Patrick Mahomes Full Season Highlights | NFL 2020


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    1. Fire Demon

      Why did thet not include the play were he breaks like 27 tackles and chucks a perfect through as he is falling on his face in the super bowl (Yes it is the one dropped by Dreill Williams in the end zone)

    2. Don

      Just watched the super bowl again.alls I got to say ; hey Patrick go make me a sandwich Chef, cook some grub , until THE Gratis of all times retirees, you can just make sandwiches.

    3. MalRulesAll


    4. TheSportsGuru

      That two point conversion against the Chargers doesn't get talked about enough. It's one of the greatest throws of his career, DIRECTLY after the greatest throw of his career when omitting situation.

    5. Flyinhawaiianz

      There are going to be a lot of teams that copy the Bucs defensive scheme in the super bowl. Cover 2 and make the chiefs run them out of it. Make the chiefs have to make a 10+ play drive every time just to score. Gonna be a tough season next year for them. They got figured out while the whole world watched. You heard it here 1st

      1. TheSportsGuru

        ​@Ralph Agua Nobody is giving Brady grief for that game? LIke sure, he had the game losing fumble. That's it! If anything, people are joking about him losing to freaking Nick Foles, the most unexpected football story this side of Joe Namath and the Jets. Nobody is ragging him for playing badly. They're ragging him like the modern day world would rag Goliath for losing to David. Because that's pretty much what happened. Now, people are appreciating Mahomes because he literally put everything he had into that game while the entire team around him stunk. One of those picks was a tip and one was a desperate throw at the end of a long gone game. Neither lost the game. What lost the game was his receivers dropping THREE TD passes, his defense holding fifty times and playing overall terrible, his coaches giving the Bucs a free TD and his punter botching at least two punts. Not to mention his o line giving up one of the highest pressure %'s in modern NFL history, which he STILL somehow managed to drive down the field with whilst pulling off some of the most insane throws we've ever seen, several of which were straight dropped. I mean your entire argument is completely ridiculous when met with context. On this list of people to blame for that loss, Mahomes is at the very, very bottom, right next to Butker, Clyde, and the players that didn't play. Knock it off.

      2. Ralph Agua

        @TheSportsGuru Still didn’t get the job done. I love how people are sucking on mahomes despite throwing multiple interceptions in the superbowl but we give brady grief for losing to foles even though he threw for 500 yards. Keep the same energy for the “baby goat”🤷‍♂️

      3. TheSportsGuru

        @Ralph Agua Yeah, and Mahomes willed his team to a Super Bowl victory too. Only team in history to go down by double digits in three playoff games and win all three by double digits. In case you didn't remember. Next man mentally is cool and all, but it doesn't overcome reality. The Chiefs had three 3rd stringers on that line. Three. You say next man up mentality, they'd been dealing with that from before the season even STARTED my guy. Two would be starters opted out before the season began. Then their starting tackle and starting OG are out for the season by Week 7. Even the starting center missed a few games. By the time the Super Bowl rolled around, they had a 2nd string OT who had never played on the opposite side before, a third string OT who had never played OT before, and a third string OG who had hardly played any snaps that season period Sure the great ones overcome stuff. But there is no QB in history that could have done better than Mahomes, much less overcome everything that he dealt with. He legit did nearly everything he could. Hardly anybody else helped.

      4. Ralph Agua

        @TheSportsGuru Don’t matter if you got one starting oline, ever heard of the “next man up” mentality. Plus the great ones make do with what they have and haul their team to victory. Brady led a comeback in the superbowl with a RUNNING BACK as his best receiver🤷‍♂️

      5. TheSportsGuru

        @Flyinhawaiianz Did you read anything else of what I said? Like, seriously. I fully explained what the issues were and you just ignored them like a child. You can't adjust when you have nothing to work with you dummy. And he's not making 40 mil a year until 2023 when the cap will be way higher. That entire comment was just hot garbage.

    6. jack dera07

      Mahomes and Hill Best Duo

    7. Randy Plett

      Mahomes really sucks. Brady is the GOAT. He’s 2 and 0 vs Mahomes in the playoffs. He pwns him. 😂🤣

    8. Mike Bark

      Mahomes is beast mode for a QB. No question.

