Top 5 QBs to Pursue via Free Agency or Draft in 2021


39 миӊ. көрүүлөр30

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    1. Mumya Camary

      Mac jones is the next TB

    2. Brandon The WWE Duelist

      Woah I didn't David Carr Had A Super bowl ring i learn something everyday

    3. دودي و سلطان

      شوفو اخر مقطع وعطوني رايكم استمر ولا اوقف

    4. Bofi

      Sooo, no Deshaun? Fr?

    5. Bofi

      Wilson is not better than Fields.

    6. Boss Lax316

      Has Fitz over Trubisky, a guy who not only played better but is also a decade younger.

    7. Nicholas Funk

      I don't care who the broncos get, I'd take anyone over Drew Lock. Trust me guys, not all Broncos fans are obsessed with Drew Lock

    8. ArrZee

      I feel Dak should be better than any unproofen Rookie

    9. 5100yes

      No offence and I hope Fields does well, but I don't know any other OSU QB's who've done well in the NFL

      1. Steven Stygles

        Exactly because OSU rarely plays competitive teams and their quarterbacks in the recent decade are wide receivers/running backs that can throw ok .

    10. Bill Bill

      Every fan in the nfl needs to stop making excuses of why their team lost. No more “it’s a rebuilding season”. No more “you haven’t played anyone good yet”. None of that. All you’re doing is taking the fun out of the sport.

    11. - Ju -

      Dak Prescott > Zach Wilson

    12. Ryan Fitzpatrick


    13. Daniel John COOKE

      Saints row 3 car shop theme

    14. Jordan Bledsoe

      Lawrence vs burrow wildcard weekend?

    15. Jakob Bunge

      Deshaun Watson?

      1. Bofi

        Exactly! What are these guys on? ☠️

    16. Michael Miller

      What about Kyle Trask?

    17. Jay 3x

      Fitz isn’t a starter he’s like a good backup quarterback

    18. Zagi

      Funny how they promote carr as a superbowl winner and 11 year qb. Nice earnings for a complete bust

    19. K1NG 5UPREME

      Sub to my channel

    20. دودي و سلطان

      فضلا لا امرا شاهدو قناتنا وادعمونا بلايك واشتراك 👍🏻

    21. Cale Dolphin

      zach wilson 1, trevor 2, dak 3, fitz 4, fields 5

    22. Duane Chism

      I’m so tired of hearing about Ryan Fitzpatrick.. He’s not good!!

      1. SsJonahsS


    23. Joseph Centola

      Patriots should go get Fitz magic sending love and respect from Boston 💯💖💙🙏🙏

    24. Smart Kid Sports

      You should also mention Tedddy Bridewater

    25. JuJuHakusho

      Cowboys can use Fitz

    26. Pavel Bondarenko


    27. Jared Beverlin

      I would put Fitzpatrick above the college draftees. fitz is a proven beast.

    28. Ayman Ahmed

      he said pat..

    29. editsbyBRYCE T

      I stopped watching as soon as I saw David Carr💀💀

      1. Gabriel

        Same here, but I did scroll through the timeline to see who he picked, knowing he wouldn't put his brother Derek on the list, which is funny because you'd think he'd put Derek on a list of top QBs other teams should pursue. He does think Derek is an MVP QB (every year), yet he doesn't think Derek is in the Top 5 of "worth pursuing?" Sounds like he has an agenda of pushing the Raiders to keep Derek. lol

    30. The WingedWheelWarrior

      Fields, your next Ryan Leaf

    31. Juicy- E

      Ngl if fitzmagic don’t make the hall of fame in the future ima throw hands

    32. Bower Power

    33. Cryptum404

      No one cares what David Carr thinks

    34. Awesome Dylan

      Send fitzmagic to New England. Dynasty 2.0 will be born! Also how does he still have a head? What surgery did they have to do to fix him, after his head being ripped off in his no look Hail Mary 🤣

    35. AB22

      Zach Wilson another drew lock. Not top 5

    36. Dan 1031

      Fitzy gotta go to the Washington’s, if they get Cam, a 3 way QB battle would be great

      1. Christian Miller 22

        We don’t want fitz no thank yu I’d rather have cam Newton

      2. Madden Moments

        It's already a 3 way QB battle with Kyle Allen, Tyler Heinicke, whomever they bring in and maybe Alex Smith

    37. Bold Daily Picks

      Well played NFL. We see fitzmagic, we click.

