Where Will J.J. Watt Go?


79 миӊ. көрүүлөр73

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    1. D Flatt

      Personally I would like to see him lined up with an elite pass rusher on the line as well.

    2. Blake Murphy


    3. Roy de Vries de Vries

      JJ will pick the team that he thinks will have a shot at the Superbowl. He is a great player and we will see if he will make a great choice.

    4. Jd Vanny

      Why pay this is guy a ton to play half a season

    5. Jashaun Miller


    6. Ryan Walto

      He should go to the ravens

    7. shortanimaMAXjr

      He will be good in Jacksonville for there run spot Jacksonville got the offense with Trevor Lawrence James Robinson cj Clark an amazing combo

    8. avery york

      Yeah, he going to the titans

    9. Landen Gapen

      Come to the titans

    10. Blake Schwab


    11. Gang Gang

      Why not go to the Seahawks, could make another couple years of the best defense.

    12. T W

      GB Packers - if he WANTS to WIN. Any other team if he doesn't.

    13. Lucas Sharp

      Guys his final top 3 was the titans packers and bills

    14. JJ Watt

      Im goin to steelers

      1. Lucas Sharp

        No his top 3 is the packers bills and titans gonna go to one of those 3

    15. robderp

      Imagine being at a point where “a million here or there” doesn’t matter to you 😂 if only

    16. mattdayoungan

      Should come to the rams

    17. Tank1241

      JJ to the Titans and resign a healthy Clowney

      1. Lucas Sharp


    18. Mellow NES Superstar

      What is everyone talking about?? He should have stayed with Houston! They are up and coming! I'm KIDDING! I pray my team doesn't have to face JJ or Watson at least until playoffs next season. Not saying which Tampa team I love. [Edit] I didn't mean to mention TB.. 😉

    19. Mellow NES Superstar

      So guy is saying the Bills were better than KC? I highly doubt it but I would have loved for them to have won against KC.

    20. Judah Newell

      JJ Watt wants a Super Bowl ring so he should probably go to the best team (Cheifs) I mean it worked for Kevin Durant when he went to the warriors

    21. Harrison the BUNNY 2


    22. Dixie Nourmas

      The perfect fit is the browns. He wouldn’t ever get double teamed ever again with Myles garret on the other side. They are Super Bowl contenders if they draft linebackers.

    23. Cory Johnson

      I don’t care what haters say, he should come to the BROWNS. We are on an uphill climb and it would be PERFECT for him to play on the opposite side of Myles Garrett. Yeah, we pissed away that game against KC in the playoffs, but the Browns are contenders.

    24. Mike

      Welcome to Cleveland JJ!

    25. Kevin Smith

      As a bucs fan since 2020 J.J Watt should go to there

    26. skippity beep bop

      I know who’s gonna win the sb.. The Phillies will win against the warriors! I have tiger woods as mvp.

    27. Brian williams


    28. Christoph Altmann

      Go to a Super Bowl contender, to to TB12 and the Bucs. TB12 wants the 8th ring so bad.

    29. Jack B

      Green bay 100%

    30. HOG

      Well Bills are winning SB next year so if that’s what he wants take 10-11 mill for 3 years

    31. FabledAllele

      You kidding me lol? Baltimore has the most upside of all the AFC North, been to the post season three years in a row and are just missing a for sure pass rusher because they have top 1-3 secondary in the league to where he'll have more time to get sacks than the rest of those teams, aside the bills which is like a 1a 1b type choice.

    32. Nicholas Sobota

      I’d rather my Bills lose in the AFC Championship game than get destroyed and lose their 5th Super Bowl against the Bucs

    33. Abdel Awad

      jj watt if your seeing this packers or cardinals

    34. L.K. Lim


    35. BigDoItAll

      I think all those proposed teams would be good.. but truthfully I would have to say the Steelers just because Bud took a ACL year along with Bush who were huge pieces to that team & in the playoff game the pass rush wasn’t there so I say try to work some numbers let go of bud & Ju & try & bring in JJ with Cam, Tuitt & TJ

    36. Michelle Skill

      As a bills fan it would be amazing to see JJ join the mafia!

    37. Christopher Iuliano

      If you JJ Watt, Stephoin Tuitt, Cameron Hayward, and T.J. Watt all on the same d-line, teams wouldn't be able to run or pass.

    38. Timothy Akus

      Steeler fan here......I hope he doesn't go to the Steelers. The coaching staff is so bad, he will never get a ring, and languish in mediocrity. The standard is the standard, and with Tomlin, its blowing games, and seasons with poor game plans that are never changed mid game, even if they're losing....

    39. DeSean O

      He should go to the Oilers

    40. Kenneth Abel

      The impartial vibraphone macroscopically milk because ravioli congruently blush despite a itchy plow. puzzling, spicy draw

    41. Afaan J

      Cardinals is a huge underrated place for jj to go

    42. Faloai Tusiga

      Yeah he could play together with his brother 👍👍

      1. Matthew Gudino


    43. JHS 79

      There are only two possible chances I heard..... Either a NFC team or an AFC team

    44. Derek Caldwell

      Just imagine a few options like this in no certain order . 1) JJ Watt & Myles Garrett 🔥 2) JJ & DeForest Buckner 🔥 3) JJ & TJ Watt insane.. 4) JJ & Chris Jones 5) JJ & Jeffrey Simmons

    45. Derek Caldwell

      I hear Indianapolis is aggressively pursuing JJ idk how true that is but I think his vest fits would be either Buffalo or Indianapolis with DeForest Buckner

    46. solidsnake4214

      Steelers, Browns, or Buccaneers

    47. Seth Benson

      Browns, Bill's or Rams

      1. Matthew Gudino



      how about BUCCS ?