    9. Trev Mac

      Patrick Mahomes - The M.C Hammer of the NFL *One Hit Wonder*

      1. Chiefs Kingdom

        @Dakwan Geathers FR this guy's logic is questionable to say the least

      2. Dakwan Geathers

        @Chiefs Kingdom Right every year he has played has been amazing

      3. Chiefs Kingdom

        Lmao what? 3 hits in 3 years Can you do math?

      4. Dakwan Geathers

        How is he a one hit wonder

    10. Harrison Craig

      Not taking anything away from Mahomes. He's absolutely incredible. But damn man his receivers are so wide ass open so often... Like WIDE ASS open,

    11. CubicTosserGaming


    12. Ancienne Belgique

      Patty Mahomo has been EXPOSED

      1. Ancienne Belgique

        @Nicholas Johnson Cope. MAHOMO IS A FRAUD

      2. Nicholas Johnson

        The O-line been exposed not Patrick Mahomes you dummy.

    13. King mode

      He’s the goat

    14. Christian Ingram

      From Chiefs fan disappointing ends to another MVP caliber season

      1. Christian Ingram

        But let's make it 2 in 3 years

    15. Y C

      Nobody is interested in the highlights of the loser ...

      1. Jordan Baker

        Yet... you’re here... commenting on said video that no ones interested in.

    16. RUDEDOG7855

      You guys gotta admit that mahomes is goat better brady

      1. James F.

        Damage control

    17. Lorenzo Batista Sanchez


    18. Jon Foster

      What are the o linemen doing at 1:57

    19. Peter Lee

      choked harder than Jimmy G. 🤣 coming from a "Chiefs fan" 💯😂😂😂

    20. Luca Brasi

      The most talented qb i have ever seen! Dont hate it enjoy this talent

    21. Jimmy Vea

      Is it me or does Patrick Mahomes look so much like trippie redd no doubt

    22. Sauce Gang

      Atleast he tryed in the sb give him credit for that

    23. Auzzy49

      You spelled frogger wrong.

    24. Austin Stein

      Great season by Mahomes but yeah despite the OL injuries they let him down in the SB.

      1. Paul Wilson

        Although that one throw to Williams was sweet horizontal throw if only Williams caught it.

    25. Scruff D0g

      Mahomes, Hill and Kelce will be even better in 2021, they will leave Super Bowl 55 Tape on a loop in their Film Room as motivation.

    26. jack woods

      Mahomes has been Tom Bradys personal TOILET in the playoffs =(

      1. SamNB3

        @Idktyler the comment there won’t be a Mahomes, like did he get erased from existence. Lol That’s fine, I’m mean we are comparing a 1st yr starter in AFC, so I don’t take much away from that except he out played Brady. Just bad luck he had a dumb team mate. The SB the defense was lights out in stopping a very good offense with injuries but still impressive.

      2. Idktyler

        @SamNB3 how doesn’t that make sense? Brady has eliminated him already twice in the playoffs. 0-2 against him in the afc championship game and the SB.

      3. SamNB3

        @Idktyler they’re already is a Mahomes, you don’t make sense.

      4. Idktyler

        @SamNB3 lmao so what’s your point? Brady has sustained greatness through 19 actual seasons of playing. Mahomes is just who the NFL wants to be the poster boy, but as long as Brady is in the league there won’t be a Patrick mahomes

      5. SamNB3

        @Idktyler he’s not more talented, sure he has more experience, we are comparing 21 yrs vs 3 yrs.

    27. James Hughes

      This reminds me of Brady’s 2007 highlights

    28. ryan clark


    29. Antoine Maxima

      Tom Brady cost this man 2 super bowls.

      1. Pierre Lesperance

        Teams brady was on *

    30. John Vane

      Think how much more successful past quarterbacks would have been if they’d received the protection modern players do. Joe would’ve played until he was 58.

      1. Telisa Hampton

        Who is joe


      His defensive players who hold the opponents back suck

    32. Blizzo Opp

      5:34 what did Mahomes say?