    38. Meow meow m8

      Where’s mark sanchez?

    39. andrew arenz

      need that lawrence rc

    40. Pew Die Pie

      konten gokills: 1. Pidio aaahhh aahhh Makan bulu anu Tiktok buka baju challenge ..

    41. Ashton Bird

      They were right on dak, ryan, and zach wilson, but they are wrong on justin fields and trevor lawrence. Justin fields is like he will do good in some games, and horrible in others. So if he was picked, my prediction for his rookie record is 8-8, just how he will switch to bad and good football. And trevor lawrence is way overrated. He just had good wide receivers who could catch every ball he threw. I don't really see a lot of talent.

    42. Jimmy C

      Dak is trash.

      1. Barclay Pierre élève


    43. Ellie Soleil

      Ian Book

    44. Travis Maxwell

      David or Derek Carr both are GARBAGE!

    45. faiz Ali

      Justin Feilds is a million times better than overrated garbage Zack Wilson

    46. Cristiano Ronaldo

      Y’all need to chill out dak is being a cowboys for life

      1. Cristiano Ronaldo

        @Jimmy C enjoy this ratio

      2. Charles Hunt

        @Jimmy C, 😂

      3. Jimmy C

        Good. He is trash and can keep the Cowgirls losing for 10 more years.

    47. Cristiano Ronaldo

      They put ok David carrs description super bowl champion when he didn’t even play Imao 😂💀😭

      1. Dragonfu666

        David Carr is a joke

      2. Golden griZZ

        @Dhikshith Gajulapalli I know.

      3. B M

        @Gabriel shady has left the chat ✌🇺🇸

      4. Gabriel

        @Dhikshith Gajulapalli He didn't earn his ring on the field, and that's the point. His is more of a "team participation" ring.

      5. Dhikshith Gajulapalli

        @Golden griZZ Still has a ring

    48. Sports 311

      Zach Wilson is the quarterback that I’ve got my eyes on going into next season

      1. Kgosi Nong

        He’s just another Mitch Trubisky Situation....

      2. Sabina Woźniak,,,💜

      3. Alexandra - ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ sǝx chαt wíth mє

        You look stunning no matter what you wear.

      4. Nick Hunter

        Yeah as a Jets fan I'm praying we draft him over Fields. I see loads of talent in that kid. He's gonna surprise everyone

    49. Mr ME

      If you see this comment you’re bless

      1. Virtual Agent

    50. Quiksilva

      I have good feeling about fields, he's gonna do great things💪🏽👊🏽💯

      1. RJ Ante

        @Ayyy That doesn't really prove anything though. This is the Jets we're talking about. Fields won't have the luxury of Andy Reid.

      2. Ayyy

        You can’t judge a player off their college a lot of people didn’t draft mahomes because he came out of a college that didn’t normally produce good qbs and look at mahomes now

      3. Quiksilva

        True the history of QB's coming out of ohio state sucks but we see how it goes, hopefully he can break the curse.. 🤙🏽🤙🏽

      4. RJ Ante

        I disagree. Something about Ohio State QBs being legendarily bad in the NFL..

      5. Taylor James

        Dba Luke agree when was the last time an Ohio state qb was good?

    51. Joey Marco

      Number 1 qb nathan peterman, 2 Trace Mc Sorley, 3, FITZMAGIC, those are the best qbs in today's game, and are all in the goat conversation. 😏😏

      1. Pro_GamerMag

        @Whatever its a joke......

      2. Kings

        @Whatever better than Brees in the playoffs lol

      3. Joey Marco

        @Whatever Its called a joke, stupid

      4. Whatever

        Are you stupid? None of those are even decent QBs

      5. Virtual Agent

    52. Barclay Pierre élève


      1. John Nolan

        @The Latino 69 The Latino 69, official hater of the QB who played with no WR no TEs no Rb and 1 linemen.