    49. Al Joseph

      Said this on another platform but I'll say it again here, he should come to the Cardinals and reunite with D-Hop (DeAndre Hopkins). We'd have an unstoppable offense and defense and possibly contend for a championship.

    50. melvin barnett

      Lets hear from Whitney: where do JJ Watts go only JJ Watts know, to the Pittsburg Steelers and his brothers waiting theeeeeere.😁

    51. Aiden Mussey

      If he go’s to the Steelers that means that tj watt will to be trade because the both play the same position

      1. Leonard Locke

        No tf they don’t

    52. Daquan B

      Come to the Browns

    53. lynskyrd

      JJ - go join forces with TB12... it's nice and warm down there and Tom might even let you move in with him and Giselle after AB finds his own place.

    54. Rylan Bukachek

      K, no he should go back to his home state and win one with the Pack he has always wanted to play for the Packers and would probably be a stud with the Smith brothers.

      1. E_picTV

        Prob only with z. Smith

    55. Thompson Bros

      I think he should go to the packers

    56. stupid_indieghost _

      browns make the most sense to me since they have so much money and are obviously a few defensive holes away from a superbowl appearance and JJ would get to face his brothers 2 to 3 times a year making the steelers-browns a huge money maker

    57. fire terms

      I say he is going to the best super bowl contender out there, THE JETS!!

    58. Gavyn Phouthavongsay


      1. Matthew Gudino


    59. Madden Family

      Idk if the Steelers can afford him

    60. Dakota F

      Vikings would be dope with Hunter Pierce Kendricks Smith

    61. Dirty Randy

      Buffalo!!! Please!!!

    62. Stupid Sports Fan

      He will go back to Houston


      jj watt in seattle would be amazing

    64. Sports Co.

      I swear if he goes tampa

    65. Paul Hawj Her


    66. Kevin Dec

      Bruh what if he went to the Bucs 😂


      He going to baltimore to play with the goat himself lamar jackson

    68. OG Kriptck

      I’m thinking the Colts we could use him with all our free agents

      1. ELITE_ _GAMER

        He’s going to a team that can WIN a superbowl

    69. Mathew A


    70. Alex Pfg


    71. Llama Of Vinter

      Dudes basically gonna have all the franchises mentioned and more knocking on his agent's door, a credit to his talents and what he's achieved so far in the game. Wherever he goes will improve.

    72. Ian Janicki

      Everybody Was concerned about stefon diggs personality and it worked out fine so i don't see a problem inside the locker room

      1. Shoaza

        @Tommy did u watch the vikings thing if not you wont get it

      2. Tommy

        @Shoaza why?

      3. Shoaza

        still wont let him date my sister 😤

    73. Mitch


    74. Skeezix

      Come join Russell and company in Seattle JJ

    75. Chris z

      Personally I think he will end up On the Texans.

      1. Matthew Gudino

        No, the Texans released him

    76. Evan Jimenez

      he should go to chargers they need someone on the other side of bosa

    77. Jonathan Frimerman

      J.J Watt to Steelers

    78. Elmar Diolan

      If he wants to get a ring go to the bucs SB champ...

    79. Loki Odinson

      Y’all need to announce the cap number before anyone goes anywhere

    80. rocko17171717

      If he really wants to win now, he’d go to my bucs!

    81. Jared Tamaro

      He already said he’s going to Cleveland. Plus he’s looking for a house there, plus he foreshadowed with a tv show, and he gets to destroy his brother twice a year.

    82. Dustin Thatcher

      If he went to Pittsburgh it would be a nightmare for the other team

    83. Matthew Jay Evans

      He'll take his talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat!!! #YouBelieveInTheNBA!!!!

      1. Matthew Jay Evans

        @Matthew Gudino I was making a joke. It's based on LeBron's famous The Decision video. I guess you didnt pick up on it.

      2. Matthew Gudino

        J.J. is a football player, Not a basketball player

    84. JJRAYX9

      JJ Watt + Cam Jordan = Superbowl Or another. Playoff. Loss...

    85. Keep on Grinding

      Is it weird how his little brother Derek watt has less offensive touchdowns than jj who plays defense, jj watt is just the definition of talent

    86. hii nova


    87. Roys Toys


    88. Joe Ritner

      Browns sign JJ Watt... & Anthony Harris. Just watch

    89. Edsisters4

      buffulo or cincinnati

    90. McDiamond

      When is Odell coming to Baltimore?

      1. Omnibad

        When they get a real QB

    91. McDiamond

      He won’t be coming to Baltimore I can tell you that much

    92. Jason

      Dallas should keep him in Texas

    93. Sam Brannon

      San Francisco 49ers

    94. Jose Bocanegra

      Houston Roughnecks or Arizona Cardinals.

    95. Christian

      @atlanta falcons we need this man. i know you guys are working out what to do. but our defense is what really need most attention

    96. Michel Höffer

      Chiefs maybe

    97. Jeremy Bonfil

      It makes more sense if he goes to the Cleveland browns

      1. Lucas Sharp

        He’s not going to the browns just announced his final 3 teams titans bills and packers

      2. Jeremy Bonfil

        @Cory Johnson your right

      3. Cory Johnson

        YES! Playing with Myles Garrett?! Would be PERFECT for him

      4. DeSean O

        I think he should go to Houston

    98. sustainf

      Go to the Browns JJ!

    99. Mr. Nibble Nips

      i think Houston will draft him again.

    100. David Koba

      Come to tampa bay baby lessgooo!

      1. David Koba

        @Matthew Gudino Yes 😆

      2. Matthew Gudino