      1. Blizzo Opp


      2. Dakwan Geathers

        Sunday Sunday set hut!

    33. Adam Giesse

      Cool now what did tyrann and Tom say

    34. SpriteWhiffle

      Alternate title: **Mahomes running compalation**

      1. Kswagg Reacts

        My reaction 🤣

    35. Raymunda Diasnes


    36. Jorge V

      When Brady retires Mahomes will be the new GOAT

      1. FilmNation Studios


      2. john MacDonald

        Nope. Too injury-prone. Who else do you know dislocates a knee on a qb keep? Gets a concussion from a routine old school sack? Can't even gut out a turf baby toe during the SB.

    37. Chunky Potato

      Fun fact: Mahomes’ dad played MLB baseball and taught him how to throw yet the sport he was best at in college was basketball. Despite this, he got drafted in the MLB and in the NFL. He decided to play in the NFL and here he is now...


        @thisismyepicname no one cares 🤣

      2. thisismyepicname

        @SPORTS SEASON I do

      3. Chunky Potato

        @Empty Giddy that doesn’t mean he’s not good. The same person he lost to lost in the super bowl lost to Nick Foles a couple of years ago. It was just a bad played game. It happens to the best of us.


        @Empty Giddy no one cares

      5. Empty Giddy

        and he still lost to a 43 year old who was drafted 199th.

    38. Eric’s Franchises

      Run Patrick ,, Ruunnnnnn

    39. Zhxst_

      Mahomes looks like he's playing madden on rookie mode

      1. Jordan Baker

        @Does it Matter if you think that’s the case that’s the farthest from the truth lollll

      2. Does it Matter

        He basically is when he’s got a guy wide open every other play

      3. Kswagg Reacts

        My reaction 🤣

    40. EnRiCo s

      KC for Life!!!!!!!

    41. Junior Fuiava

      The Superbowl was like playing online with a bunch of scrubs on your team and you're the only one playing the objective...

    42. DrinkMoWater

      He’s back this coming year believe it

      1. Goat Jay

        @Roger Smith y’all be happy when this man lose

      2. DrinkMoWater

        U have a fav Team? Who

      3. DrinkMoWater

        Man not even..

      4. Roger Smith

        Yeah to lose again🙂

    43. DreamBigHawks

      Fun to watch! 💯 He'll be back next year!

      1. James Hughes

        @Spectacular Spidey Did I say they would never win again?

      2. Spectacular Spidey

        @James Hughes just because they lost one Super Bowl, doesn't mean they'll lost more. The Chiefs will learn from this experience and come back with the O-line getting better and more determined than they was last season. You're acting like the Chiefs will never win ever again lol.

      3. Goat Jay

        @James Hughes I’m glad we lost so people can get they hate on we gone be back y’all be happy when we lose

      4. James Hughes

        @Goat Jay I don’t hate them, but ppl be riding them too much like they can’t be beat

      5. Goat Jay

        @James Hughes you must hate the chiefs and mahomes

    44. Arnab Chakraborty

      he's young and has some skills, but he'll never be a goat, if he can't win

      1. Auggie Doggie


    45. Mark Aaronson

      The things he can do when he actually has an O line is unbelievable and this proves it. And the things he can do without an O line is otherworldly and the super bowl proved that. Had his receivers found their hands, the superbowl might have went differently. His decision making and ability to make plays whether under pressure or not is on another level

    46. Riley Palmer

      Even the o-line can barely protect him against the Jets!

      1. blacker58

        usually in "highlights" for quarterbacks the offensive line doesn't do well for scrambling/mobile qbs.

      2. Idktyler

        That was with a healthy line too Lmaoo

      3. Aaron Adams

        Lmao i watched that entire game. He had plenty of time in the pocket like 90% of the time.

