Mike Evans Full Season Highlights | NFL 2020


31 миӊ. көрүүлөр15

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    1. MistahKen

      He reminds me so much of a young Andre Johnson

    2. Shane Klopstock

      Some may call this a hot take, especially this early into his career (relatively), but I feel like this ring makes him a shoo in first ballot hall of famer. I mean, 7 straight 1000 yard seasons to start his career, several pro bowls, AND a super bowl win?

    3. Blezii

      Most unselfish receiver in the league

    4. Matan Bar

      Brady to Evans TD on the goal line has been money all season

    5. bruno serodio

      Main receiver in the Evans season in the Gronk final.

    6. o0usf0o

      Tampa’s Walter Payton man of the year nominee too. Great man and player!

    7. Thedullahan

      Man the effort on that Td against la rams.

    8. GOAT

      @Dave Well said👌

    9. Anthony Peters


    10. Scruff D0g

      One of the must unselfish players in the league.

    11. Alvin Mabrey

      I think he's still got much better games ahead of him. That's the jersey that I want.

    12. Jamari Akinjide

      As a man I think Evans is cute

    13. Luke Moon

      These two are going to be amazing next season. They didn’t get on page for some reason until after the late bye week. Mike tore it up the last stretch of the season & playoffs, he got his ring, now he needs his respect!!

    14. Alex Skywalker

      My favorite player

    15. Alex Skywalker


    16. GameOverAbility

      played the whole year on 1 leg. the fact that he had 1K yards and double digit tds is crazy.

    17. Mobile Gaming

      I bet mike Evan's motto is "if I cant juke them truck them"

    18. دودي و سلطان

      شوفو اخر مقطع وعطوني رايكم استمر ولا اوقف

    19. Troy Swanson

      This was the year this team was suppose to work everything out, and they still ended winning the Super Bowl. Bruh...

    20. Jacob Allen

      Mike evans is the best underrated wr in the league

    21. jack cunningham

      I know its Tom Brady winning another superbowl, but the fact is there are players on the Bucs roster that genuinely deserve a ring if they were just on a better team, Mike Evans is one of them, his skillset as a wideout is any QB's dream

    22. Syauqi F

      That's a talented WR right there.

    23. Andi

      2/2, 2 yds, 2 TDs against Denver will always be legendary.

    24. Sky Plagues

      The best WR in his draft class and he's not a diva.


        @Sky Plagues big fax

      2. Sky Plagues

        @Xzavian Pastor the difference between him and Adams is that Evans didn't have an elite QB like Rodgers until Brady came along. And Evans is on a 7-year streak of 1k+ receiving yards season.

      3. Xzavian Pastor

        imma have to say adams then him

    25. omar khan

      Mike is a stud. Top 5 in my opinion

    26. MrJohnm1965

      I have mikes playbook RPA rc card!

    27. Hey_Its_Kev

      I’ve been defending evans for years and only now do people talk about him being a top receiver....

    28. Cashdyn phelan


    29. ProfessorVirgo Funland

      1:23 didn’t we blow a 13 point lead this game

    30. Anthony Hutchins

      He doesn't even need to put up crazy numbers to dominate... He just opens up the entire field for the offense and is unstoppable in the red zone.

    31. AwesomeDing

      Low key a Tom Brady highlight too.

    32. Ehesh Ehhshs

      A true TD machine

    33. Ehesh Ehhshs

      At 1:17 how is it not PI

      1. Xzavian Pastor

        why would it be?

    34. Lucas Saenz Munevar

      He’s sooo underrated

    35. JP 12

      🐐 Vjax taught you well mike🕊

    36. Money Ray

      Just let him get more 1 on 1s 😂

    37. BowlesMovement08


    38. Alexander Parkins

      It’s crazy how the buccaneers only had a few fans a year ago but now they have so many "loyal" fans, hmm

      1. Nico Nieto

        I been a fan of the buccaneers when they drafted him

      2. Alexander Parkins

        @Tyler Yoon No

      3. Tyler Yoon

        Does it make you a bandwagon if you were a Patriots fan but really a Brady fan so you followed Brady to Tampa Bay and subsequently became a Buccaneer fan.😟

    39. BowlesMovement08

      I love his stat line from the Broncos game. 2 catches 2 yards 2 tds lmao

    40. Alexander Parkins

      Should’ve showed Lattimore owning him more

      1. Alexander Parkins

        Don’t recall that part, oh yeah didn’t happen

      2. inttruders

        You mean getting holding and pass interference penalties.

    41. gwingcommander

      Mike Evans is such a weapon. As a Pats fan, I'll assert that with the exception of Moss, Brady has never had a receiver remotely close to Evans' talent. The combination of size and speed is just nuts. Really fun to see Brady sling it around the yard to a guy like this.

      1. o0usf0o

        Mike is a smart guy too! Always knows what to do in every situation.

