Who's in the Mt. Rushmore of Active NFL QBs?


29 миӊ. көрүүлөр123

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    1. Connor Wolfe

      You're missing Trace McSorley

    2. Luis Pizarro

      Where is Drew Brees?

    3. DaKing

      James left out the GOAT, Nathan Peterman

    4. Ronnie Farnsworth

      Just more Clueless NFL Brady hate !! It don't matter, he just wins !!!! So Snub him All Pro and all the other crap you do against him with the many Idiot Haters on Sports shows (one to me really stands out) Jones Drew RB on NFL Net. has picked against Brady on football games the last five years Pats/Tampa if you went by Drews picks the Pats and this year Tampa would be like 7-9 or 8-8 the last 5 years That is just a Dumb Ass Clueless Hater with no study of NFL facts, he is an Idiot !! Anyway Brady don't need his pic on you dumb Y-tube opening, long after you idiots are gone Tom Brady will be the Greatest QB Ever with most records etc, and you'll Never change that with your Hate & in some cases White Racism !!!

    5. Plluff GIrl

      Brady, Rodgers and Mahomes is set, but how is Josh Allen not considered there. Come on I hate Josh Allen to my gut and hope he’ll fail but still he had a mvp worthy season

    6. James Stark

      Replace drew Brees with Russel and you'll be good

    7. David Cohn

      I’m a Lamar fan but if you don’t have Brady on the list it isn’t valid.

    8. lewey03

      Lamar over deshaun last year? Idk

    9. Isaiah Scott

      I'm glad that I didn't see Allen on either of their Mount Rushmores. Don't get me wrong, he had a great season, but people are too quick to forget that in his first 2 seasons he had 55% completion percentage, 6.6 yards per attempt, a 30:21 TD to INT ratio, and a 75 passer rating. It took trading for the 2nd best receiver in the NFL to turn his game around. You have to be consistent to be an Elite QB in today's NFL, and Allen isn't there yet.

    10. Captain Eyebrows

      Brady beat all these guys.

    11. Talon Pederson

      Brady is definitely not the best qb right now but hes defintley top 4 he won superbowl mvp for a reason and hes the goat so theres that too you dont leave him off the list and my 4 would be rodgers mahomes brady and deshaun Watson

      1. Div Mara

        Get Watson the F*** off there and put Wilson in

    12. Isaiah.

      I think Watson will be better then Russ an Lamar welll he’s already better then Lamar but yuh

      1. Div Mara

        Idiot Wilson better won Super Bowl in second year Watson 0 yet

    13. Kranky kola

      Mitchell trubisky cam newton and baker Mayfield

    14. Bill Morgenroth

      What about Joe Montana?

    15. Scruff D0g

      It has to be Pat, Aaron, Russ and Brady.

    16. David Garza

      David Carr👍

    17. Harper Mayes

      What about Drew Brees

    18. James Keller

      The first guy is correct in my opinion..

    19. Ville Da tru37

      Where's Drew Breezy 🤔

    20. CZ

      Present day is easy AF Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Pat Mahomes Josh Allen Wilson has a ring but that was like 8 years ago, not present day Lamar cant do it in the playoffs and allen straight up beat him in the divisional round after lamar threw that pick 6 then left the team in the 4th quarter

      1. Div Mara

        Wilson better than your dumb Allen

    21. Anonymous user

      I see y'all trashing Lamar, saying stuff like JoSH aLLeN Is BetTer or LaMAr CAn't ThROw. To all those trolls who think so, watch these 2 videos. kgup.info/get/e56ac5SVdp6jeoc/video kgup.info/get/kGiAm2WwrIOAfqU/video

    22. King royal grinding

      We're is big ben

    23. mashed potato

      Did that clown say 'the way he throws' about Lamar?

    24. Billsmafia Hitman

      Where's brees

    25. Velan Art

      Man really chose Lamar over Brady bro....

    26. AO Bros

      Bruh imagine putting Lamar over Josh Allen FRIEKIN mind blown 😂😂😂😂😂😂 bruh

    27. ImranGOATED _10

      Wilson,Rodgers,Mahomes,Watson for the regular season for the playoffs Mahomes,Brady,Josh Allen,rodgers

    28. Sharath Chandra T

      Tom Brady be like Thank you see you next year!

