Buccaneers Celebrate SB LV Win with a Boat Parade


134 миӊ. көрүүлөр41

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    1. Michael44

      : television ratings for the Super Bowl fell to a 50-year low, and its demonic halftime show about his fallen angels was described by an ex-NFL great this way: "It’s like they know the Bible well enough to tell you what parts they enter in at and they stop just before the part where they lose. Haha."

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    3. Anjana Prijith

      What’s with the weird zooming to the player’s pants?

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    5. Saud Voice


    6. Caleb Clemmons

      ... had Gronkowski have dropped that think he would've dove..?

    7. Andre Ecija

      Congratulations Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    8. Roll Tide till I die

      No one cares because everyone knows Tom's history

    9. Phet Tumbling

      Congratulations Buccaneers, but please adhere to the health and safety protocols 🙏🏻🏈

    10. HuginAndMunin

      And everyone's standing as close to each other as possible, no masks, who cares right? Only the worst pandemic we've had for centuries on this planet and the US are a f*cking superspreader by themselves with half a million people dead already.... but yeah, who cares, right?? PARTY LOLOLOLOLOL

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      3. violet anita

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    12. Dyl

      There’s 📢 a 📢 pandemic


      Brady is a legend forever

    14. Epoxy Arts 93


    15. Reality Matters

      Pull up your pants gronk how old is this guy come on man this is super bowl celebration so corny

    16. Lil Ballas

      when does micd up of the super bowl come out?

    17. Bhushan S

      Masks? Distancing? Tophie throwing? NfL is that appropriate behavior?

    18. Huzain Muhammad Zakir Mamad

      The Big Red Monster Tampa Bay Buccaneers deserved for their 2nd Super Bowl win

    19. Titus

      Rob still cant find his balls...

    20. boh20 tochi9

      暖かい気候の所にあるチームが優勝したらこんなことできるんやな。 ブレイディもニューイングランドみたいな寒いところではこういう パレードは出来へんかったでしょうね。

    21. Grand Bay Central

      Nice celebration theme, boat, pirate, buccaneer, and water. Very much in same tune.

    22. Jorge Martinez

      Who was the dumb@$$ that tossed the trophy from one boat to the other!? Thankfully it didn't drop, but jeez!

    23. Tyler West

      Aaron Rodgers is really the best 12

    24. เตียบ่อกี้

      COVID-19 BRO

    25. Captain Eyebrows

      Bill belichek was an a hole point blank. I’m happy for Tom Brady and Gronk and Arians. Maybe they can go 2-3 more years with the chiefs. Respect.

    26. Eric Jimenez

      Oh so COVID-19 just don’t exist anymore......🙃

    27. danks9000

      Hope they're all alive when next season comes along...I don't see a single mask...so ignorant.

    28. Hendrik Fischer

      Well done What‘s about Social distancing?🙄

    29. Darth Tater

      And the Goat 🐐... He’s at home celebrating with his family!

    30. King of Battle

      Damn that defense balled out!

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    32. Christian Perry

      I wish I could be in that nice Florida weather instead of this arctic bs that the rest of the country is feeling lol

      1. Ken 2097

        There ain’t no arctic blast where I’m at thankfully.

    33. Eon.Z

      Corona Virus

    34. Hayden Cook

      Lol Brady got so hammered....I cant believe he threw the damn trophy

    35. DAYLITE

      I'm just waiting on the outbreak.😷😭😷

    36. Josh B

      Media: OMG he ain't wearing a mask!!!! What a maskhole !!! He's so white privileged!!! What about your maga hat tom?? 🤣🤣🤣

    37. SimplyOneSound

      Bad Boys 4 Lyfe!

    38. Kiaira Hoe

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      1. G The Alien

        What TF are you smoking, and can I have some?

