Every Team's Best Play by a RB | NFL 2020 Highlights


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    1. I report Covid Deniers

      Packers run d =🧀

    2. Jesse Burke

      buccaneers rull

    3. Joey Steinert

      Literally the Colts had at least 5 better runs than that one by Hines. This shows you the NFL doesn’t pay any attention to the Colts or watch them at all

      1. Jo Smit

        Shhh let em sleep on us we comin

    4. Steelers Cards

      2:24 what is his name again rojo?

    5. Guerric Naberhaus

      bengals best play was a 10 yard run😐 we suck

    6. Conor Nedelec

      That colts one is some big disrespect to Johnathon Taylor week 14....

    7. That Guy Fusion

      Pollard played one game as a starter and got the best rb play for Dallas he will definitely take elliots spot

    8. Nick Berdie

      Do every Teams best play by a Tight End next

    9. Jack Certain

      nfl is selling the colts

    10. Andrew Melton

      That Wasn't Lamar Jackson's best run

    11. Jose Barraza

      Ecklers run 😂😂😂😂

    12. Mitch Armstrong

      colts one doesn’t make any sense that was a 25 yard run taylor had 5 better than that

    13. Brendon Buffaloe

      Alternate title: best plays by O-Linemen

    14. James Suazo

      The Steelers have left the chat

    15. 808TurnEmUp

      Tony pollard > Zeke

    16. Yosef Haimoff

      nfl ""Trying to be DK Metcalf" wher they try to track them down but cant

    17. T.G.E the gamer everyday

      As a Steelers fan, every time we gained over 3 yards we celebrated

    18. Ben Harvey

      Idgaf about who’s up next just don’t take up a quarter of the screen and let me watch properly ffs


      Why is nyheim Hines the highlight when Taylor had like a 40 yard td ?

    20. Brad 5369

      lol dallas' defense just loves to part like the red sea (7:43 and 9:50)

    21. FillHerGuts

      Whoever made this obviously didn't watch highlights of any team's games and just threw any play in there for each team

      1. Jim Pickens

        Exactly! Like the colts one wasn’t even the best RB play that game, someone needs to be fired

    22. Oof Oof

      I had to dislike it to make it 69

    23. AlexDatBoi

      We need to Appreciate all those big boys in the trenches

    24. Sslayz

      1. Giants should have been week 1 hurdle vs Steelers 2. Blitz Boi get juke shut off his shoes


      Steeler have left the chat!!!

    26. Gabriel Lorenzo

      Colts one was so ass lmao should’ve been Jonathan Taylor’s run against vegas , and why wasn’t Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson ?

    27. That Lame Guy

      Almost all of them are against the Packers cause every Packer fan including me knows that our defense is garbage

    28. Sport Bros

      If the panthers were replaced by the cowboys the first five teams showed all have top 5 rb Not in order though

    29. Zone 61

      That top border kind of takes up a lot of space just saying have a nice day great video though...

    30. Prince Riku

      The amount of times it's just Justin Reid trying to chase a guy down... Poor Texans.

    31. Angle

      wheres lamar jackson vs the titans in the playoffs

    32. Phiology

      When Tony Pollard, ZEKE's back up makes the highlights. That tells you something folks

    33. J.D. Little

      Hines over all the Taylor runs? Come on.

    34. Samayo Mayo

      I love how the thumbnail is the Derrick Henry stiff arm but they never even showed it in the video

    35. maleko Harris

      Notice how none of these are against the Patriots defense 😳

    36. Jordan Snow

      Jonathon Taylor ran a 62 yard monster against the raiders and they gave it to Hines with a 20 yarder hahaha

    37. Kcets

      Umm... How is Jonathan Taylor's 60-yard TD NOT the Colts' best RB play??

    38. Stefan Stratulat

      I'm more impressed by the OL keeping up with the RB's for these crazy runs

    39. Colder

      Why tf is the Colts' run Hines and not Taylor

    40. Google User

      The banner up top is obnoxious

    41. No Thanks

      Inner colts fan coming out, but how did a 30 yard run by Hines beat the one of jt going like 60 yards for a TD against the raiders not get in or maybe the one against Jacksonville in week 17 of a 40 yard TD to seal the game and a playoff berth

    42. Pues Bien

      Anyone else counting how many of these runs came against the Texans?

      1. The Pelican

        Same amount as the packers

    43. David Mason

      Colts got did dirty

    44. Bloodshot.i

      Packers run defense is atrocious

    45. Manny Vang

      So you're telling me, out of all the RB highlights from the Colts, that was the best the NFL could find??? EDIT: NFL channel managers, kind of don't want to add more fuel to the fire, but at the same time kind of do. Plenty of highlights you could've picked from in this video kgup.info/get/abGXfZnCpYR9g3s/video

      1. Jorge Navarro

        @jgmustangec12 Right??? that wasn't even the best run IN THAT GAME. JT broke one for like a 60yd TD that game.

      2. jgmustangec12

        I was thinking JT Running thru the Jags or maybe even Hines vs Lions Screen Pass ... There were way better plays than the one they picked for Sure

    46. juronlee15

      Is it me or do Packers defenders not know what tackling is

    47. Jamie Craig

      The very first play was all Brees. Not Kamara

    48. south side

      Green bay defense trash and no Zek but Pollard lol love it

    49. Levi Robinson

      What is this BS they just showed for the Colts?

    50. Madden Criticizer

      Is Lamar Jackson on the list? Just wondering.