      2. Ezekiel Elliot

        I guess talent-wise, AB Evans and Moss are the top3 recievers that played for TB

    42. Not Real name

      whats with everyone saying he is underrated. No nfl fan says that he isn't good... everyone that says he is underrated literally doesn't watch football. He has never been "underrated." He has been consistantly been at the top of everyone's best WR list.

    43. blacker58

      only way you can cover him is by holding and interfering

    44. SaucyX4 •

      The second best Mike in the division 😴

      1. Nico Nieto

        Michael thomas is ass

      2. SaucyX4 •

        @Xzavian Pastor while injured and with a QB who had a torn rotator cuff and an entire rack of ribs gone extra barbecue 🍖

      3. Xzavian Pastor

        @SaucyX4 • he still played 8 games and didn’t have 1 td

      4. sarcastic spongebob

        Mike Evans is better

      5. SaucyX4 •

        @The Goats yeah yeah hater compare a season full of injuries and ofc his numbers are messed up

    45. o0usf0o

      Keep in mind he had an injured ankle all season and hurt his knee week 17. Warrior!

    46. VoltXxShot2


    47. Kaleb Quince

      Who would dislike this🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Eddie Naotala

        Marshon Lattimore

      2. The Goats

        NFC south fans and Chiefs fans don't be confused

    48. BANKAI46

      AB highlights please!

    49. Xavier Beal

      How was that line able to protect Brady but not Winston 🤔🤣

      1. Xzavian Pastor

        cuz winston held the ball to long and tampa drafted wirfs who’s a top 10 OL in the NFL

      2. darknight307 Pagán

        Cause Winston held the ball too long

    50. Gabe

      When is the mic’d up Super Bowl upload gonna come? These guys are taking too long

      1. Gabe

        @sarcastic spongebob link plz and I need the full version

      2. sarcastic spongebob

        They did already

    51. 이민재

      The ad snowplow collaterally disappear because rock preferably raise concerning a noisy command. dark, handsome bookcase

    52. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

      He’s so underrated. I feel like he is never talked about even though he’s been a amazing receiver for years. He deserves his ring.

      1. Demetrius Almanza

        Yessir, imma just say right now. If the Bucs super bowl ring looks ass, that would be so disrespectful to Tampa and everyone that’s been playing there for years just for that moment

      2. Alex Skywalker

        @ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน ดูNFL เหมือนกันหรอมึงอ่ะ

      3. Alex Skywalker

        @ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน มึงจะไปพิมพ์ตามเค้าทำไม

      4. Mohamed Dakiri

        @Marbles Lost oh I’m feel so dumb lol

      5. Marbles Lost

        @Mohamed Dakiri it’s a bot.

    53. Tiismaa 8

      Go Bucs 🏴‍☠️

    54. cripz on yt

      this dude literally gets no credit at all

    55. The Great house of Constance von Nuvelle

      The most disrespected WR in the lead. People keep forgetting that this man made Johnny Menzel

      1. o0usf0o

        Every bs jump ball mike caught!

      2. Xzavian Pastor

        @So Flo literally any ball manziel threw up to evans he caught it

      3. Nathaniel Depaz

        @So Flo manziel heavily relied on evans. Johnny could run but without evans, things might have been different.

      4. So Flo

        Tf he didn’t lol So Manziels running ability was because of Evans???

    56. danny D

      2:20 how it feels to chew 5 gum

    57. Misael Arroyo

      Bruh Evans could have had somewhere close the 15-18+ tds, he was stopped on the 1 a couple times and stopped In the 5 a gang of times

      1. Marbles Lost

        There were also a bunch of drops early in the season before Brady and the receivers started clicking. Prob could have had over 1100 yards.

    58. Kelly Mc

      These highlights good

    59. masonrobins 4

      Evans could honestly be like a George Kittle with his size. Built like a TE.

    60. SirkSkywalker

      He was a beast!

    61. Dave Sanchez

      so unselfish this year and still managed 1000 yds. he was always about the win as were all the bucs this year. go bucs!!

      1. Alexander Parkins

        Not really we know he’s good he’s not underrated

      2. BigBadB-Rad 2003

        Facts he is a very underrated reciever

    62. MashieGamie

      7th 1000 yard season in a row and super bowl champion. One hell of a career so far!


      Evans with 20 TDs next year I'm calling it

      1. Tahj Gonzalez

        @Asher Forman but evans definitely getting over 1000 if he stays healthy

      2. Tahj Gonzalez

        @Asher Forman i don't think he's gonna get over 100 receptions...too many weapons and brady is a game manager...if he gotta throw the ball 10-20 times just to win, thats what he gonna do

      3. #popcornblast stats

        @Asher Forman the running backs should be Jones Lenny Adrian Peterson Keshawn Vaughn

      4. Asher Forman

        @#popcornblast stats I agree but I think it all depends on if are tight ends stay healthy and it also depends who are running back is IMO if he gets a lot of carries

      5. #popcornblast stats

        @Asher Forman think this year Godwin and Evans both get 1000 so Evans won’t have as much yards as his dominant years but a little over 1000 again should do it. The catches and touchdowns will probably be limited too. Brady likes his TE and unless Brate is cut or traded. Oj still needs targets

    64. MinePlay 512

      He was really one of the more underrated players. Evans is a star.