      2. John Nolan

        @The Latino 69 Where are you from, if you arent from Phhily you almost have no business answering these questions BC you couldnt have watched every play, and how it all played out

      3. John Nolan


      4. The Latino 69

        @John Nolan Wentz was a terrible player last year. So bad. But he was good at the early stages of his career. In the 2017 season, they were 11-3 I believe. Wentz was an MVP front runner. However, unlike Brady, he had no receivers other than Alshon Jeffery leading up to the Super Bowl. Brady had the perfect cast. I’m just saying that Wentz will either boom or bust.

      5. John Nolan

        @The Latino 69 Hold that thought. In fact go to his Football reference page and look at how many times he wasin the top 5 for least ints, in career and top 10 in how many yrs, top ten in TDs thrown andon andon and on. Go look it up. Philly has a SB bc he put Foles in the playoffs and gave the philadlelphia Eagles all 55 of them a chance to win. And lets not forget Brandon Graham Sack, gave them the win. Otherwise Foles loses, and everyone says ONLY IF WE HAD WENTZ. Im tired of defending so many players BC ppl dont get the sport. Id like to see Brady have Gronk his line Evans Oj Howard, all his WR his RB, etc and have to play with practice squad and rookie backups, Brady would act like a bby hollaring throwing his helmet. Or pick a team and leave the QB and the Center, and tell me which QB walks away smelling like roses.

    53. Kyler Murray

      Dak staying in Dallas no cap

      1. Brady Babineau

        I’m pretty sure he wants to be there next year so yeah

      2. Virtual Agent

    54. Warner Green

      Trevor Lawrence will be a huge bust and the Jaguars will remain bad. Derek Carr is plenty good and he should stay with the Raiders. Mike Zimmer will win coach of the year and the Vikings will win the Super Bowl.

      1. B B

        Trevor Lawrence won’t be a bust and the Vikings aren’t winning the SuperBowl

      2. John Nolan

        Maybe if they get Wentz, but thats it. Noone else is parting with a top 5 Qb. And all that hear things, Wentz had 4 rookie linemen, bc outta 4 pro bowlers and 1 good linemen, 4 were out. All WRs were out Djax and Alshon, all TEs inc 1st tm All pro Zach Ertz and Future pro bowler Dallas Goeddert, OUT, RB Miles Sanders OUT. And ALL MIRACULOUSLY COME BACK WHEN Hurts came in. What timing, minus the line.

      3. Warner Green

        Trevor could still be way better than Vince Young or even Matt Leinart were. Derek has plenty of talent but the team around him sputtered.

      4. andy odvor

        You were doing so well till the Mark Zimmer and SB part.

    55. Gabriel Garcia

      Lmao Dak Prescott

      1. RJ Ante

        @Kings Agholor couldn't catch when he was an Eagle. He dropped more balls than my classmates in 6th grade

      2. John Nolan

        @Kings 1 Dont care with that team he should have made it all 5 years, minus this 1. 2 Wentz NEVER got sacked a lot, this was his only season bc he had 4 rookie linemen. An average of 32 sacks a year. Thats not a lot. Especially when he dont have NOONE TO THROW TO DJAX always out, ALshon out half the yr, and the rest I name you wont have heard of

      3. Kings

        @John Nolan dak made the playoffs 2 times and actually won one wentz hasn’t even won a playoff game lmao and Cowboys o line is worst than Eagles line. Carson wentz gets sacked a lot because he holds on to the ball too much like when safety Donovan Wilson sacked his ass and stripped it at the same time that’s an example right there. And dak barely got a good wr in his 3rd year and even then Amari wasn’t considered elite when he got traded to the Cowboys. Carson had Nelson agholor now that agholor goes to the raiders he has his best season ever averaging 18.7 yards a catch. 🤦🏽‍♂️

      4. John Nolan

        Aftere gruesome injury, he had loaded teams 5 years, and he made the playoffs once? WTF? Wentz had No Zeke, No top elite recievers, Dak had elite lines, and Dak is up there, LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. But Dak went down, he got protected, Wentz had to play with 9 of his 11 starters out, All WR All Te His RB All linemen but 1. Thats his whole team. His line allowed 50 sacks and allowed another 10 in 4 games. Deshun Watson got sacked 68 times before, like last year but 50 is all on Wentz, not his 4 rookie linemen. and that 1 he played with was the center LMAO. WHAT DO YOU WANT. Lets put Dak and his center in, whats he expected to do, we wont know HE NEVER HAD TO DEAL WITH THAT, But for 2 years Wentz did once and the other 2 years no weapons and he was coming off his acl tear.