    29. دودي و سلطان

      شوفو اخر مقطع وعطوني رايكم استمر ولا اوقف

    30. Lucky Luke

      James Jones is the dumbest Analyst on TV. Even morons would put Brady up there and yet James Jones is even worse then a Moron.

    31. Boss Lax316

      The greatest QBs that still play are Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and Big Ben

    32. Boss Lax316

      It is frankly sick that you have Mahomes on any Mt. Rushmore after only three years. BE REALISTIC. For you to tell me he's had a greater impact than a QB like Ben Roethlisburger or Drew Brees despite playing a fifth of the time is absurd.

    33. B007

      Aaron "chocker" Rodgers? Naaah.

    34. Ignacio Ortiz

      james you are a bozo it should be russ, mahomes, brady and rodgers; hm: deshaun watson

    35. Taeder

      James is Right, Brady isn't on Mt. Rushmore He's on Mt.Everest

    36. King Gemini

      Bruh said Lamar had a better season then Brady🤣

      1. Lego

        Bruh Brady had 5,500+ yards and 50 tds (this is including playoffs). Brady's season was incredible tbh.

    37. Eli Englert

      Ben is better than russel

    38. Heath Young

      Drew Brees should be up there,not mahommes.

    39. DJG's Random Ish

      Don’t take this seriously, y’all know better.

    40. William Byers

      What a Joke if BRADY IS NOT # 1 . Hey Boys , ANY LIST that Brady is NOT ON is NOT A LIST period. GOAT.

    41. Cam2freshkid Tv

      I’m so upset that they always act like drew brees hasn’t done so much in the NFL they give so much credit to Mahomes because he can run and throw the ball down to the fastest players in the league. Drew Brees is a legend and he should get so much more respect than they give him.

      1. James Perry

        Hurts doesn't it? Almost makes u wonna seek therapy!

    42. Bill Goodman

      Rodgers is a choker.

    43. Garden Pond Fish Greenhouse

      Tom Brady, 3rd in yards, 2nd in Att, 2nd in Cmp, 2nd in TD's. 1st in air yards, won SB. How in any book is he not top 3.

    44. Nikhil Aditya

      C’mon man!! The 43 yr old man threw for 50 tds!! Your saying he didn’t outperform Lamar & Russ??!!

    45. nesseiht gnay

      james jones has been hating on tom brady for awhile now, because tom brady keeps his packers off the ring XD

    46. nesseiht gnay

      tom brady is on the mount on every era

    47. Saucey TJ

      Second guy I’m pretty sure he said quarter backs not running backs

    48. Saucey TJ

      The first guy is mad disrespectful I put josh Allen over Mahomo allen is a beast and hard to stop especially with his higher and is a smart scrambler too

      1. Saucey TJ

        @James Perry atleast allen don’t cheat 😂😂😂 get that through you head kid and plus allen has a brighter future and he was way better this season with him and diggs glow up

      2. James Perry

        Man u sound silly! Allen is nowhere close to being on mahomes level so get that through your hollow skull!

    49. Mjdemon

      I understand it’s hard to just pick 4 but no way should Lamar be up there. Could’ve said Josh Allen but how you gonna argue that LJ had a better year than Brady?

    50. Andrew Rubalcaba

      bruh rlly put lamar over brady, but even more so josh allen lmfao

    51. Smex Dmx

      lol people don't know that JJ is a Brady hater and a Rodger homer, i love me some Aaron but JJ is a hater !

    52. Sang Pham

      What Russel Wilson in this list. Hello. He played like a boy. He scares to get hit just running all the times

      1. Div Mara

        More talented than others and especially you

    53. Ryan Fitzpatrick

      Where am I?

    54. John Sus

      Rodgers, Mahomes, Watson, Wilson

      1. Lego

        Brady #1

      2. John Sus

        Brady, Allen at #5 and #6

    55. AaronRodgers12_Fan

      I swear, EA better not rate Russell Wilson higher than Aaron Rodgers on Madden 22.

      1. Div Mara

        Wilson is better

      2. Rowdy Jr.

        Who tf cares about EA dude.

    56. Jaime José Hernández

      Damn that guy is pissed Tom won another Super Bowl, ain’t no way Lamar played better than Brady this year 😂

    57. Jake Bruns

      How the hell are you putting jackson over brady this season?