    65. Chunky Potato

      Claim your “here before Brady retires” ticket here. I’d say about another 25 years of fans.

      1. Xx Surveillance

        @Big Blue Giant 2122 how many franchises have suffered the most?

      2. Big Blue Giant 2122

        @Chunky Potato ye

      3. Chunky Potato

        @Big Blue Giant 2122 so...in short ur just saying that you claimed your ticket cause everything you said was pretty predictable...

      4. Big Blue Giant 2122

        Well in the year 27373728288992 where I’m from and Brady is 25626276828787 years old where Brady just threw for 3838383873478299 yards and won his 378291199203 Super Bowl he says he doesn’t plan to retire any time soon


      Rip Vincent jackson

    67. MSG Is A Factory Of Sadness

      Dude was really making a case for one of the best receivers in the league currently

      1. Nlk1

        @Mrsamuraij I that’s why he is the first receiver in NFL history with 7 1000+ yards season out of every war he beat mosses record and he has a ring

      2. Marbles Lost

        @Mrsamuraij I he’s definitely on pace to finish as one of the greatest receivers ever.

      3. Girmanator

        @Mrsamuraij I Why not? He already has one more ring than other HoFers like Moss and Megatron. If he manages to end his career in top 20 all time yards, TDs, and receptions then why not.

      4. Mrsamuraij I

        @Mr Slinkey dont get ahead of yourself

      5. Mr Slinkey

        correction EVER

    68. Kyler Murray

      deserving of a 💍

    69. Arto Mkhitaryan

      Why did they just post this

    70. Ryan The Piano Man

      Brady is basically immortal

    71. Jimmie Johnson 48 Champion

      Mike Evans is the only WR in NFL History to start his career off with 7 straight 1K seasons. Not even Randy Moss, TO, Jerry Rice, Larry Fitz, or Calvin Johnson did it. Evans is one damn good receiver.

      1. Jimmie Johnson 48 Champion

        @Alexander Parkins Yeah, I don't care for the Bucs. I'm a Bills fan, so I ain't seen much good luck over time.

      2. Alexander Parkins

        @Jimmie Johnson 48 Champion well thanks for not being a succaneers fan

      3. Jimmie Johnson 48 Champion

        @Alexander Parkins I don't care that much about Mike Evans... I just stated the facts. I'm no Bucs fan. I made a comment and was gonna leave it at that.

      4. Alexander Parkins

        Why do you even care about mike evans so much

      5. Jimmie Johnson 48 Champion

        @Alexander Parkins Well, 8K receiving yards and he's only 27, plus he's a SB champ, and, as I've said, had 7 1K seasons in a row. He's reliable and efficient. *I didn't say he was better than them, I just stated no one, not even these players have done it.*

    72. Matthew Redrick

      Man Evans deserved this ring after all of his years of service in Tampa.

      1. Fock GooglePlus

        Future hall of famer Mike evans

      2. Xavier Beal

        Him Lavonte David the o-line

    73. Tom Brady

      That's my guy right there!

      1. Alexander Parkins

        Wow it’s the real Tom Brady 🤦🏻‍♂️

      2. Mobile Gaming

        NFL should had like this and other people 🚫🧢

      3. Mobile Gaming

        Wassup goat

      4. Achyut Badri


      5. Joseph Simmons

        If it isn't the goat himself

    74. Benisnothere

      really underrated this season

      1. Alexander Parkins

        He didn’t play that much what’d you expect first team all pro

      2. Jonathan vvv

        Man had a career high in td’s with 13

      3. Markos L

        Darnell Mooney rookie on bears killed Ramsey this year

      4. o0usf0o

        @Jay 3x Tampa doesn’t need to force feed him.

      5. Yeelicious -

        @Jay 3x he only got shut down by Jalen a Ramsey and Marshawn Lattimore. Ramsey pretty much shut down EVERYBODY this season.

    75. Sports Gamer the 2nd

      Mike evans had a great season

    76. Mike Alexander


    77. Jeana Gorman

      And he's a beast

    78. Jeana Gorman


    79. Lindsay Templeton


    80. I’m Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me

      Claim Your “early people” ticket here.

      1. Sonny Montoya

        @Splashout WITH PLEASURE

      2. masonrobins 4

        @Splashout CLAIMED.

      3. Splashout

        Claim Your I hate these Sub begging bots ticket here.