Philadelphia Eagles Trade QB Carson Wentz to Indianapolis Colts


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    The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to a trade with the Indianapolis Colts for quarterback Carson Wentz.
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    1. deadpool

      It's about time carson wentz was trash on the Eagles

    2. Charlito Guzman

      I think Carson Wentz will pick up the system quickly and will be a great starter for the Colts. Wentz is a pocket passing QB and the Colts have an amazing O line and a good running game to compliment Carson Wentz. I like the trade and think the Colts got themselves a solid QB with plenty of gas in the tank.

    3. Ryan's Pyro World

      Hope the colts got lemon law insurance in the trade.

    4. Yeminn Htoon

      Colts fans just wait four more years Arch Manning is coming.

    5. Dee TV

      they put walk it to em wentz on a better team they dumb af 🤦🏾‍♂️😭

    6. Mogan Yee

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    7. Marcelo Soprano

      He can finally escape the Shadow of a the Super Bowl bench ring

    8. Viro ViranVictus

      Its symptomatic with the plague in the NFL right now of trying to "win right now" with fast QBs drafted that only have about a 5 year average peak expectancy before they start to lose their speed and suffer leg injuries. When that happens they lack the critical skills needed to be a pocket passing type of QB rendering them unusable. On the flip the league is putting so much type of focus on those QBs and burning through more of them that a traditional field general QB does not have the same likelihood of getting snaps to develop for a 5 year period to become a Manning, Farve, Elway type QB. This is much like Wentz who should remain a better than average QB but will likely have to be a journeyman because teams focus on the wrong things. Seeing guys like Brady play 20 years is going to quickly become an extinct breed in the NFL as these passing running backs being called QBs are going to continue to take over and the game will continue to suffer for it.

    9. Ion Pribeagu

      Indy made a good move signing a proved deal teh LION, got a proved QB and future 1st rds to add 1 WE, 1 pass rusher and 1 7 rds good players.. watch out the LIONS den.

    10. LP King


    11. football fan

      Afc south next season Titans 12-4 Colts 9-7 Jaguars 6-10 Texans 5-11

    12. Ron Evans

      Wentz can ride the pine, he is trash

    13. Elaine Ng

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    14. Jerron Booqua

      At least my colts get a new player

    15. Iron Jody

      Wentz will win mvp next season

    16. Eagle Eye

      Wentz is still overrated

    17. Son Of Steel

      Can't wait for Prince Harry look alike to rip it up in Indy

    18. David Maeso

      Ya era hora


      It’s all scripted

    20. Shabba Zulu

      I’m glad my Bears didn’t get him

    21. MontexMonte

      I don't think Hurts is the guy for us especially with this offensive line and WRs we have

    22. Steve Smith

      Carson will be out of the league in 3 years, mark it down and take it to the bank

    23. Roger Miser

      I don’t follow the P.C. S.J.W. in what used to be sports. No one wants or needs any of them preaching to us about anything. Play sports and stop all the virtue signaling.

    24. Football News

      For any german fans, i made a video about the trade in German. Would love if someone would watch it :)

    25. Susan Chase

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    26. novaWRX

      Great for Carson, horrible for the Colts


      he’s got a lot to prove, all eyes and pressure will be on him

    28. Joseph Anderson

      The Philadelphia Eagles are over.

    29. Reese Center

      This is so fkin hilarious, I said nick Foles should have been the starter 2 years ago. If it ain't broke don't change it. I'm not talking trash it's all documented on my channel. I'm just gonna be humble but I could talk a lot of trash right now. I already knew this was gonna happen lmao

    30. KoolKive

      see how this goes

    31. Manhattan Island

      colts with their infinite QBS

    32. Adrynah Scott

      If Howie drafts a QB and makes the same mistake he did with Carson I will scream. And for some reason I feel like that's going to happen and in a couple years the Eagles will end up in the same position they just got out of.

    33. Luke Kennedy

      Colts gonna win superbowl sike

    34. drf81

      If he just would stay healthy he could be right up there with Maholmes.

    35. Kim Visser

      That’s good the offense of line wasn’t protecting carson

    36. Serious Fireworks

      And Nick Foles comes back to the eagles?!?! I wish

    37. Robert Janko

      I dont think that Wentz will have a lot of fun in Indi.

    38. Shaun McGrew

      As a Colt's fan, I'm not feeling good about this. I would rather see Jacoby at qb especially with our O-line. Just my opinion though.

    39. EggsB3nedict

      When the colts pick up Carson mfing wentz instead of trying to start jacoby brissett

    40. comptxz


    41. Pebbles Ramirez

      Wentz is gonna shine with Frank ! Wish you the best Wentz, you paved the way for our first Super Bowl win, thank you!!!!


      what a child ... glad he's gone

    43. _118

      Maybe now he’ll get pass protection

    44. Steve Giarraffa

      Happy for Carson he going to a good team he didn't deserve the disrespect eagles gave him good luck with hurts Philly because you gonna need it !!!!!!

    45. Alonzo Hampton

      Rip edp445 after hearing this😭😂😂

    46. John Nolan

      WHY DO THESE TALKING HEADS TALK LIKE CARSON WAS PLAYING WITH NFL PLAYERS? HE PLAYED WITH 9 BACKUPS. Yes NINE OF THE 11 WENT DOWN and he had no Wr, no TEs no Rb and most of all NO LINE 4 rookie linemen who allowed 60 sacks. Between Wentz and Hurts. These guys know nothing and they repeat eachother, the only ppl that know are the local broadcasters in Philly and fans who are super tough on players but Carson has a strong support here, bc most of us know what he can do when the team is healthy, and it aint been since 2018. Give this guy a line, and targets WHO CAN CATCH AND RUN ROUTES, (JJ Arthega Whiteside, Nelson Aghaalor, and Hightower and co Im looking at you) Why dont just 1 of these guys watch a few games, JUST WATCH GAME 1 when he got sacked 8 times with his rookie line, while he had 4 pro bowlers on the sideline hurt.