    58. Joshua Ambion

      Passed the eye test. That says James have eyes but have no IQ. There you have several QBs who you can grade a 99 but drops to 70 on crunch time. Then there's Brady who you can grade a 97 and just dips to 96 on crunch time.

    59. AttilatheThrilla

      Brady, followed by Brady, then Brady, of course don’t forget Brady

    60. Super Saturn

      Brady is definitely Mount Everest all by himself. People die trying reaching that summit.

      1. mashed potato

        @Eddie Manea he trynna be talking head with his brady takes. dude is do predictable.

      2. Eddie Manea

        Does that guy watch football?

      3. mashed potato

        @Heath Young yeah a dome quarterback

      4. King Gemini

        @Heath Young Brady #1 in touchdowns and he’s going to take Brees records 🥱

      5. Ha Haa

        @Heath Young don't even put that guys name in the same sentence as brady lmao. disrespectful to the 7 ring GOAT

    61. DreamBigHawks

      1.- RW3 2.- RUSSELL WILSON 3.- RUSSELL 4.- DANGERUSS End of discussion! 😁

      1. James Perry

        My teas gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out my bed at all! The morning rain clouds up my window, and I can't see at all! Even if I could it'll all be gray, but your picture on my wall! It reminds me that its not so bad....its not so bad! -u sound like stan

      2. DreamBigHawks

        @Lego For me he is!

      3. Lego

        @DreamBigHawks Russ is good but he's not the best.

      4. DreamBigHawks

        @Lego Yup

      5. Lego

        @DreamBigHawks nope

    62. Seth the Chef

      this is the dumbest video ive ever seen

    63. Lexbo El'bezzy

      Get off Brady 🥜

    64. Lexbo El'bezzy

      Seahawk #3 DUH 🙄

    65. Jason S.

      Pey-Oh wait it says active??? Lol nevermind

    66. Ronnie Jones

      I think the thumbnail got it right

    67. Luis Quintero

      Lamar really😂😂

    68. Jacob Flynn

      They put Brady in the back where the least impressive president on Mt. Rushmore (Teddy Roosevelt) is located, and the kid that Brady just spanked in the front where George Washington's face is. Let's check back and see how well Mahomes's career went in 20 seasons or so. Seriously, these folks talk GOAT for someone with only a handful of seasons under his belt? Michael Jordan wouldn't be the GOAT if all he had was a few great seasons . Get serious. He was GOAT because there was never a time that he stepped on the court that the opposite team's main plan wasn't to find any way to shut him down, yet they couldn't, and he had the rings to prove it. Sound familiar? Get real people, I give the kid four more good seasons and then we will find him in the middle of the QB rankings, a ghost, not a GOAT.

    69. sandin

      Why be a King when you can be a God ? #TB12 the GOAT


      It's great that Russell Wilson is finally getting the credit he deserves

    71. Rick Net

      Big Ben?

    72. Meagan Brammer

      Wouldn’t it be Sammy Baugh, joe Namath, Otto graham and Sid Luckman? I included Namath because without him the nfl wouldn’t have become what it is today. But everyone else are pioneers of the day at their positions. No future qb should be on this list.

    73. Nicolas Long

      The Deshaun Watson disrespect

    74. Without Prejudice UCC1-308

      It is not just one. Brady, MaHomes, Rodgers, and Wilson. Oh...Jackson once he let go of bad habits.

    75. Nathaniel Wallace

      Statues/Monuments of athletes?? I get the metaphor, but you guys are disturbed.

    76. Flameosaurus

      Mahomes, Rodgers, Allen, Watson

    77. Gil DuBois

      Brady, Pat, Russ, Rodgers

    78. freddy333ful

      Uuummmm hasn't TB12 beaten all those guys in the thumbnail in a super bowl or conference championship? Sorry Pat, you got Brady'd twice. TB12 ended the Legion of Boom, and people steady calls Rodgers a lower case g goat until TB12 is in the same stadium. What are we talking about here?

    79. shamel2014

      Ur an idiot lamar Jackson was terrible!!!

    80. GOAT777


    81. Beast Scale

      Brady is the best QB in the league right now. 50 Passing TDs, 4 rushing TDs, Just 14 INTs in his first year in Arians system, and got the most 20+ yard completions this year. Oh not going to mention he is the QB who faced the most drops from his Wideouts at 45 total. Stop the disrespect he is the best QB right now and we are not talking about career accomplishments.

