Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Pro Day Highlights


113 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

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    күнү жарыяланды 19 күн мурун


    1. Cilbrax Gaming

      Gonna use this pic as my tinder profile picture.

    2. Marty Moffatt

      whats his 40 time?

    3. Mr V

      The Best Player in the DRAFT!!!! He was a Man amongst boy's against Alabama go watch the tape.

    4. T D

      That boy built like he got the world on his back.

    5. 1 2

      Cleveland bound!

    6. Keeks Keeks

      I want to start going to the gym then you see spicements like this

    7. GNamedreagan

      Jets replace Jamal Adams

    8. starwarsfanforlife

      Future Raider!!

    9. Omc 559

      He is fast and quick

    10. Dan 1031

      It’s JOKER

    11. Seth Gainey

      Hoping he falls to Cleveland.....anyone else?

    12. Michael Crabtree

      Pick this guy up broncos!!!

    13. DK1

      Thare problem is he played at just over 200 lbs

    14. Premo


    15. Michael Marks


    16. JOE MATTY

      Eagles take him at 12. He's going to be a game changer trust me.

    17. sunny robinson

      Hope the Redskins get'em

    18. Benn Daniel Vai

      Jalen Phillips looks more explosive.

    19. Shanav m


    20. Mike Sauce

      Dude is a.......SAFETY

    21. Danny Grant


    22. Arkson Altenhofen

      Future Steeler

    23. Ken Xiong

      Dude looks like a beast!

    24. Adolfo7 TrEANa

      He gone get pushed around at linebacker trust me... put em at Strong Safety

    25. Charles Gilbert

      That's an athlete folks.


      1 Thessalonians 4:3 For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication:

    27. Tyson Geretta

      Lazy finish each drill

      1. Cecil Roberts they really trippin on whether or not he finished the drill? He's a Notre Dame guy. He is not stupid.

    28. mark beaver

      I hope the LV Raiders draft him at 17, they really need help stopping the run and he can do that well!!

    29. Tyrone Johnson

      Steelers nation holla

    30. Flymoolah man 27

      He is a versatile weapon

    31. Vlad Fifty-Two

      I wouldn’t be mad.

    32. John Mayer’s


    33. John Jones

      The eagles need to get this guy

    34. PepIsBald _

      In today’s NFL 220+ LB guys are linebackers lol. Guys like Sean Taylor, Laron Landry, Taylor Mays would be backers in this day and age.

    35. Jacie Smith

      Damn this dude might be stronger than me! and my mommy says I'm her strong little man

      1. Nostalgia Corner


    36. Michael Crabtree

      This guys a beast...quick feet, good hands and has good hand eye coordination.

    37. Mario Bravo

      bro swole asf in the thumbnail💀

    38. Nicholas Chana

      It’d be funny if Arizona got him, 2 amazing athletes

    39. Nhan Ha

      Man these guys are getting stronger and faster every year . Impressive.

    40. Gio Gio

      This dude is a missle. Straight downhill knock your block off type player.

    41. ayo shao


    42. Zaedrah

      jeremiah oroosnook-broosnook

    43. irvin bethea

      Big time hitter

    44. Ragin Cajun

      Put him as a safety or nickelback and watch him ball out

    45. Magnollia

      Mad tespexy all good all bottle services he at the airport no reason. Sit back babe as it ease.

    46. Sterling

      221 is light in the league though

    47. DSC

      There are always players who play above expectations. Game play more important than pro day.

    48. Zachary Torres

      This guy should play safety at the next level

    49. Chasen Cambron

      Scary looking prospect....ID put him at SS let him be a hybrid like Kam Chancellor

    50. Lucas Agnew

      Did he run the pro day 4.3 forty too?

    51. Mang Doo

      Steelers at 24. Book it.

    52. Keygoated

      What’s his position

    53. Carlos Thomas Jr.

      Damn this instrumental go hard 💯

    54. uc95nu51

      Im disappointed. The thumbnail did me wrong.

    55. GodSpeed

      He can be a marvel superhero

    56. David Ejchorszt Jr

      I need my boys to take him at 17

    57. ChrisSlatt

      Giants better steal him

    58. Marco Fierro

      Too slow

    59. Aj The legend

      Great measurable solid first rounder

    60. SkyHigh Fadedguy

      Dudes would be a great fit in Philly. Too bad Howie doesnt draft LBs in the 1st

    61. De Trane

      SS put this man in the box..

    62. bigdap100

      And Justin Fields is even bigger faster stronger and throws dimes in the end zone. That’s how insanely athletic Fields is.

