Rams vs. Buccaneers Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2020


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    The Los Angeles Rams take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 11 of the 2020 NFL season.
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    1. Hyou Fuzimo

      The spotless limit diagnostically level because museum superfamily float since a intelligent airship. living, same colon

    2. Taewoong Kum

      bro I watched this like 10times bro and this is my favorite


      Who here before packers bucs

    4. Ca Perry

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    5. man man

      So thats how you beat the buccs shortpass everything

    6. That One American Dude Who watches AFL Footy

      Man, what could’ve been😞. Looking forward to Next Season though as a Rams Fan.

    7. Humberto Castellanos


    8. PandaPlayz


    9. MrBoywonder1985

      Refs did a horrible job in this game.

    10. Justin Gardner

      Funny you go back n watch these clips and the comments are 90% crying about officials. Yet when the officials GAVE away the Chicago game in week 4, the Brady haters said NOTHING about officials!! Meanwhile Brady’s been hit more than any QB in the league after releasing the ball n gets no roughing the passer.. but I guess Shaq Barrett n JPP being tackled n held every key passing down this season with zero holding calls mean nothing either? If you watch every Bucs game you’ll see they over compensate to not get accused of Brady favortism . These refs made no calls detrimental after the first qtr in this game. The NFL ALSO made sure the crew with lowest flags did the Saints game the week before when they were #1 in penalties as a secondary. Also go watch the first play of that game Cam Jordan grabbed n hit Brady’s face mask. NO Flag!! Go watch week 15 vs Atl n final play by Atl ,JPP gets tackled from behind as he’s about to sack Matt Ryan.. So bottom line is if you hate Brady. You’ll always see a contorted view. ** FYI ** KC Oline HOLDS 50% of the time does anybody “ cry” officials favoring Mahomes??? Go rewatch the SB, n tell me how many times Bosa n Buckner we’re held???

    11. Allen OnYT

      Refs called horrible calls not gonna lie

    12. personn

      Why don’t I remember this game AT ALL?

    13. Michael Perez

      This will be the NFC championship game

    14. Gizmo cc

      1:49 damn mike is crazy

    15. Ca Perry

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    16. Matthew Gudino

      *Rams finally beat that cheater Tom Brady* Matthew: Revenge...Complete...Well...Done... All Rams fans: *loud pop*😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 All Tom Brady fans:😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    17. ddawgg23

      Who's here after the Rams lost to the JETS

      1. Terrelle Williams

        @ddawgg23 I know I’m a rams fan

      2. ddawgg23

        @Terrelle Williams They are in they beat the Cardinals

      3. Terrelle Williams

        They still more likely making playoffs

    18. Brent Miller

      @NFL how about flashing the end result of plays with penalties before the next play. Just text in the corner would work. The low quality of these highlights does not speak well for your product.

    19. Matthew Gudino

      RamNation! WE GOT HIM!!!

    20. raul Marcos

      rams are good dude 9 and 4

    21. Black Dog

      The referees just made nfl history

    22. Blender Wiki

      Highly on any aspect.

    23. SNS• Sîn

      I'm just now starting to cheat for the rams and I'm impressed I might stick with this team go rams💙💛💙💛

    24. leoz

      I'm late but anyone notice that Goff made the tackle on Pierre-Paul after the int? Respect

    25. Austin Bracey

      The rams throwing is OP

    26. sikariou

      Two awful interceptions by Brady lost the game for the Bucs---those passes weren't even close, to be honest. He has lost more than a step for sure.

    27. HavokDoesDN

      Anyone else hear the announcer cuss at 3:14 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    28. Jennifer Robinson

      Even though the rams won, they gave the rams some bad flags. Half of the pass interference calls wasn’t even pass interference.

    29. ceerw buty

      The refs are not even trying to hide the fact they were trying to give the Bucs a win....

    30. Yui Tim Kwong

      Kupp’s is one of more underrated yac guys in the league.

    31. asioe kiou

      Love this show, wake up early just to watch it ??

    32. Calvin Johnson

      Tampa bay coaching staff is trash . My high school runs that offense

    33. Carlos Pires

      2 penaltys in the first half in two third downs. bad playcalling from arians and bad deep trhows from brady. brady its not the only one at fault

      1. ceerw buty

        Van Jefferson is gonna b a beast

    34. Babila Dinga

      Rams should’ve scored so many more points. They got complacent because the defense was playing so well

      1. asioe kiou

        I've never seen a QB get so many questionable PI calls in his favor in NFL history.