      5. Virtual Agent

    56. MinePlay 512

      I am leaving a dislike. We need a mentor, but my team will not draft a QB.

      1. Virtual Agent

    57. Tpvn

      Fitztragic future of New Orleans ez Super Bowl Breesus who

      1. Bofi

        You woulda thought ☠️

      2. Virtual Agent

    58. fish angel757

      I like lance he has alot of good traits he just has to sit behind a bridge qb to see the pace of the nfl hopefully there is preseason

      1. Sabina Woźniak,,,💜

      2. Pew Die Pie

        konten gokills: 1. Pidio aaahhh aahhh Makan bulu anu Tiktok buka baju challenge ..

      3. fish angel757

        Tbh the vikings and the panthers have the best chance to draft lance they have good recievers solid coaches and a mediocre qb who can let lance sit behind them for a year or two

      4. fish angel757

        @JJR lll yeah do you think they will sit trey lance behind heinicke imo thats the best option heinicke seems like a solid bridge qb

      5. Drew

        @JJR lll you guys would probably have to trade up like 8 spots that’s probably gonna cost your whole draft

    59. Luka Doncic

      Dak and Trevor should be at the top of this list

      1. John Nolan

        @Kings You are a moron. I cant debate an idiot. You dont win when you debate an idiot. Like Wentz gives Foles a Bye, 1 playoff win. He gives him Homefield throughout. And Wentz not being on the roster? WTF? That may be the DUMBEST THING I EVER HEARD. hil Simms wasnt on the Roster when the Giants won over the Bills. I can go on and on Wentz put them in the playoffs, but he wasnt on the roster. What an argument, Keep Wentz on the Roster to take away a sot they need even though he tore his ACL. YOURE A MORON or youre 12

      2. Kings

        @John Nolan u typed all that no one read it. Carson wentz sucks he’s not even the best in his team and never was even when foles was on that roster lmao

      3. John Nolan

        Luka from Dallas, putting Dak at the top, Funny Cowboy fan, Dak had an even worse injury than Carson. Good luck on that, EVEN WITH HIS LOADED TEAMS. His teams have been loaded since 2016. So why has the Eagles pretty much owned the division, won a Super Bowl, and PPL REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE EAGLES HAD 2 STARTES ON OFFENSE, JASON KELCE AND CARSON WENTZ, the rest, on IR ALL 9. 2 were left.Whats wentz to do throw to himself? Of Burnett? Give me burnetts 1st name I know it, give me his stats. Fulgham, Career stats. Ward, Stats? And IDK who else filled in for Djax Alshon Reagor and Hightower (the man who dont know how to run a route now run BACK TO A FB. Linewise 4 rookies, and Kelce. Tes Ertz out half the yr, Goeddert hurt nd played injured. I DONT HEA ONE WENTZ DETRACTOR SAY ANY OF THIS, Just once Id like to hear that. Or 2019. Or 2018 Ertz ruptured Spleen. peters out the whole yr, Aghalor, again. But Carson came back 3 months early from his acl tear. AFTER YOU FOLES NUTS BOOed HIM AFTER WEEK 1 AGAINST THE FALCONS WE WANT CARSON, WE WANT CARSON. Al Michaels said DO I HEAR BOO's? Chris Collinsworth said WOWWWW Tough crowd to please. And this is the fanbase you want to listen to. If half of us dont get our way they cry. You all know it. You all have to deal with defending player. IGGY, Ohhh Iggy sucks, Well he wasnt supposed to be a 1 man star. He was a peice of a team. As shown in G.S. A.I. Loved. 80s-90s D loved but didnt win a playoff game lets throw Randall in there DID NOTHING. Dawkins Loved, Donavan Hated, both on the same team didnt win a SB. Wentz and Foles Win 2017 Sb 1 hated one loved. Shows the I like who I wanna like, not I like what the context provides.