    39. Christian Garcia

      Shitty game i heard lol

    40. Tony NC

      Can someone tell raiders to Trade Carr ! ! It is time for Carr to leave the organization his friendship with coach gruden shouldn’t matter .. Raider Fans are tired of having a sorry ass silly QB

    41. Patrick Star

      Where’s the micd up for Super Bowl ?

    42. Christian Gamer

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    43. PrometheusTV

      Imagine hating Tom Brady

      1. Caleb Brown

        Its easy

    44. ZigZag

      None of those people are social distancing or wearing masks. Guess those folks are immune from getting it or spreading it. Crazy how the virus only affects the common folks and small businesses. #scamdemic

    45. Sebastian Sanchez


    46. Drew 4 Two

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    47. Abdelhali Bachir Belmehdi

      Let’s Goooo

    48. Name Less

      Hell yea *Make America Great Again*

    49. 22vibez

      COVID GONE ?😳

    50. TheRbruin10

      Tampa Bay know how to party in February with 80 degree weather and boat parade! Looks like a great place to move into and leave California once and for all. Do not be alarmed my fellow Floridians, I am not bringing California voting ways with me, I vote Red baby!

    51. James Mcclain

      And trump flags still flying and still no boats with a Biden flag got to love it

    52. Zed

      I can't imagine more baller thing that frickin boat parade.

    53. Don Donovan

      The Brady bunch did the impossible.

    54. James Watson

      Brady might be the best ever but gronk is my favorite player

    55. Saviron Hipps

      Brady is lit man hes drunk drunk the videos are crazy

    56. The Messenger

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      1. Lauranntinia Levi

        thank you

    57. James Livingston

      I've been a Bucs fan since 1978 . I am elated.

    58. Christian Gamer

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      so cool

    60. Bradley S.

      Well, now we know Trumptards weren’t involved cuz none of the boats sank.


      Tom Brady in a wig is Hillary Swank

    62. Michael J

      Roger Goodell: "Tampa Bay Bucs fined 4 Draft Picks in upcoming Draft; the starting lineup must sit out the first 3 games of the upcoming regular season; and fined $1,000,000 for violating NFL Covid Protocol." Everyone (except Bill Belichick): "But the season is officially over!"

    63. SweatyCamyt

      I was there

    64. Alex7aj

      Cue im on a boat

    65. Sebastian Lauriello

      Gronk made the best possible decision to retire rather than getting shipped to Detroit

    66. The Purge Post Election Year

      Trump parades had more boats.

    67. 03 AI

      Where did the pandemic go?

    68. The World's Biggest Fan

      This is art.

    69. My Teams Suck

      Covid spike now 😔😔

    70. My Teams Suck

      Rodgers got next year

    71. Eden Cito

      I dont like bucs

    72. Mischafanoc

      Corona joins the room

    73. Phil

      Boats boats boats

    74. JiGGa Fresh

      Damn that's dope man! Coming from a bills fan it was fun to see mahomes get destroyed like that 😂😂😂😂

      1. JiGGa Fresh

        @Bruh Moment there's no hate I just dont like seeing the team that just beat us win the super bowl 😂😂

      2. Bruh Moment

        So much for the Bills Mafia 🤪😂😂

      3. Gloria Beze

        @Charlotte Haggerty Yeah okay. ...have a good night. See you in 20 years.

      4. Charlotte Haggerty

        @Gloria Beze yeah Mahomes played outstanding. Arguably better than Brady. So this doesn’t mean much.

      5. Gloria Beze

        @Idk Idk F U

    75. Get ready to rumble

      Nothing like a covid party in florida.

      1. David Coulter

        Says a guy never invited to a regular party

      2. Captain Kaveman

        Nah it's a mostly peaceful protest. One guy had a blm flag so wu flu stays away

    76. Christian M

      All of these fans smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ where are my real Bucs fan. At.?!?

      1. Chris Lindemyer

        Bucc nation baby!!! Been a long time coming

    77. corrdude

      bucs boat sink would be the only youtube worthy video after the trumpster boat sink last fall

    78. A Brash Unapologetic Conservative


      1. A Brash Unapologetic Conservative

        @Mike Wazowski How long have you been simping for communism?