    47. ZachRatedR LL

      Welcome to Colts Wentz. Let's get this Trophy.

    48. Gamer God

    49. Bryndon Minniefield

      They sleeping brissett man

    50. Smooth Operator

      Breaking news.....Andrew Luck announces return to NFL! Carson Wentz: 😖😫🤯

    51. Storm Vatican

      enough is enough. storm vatican seize gold -Feb/21

    52. Charles Pappas

      Funny a media writer wouldn't mention that one Carson never complained about the ability or lackmof performance by his teammates..and adding to that he never complained about Philadelphia fans not showing up in support however calling radio stations to gossip him. Good trade for Carson and the Colts. A guy that has succeeded and won at the pro level and a good football town.

    53. Shreyas Juloori

      1:27 it is carson not foles

    54. Xxx Xxxx

      As a ravens fan he has a good o line now he should do good there

    55. Bryan Kehler

      Big mistake

    56. Perry Caldwell

      He better bring the expectation of who he is supposed to be or he will be worst prospect being out played by back ups. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. Jaden Reacts

      They still not going to the playoffs 😂😂😂

    58. David Morales

      Colts vs rams/bucs super bowl 56

      1. Rock Hammer

        Ha Ha HA

    59. MMA MMA

      I love it 💯❤👻

    60. Hugh Jaynis

      Eagles should try to get Foles back as a backup!

    61. Dad and Lads Sports

      He needs to move, or his career would go down the drain...!

    62. TheMidnightNostalgia

      As a colts fan I’m a glad we got wentz we have a very good oline he will have time to get the ball off and he will definitely have a good connection with frank reinch

    63. Cameron Howes

      Steal for INDY!!

    64. Gullermo Sanchez

      Hell yea an other lost year for the colts

    65. tyguitarlogothetis Logothetis

      👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 bout time

    66. Steve Spud

      He just needed a team that believes in him. Philadelphia didn't believe in him which hurt his mentality. Plus Doug Peterson and him didn't get along. Now he will be with a coach that believes in and respects him and with a team already built to win. He should be much better in Indianapolis.

    67. youtube dude

      I haven't looked into the film but I always thought Jacoby Brissett coulda been the guy for colts with a bit more time

    68. Sascha Gebhard

      No, as long as c.wentz is there by no means! in Philadelphia they can celebrate now !!!

    69. George Wilson

      Those conditions make no sense. There’s not much difference between 70 and 75- but the playoffs is a whole another issue.

    70. wandering spirit

      Carson sucked last year with a crap OLINE and not much at the WR position. HE is set up nicely in Indy and the Colts did not get fleeced in the deal like the Rams did with Stafford.

    71. Brody Miller

      Now watch the Eagles draft Trey Lance

    72. MY YM

      Thanx Carson! Eagles fans never forget your brilliant performance in 2017.

    73. Ze Hermanator

      As a Colts and Lions fan I get to watch two former amazing QBs hopefully rise after being traded from teams who discouraged them. Hopefully Goff and Wentz can still prove they're worth the watch

    74. Ze Hermanator

      Who won this? No doubt Carson did

    75. Juragan Muda

    76. iNineteen

      DSHN --> CAR

    77. Fernando Partida

      WentZ not to blame is that lane org

    78. Tip Rifleson

      Thank God the Bears didn't trade for this fire crotch.

    79. Jeremy McGee

      Y’all say there one away you look at the Pittsburgh they gOt a qb and defense yeah stfu 😑

    80. VenoMHernandz

      Carson Wentz Era😂😂🤣🤣

    81. Bö

      Happy for Wentz, sad for eagles organisation

    82. Tux Edits

      I hope he can restart his career

    83. Robert Williams

      They make all the excuses in the world for "the guys" just examine things, the league catches up with most players. That's it!

    84. Chuq B

      Hope he’s ready we not trynna take no Ls next season we will trade him right back Lol

    85. Tyler Farina

      Wanted him to stay on my favorite team

    86. Patty mahomeboy

      So why fire doug if ur gonna get wentz out?

    87. Hannibal Barca

      Carson Wentz needs to step up and rewrite the narrative that Nick Foles made the Super Bowl win possible. Time to get some rings with Indy!

    88. WhovianForever

      Now the Colts need a left tackle to and an EDGE rusher.

      1. Juragan Muda

    89. Raghavendra Sondur

      Despite his struggles last year, I would like to remember Carson Wentz for his 2017 season and also the way he put his body on the line during 2018/19 seasons. A guy with a big heart for battle. Wishing him all the best in Indy !!

      1. Juragan Muda

    90. marcos hernandez

      Let's see how he does I really doubt he will do better but we will see

    91. Mahlon Goodridge

      I think if they had one really good go to receiver, especially two! The Colts could’ve done more in the playoffs.

    92. judd liliha

      Let Go Birds!!!!!! BYE YOU OVER RATED MADONNA !!!

    93. Mitch

      Colts fans: Oh no! We suck again!!

    94. Joseph Gibbons

      Great move by the Eagles. Sorry, CW just never panned out. Should have sent him packing last year and kept Foles. Good luck in Indianapolis.....

    95. Patty mahomeboy

      Carson wentz has no excuse now

    96. Connor Aht

      I hope they win the Super Bowl now.

    97. SportGod

      Did no one here the whisper @3:25? 💀😂

    98. cam super man


    99. E M Williams

      Chris. Ballard. Is. A. Moron.

    100. Sean Patrick

      NFL sucks now, the players take a knee to signify that they are Transgenders