    47. Mr ME

      I pray everyone that sees this is successful in life

      1. James Mull-Adkins. Self Made

        Thanks bro I hope the same to you and many blessings 🙏

      2. Hunter Davis

        @Mrsamuraij I dang well we think alike I guess

      3. Mrsamuraij I

        @Hunter Davis ngl I actually saw you in a cfb simulation and there you were in a comment section I think it was UGA vs Clemson

      4. Hunter Davis

        @Mrsamuraij I I was watching the highlights and looked the comments and saw that a couple people responded to this comment and I saw you

      5. Hunter Davis

        @Mrsamuraij I always bro 😂

    48. Boufin

      Bro watching this showed me that they really just have a terrible O-line Jesus he’s almost getting sacked every time

      1. Keaden Wheeler

        We been playing with a bang up o line all year but I wasn’t expecting that

    49. Tomoya

      I hope he gets back to the super bowl

    50. Robert Bolivarr

      Mahomes promised himself not to steal Todd Bowles wallet again.

    51. Shreedatta Indur

      The juke by tyreek @ 6:17 was nasty

    52. Damien harris

      im sorry say what you want mahomes is the next one up but he will never pass the goat.

      1. James Hughes

        @FilmNation Studios Chiefs gonna have to go through Brady, or Rodgers the next two years at least, and neither of those are guaranteed wins for KC. The Bucs could possibly be better next season given the fact they didn’t have OTAs, or training camp to build chemistry

      2. James Hughes

        @FilmNation Studios When did Lebron pass Jordan?

      3. nana SM

        @FilmNation Studios 🤝🤝🤝

      4. FilmNation Studios

        @nana SM Exactly

      5. FilmNation Studios

        @James Hughes Bucs aren’t gonna be stacked when Brady is gone 😂

    53. toomanyjohns

      So many dumb kids here saying "GOAT". 1. He is 25, he is far from even being able to be in the discussion 2. He can't be in the discussion because he lost to the GOAT, you can't be named it if you literally lost to the current GOAT Lol.

      1. Zabdiel Soto

        @Bryce The ShortStack yeah I know but Mahomes is special. He has this hunger to win like the GOAT: TB12

      2. Bryce The ShortStack

        @Zabdiel Soto true I just feel like the word goat is used to much around the nfl just my opinion tho

      3. Zabdiel Soto

        Ik I’m a chiefs fan and ofc Tom Brady is the GOAT but in 10-15 years Mahomes has a legit shot of becoming the next GOAT

    54. whzpoor

      And Skip has the gall to say this guy is overhyped..smh

    55. Greeny Boy

      To be honest, every play Patrick Mahomes is in, is an nfl top 100 play 😶

      1. Bryce The ShortStack

        @Andy Yost its just his opinion man calm down

      2. Andy Yost

        @toomanyjohns it's really not that hard to understand why they included his incomplete pass. you're an obsessed acne-riddled hater commenting all over a Mahomes video because you're so jealous that you don't have a Mahomes-type QB and never will

      3. toomanyjohns

        yea and some of them aren't even fantastic. I mean...mahomes incomplete pass made it to top 100 plays LOL

    56. Elijah Williams

      no 100 reception year for tyreek hill though that is hard to believe

    57. Reyden_14

      This is just hill’s and Kelce’s highlights

    58. Dzul Azizan

      I saw this season superbowl. And this guy made me want to watch more. Skills!

    59. Johnny 3laze

      Another 50 years till mahomo and the chiefs win a super bowl

      1. FilmNation Studios


    60. PodCast A&A

      0:15, i guess Patrick’s girl was on the sidelines.

    61. Erik Jimenez

      Mahomes got the madden curse for sure thats why he lost the super bowl agans't bucs

      1. Erik Jimenez

        @Dakwan Geathers look you dont understand im not stupid the curse is real Lol

      2. Dakwan Geathers

        @Erik Jimenez that's stupid I'm sorry

      3. Erik Jimenez

        @Dakwan Geathers Dude players still get the curse like OBJ or antonio brown and a lot more i dont think you understand whats the curse

      4. Dakwan Geathers

        How did he get the madden curse when already happened and that's was last year

    62. Wheelchairmanjon

      The best quarterback in the NFL right now and even close however football games Are Won At the line of scrimmage it doesn’t matter how good your Quarterback is if you cannot protect him it doesn’t matter football is the ultimate team game

    63. Gabe Lab

      Now that you watch it closely, you find out the chiefs o-line wasn’t so strong in a lot of these games but Mahomes was mahomes and he made it look good. It only needed a really good defense with a really good pass rush like Tampa to show these faults

    64. Jerry Davis

      Amazing season, young man! Can't wait until next season!