      1. erik puka

        Fields is 6'3 228.Ran a pro day 4.44ű whoch is like a 4.54 in the real world.Taysom Hill is 6'2 250 and can bench and squat 3 times what Fields can.He ran a real 4.43 in the combine not BS pro day times- but that doesn't mean Taysom is a good QB and it wont mean Fields can play QB either.Thats the problem.Being a QB is far more than just having a good pro day and putting up great numbers.Tebow looked like if Justin Fields ate Justin Fields and had maybe the best college career of anyone ever at the QB position but out of the league in 3 years despite being 6'3 260.Combines doesn't mean much for QBs.Before you say anything about Fields - no QB did in College what Tebow did.Man was on the same Team with Cam Newton and Cam couldn't sniff a starting spot- thats how impressive Tebow was in college and Cam was a great player too but could not beat Tebow.Nfl though is a different ball game And his game did not translate.It might not translate for Fields either.Being Great in College doesn't mean being great in the NFL

    63. F


    64. FEARxAZTEC

      I pray the Broncos pick him up. He would be a game wrecker in our defense. Holy cow

    65. Raider Nation

      I’f raiders don’t draft OT or FS this will be our guy🔥

    66. Michael Diggs

      Washington Football Team

    67. Bishop Kelley

      This guy would be good at strong safety.

    68. Will Diggs

      Washington Football Team Baby!!

    69. Jordan Garrett-Hill

      Safety !!!

    70. Scot Deane

      From the 757

    71. Jk38 thelastsamurai

      And with the 17th pick the last Vegas raiders select...

    72. Ryan Fitzpatrick

      I really hope the packers get him or Jaycee Horn

    73. carlos C.Z.

      Blessed mother of God, with a shirt he already looked strong, without a shirt he looks like He-Man

    74. Mr Wop

      He probably run 4.22 the way these 40 times rigged

    75. Greg Skinner

      that catch at the end!!!

      1. HowlBeast

        even the astro turf moved (felt its power)

    76. JJR lll


    77. Angelo Deluca

      I hope my Eagles scoop him.

    78. Danger on yt

      Should be a 1st rounder an absolute beast

    79. lennoxoa

      Ghanaian brother

    80. Nolanator7

      His body looks weird to me;however, that doesn’t matter if he plays well and he does.

    81. Derek Carr

      We picking him!!

    82. Michael Crabtree

      Hes quick, strong and should go either in the 1st round or early second!! Get him BRONCOS!!

    83. one And only

      THE NFL is full of tarzans that play like Jane... workout warrior here really nothing to see

    84. Carlos Souza

      Looks like a bodybuilder

    85. DarkDenDan

      Future Washington Football Teamer

    86. Greg Pal

      Chargers have had good relations with Norte dame hopefully we can acquire this guy

    87. William R.

      I wouldnt mind if my chargers picked him up.

      1. RLThunderstruck

        Yes you would

    88. Beast Mode 2.0

      Yeah he a beast, Anybody could Tell, He’s a Natural Born Athlete

    89. Silver&Black 831


    90. Dom

      This man is built like crazy 😳

    91. G Pick

      GODLY!!!! This dude is gonna be a BEAST!!!

    92. R3kt3e scurblerd

      Why did he not run a 40?

    93. stldsfine


    94. Mr.Avocado

      Let me guess, he ran a 4.44.

    95. Arto Mkhitaryan

      Such a freaking beast

    96. Scarletbull

      Best LB in the draft! Man! I’m good with Owusu, Slater, or Parsons w the 11th pick. Word is Bon Jovi!

      1. RLThunderstruck

        Hoping JOK or Parsons drops to us at 26

    97. Justin Sullivan

      He’s gonna be a stud. I’ve watched every game he played in college. Kid can do it all. Kinda bummed he chose not to run the 40... probably because of the muscle he put on for the scouts.

      1. Gregory Lightbody

        @Th3rmal YT How does his covering skills not transfer to the NFL

      2. Th3rmal YT

        @Justin Sullivan 6 ft tall for a “lb” taking all those hits could be catastrophic, his coverage skills don’t really translate well to the NFL either, still good, but wouldn’t take him top 20

      3. Justin Sullivan

        @Th3rmal YT he’s not too small at all lmfao clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about

      4. Th3rmal YT

        He’s too small

      5. B A

        @XQ Tuneless only 220 tho at 6’1 that ain’t that heavy if he’s an athlet he could smash low 4.4

    98. Alexios

      I could take him.. chess.

    99. Cab52

      Anyone know his 40 time?

    100. Cameron Bandy

      He’s this year’s Isaiah Simmons or jabril peppers