      4. Luka Doncic

        @Kyler Murray I watch football as much as I watch basketball

      5. Virtual Agent

    60. Barclay Pierre élève


      1. Steven Stygles

        @Akk I hope not that's my team and I think Fields is overrated. But since he is from Georgia they might, they are a sucker for fellow Georgians. Hoping Atlanta trades down.

      2. Akk

        @Steven Stygles Falcons gonna draft him and have him sit for one year so he can get a feel for the game

      3. Steven Stygles

        So they are going the 2000's cleveland browns route draft mediocre players for the first pick of the draft. Fields is a decent running back and a mediocre quarterback just like the last several quarterbacks from Ohio State and look how well they have done in the NFL.

      4. Virtual Agent

    61. Louis Brekoski

    62. Mix Maker

      Rip Vincent Jackson 🪦

      1. Music Industry Drama


      2. Sabina Woźniak,,,💜

      3. Cristiano Ronaldo

        @Virtual Agent no time for that sure rip Vincent Jackson 🙏

      4. Virtual Agent

    63. Barclay Pierre élève


      1. Arto Mkhitaryan

        @Brady Babineau ya but I think that a deal between those teams is unlikley

      2. Brady Babineau

        @Arto Mkhitaryan He said he would be open to going to NE though I heard

      3. RJ Ante

        I could see FitzMagic to the Jaguars to mentor Lawrence.

      4. Arto Mkhitaryan

        Probably not

      5. Virtual Agent

    64. Don't Be A Sugar Coookie

      Bucs clapped the chiefs

      1. Virtual Agent

    65. Adit Kumar


      1. Virtual Agent

    66. Orange Cougar11

      Mac Jones

      1. Virtual Agent

    67. hollywood Khan

      Dak staying with Dallas no question

      1. Virtual Agent

    68. Jacob gaming roblox


      1. Jacob gaming roblox

        @Virtual Agent uhh I already know how to do thta lol

      2. Virtual Agent




        Actually I’m tenth my bad

    70. Janga Sheriff

      Not 1st

      1. Janga Sheriff

        @Virtual Agent ?

      2. Virtual Agent

    71. frandys pena

      Rip Carl judie

      1. matus.


      2. Logan Hinton

        Facts, but considering this is the nfl and not dhar mann, highly doubt people will know how good of a man he was

    72. Connor Lancaster

      Hey who wants to turn to Christ and live and obey him this life is temporary compared to all eternity Jesus loved you to die for you and this isn’t a religion it’s a relationship. You should read the Bible it’s very important it has all the answers you need. Now you may say but I’m a good person or God loves me and if you believe in God then your good but I bet you didn’t know that not even forgiving others is enough to send you to hell Jesus is very serious about sin no sin is worth going to hell for I would turn to Christ if I were you Jesus is coming soon and he’s coming back with no mercy

      1. Connor Lancaster

        @Quiksilva yeah that is true and it’s sad but people choose that decision because they didn’t want God in their life so God gave them what they wanted the best we can do is at least warn people and hopefully some fill turn to him

      2. Virtual Agent

      3. Quiksilva

        And everyone will have to stand alone and be judged for all the wrong they have done... 😲🙏🏽❤️💯

    73. Potato Tomato

      Im so early lmao

      1. Virtual Agent

    74. Logan Hinton

      Every team should be trying to sign the goat DAVID CARR

      1. Short Man

        @Brady Babineau lol

      2. Brady Babineau

        They should also go after Dan Orlovsky, JaMarcus Russell, and Mark Sanchez

      3. Short Man


    75. D1nkFN yt


      1. Virtual Agent

    76. Short Man


      1. Janga Sheriff

        Check the latest comments

      2. Short Man

        @Janga Sheriff no

      3. Janga Sheriff

        3rd u mean

    77. Jmoney


      1. Virtual Agent

    78. Ya boyy Coo


      1. Virtual Agent