    65. Elijah Odum

      We will be back

    66. tim bell

      I is the beast QB of the league

    67. Isaiah Daughtery

      HE'S BUNZ!!! SHOW US HIS SUPERBOWL HIGHLIGHTS IN ONE VIDEO AND IT'LL BE LESS THAN A MINUTE LONG. 🤣🤣 NOT A SINGLE TD!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Compared to the ACTUALLY ELITE QB's he's very subpart and if you think he's Elite, then your bar/standard is set very low for a QB's level of talent. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Lol He's a TOP 10 QB for sure in today's NFL, but he's FAR TOO OVERRATED! Sidearm throws, no look passes, across the body/field, deep ball throws, etc. have all be trademark throws for Rodgers, Wilson, Brady, the Manning's and a big handful of young QB's are doing that as well. Like I said tho... #OVERRATED

      1. Dakwan Geathers

        Tell me your a casual fan without telling me your a casual fan

      2. Keaden Wheeler

        Yea I lost brain cells reading this

    68. Ninja Fly Away

      Imaginé going againts injuries, going 14-2 with a hard schedule, playing AWESOME in the playoffs and at the end of the day you go againts the greatest cheater of all time and Just see how the pays the refs and wins the SB...

      1. Teketel Hessel-Farmer

        @FilmNation Studios yeah i was wrong

      2. FilmNation Studios

        It’s facts

    69. B M

      Wheres the part where he looks defeated in the superbowl. ✌🇺🇸

    70. wrestlingluva

      Where's the Superbowl celebration?

    71. tbic234lightning lightning

      He'll be back in the Superbowl next year, and win

    72. Nicasio Baa

      Mahomes disappointed me bruh, all I want was Mahomes to get another ring

      1. FilmNation Studios

        He will get another ring. The team let him down

      2. Yeelicious -

        Don’t worry bruh, I’m sure he’ll be back.

    73. Kswagg Reacts

      Patrick or Brady who you taking 🔥🐐 I also do all NFL content Reactions

    74. Joseph Cartwright

      Chiefs should have gave the ball to Darrel Williams 31, alot more. Not CEH. Darrel Williams would have opened up the field. The game would have gone a lot differently.

      1. lahore vlii

    75. دودي و سلطان


    76. style stunner55

      This should be 1 hour long

      1. lahore vlii

        @Kswagg Reacts

      2. Kswagg Reacts

        My reaction 🤣

      3. lahore vlii

    77. lahore vlii


      He'll bounce back for sure

    79. J O S I A H

      That last play of the vid they showed was the best pass protection that mahomes got all game

      1. lahore vlii vlog

    80. Helene Lubuilu

      if only he did this in the superbowl

      1. Kswagg Reacts

        My reaction 🤣

      2. lahore vlii vlog

    81. MechanicTom

      How about that game winning touchdown against the raiders huh? This was obviously made by someone that does not like the chiefs

      1. Kswagg Reacts

        My reaction to the highlights

      2. lahore vlii

    82. G Pick


      1. toomanyjohns

        No? He just lost to the GOAT, how can that make him a goat..not to mention how he's 25...younger than majority of the qbs. He can't be the goat

      2. lahore vlii vlog

    83. Michael Hilton

      All these highlights and he still lost 😂

      1. lahore vlii vlog

    84. lahore vlii vlog

    85. BTBeast_0208

      Everyone gangsta til you're put on the cover of madden

      1. FilmNation Studios

        You realize he the broke the curse right

      2. Kswagg Reacts

        My Reaction

      3. lahore vlii vlog

    86. Brady Babineau

      How was the only hilight they could find for the Raiders game in Vegas was one throw to Kelce?

