Kyle Trask FULL Pro Day Highlights: Every Throw


100 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

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    күнү жарыяланды 19 күн мурун


    1. Edward Arias

      Sleeper of the draft 😤

    2. David Trask

      I hope the Washington Football Team doesn't miss Kyle. Examine his perservernce and attitude in getting to where he is. He will only get better. Who says this guy can't move.

    3. NPC

      kept overthrowing his receivers when there's no defenders and you guys are acting like he will be a stud

    4. Michael Leark

      Bears in the 2nd rd?

    5. bryant woodard

      Pittsburgh pulls the trigger at #24. He's the best QB in this draft.

    6. Big Dummy

      I'm a Falcons Fan! It would make my day if we draft Pitts at 4, and hopefully pick up Trask if he is still on the board at 35. It would be perfect fit imo to have him sit and learn from Matt Ryan.

    7. ninjamaster802

      Kyle trask patriots!

    8. Josh Hughart

      Not saying he can't become a great QB but this pro day shows why he's in the second tier of QBs in this draft. For being such a big QB his arm strength is only average and he's obviously not going to outrun defenders either. Will have to win presnap and with anticipation throws. His deep balls at this pro day looked way under thrown but thats due to timing because he throws plenty far enough. 1. Fields 2. Lawrence 3. Wilson 4. Lance 5. Mond 6. Jones 7. Mills 8. Trask

    9. Trendsetta Cobe

      Needs to work on ball placement

    10. trampledinto acoma

      People are super sleeping on this guy. He’s gonna turn out to be the next Roethlisberger.

    11. Lee Miller

      Anyone else see a Drew Brees comp here? Very similar mannerisms.

    12. De Nguyen

      The next Tom Brady

    13. Blow' The Whistle

      Philly picture wentz with wheels Trask brings that element to his game,,

    14. A GIANTS podcast So GiANT You won’t want to miss it

      I can see trask going to the bears

    15. Steve


    16. Michael Spencer

      Best QB in 2021 draft. You can thank me later.

    17. Jacion Bryant

      I like random people think there pros scouts

    18. Tommy Rex

      Not saying he's going to be Tom Brady, but just remember, he was a pretty underrated dude too. There's something to be said about smart players with a chip on their shoulder.

    19. Mike Porcile

      Hope the eagles consider Trask, bring competition for hurts if he doesn’t work out you have a guy like him that can possibly be the answer

    20. BassasaurusRex

      His winds is too long. His arm isn’t particularly strong. His receivers are waiting on a lot of these balls. He missed several throws which is not good in a pro day setting where he doesn’t have the Khalil Macks and Aaron Donalds of the world in his face. Frankly, Pitts ability to pick some of these balls and not lose too much momentum was the most impressive part. That said, he’ll probably end up being TB12 pt 2 haha. Honestly though, he seems like a fringe starter/very good backup type. He’ll make a ton of money the next 10-12 years.

    21. Cody 1k

      First glance, Derek carr

    22. TheChosen One

      I'll take klye over Zach any day When Zach see them Grown Hungry Big Strong Black Athletic Men Coming For Him Clearly A Bust White Media Can Make Him Out To Be Whatever They Won't But At The End Of The Day It'll be a black man that teach him the NFL isn't for everybody

    23. Boz Bell

      I would love to see the Bears trade back out of 20, then draft this kid at the end of the 1st rd of this year’s draft.

      1. Mark Rea

        So, do like Trask better than K. Mond, J. Newsome, or D. Mills? #BearsFan

    24. Dr. FeelRight

      If the Falcons draft Kyle Pitts as some have said, they would be smart to draft this other "Kyle" also.

    25. Andron Hillhouse

      I just want to see who drafts this guy. Future Nfl star and NOBODY is even whispering about this dude

    26. JH

      Kyle could trade out of 3 and get Kyle and Kyle from Florida and just have loads of Kyle’s.

    27. pured22

      I just get the feeling The Steelers are gonna draft him as a rothlesbereger air apparent

    28. Jose Gamon

      Needs a lil bit of work on the feet, and pushing the ball a lil harder, but could potentially be the best qb of this class.

    29. Daniel Kang

      I wish 49ers trade down to bring back picks we lost to Maimi or more picks Najiee to late 1st round and pick Mond for Mobile QB or Trask on 2nd Or trade down little for one future 1st round pick to pick Pitts or Sweil

    30. Ryu Ken

      For a big dude his arm is very weak.

    31. Rich Lo

      Didn't throw well on the move..

    32. Alex Cetina

      Pats Take Him Rnd2 dude threw 500 yards cpl times nd uses TE

    33. Rob Diggs


    34. SmithN' Wesson

      If Trask is still there at the end of the 3rd Philly should take him. Could become something or be a good Backup if Hurts takes a dive

    35. Patriot usa

      That other TE looking huge, 87 .. Pitts def awesome for this draft

    36. Fan Of The Flock

      Why doesnt Toney have a highlight video?

    37. cubmixit

      Compare Trask and Justin Fields against Alabama. Trask lit em up... and the entire SEC... Hmmmm......

    38. Gglucs

      He's gonna be better than Mac Jones

    39. makua keolanui

      All he needs is a good quarterback coach

    40. Miguel Torres

      I believe this kid 🧒 is better than Alabama Mack

    41. joenarb narbone

      Jets should trade their 2nd pick and grab this kid. he's going to be the best qb in the draft.

    42. Elliott Halcon

      he’s gonna go to saints in second or third rnd

    43. Jacob Lamarche

      Underrated qb prospect

    44. KOTJ412

      This guy could be it for the Niners as a round 2 pick...a prototypical tall pocket passer that Kyle likes & they can draft his teammate Pitts @3 as his Julio type.