      2. A Brash Unapologetic Conservative

        @Captain Kaveman Exactly.

      3. Mike Wazowski

        @A Brash Unapologetic Conservative yeah I’m good with that lol. Trump lost, get over it

      4. Mike Wazowski

        @Captain Kaveman wtf lol. I busted out laughing when I read that. You said that like I’m trying to force everyone to wear masks. Y’all are crazy

      5. Captain Kaveman

        @Mike Wazowski just because you dont have friends dont mean the rest of us have to suck. No one cares aboot your mask or your grandma. You stay inside. You mask up you social distance. You do you. And will do us.

    79. D Z

      I hope they all catch covid lol

      1. Chris Lindemyer

        Not even covid can beat Tom Brady and the buccs lmao

    80. Bo Pennington

      Oh my God they don't have masks on LMFAO 😂

      1. Meow Mix

        @Josh _ Do you even comprehend what you are saying. 😆

      2. Josh _

        @Meow Mix do you even comprehend what I'm saying? At what point did I make that claim?

      3. Meow Mix

        @Josh _ Well, if you think that a mask will prevent you from getting covid or transferring it to someone else, then you know absolutely nothing.

      4. Josh _

        @Meow Mix maybe because they have to incubate and study actual deadly viruses other than Covid19. But what do I know

      5. Action Jackson

        @David Coulter I’m sorry, I must have missed the part where you presented your degree in epidemiology, as well as a plethora of medical, fact-checked documents produced by both you and others in the medical community. My mistake, you must clearly know more than actual experts. We don’t know nearly enough there is to know about Covid, and that is why it is so dangerous, not to mention the fact that we’ve already passed the million death mark (which in itself shouldn’t be glossed over as easily as many seem to). There are long-term effects to having Covid, such as immense and continuous breathing difficulties, which is worsened by the fact that it’s a highly contagious disease. Go on though, tell us more about your superior expertise in this field.

    81. Revokevo57

      Incoming, as a _____ fan I feel like.

    82. Awesome Dylan

      Gronk is going till brady calls quits or, if he is about to be traded to the lions🤣

      1. Nelsonthephinslover

        @Amir Easterly Frank nitilakina

      2. Amir Easterly

        Can you name me one nba player

      3. Drew 4 Two

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      4. use4Less

        @Vessel of Yah TV lmao stop

      5. Vessel of Yah TV


    83. William Winston

      Leeeeeets goooooooo

    84. 5xSBC

      Well deserved

    85. Sam Don

      Buccaneers deserved to win this

    86. Wayne A. W.

      And yes: TB12 confides to Gronk that he will, indeed, play until Age 60, as long as his knees hold up.

      1. Yuh boi Eli

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      2. Da memer 502


      3. Bruh Moment

        Not happening lmao... imagine 🤔

      4. RedMo46

        Pfft, hes rich enough to buy 2 new knees whenever he wants

      5. Drew 4 Two

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    87. Buffalo Tom

      I started following the NFL 3 years ago so, pardon me if this is a noob question but, at 43/44 years of age, is Brady a lock to he the Bucs starting QB next year or would they throw their hat into the Deshaun Watson race?

      1. Madden Moments

        He's a lock but it would've been less likely had he not been under contract for 2021

      2. BeastMode 21

        He is a lock if he stays good in health and elite play. Bucs could look to get someone like Sam Darnold for cheap as they continue to build that defense. They need to keep Godwin, Suh, David, and Barrett tho. Fournette and Brown can leave as they got guys who can play those positions. Although Fournette has improved mightily as a Pass catcher so he could stay. Only one that's tricky is the Barrett, David, and Godwin situations. Especially Barrett

      3. Esmond Coleman

        He’s totally a lock, after winning a superbowl you try to keep as many players as you can that were on the roster and get rid of players that you know you can replace. In order to get deshaun I feel the buccaneers will have to give up a lot to get him anyway