      1. lahore vlii vlog

    87. Ryker Hancock

      Plz go sub to @RykerHancock

    88. Elias Vasquez

      He may not be the GOAT, he is and will be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL


        @Elias Vasquez Yeah that's what i thought you know I'm right. I'm a realist which are people that call it how it is. So you wanna talk life now too? I currently make 72 thousand a year at 26, how much do you make in a year?

      2. Elias Vasquez

        @SSA INVINCIBLEx ahh so you’re one of those people . Alright I already know what you are so tbh I’m not gonna argue anymore. There’s facts and there’s opinions. If you can learn the difference you’re life will be much easier


        @Elias Vasquez Oh but remind me who won Superbowl MVP of that game? Brady wins because he takes advantage of questionable officiating and everyone knows it so calm down. Brady is the GOAT sure but Mahomes all around skill set is far better and if you asked any GM what player they'd pick to start their franchise with 90-95% are taking Mahomes. But yeah Brady can keep that "GOAT" lable lol

      4. Elias Vasquez

        @SSA INVINCIBLEx yeah and mahomes also has the worst QBR in a Super Bowl win ever. So no he has a lot to work on if he’s even going to be considered a competition against TB. That’s why he’s 0-2 against Tom Brady in the playoffs. You’re really are just biased. I agree that Mahomes is a great QB but not as good as you want to believe


        @Elias Vasquez Stats?? Mahomes has the most TDs, yards, best QBR ever to start his career lol stop it. Brady is great but he's been very blessed with great rosters, luck, and lots of help from questionable officiating. He's no Mahomes

    89. c fletch

      we should trade for one of panthers receivers

      1. lahore vlii

    90. Yarnball G

      And crazy this season was most likely a disappointment for him, no ring or no MVP, doesn’t matter to him what else he did

      1. lahore vlii vlog

        @Keaden Wheeler

      2. Keaden Wheeler

        Bro what

      3. lahore vlii vlog


      It takes Injuries, off the field distractions, a road Superbowl, and one sided officiating to stop him. Still the best player I've ever seen though👌


        @College Football Frenzy Not crying i honestly don't care because i knew they were at the biggest disadvantage in Superbowl history. Had they lost with a healthy team on even playing grounds then it'll be different

      2. College Football Frenzy

        @SSA INVINCIBLEx keep crying lmao


        @Playboi_Gari Still doesn't change the fact

      4. Playboi_Gari

        @SSA INVINCIBLEx I know you wrote, a superbowl is neutral sight with equal fans from both team then a bunch of randoms mixed in. Tampa earned the right to play at home


        @Playboi_Gari Learn how to read and maybe you'll figure it out

    92. ZhenDong Li

      I do understand why KC didn't change their game plan in SBLV after watching the highlight. It used to work, but his WRs are not open as before and drop the ball 4 or 5 times. PM is still amazing.

      1. James Mull-Adkins. Self Made

        True it made no sense and wasn't a very good called game and didn't help the Chiefs line were all 3rd and 4th stringers too

      2. lahore vlii vlog

    93. Jerry Juedy fake account

      Ok Mahomes is by far the top 1-2 qbs in the NFL but people get way to hyped when he makes a simple throw and when he makes a bad throw nobody talks about it

      1. toomanyjohns

        ATM he is, not all time, and yeah NFL loves his meat lol

      2. lahore vlii vlog

    94. Cyborg Eats Food ツ

      when he actually had an o-line

    95. !?

      Every throw was like 30 yards downfield jesus, mahomes carries that team hard

      1. TheSportsGuru

        @James Hughes Can't help yourself, can you?