    45. Fostermann

      Quarterbacks that run all around and play bad defenses every game almost always are bust. I'm talking about you Justin Fields, ZACH WILSON, and kinda Trevor lawrence. The good qbs are pocket qbs that are super accurate and great under pressure. I'm talking about you kyle trask.

    46. Alfred Morris

      Bruh Sean Payton is gonna take him in the second round and he’s gonna throw 4,500 yards a season for like 12 seasons and I’m gonna be sick.

      1. Lee Miller

        For real though. Watch his game film and tell me his mannerisms on the field don't remind you of Drew Brees.

    47. biggunsnu

      I'd take Lance, or Fields over him all day. But when it comes to the draft positioning he's as good as Mac J, and a more realistic day 2-3. Lets go Pats!!

    48. Not Your Usual

      He'll be a Carson Wentz at best

      1. G. Reid

        Which Wentz? Wentz now or MVP caliber Wentz?

    49. Aaron Campos

      Bucs should take him

    50. Gabriel Goldhauer

      Underrated!! Hes a fighter, worker, beast!!!

    51. Anonimni Profil

      He showed a lot of xfl talent.

    52. ROLL-TIDE 504

      Why would you pic a Zach Wilson over Kyle trask makes absolutely no sense

    53. ROLL-TIDE 504

      Sleeper pick New England Or saints

    54. jshaw007

      KYLE Pitts, KYLE Shanahan, KYLE Juscyk and KYLE Trask. ???? Throw in Deebo, Aiyuk, Kittle and Mostert

    55. jshaw007

      Speak it into existence - Niners select Pitts (with no. 3 or slight trade down), then Trask or Mond in 2nd. Imagine lining up Kittle, Pitts, Deebo, Aiyuk and Mostert - tough for any QB to fail with that.

    56. Novacane

      Niners baby!

    57. richard gordon

      Better than Wack Jones by a lot. Hope Washington gets him.

    58. Super Straight

      I can also see New Orleans taking Trask.

    59. Kras 4

      I like Trask over a lot of these so called "franchise" QB's in 2021. Including Mac Jones & Wilson.

    60. Josh Harrison


    61. Jake Rizon

      packers will pick him in the 1st round

    62. Fineran Boys

      SAINTS GONNA TAKE HIME IN THE 3rd round fo sure

    63. A C

      he gonna win Super Bowl next year

    64. Argenis Pirela Rosales


    65. Ryan Demitriou

      This guy is gonna be a 1st or 2nd round Saints pick

    66. Ryan Collins

      He should be getting more draft buzz. Honestly could be top 3qb

    67. Ryan Garcia

      His throws are kinda too deliberate. Hopefully he can fix that in time. Wish the best for him.

    68. AcidRapper01

      New Orleans please get him

    69. AllAboutdaBenjamins

      He has that drew brees glance and pocket presents

    70. Tray Anderson

      Says saints are interested

    71. Kj Jr

      gonna be the best smh kyle why no just get him

    72. AAron

      He reeks journeyman /career backup to me.. but he will get his opportunity let's see

    73. Leroy Worsley

      Kyle Trask has all The Work Ethics and Tools to be Great!

    74. BLUM PKIN

      Lets go Bears!!!

    75. 2legit77


    76. John Jones

      Just as long as the idiot Howie roseman doesn't draft him

    77. D P

      The Pats look like a good spot for Trask.

    78. Dequavis 69

      Im a Washington fan, this guy would look good in Denver. Juedy, sutton, hamler, fant.

    79. Dustin Johnson

      Definitely could see him playing in the NFL somewhere.. some qbs are injured and some need to/have retired

    80. Shawn M

      Please Patriots pick him up!!! Stop sleeping on this kid!

    81. The Bungles

      I see another Jared Goff.

    82. Michael Luordo

      With the 52nd pick in the 2021 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears select....Kyle Trask Quarterback University of Florida

    83. Amahd cole

      Good arm

    84. Sean XO

      His draft capitol after this : 📈

    85. Joshua Anderson

      Ball has zip, comes out of his hand real nice

    86. Nashville Saint

      He's rocking Jordan 10s that's enough for Loomis and Sean Payton to draft him in the 2nd or 3rd round lol 😆

    87. Donnie D

      I would love to see my guy play for the BUCS!!!

    88. KingKurtis 06

      Steelers please draft him we need a quarterback when Big Ben leaves and Dwayne Haskins ain’t the answer

    89. armydog1002

      A lot of teams are sleeping on this kid. He’s good!

    90. HowlBeast


    91. Kitchen Skillz10

      Grab him 2nd round cowboys

    92. Paid Tourist

      Trask: "Hey, I'm here to tryout for the team." Coach: "Aight, what's you're name kid?" Trask: "Kyle Trask" Coach: "Kyle Trash??" Trask: "Trask...TRASK!" Coach: "Oh right..."

    93. Sean Thornton

      Kellen Mond is clear


      Would be nice to see him in Broncos, a nice competition for Drew Lock

    95. Hadden Miller

      Pretty good qb name.

    96. Justin Bingham

      Great arm strength! Jets should take this guy. Another John Beck pupil?

    97. Kenuel Custodio

      This dude will be better than Justin Fields. Mark my words.

    98. Daniel Yi

      kyle trash

    99. Medusa Man

      Is it me or did Toney look just avg in this pro day? Trask looked good.

    100. Joe Smith

      War Eagle, However, I'm Trask fan. He can throw that ball! WDE