    51. Evan

      The Devin Singletary TD at 7:28 was week 15, not 5

    52. Evan

      It’s almost sickening how fast Raheem Mostert is, he might honestly have Olympian level speed

    53. Tunji Adefuye

      The jets and patriots tho

    54. James Bush

      Packers run defense looks horrible lmfao.

    55. pinkman231

      If gore plays for 2 more years he can get #2 in rushing yards all time

    56. Pika250

      This is why a quarterback's run block rating matters, and Denver Bronco Brett Rypien proved this to Melvin Gordon.

    57. Nolanator7

      1:20 put David Bakhtiari at Running Back the dude beat Aaron Jones to the goal line lol

    58. Dreaded Raider

      6:44 raider nation

    59. I Dabzy

      You know your run defense is bad when your defense is the one getting torched in the first 2 clips

    60. Pierce Duhe

      First two plays are the Packers getting scored on by a screen pass...

    61. Jameson Fawkes

      Dallas Cowboys best run is by their Second String. Says a lot about how bad Zeke has regressed

    62. Oleana

      Let’s take a moment to congrats a packer defense

    63. Mothahhfuckuhh Jones

      Miles Sanders is an Absolute Stud🔥

    64. Gatorade Me bitch

      I’m a saints fan and already knew it was when Alvin Kamara collected Green Bay’s ankles

    65. Kira Capalot

      Why isn’t lamar Jackson on here

    66. RICK n PORKIE

      Pats fans down bad

    67. Kari Chill

      Ro jone to the 30 ro jone to the 40 ro jone to the 50😂

    68. david schuster

      I don't think Vikings fans want to think about RB's after what Alvin Kamara did to them... (no shade)

    69. Riley

      The commentator said urin 😂

    70. Astrallics

      Whoever picked that play for the colts needs to be fired ASAP

    71. ELN_DanE

      Lol that's sad the cowboys one isn't even zeke

    72. Justin Ertley

      As a Browns fan, my favorite highlight was the Steelers best run wasn't even a TD XD

    73. julian gomez

      4:23 you mean to tell me Burkhead juked Abrams

    74. ThatGuyAron

      We all know Denver coming for blood

    75. R. B. Smada

      Panthers one isnt even a running play lol

    76. Owen Davies

      J.K. Will be a top five next season

    77. gianmarco valentino

      I think u should consider a bigger banner...this one soooo small #NFL

    78. Seth Maki

      I'll never understand how Derrick Henry can run so fast at 250 lbs. Just incredible.

      1. Buk Lau

        @Samayo Mayo facts ya his acceleration is kinda trash but once he gets going its gg

      2. Samayo Mayo

        He builds up so much momentum

      3. Seth Maki

        @Ugo Smith Two words homie, Larry Allen 😁 You gotta know the play I'm talking about lol

      4. Ugo Smith

        Yeah it is amazing that a big man can be this quick, kind of like the Rams play where Montez Sweat and all of his 260+ lbs catches up to Cam Akers, incredible indeed.

    79. MR.COWBOYSFAN 1.0

      Yk zeke was down bad when they put tp highlight in instead of zeke week 1 td...he’ll bounce back next szn tho

    80. Dolph Ziggler

      Daniel Jones should've been on this list as a bonus

    81. Mr Pick6

      The amount of times the Texans are in this is unreal

      1. dc chilin

        The had the worst run defense in the entire league and Derrick Henry plays them 2 times a year

      2. Carlos Torres

        There where there 3 times I’m pretty sure the raiders was there 5+

      3. The Pelican


      4. The Pelican

        One less time than the packers?

      5. JOEL!

        And not the good parts😂

    82. Frodo Watt

      Packers tackle much?

    83. Angie Maniaci

      The Bills one is wrong. It is Week 15.

    84. Dan Mitigation

      Does anyone understand why they cover a 5th of the screen with team logos?? Great otherwise!

    85. Leo Susemichel

      You are trippin the colts had many better runs than that one

    86. Colton Ritz

      Litearly not even a top 5 run of that game for the Colts, NFL is wrong for that

    87. Breafs

      Texans fans getting bullied at the start of this video...

    88. dfostbeast4321

      I thought they were all about to be on the packers 😂😂

    89. DRIP-LORD

      Packers have everything but tacklers 😂😂

    90. Meechie 213

      Monty 😈

    91. steven baldin

      Great block by the super bowl mvps nephew

    92. Dominic Giacomino

      CMC or Montgomery had the best play

    93. zalman wuensch

      Really goofed it on the colts

    94. Prestige Shogun

      49ers best running back play was every run against the Jets they did

    95. Joshua Mort

      Disappointed in the colts play....there were a few better plays by nyheim hines and Jonathan taylor that shoulda been there....

    96. DaBaby

      It’s so fun watching nfl’s videos. This helps us get through the offseason

      1. Gus roid

        Let's gooo!

    97. Zyion Street

      Who ever sees this repent from your sins spread the Gospel read the Bible and trust in Jesus and build a relationship with him

      1. LISTENER 2700E

        Muhammad tho

    98. Daniel Tattley

      This was trash as a browns fan Chubb had so many better runs

    99. Joel Stahp

      The best part about the Kamara play is the the center Erik McCoy hustlin his big ass out in front throwin that block

    100. Niklas

      Are you kidding me? That J. Taylor 62 yd td against the Raiders was much better than the 31 yd run by N. Hines!