    82. Evan Jones

      Bro what even. Brady is all four faces on mount rushmore. Everyone else is a tourist that had to pay the national park fee

    83. Bts054 O54

      Lamar Jackson is overrated.. let’s be honest he still can’t throw.

      1. Cubanmisslecrisis

        @IcyPeanut - Fr bro, he still dominates and doesn’t even have top 10 receivers. Plus, the Ravens have one of the worst passing schemes in the league, and he’s still throwing touchdowns. If the Ravens get a new pass scheme, big body wide receiver and balance out the run and pass game, they’ve got a trip to the Super Bowl.

      2. James Reyes

        Going strong in regular season then sleep at the playoffs 😂

      3. IcyPeanut -

        @Plluff GIrl davante adams???

      4. Plluff GIrl

        @IcyPeanut - rodgers doesn’t have receivers either

      5. Cringe Football


    84. Vadim Is Vlad

      Get Wilson out of here bruh put Brady there

      1. Div Mara

        Idiot he is better than most of the QBs in the NFL

    85. Marx Bane

      Doing a "Mt Rushmore" of only active players is kind of an oxymoron. Just say who are the top active QB's playing right now.

    86. Whatever

      Brees, Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers In no specific order and all other answers are invalid

      1. glockguru9

        @zaki hzx how many more records does Drew need to brake to be in HOF? If it wasn’t for the thumb injury or the broken ribs, collapsed lung, or the refs no call, Brees would have a second SB win!

      2. zaki hzx

        Brees does not look like HOF Brees at this moments though..


      Yo bro I ain’t gon lie some of y’all sound so ignorant talking about Lamar Jackson when you guys only go by what critics say like the pathetic 🐑 that you are vs actually film on the guy. For a qb to take a team to the playoffs every year he’s started and also leads the league in touchdowns passes last year should not be overlooked he is not the qb that fits your (small little pea 🧠 ) narrative. And still proving the haters wrong by winning a playoff game with no #1 wide receiver and and terrible offensive coordinator who limited him passing the football, with guys who aren’t great wide receivers if we’re being honest (Ravens never have those) and still get the job done. And before y’all bring up his passing stats he is carrying the offense on his back alone at times and still has a lot of success. So to the idiots that say that he isn’t a better qb than josh Allen while Lamar Jackson is limited to what he is actually capable of says a lot about him we just won’t see it when the SORRIEST OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR HOLDS HIM CAPTIVE!! says a lot about Lamar Jackson compared to josh Allen and his last year season

    88. Zac P

      Love your content NFL! But hey can people go take a gander at my page and give it a like and subscribe. I'd like to be at a 100 subs by July. Thank you

    89. Joe -Baby Yoda and Animal Crossing fan

      Definitely not Patrick mahomes

      1. James Perry


    90. Metal Oreo

      My Mt. Rushmore of qbs this year is from the left to the right Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Patrick Mahomes Russell Wilson

    91. Kevin Wigren

      James Jones. You’re an idiot. Tom threw more TDs and more passing yards than Mahomes, Wilson, and Lamar. Lamar did not play well at all this season. Lamar was outplayed by rookie Justin Herbert. Basically just threw 3 black QBs on and he couldn’t dismiss Rodgers since he won MVP. Disgraceful.

    92. Samuel DeVilbiss

      Mine Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees For This Year: Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield

      1. Lego

        Disrespectful really putting Baker up there, Tom easily was better than Baker this year and so was Wilson.

      2. Vansh Patel

        watson over mayfield

      3. Chesscom Support

        Baker Mayfield???

    93. Beweze

      Where tf is Big Ben. He has more rings and super bowl appearances than all of them.

    94. Jadan Vang

      Rushmore? You mean Passmore

    95. Ben Bro

      Lamar jackson is so overrated lmao. 1-3 in playoffs, averaging 13 points in the playoffs he’s a choke artist in the postseason


      I know Russell Wilson ain't on this... Cmon man. Roethlisberger better than him. This list bull...

    97. kargetina

      This braindead buffoon said that Cam Newton would be an upgrade over Brady before the season started. People should lose their jobs when they are this dumb.

    98. Chickengenius420

      Lol David Carr, about to get sacked still

    99. God_ofshinobi Keith

      You can’t leave brees out the conversation

    100. anthonytrainer

      Am I only the one who finds it cringy?