"Who Opened A Window?" Jake Delhomme Probably #Shorts


21 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

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    1. YourBad 2345

      Jake Delhomme is the goat

    2. Curtis Bingham

      Title guy strikes again!!

    3. RageReacts


    4. Brendan Dugdell

      Whoever makes the titles doesn't get paid nearly enough

    5. Jeremy Collins Jr

      Jake The Snake

    6. AB_YT

      If you watch closely, His bleep was hanging out

    7. GiantsFan1734

      Even the NFL can’t film horizontally... smh

    8. Ronald Taylor

      His bleep was hanging out

      1. Matthew Shillinglaw

        Hi Ronald

    9. All Might

      Jake from state farm

    10. GameChange


    11. Graphics Card

      Early gang who else?

    12. Mr X13

      “Roses are dead “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying "I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance".....

      1. kvngirvng

        @Trevor Lawrence as in what you are taking a bunch of in Jacksonville

      2. Duyen Cao


      3. smaller cathedrals

        I concur.

      4. GameChange

        @Trevor Lawrence agree

      5. CenturyStriker

        @GameChange yup

    13. Ivvey__

      His bleep was hanging out

      1. Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred

        His bleep was hanging out

    14. Tom Brady

      if u didn't get the video, his bleep was hanging out..

      1. Duyen Cao


      2. The Spaz

        Alright now who brought the goat in here again

      3. Nesly Merat

        What the what???🤔

      4. Flareon

        What’s a bleep?Is it bad?

      5. Morris Farca

        Hey my man Brady

    15. Rasheed Rone

      As a panther fan we miss you jake

      1. Duyen Cao


      2. dawolyan13

        @Platinum Faxxs Mediocre at best?!?! Wow, someone should explain football to you.

      3. Angel -_-

        @Platinum Faxxs you don't know nothing about him

      4. Platinum Faxxs

        Why lol her was mediocre at best?

    16. SHADOW_MIGHTY_972

      Omg this is amazing

    17. XxGeneralScarxX

      Hahaha 😐

    18. Beat Meater123


    19. Canned Bleach

      Wtf is a Bleep

    20. zrectic

      Who open the window?

    21. Donovan Taylor

      I said my bleep is- cuts out since we are kid friendly

    22. GamerSlackZ TV

      his *bleep* was hanging out

    23. Klawsifly


    24. B J

      The title guy is awesome

    25. Esther Sandoval

      I was the 1st it watch it

    26. John Furrh

      His BLEEP is hanging out!

    27. Charlie Caldwell


    28. Jacob gaming roblox


    29. XxGeneralScarxX

      Trevor Lawrence is a bust

      1. Duyen Cao


      2. Chickengenius420

        @Hank Hill that’s the joke 🙄

      3. Trevor Lawrence


      4. XxGeneralScarxX

        @UCtLJO1zt-gIH1RSY1SMVu1w your gunan be a bust

      5. Hank Hill

        @UCEz0TNEMAATJKUUSfPTYbbA lol me too and ok

    30. sweet lou23


    31. Lara Scheer


    32. Ivan Sorteni


    33. Toxic Fertilizer