      2. James Hughes

        @TheSportsGuru Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve

      3. TheSportsGuru

        ​@James Hughes Oh my gosh dude. I NEVER said they weren't. For crying out freaking loud, quit acting like several factors can't coexist. You're like a five year old who can't grasp more than one thought at the same time. It's absolutely ridiculous. Of COURSE they had motivation. Of COURSE they had a good gameplan. But there is NO way it's a blowout without the Chiefs being injured and shooting themselves in the foot a half dozen times. It would be mathematically impossible. My goodness, you are literally so biased that you can't even grasp that people are literally AGREEING with you, EXCEPT when it comes to this nonsense of being like "no, the only reasons they won were because of what they did, not because of the Chiefs injuries or their mistakes" which is absolutely false and anyone sane knows it. I'm tired of this conversation. Just accept the fact that the Bucs won fair and square, but if the Chiefs hadn't made mistakes completely out of the control of the Bucs and had had a healthier o line (which led to them absolutely torching them in Week 12, as you said), the game would have definitely been closer, and the Chiefs might have won. You are not going to convince any individual that the same exact result would have happened had the Chiefs been healthy and not made mistakes. None. Because it isn't the case. Three TD's on the Chiefs side plus one less TD on the Bucs side from the end of the half would have made the score 24-24 buddy. Now buzz off.

      4. James Hughes

        @TheSportsGuru Ok. So is it really that hard to imagine that the Bucs learned from their mistakes in the first matchup vs KC, and took notes from that Raiders game and formulated a perfect game plan to slow down the Chiefs? The Bucs have a more talented team than the Raiders so if they can beat the Chiefs fair and square while KC had a healthy o-line, I don’t think its that hard to believe the Bucs can beat a banged up Chiefs team fair and square. Add the fact that the Bucs had to hear two weeks straight almost everybody picking against them even though the Chiefs had a banged up o-line was the ultimate disrespect. Bucs was underdogs throughout the playoffs and that gave them an advantage because people underestimated them

      5. TheSportsGuru

        ​@James Hughes Sigh. The Bucs defense is one of the main reasons. There were several. Are you honestly acting like if the Chiefs were healthy, had caught all those TD passes, didn't botch two punts and didn't give the team a free TD that the Bucs still would have for sure won the game? Heck no. They might have still won, but it would have definitely been closer. Kind of how it works. The defense was a major factor, but there were MANY factors that contributed to their win. Accept that already. Reason they looked good against the Bills is because they had three starters on their o line for nearly that entire game. Bit of a difference between that and one. And the reason they lost the Raiders game since you decided to bring it up is because Gruden clearly came into the season having formulated the perfect gameplan and team to beat the Chiefs, which they did the first time and didn't the second. That's not an excuse, it's just facts. Chiefs lost fair and square and won fair and square. But you can't tell me that wasn't the reason when the Raiders proceeded to look subpar against pretty much nearly every other team they faced, including the Jets, while looking like the 2nd best offense in football against Kansas City. It was too obvious.

    96. Sports 311

      He had a great season up until the last Super Bowl where nothing was working for him

      1. Mvp Dustin

        Lets say everything went against him😂


        Wasn't his fault

    97. Canned Bleach

      He’s a young 🐐

      1. Goat Jay

        @Semaj Jarrett under rated comment people need to see this

      2. Trev Mac

        @Adam Castagnetti You left out one part - Brady also had a 16 stitch cut on his throwing hand when he passed for 505 yards against Philly. In Foles defense though he was in a zone the entire playoffs . Got to give credit where credit is due (He actually looked like Brady out there)

      3. Adam Castagnetti

        @Trev Mac he was so lucky that his defense let a backup QB drop 41 on them, while he himself put up 500 yards and 0 INT’s... gosh this guy is an overrated bum

      4. Trev Mac

        @Adam Castagnetti When someone says Brady is just lucky it's almost as stupid as when they say it's only because of Belichick Brady ever did anything. (Oh let me correct myself) He's only accomplished and passed for 92,900 yards because of Spy Gate Hahahaha

      5. Adam Castagnetti

        @Trev Mac all the languages you could have spoken and you choose to speak facts

    98. Alyssa Harger

      Even if they weren’t completed, you have to show the diving throw and the spinning throw!

      1. lahore vlii vlog

    99. Eli Eli

      He’s not even at his peak yet

      1. lahore vlii

    100. ngiunivnwsgn

      I hate when people think him running away then randomly throwing is some amazing talent no one has ever seen. He’s literally the most overhyped quarterback of this generation. None of you guys clearly watch Rodgers and what he did in his years in the NFL.

      1. Kswagg Reacts

        My reaction

      2. lahore vlii vlog