarterback.

    52. Ronald Taylor


    53. PenguinREA008


    54. kenvo8

      my opinion 1 Mac Jones 2 Trevor Lawrence 3 Zach Wilson

      1. san francisco tommy

        Your trolling 😂😂😂😂

    55. Scxndle

      The bills do not need a rb we just signed one lol

    56. MDT Games

      The lines are not going to pick Justin fields they’re going to pick Devante smith

      1. san francisco tommy

        Jared Goff is ass

    57. Cuque Stjeens

      Procedo a XD

    58. Cold Snow

      Niners draft Mac Jones? What??????

    59. Joshüa 115

      Steelers drafting jaelin Phillips? Yeah no

    60. William Saykao

      Caleb Farley is NOT FALLING TO 22. BB would pick him up in a heartbeat.

    61. Mighty Joe Young

      Lol Niners organization fooling everyone. They’re taking Trey Lance.

      1. Ashley Murphy

        or justin fields

    62. Fiqih Wanita


    63. Smart Kid Sports

      The Niners should draft Lance or Fields not Jones

    64. bacquarter12

      there is no way the cowboys would go with an OT They are going with a DB or DE/LB

    65. Peter Marshall

      Not a bad mock...Pats LOVE CB's

    66. Adad Reznor

      The NFL don't want that niners draft Zach Wilson, cause we would be the nightmare of all the teams

      1. san francisco tommy

        * Justin fields

      2. Fiqih Wanita


    67. Christian Labrador

      Patriots really don’t need a DB we’re stacked at that position

    68. Hasan Elenanzih

      Terrible mock draft.

    69. Hasan Elenanzih

      Justin fields to the lions?

    70. Adad Reznor

      Stupid mock Clowns

    71. Mr_Clutch _245

      This draft was ass

    72. Ryan Fitzpatrick

      Nobody listen to this, Adam Rank made this

    73. Tom Brady

      Dolphins have alot of WR depth 😬they might get Kyle pitts

      1. Fiqih Wanita


    74. KaanAbi

      Panthers are going for Offenseline, trust me. Or Cornerback

    75. Kaiden Davidson

      Jared goff goes to lions and has little to zero weapons.. yeah go ahead and pick a quarterback

      1. Adad Reznor

        Exactly my thoughts

    76. Armon Choudhry

      This is terrible

    77. LIttle Liam 28 YT

      Mac Jones 3rd, like..... how.

    78. Azahel Esquivel


    79. Henry Adamucci

      No QB will succed in a broken down jets organization. Zach Wilson won't change anything, if the Jets draft him he will have now help there. The jets need to draft WR's, OL's, and TE's. Not QBs. edit: same thing with the lions situation he Justin Fields will have no help there.

      1. Henry Adamucci

        @ScrappsGaming no qb will succed with the jets, thats why darnold plays like cheeks

      2. ScrappsGaming

        Darnold sucks when will a team be blessed to find themselves with opportunity to take a sure franchise qb again. Don’t bet on it

      3. san francisco tommy

        @Adad Reznor stfu

      4. Adad Reznor

        Yessir Zach Wilson to 49ers

    80. Prajeet Chennamaneni

      Why would the lions take fields when they just took on goffs contract and cant cut or get rid of him for the next 2 years atleast

    81. End Gamer

      Now since you guys posted this video, every team will do this. Rigged and scripted

    82. Jerry Kwerve

      Zero chance Bears pass on Farley

    83. Billsmafia Hitman

      This is how all the mocks should be instead of 2 hours of yammering on get to the point

    84. Seahawks Center

      Niners taking Mac Jones lol

      1. Seahawks Center

        @Adad Reznor ik

      2. Adad Reznor

        But It won't happen seacock fan

    85. Christopher Johnson

      jones > lawrence

    86. Samayo Mayo

      You know for some “experts”, their picks can sometimes be extremely flawed

    87. Joel Price

      Vikings have the worst OLine in the league and you’ve got them drafting an edge rusher? Makes sense if their offense is going to 3 and out all afternoon.

    88. Dark RL

      why would the lions trade away stafford for goff just to get fields lol

    89. Jayden Kielty

      0:16 if the Lions draft Justin Fields what was the point in trading for Jared Goff?

    90. Low Tier Trash

      Can Detroit trade down instead?

    91. JMaster98

      Pittsburgh needs a running back, not another linebacker

    92. Jamesy Hardeman

      I love Devonta... but Micah parsons sitting right there and of course Howie is gonna pass up on him

      1. Joe Bamba

        they need a wide receiver more than a linebacker rn

      2. Fiqih Wanita


    93. PoopTurtle HD

      I still don't get why the dolphins need Chase so bad. They got devante parker and Will Fuller. They should just grab Rashawn Slater or Micah Parsons.

    94. Dune

      Ah yes Mac Jones over Justin Fields. Whoever thinks that is gonna happen needs to get off the drugs (Edit after watching another 5 seconds) Ah yes the Lions are gonna take Justin Fields after trading for Jared Goff. Smart

      1. Fiqih Wanita


    95. Hungry Panda Studios

      Fields to Detroit HAHAHAHAHA

    96. Ketan Joglekar

      FEEDBACK: - MAC JONES BEFORE TREY LANCE OR JUSTIN FIELDS????? ARE THESE PEOPLE STUPID OR WHAT - really kyle pitts that high?(I mean he is worth it but there is bigger needs.) - I don't think the lions will take a qb in this draft, they have bigger needs - Chargers should go O-LINE THEY HAVE A FRANCHISE QB

    97. karim

      Grégory Rousseau 13th ? He's a 2nd rounder look AT his awful pro day and look AT his tape. He's only good against the run

    98. Caleb Green

      0% chance Farley drops that far but aight 😂😂

      1. ScrappsGaming

        He just had a 2nd back sugery which is a big red flag. He’s also only played for a limited time at CB. He’ll be fine if he can stay healthy.

      2. Fiqih Wanita


    99. mcsuchnsuch

      Niners shock the world and draft: Brayden Narveson, Kicker from Western Kentucky.

      1. Adad Reznor


    100. BBQ_Steak56

      No. Steelers should take Najee Harris