Cowboys vs. Vikings Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2020


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    The Dallas Cowboys take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 11 of the 2020 NFL season.
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    1. the star of all stars champion of herb and peace

      in the beginning cousins needs to Let the football go like for reals when it's taken away it's taken away

    2. the star of all stars champion of herb and peace

      Mike McCartney change everything with the Dallas cowboys against the Minnesota Vikings

    3. mr. orange pizza

      4:26 did anyone else c dalten shaultz WIDE open

    4. DoItYourselfGaming

      Who else hears creepy noises after every play. Do you hear it? It sounds like, wooooooooooooo

    5. Trenden Latham

      4:46 must have hurt

    6. Bobby Yoda

      The obsolete sister-in-law neurochemically tumble because bomber extragingivally confuse astride a embarrassed ounce. wanting, terrific kale

    7. SONNY DARRELL Williams

      Is this what civil rights has amounted to?

    8. Mark Sellers

      What kind of Soda do you want? Gimme a minithota.

    9. Willie Henderson

      I'm surprise the Vikings lost

    10. Navreet Brar

      missy elliott

    11. NO PATS JIM

      The game the ENDED the Vikings hopes for a Playoff Push, Look at that SHITTY Defense!!

    12. Joseph Miltenberger

      I love the cowboys

    13. Nel Perez

      Dam it i was getting use to the cowboys fans game reactions after losing games lol

    14. David Scott

      The vikings got royally screwed on multiple plays in this game, especially that helmet to helmet. Cowboys played well but would not have won without the refs

    15. Guy Black

      Blown calls: Kyle Rudolph "fumble" with his knee down Missed head to head hit on Cousins Hit on "defenseless" CeeDee Lamb by H.Smith Illegal Block in the back from the punting team after the ball is kicked? Not one hold call on Dallas as I'm watching it happen refs lol

    16. Matthew Schlappe

      nice cowboys let go

    17. AST Cxptures

      where is the full game i didn't get to see it

    18. Gauge

      4 or 5 weeks ago Theiland. Did a dance in the second quarter for a first down. A game they lost. That's the Vikings style. Useless, unprofessional and losers. I'm watching Vikes vs bridgewater right now. Teddy's smoking us. Management is stupid

    19. Hoss W

      Saw great bumper sticker..How About those Cowboys..Haven’t won *$#@ in 25 Years!

    20. Clay

      The one announcer saying ooooo all game is annoying

    21. Joshua Roque

      Justin Jefferson does that touched down celebration all the time

    22. Joshua Roque

      Go Cawboy

      1. Jackson Spratt

        *Go Refs

    23. Ashley


    24. oiuet souiu

      whoever edited this needs to be fired! where are the replays on some of these massive plays!? like thielens one handed grab? or the hit on cook? COME ON NOW

    25. ijams sum

      The Viking defense has a lot of work to do if they want to win big games !

    26. Ronbo Omega

      Zeke is way over paid. Take Henry of Titans over zeke any day.

    27. J RM

      How did Minnesota lose to that team

    28. Skill Champ

      Bro how did the cowboys beat the Vikings and loose against the foot ball team 😂

      1. oiuet souiu

        my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

    29. Aaron Witzel

      Yall managed to stop Dalvin Cook, but had no answers for Antonio Gibson lmao. My man dragged yall across the field and back.

    30. sehhi vooty

      Idc if its only our 3rd win. I'll take what I can get this year.

    31. Nicholas Stephan

      How do you beat the Vikings, but get clapped by a Football team with no name twice 🤔

    32. Zachary Mitchell

      Yo yo yo

    33. yeti Fetty

      Leave it to the Jones to hire the shittiest coaches. Both sides of the ball 👎🏻👎🏻

    34. Stacey Everitt

      What a game

      1. Stacey Everitt

        @Jackson Spratt yeah its funny how teams that are meant to lose the games they're meant to win and win those that are harder. for any teams fans you'll be super disappointed knowing that haha

      2. Jackson Spratt

        @Stacey Everitt yup. They beat my team tho. Still salty about it

      3. Stacey Everitt

        @Jackson Spratt haha did they get pumped by washington????

      4. Jackson Spratt

        @Stacey Everitt *lose 41-16 to a team with no name

      5. Stacey Everitt

        @sehhi vooty 👏👏👏

    35. Kelly Richard

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    36. C S

      Thank you for being free to pray on the field this Thanksgiving...Miss you guys God be with you always

    37. bizzy bone

      Let's go cowboys 6 more wins to go

    38. Deusdat

      Attanigga Lamb!

    39. Shacone

      4:43 is the play why everyone came here to see.


      1 John 5:21 Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

    41. Axle Grind

      haven't watched the nfl for several years. like how the defense has to avoid lowering the helmet and has to bulldog them down. it's more entertaining.

    42. Rpreggie

      Fake Pollard touchdown. They let him reach the ends zone. NFL is WWE

    43. Lindel Simmons

      If something is certain, it's you do not need to worry if you cannot last no less than 30 minutes in bed. More specifically, try doing a search for Greyzar Drinbo's website and learn how easy it can be, just by pulling off one mental trick.

    44. Johnny Rebel

      Amazing how many holds the refs missed on the Vikings O-line.

    45. pcguys-off-grid-cabin

      Sgt. Shultz catches the winning score

    46. Nick Holman

      Refs gave them this 100%

      1. Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox

        Oh, you didn't see.