    35. Joshua Kirkland

      Yo some of y’all funny y’all was just screaming refs wasn’t on Brady side no more like in New England lol but y’all follow any trend 🤦‍♂️

    36. Connor Jackson

      What a great game. I love how people are saying the reffs carried the buccs instead of, LA made alot of blantant errors; and still pulled it off. Gopd for them

    37. Jaden Alves

      Rams should lost

    38. Ann Cridelich

      BA reminds me of Mike Martz (St Louis Rams) during the 2000 SB against the Pats. Belichick went with an extra DB to combat the Greatest Show on Turf. During half time Martz decided, screw it we'll stay with what we've always been successful with - the pass. During the second half, the Rams' defense on the sidelines was standing & yelling & pointing out that there were many small NEP's small DBs on the field & they should run the ball because of their more dominant offensive line. Martz kept his head down & pretended he didn't hear them. Then TB engineered the game winning field goal drive. It would be so easy to make ByronL the co-head coach of the offense to let BA save face. If BA walks, then let ToddB can be the HC. It's one thing to have the Head Coach you need, but it is even harder to get the right players you need. I recall in AZ, we had to live with: 1. No risk it, no biscuit that got all our QBs hurt especially Carson Palmer's two ACLs & 2. I'm old enough that I can do whatever the hell I want. At the instant BA's final contract expired, Keim & Bidwell wasted no time in wishing BA good luck in retirement. Pride goeth before the fall. BA's offense got AQ Shipley (center) hurt like he did in AZ. TB is only the GOAT when the ball leaves his hands withing 2.3 seconds.

    39. Joseph Keller

      Terrible editing!

    40. Storm Watch

      I am going to be very humble here... the rams look good against a good team... despite the gross penalties that cost them they came out of it a better team. I actually enjoy this team more than the previous super bowl team... I think they are progressing beautifully and hopefully so far as to take it all this year! We shall see next Sunday against the 4Whiners!

    41. Buccaneersfan13 Mendez

      At least we won last year In the la Coliseum 🖤❤😂😂😂😂😂

    42. Sparks

      How many pics does Brady average

    43. David Sanchez

      Dang Miam vs la lakers La dodgers vs tampa bay Now tampa vs la

    44. Russell Giangrosso

      I know damn well rams fans aren't complaining about officiating lol child please

      1. RAMS LIFE !!!!

        We just started getting calls in recent years they been giving Brady BS for two decades now so whats your point ? 😂

    45. Aguilas De La America

      I guess without his daddy billichick he can't do much.

    46. Scott -O

      Van Jefferson is gonna b a beast

    47. Simple FXer

      No losers here.

    48. Scott Norman

      I've never seen a QB get so many questionable PI calls in his favor in NFL history.

      1. L.L. Craft

        You obviously don't watch KC, the refs handed them a Superbowl and haven't looked back since.

    49. Ashley Rushing

      Brady has one last year playing for the bookies.

    50. Rogent X

      Were the refs wearing Buc shirts under their zerbra? Some very questionable calls, more than usual.

    51. kaleo kaden

      the Rams are a dark horse pick to take it all

    52. Brian Rapp



      These refs do not know what pass interference is


      La rams super bowl season 100 percent

    55. bambam

      Fire Arians already.

    56. Minh Nguyen

      Tom Brady is a limited quarterback with only short passes! Also he is not mobile. The Bucs will go no where with their pro-bowl wide outs. It was a big mistake to get TB

    57. meepo merp

      lebron james 4 championships

    58. Karate Fight Fitness Drills

      Brady throw a bad read ball like what he said. Can't doubt a GOAT like Brady. When he said it was a bad read it's a bad read.

    59. Ryan Herring

      1:47 not on Mr Ramsey

    60. Zack Playz

      Rams on top btw I ma a rams fan and we going to the playoffs

    61. Ray Staar

      Every time Tom Brady loses an angel gets his wings.

    62. Fred Lee

      NFL LIVE STREAM : kgup.info/get/dntpgaOVmICje48/video

    63. BILL HANNA

      This is the worst video in the channel .. chopped by an idiot or idiots

    64. Sotrain Pro1


    65. Emperor Gao Zu

      dam the Bucs defence needs some work this is the first time I'm cheering for this team because of Brady but dam the need to work n their D

    66. Roblox Vehicles

      Wtf??? Rams defeat them but they didn't defeat dolphins??