      4. Corey Carpenter

        1. Brady is definitely staying for a year, maybe more 2. Doubt that Watson actually gets traded to anywhere, let alone Tampa. Houston would be STUPID to lose him

    88. El Villano De La Pelicula

      When Bucs win Who cares the covid Just Celebrate Get stonned😵💀

    89. bob bib

      HAHAHAHA freaking florida showing off its great weather while i got snow outside lol

      1. Killer Demon!

        Same if I had the money I would move to tampa bay

      2. Iron Patriot

        Come on DOWN!

      3. Matthew Redrick

        Lol I live in Baltimore and we just got this HUGE blizzard.

      4. Charlotte Haggerty

        First time in Boston for college and it doesn’t stop SNOWING. So cold😂

      5. bob bib

        @Six Foot Four Mike :)

    90. Jonathan West

      Dear NFL commissioner I just posted a video of God's face I just posted a video of the gate to hell also since you don't want to get a Mexican kicker a chance thank you don't want to help me with a box of kicking on cash app I got your number I got your whole card God is revealed the star is in the sky enjoy your and grab an organic steak 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩

    91. It’s dré-ON! YT

      0:33 me in my room alone

    92. Austin Luepkes

      Where’s my SB mic’d up damn it

      1. Jay _

        @Anonymous GOAT He was gonna say Brady callled him a racial slur but realize he was micd up

      2. tea green


      3. LISTENER 2700E

        There’s Shaq Barrett mic’d up on the Bucs’ channel

      4. Bryce Peters

        @Don't Be A Sugar Coookie Probably called him mean.

      5. Anonymous GOAT

        @Don't Be A Sugar Coookie FR.... he deleted the tweet so he most likely was making stuff up

    93. Scoobert Doo

      What happens to COVID and us being “in it together”?

      1. PowerPackers90

        @El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz say that to the people that died.....

      2. Sunny

        It was never a real thing, thus the celebration for those who were really "in it together".

      3. Meow Mix

        I know a Covid joke, but there's 99.9% chance that you won't get it.

      4. Action Jackson

        Ignorance is bliss.

      5. Luiangelo Montes

        u cant get covid on vacation

    94. Ladh 70

      Brady made Fraudgers and Mahomes walk the plank of the pirate ship

      1. Ladh 70

        @Daniel Wisconsin is the inbreeding leader in the US

      2. Daniel

        @Ladh 70 take away the TDS from the browns brady is now 9-9 (In 5 games) and Aaron is 10-4 (In 4 games)

      3. Daniel

        @Ladh 70 I could say Defense not letting the Falcons score the rest of the game when all they needed was a field goal or touchdown to seal the game. I can't argue Tom Brady is the GOAT especially in regular season, but the defense is a major part that is overlooked because Tom Brady made a comeback. Have respect for Rodger idc how much you hate him you have to admit he is one of the best throwers, not the greatest, because he is not successful in the post season but he is one of the best to throw. (I havent said one bad thing about Brady and you keep attacking me and Rodgers)

      4. Ladh 70

        @Daniel your weak stats are fraudelent cause the Bears made the playoffs in an expanded field, Fraudgers has always been a fraud vs good teams

      5. Ladh 70

        @Daniel lol, explain Brady's huge Super Bowl comeback vs the Falcons, Fraudgers got blown out in the title game vs the Falcons and sucked the whole game

    95. Keeks Keeks

      FLA. Different different from a raiderfan foook off.

    96. Rafael Factor

      The commentary 😂

    97. DE B

      i hate winter

    98. Melady Rayl


      1. Seko Seko 6


    99. Sumoy Das

      lol "Shaking his Boom-Boom"

    100. FactoryOfSuffering1977

      Disappointed that they didn’t make Cr1tikal the grand marshal, considering that he’s from the area

      1. Seko Seko 6