    47. Mason Chevron

      The boys are back in town!

      1. California Crook


    48. Taylor Stenger

      Minnesota Vikings need a QB

    49. masterman812

      Kirk cousins defies the laws of physics at 0:22

    50. Haise _

      This game was crazy

    51. Pao Vang

      Loser will be forever loser

    52. John Smith

      Idc what anyone says. The NFC East is the most entertaining division in football

    53. Ryan Martin

      Go cowboys

    54. Jon Doh!

      Dalton finally got a win. Dallas has been 0-4 till 2day w/out Dak. Dalton probably 1 of the best backups U could ask4.

    55. Benjamin S

      What a great game, and Ceedee lamb's first td catch was amazing... people knew about ceedee lamb before he even got in the NFL... He's incredible.

    56. Your Big Head Cousin

      Dalvin "looking for contact" Cook got contacted. Wilson laid the wood

    57. C man

      Only thing good about this, is gonna be a great scooter video

    58. Jay D

      Like shut up with the fireworks

    59. WeeWee

      Our Secondary when given the chance at intercepting the Ball, Act like it's a hot potato. C'mon Man

    60. Emmanuel Gracia

      Who made that block for Pollard when he ran it in? Smart block.

    61. awolf007

      Cousins's cadence.... "Readyyyyy.... WhaSHUT!"

    62. Emiliano Salas

      Si quieren ayuda para sus apuestas o quinielas acerca de la NFL, ademas de los mejores análisis y noticias acerca de esta liga les recomiendo ver y suscribirse a este canal👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    63. ray mercado

      @Dallascowboys This WIN is Key To Making it to The Division Round and Pass That !! BECAUSE This Is NOT a QB Situation ITS A WHOLE TEAM EFFORT 💪💪 Be Grateful 🙏 W Thanksgiving LETS GO!! #COWBOYS4LIFE!!

    64. child of The Most High Yah

      37 came in to this game like a beast, shoulda been playing the whole season

    65. Tyler Goodwin

      Dalton is Elite

    66. Rudy

      Go cowboys

    67. Sharpclaw2020

      9:27 "LETS ####### GOOOOO"

    68. Josh Guo

      Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of God’s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9)’

    69. Da bobstar


    70. Balaska


    71. James Brooks

      how did the cowboy win

    72. Jenna Perez

      dallas wisely sticking with ceedee lamb, dude is a phenomenal athlete.

    73. Ele Ele Gaming

      Is Dak still injured

      1. Akim Smith


    74. TeethPaste

      Adam is by far the best receiver in the NFL

    75. Buenø ́

      Im a simple man. I saw them win & now Im seeing them win again ; tmrw will be a huge game for the Cowboys. Time to take it to the top again P.s. How bout that hit on Cook ' seems he wasnt ready for that impact💀😂 #CowboysNation💯

    76. jesse mcvicker

      I'd just like to point out that Jeff Heath has as many interceptions this year as the entire cowboys defense.

    77. Jamie Owens

      Anthony brown has to be worst corner in the league😭

    78. REAl REAction

      Thielen's one hand catch touchdown gets no reply?

      1. solitary one

        And now on covid list.

    79. john hoyt

      That’s what Cowboys Dooooo....Grab a Viking by the Horns. How bout those Cowboys!

      1. john hoyt

        @David Not this year it’s not. Idijit!

      2. David

        It's "How bout DEM Cowboys". You idjit.

    80. Brandon Grubbs


    81. Darrius 200 pump

      Good game no way the cowboys won Vikings are good

    82. Mike Haslam

      Dallas they won. This game happened to be the luck charm when every other NFC East team has three wins only. I think this game was to hype Dallas fans up for playoff chances & the next game on turkey day.

    83. Addison raee

      dallas wisely sticking with ceedee lamb, dude is a phenomenal athlete.

    84. YourAverageUser

      I owe someone $5 now

    85. dry potato

      what a game....

    86. Gmail Farmer

      Dallas' D sure has improved, took time for them to come together, Dalton played well.

    87. DW Brewster

      Right when the announcer said that the cowboys never scored in the first quarter in 5 games T O U C H D O W N

    88. joshw604

      Vikings O highlights were literally just of Thielen and Cook

    89. Robert Deniro

      That boy cook had his head on a swivel the rest of the game looking out for D. Wilson👀🙀

    90. Matthew Reynoso

      Jaylon turned into his old self as a RB

    91. carlos sanchez

      Zack Martin was moved from Guard to Right Tackle and dominated. Future HOFer

    92. Ryan Mallet

      9:26 “Let’s fu**ing go!!” Lol the no fans makes that super easy to hear

    93. IKillForFun216

      Wait until Thanksgiving LMAOOOO

    94. Trace zach daniels

      SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} GREAT GAME

    95. Rashad Marshall

      The commentator adlibing after every big play🤣🤣

    96. Coppulor

      Dear NFL, I'm beggin ya, show the occasional replay on amazing plays pleeeeeeeeeeeez.

    97. Super Kyle

      Who the hell was cheering, there's no one in the stands

    98. Eduardo Gutierrez

      Cowboys have lost some close games, but finally they hold on to win this one. Let's see if this gives the Cowboys confidence.

    99. Ron Swanson

      Zack Martin was moved from Guard to Right Tackle and dominated. Future HOFer