      1. RAMS LIFE !!!!

        had a bad game on a short week lol

    67. Desirae Stewart

      fun game to watch!

    68. TheUsername217

      LA Sports teams this year are on another level NBA Champs MLB World Series Champs Election Champs > Next is Superbowl

    69. Clay

      Brady did this to himself with the long ball. He tried the long ball all game long, and only made one reception with it. When it's not there, it's not there. It's not time to try it with 1:30 left in the game and down three points. Not smart. Not smart.

    70. Geraldo Estrada

      Antonio getting too many pass throws he is not ready, Evans could of caught many of those missed catches.

    71. Solomon Leasiolagi

      Thank you rams for keeping the saints the nfc South division leaders buccaneers suck bye

    72. Justin Whalen

      Bucs trade Mat Gay to LA then Mat Gay kicks 2/3, LA wins by 3.

    73. Brian Hasson


    74. Krause A.S.

      These highlights get worse every week; showing every 5 yard play on first and 10, and not even showing the finishing of the jefferson touchdown, no extra angles on any plays, acting like TDs and 3rd downs dont matter, its so hard to get any feel for a game at all; the editing is garbage it makes me so sad as an editor and fan

    75. John Mat

      Where are the highlights of them taking a knee?

    76. nallen100

      This is exactly why nfl ratings are at all time lows. The integrity of the game is lost. Im not a fan of either team but this was out right bad officiating. A blatant attempt to steal this game from the rams. The bucs had no business being in this game and everyone knows it.

      1. 1derrickk

        primetime nfl games get by far the best ratings on american TV but yeah the refs are trash, they’ve always been trash theres no consistency and theres clear bias at times

    77. kevin perreault

      I had to mute video the crowd noise was annoying

    78. Oscar Aguilar

      I like how brady has so many receivers yet in the first half alone goff only used woods and kupp. tf the goat need to retire

    79. Hondas R D Best

      Isn't this the team that did NOTHING in the superbowl 2 years ago? Boringest superbowl ever.

      1. RAMS LIFE !!!!

        No roster different and better

    80. miro d

      A loaded football team with the goat in the pocket and somehow they lose...again

    81. James Redmond

      Phenomenal coverage by the Rams

    82. Hasbro bladers

      They are much better youtubers than you will ever be

    83. Hasbro bladers

      Buccaneers would've like been in forth place if it weren't for the god darn rams

    84. Anela Tea-Ana Claiborne

      Oh ok this not the Patriots

    85. Mr Alwayslate


    86. Kelly McCain

      3 things i learned from watching this game ...... Jared Goff is better than i thought he was, Copper Kupp is an outstanding football player, and even with smaller crowds the refs still suck ..... lol.

    87. LEVI Productions

      Tom's gonna Tom. Rams got there revenge from super bowl 53.

    88. shaun

      referes be like: the rams looked at the buccaneers. that results in a 20 yrd foul. auto matic 1st down.

    89. Nikolas lima

      Ref ball can only do so much Mr. Brady.

    90. Luis Cruz

      5:00 Goff really tackled this 300 pound man😂

    91. Beard Belly Billionaire

      Can't fade us

    92. Ryan J

      AB should’ve returned that punt at the end

    93. Deonte Wade


    94. Abhijay's Fun World

      NFL 2020 - Week 12 Predictions - By 8 year old super fan -> kgup.info/get/ZWqXaYSVf69nZX8/video

    95. Jeff Froment

      You would think with all the weapons Brady has he'd be tearing it up but something isn't right with him. Maybe because this year has been messed up or maybe because he has a new off coordinator. I just thought he'd be better that's all. Also it seems like he's throwing a lot of 30+ yard passes and that's not his game. His game is short, over the middle and screens, then once in a while throw a bomb.

    96. Michael Grosse

      Play by play. How boring. Quiet please/crowd ambience only with entertaining commentary.

    97. ohJettzen

      How's that Holding? He literally just discarded the dude lol!

    98. Sergio García

      Rams white uniform is simply horrible!!!

    99. Brady R Cox

      Kupp went off that game, I can’t believe they won with horrible officiating

    100. John Salvi

      When you pay the refs to win but still lose.