Aaron Rodgers on Leaving Football for Jeopardy "There is Something about Leaving at the Height"


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    1. Beth Sp

      Who is the tart, Lisa Pressley wanna be at 3:30?

    2. flacoface

      Best Jeopardy guest host yet. Ken Jennings close 2nd. The others 👎.

    3. Bill Graper

      Packers can't take that next step in the postseason, because Aaron Rodgers refuses to take a pay cut to be able to get more help on the team. That's what separated Tom Brady & other QBs. If you can pay at other positions, you will improve your team overall. If you take too much cap space, you can't grow as a team.

    4. Justin Opperman

      After watching him on Pat's show all year these interview questions were cringe

    5. nathan griffin

      Kay adams lawwwwdddd 😘

    6. RomanCaesar47

      Bro the Pat McAfee show is so much better

    7. I do care

      I make it a point not to watch channels with baiting titles. Dude, he is not leaving and you didn't cover anything Pat McAfee hasn't covered and Pat even did it with more style. What an awkward set of hosts.

    8. starguy2718

      Tom Brady's daughter has held the Lombardi Trophy more times than Aaron Rodgers has. Fact.

      1. Jacob Hackbarth

        But she’ll never win one herself, unlike Aaron Rodgers

    9. terri trowbridge

      Aaron is the best, so far, as host.

    10. Cal Depen

      What is the toque Rodgers is wearing? Something he is supporting?

    11. jagger

      Who Needs to win another Super Bowl for $500 please

      1. starguy2718

        Who is Tom Brady? Correct! Now, I'll take Potent Potables, for $200

    12. J. B.

      GOpackGO!!!AR-12*###M V P* baby!

    13. Daryl Elliott

      Brady beat Rodgers twice plus he won the Super Bowl. How did Rodgers win the MVP?

    14. MrSimmies

      Aaron trying to sound brilliant but screws up his compliment of Trebek by stating that Trebek's "handling of Jeopardy can't be understated." He meant to say "overstated."

    15. Drew wilson

      Kay went a little overboard with that tan! Orange man bad

    16. Jonathan 916

      I'm a long time Jeopardy viewer and was very impressed with him. He was definitely the most chill and relaxed of all the hosts and didn't look like he was trying so hard all the time. If anything, he was a little TOO casual which can be bad. But he's a genuinely good guy that brings a lot of warmth to the show like Alex did and I'd be thrilled if he got the gig.

    17. Jim M

      As great an athlete as he is, it's probably his intelligence that made him such a great player.

    18. Brian McCauley

      The mere fact Aaron can get someone like myself to take the time to watch an outtake of any talk show produced by the NFL Network these days, especially something as cheesy as GMFB, is something perhaps even the late great Steve Sabol mighta found difficult to quantify with his own verbal account regarding the positive influence this #12 has had on the game and its fans.

    19. Troy Stenerson

      Should have run in that touchdown. Idiot, LOL.

    20. zebra3stripes

      I thought only Wink Martindale could have a career in game show hosting and the NFL. Nice job, Aaron.

    21. Ed Deetz

      How could Aaron possibly handle this situation any better. Team drafts his replacement that he is coaching to take his job. MVP 2020. One player away. He's playing chess while the Packers are learning checkers in this pr battle to come.

      1. Sandy Gan

        So marriage and Jeopardy put an NFL championship exactly where on Aaron’s priority list? Heheh, and that’s why Tom Brady is the 🐐.

    22. Kristen White

      Doing a great job. Even better than Dr OZ. 😂

    23. Jamie Freeman

      most honest star qb on earth...he should play the dosequis guy too

    24. SpectraLight Photography

      I haven't watched this show in a while. When did Kay get all "glammed up"? She's not only football smart but beautiful.

    25. shawn bopko

      rogers isint going no where ill give him untill next yarer

    26. Valerie Ortiz

      The ethereal candle ultrastructurally part because archeology exclusively pump towards a teeny lace. tacit, sloppy brian

    27. Poverty Spec

      Rodgers has fewer SB appearances than Mahomes

    28. cecil woodard

      Green Bay's going to do it this year

    29. Ron Dodge

      This just in.. Jordan Love picked as the next Jeopardy host... Problem solved.😏

      1. Blossom Joseph

        Maybe Iron Mike ?

    30. J McC

      ARod is done as a quality football player

      1. MRkriegs

        He literally just won the NFL MVP...

    31. Ale Dice

      He's like up there with 2pac in swag.

    32. My Mom

      Media and non Packers (Media eating) fans.. Aaron Rodgers is a DrAmA qUeEn!

    33. Rain Final

      Kay got that hair like she got doing business lol

    34. Joshua Peterson

      As a Packers fan, it's probably best for Rodgers to get out of the North. If he stays its most likely the Snorth.

    35. kurokona izumi

      this damn click-bait nearly gave me a heart attack

    36. Timothy Coleman

      He said he will retire from football whenever it stops becoming fun

    37. Matthew Chiccini

      let’s be honest, Kay and ARod would have been the greatest couple of all time

    38. Amahd Cole

      Aaron Rodgers is the man

    39. Maverick D

      If Aaron played and hosted at the same time he would become a versatile weapon

    40. David H


    41. Gekokujo76

      I beat Aaron at Jeopardy (getting Shaggy and Roy Rogers), so you can trust me that the original Shirley Temple was made with Ginger Ale and the reason most people dont know that is because many bars stopped carrying ginger ale and substituted 7Up/Sprite (which they always have one or the other) instead.

      1. Connor Olson


    42. ImageryMemberDotCom

      Shirley Temple? 🤣 Banana Peel!

    43. MonkeyDLuffy

      Something about leaving at the height of his career? You haven't been to a super bowl in 10 years lol

      1. Frozenbizkit

        I think he means on a personal level as in still playing at a high level.. Winning a super bowl doesn't always mean you played at your highest. Look at Payton Manning.. His nearly dead corpse was dragged across the finish line and he was just a game manager.

    44. PNW_PsilocybeJedi

      Yooo Kay Adams can GET IT

    45. Jeff Reese

      Kay and Rodgers looking at each other like "what if"

      1. Zayn Leandro


      2. ProfPolish

        Erin Andrews gives Aaron that look too


      Aaron Rodgers is snoop dog Matthew McConaughey level of coolness.


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    48. Brent Safko

      Rodgers is his own biggest fan

    49. Olle Nyrén

      Bless that humility. Such an amazing QB, and I’m not even a Packers fan!

    50. Wild West

      This is dumb they clickbaited this when he is saying hes not gonna leave


      If Brady didn't exist this guy would be in his place

      1. SeahawksKid 09

        @Enormous Marketing Inc. bro even the pros sometimes makes mistake

      2. Enormous Marketing Inc.

        @SeahawksKid 09 I'll guess you did not see the video as far as falcons. Might want to google halftime offensive bag switch. It's easy to win when you know exactly the play by play of the opposing teams 2nd half. As far as Packers, these are professionals, no one would make that stupid a "mistake".

      3. SeahawksKid 09

        @Enormous Marketing Inc. the falcons and packers could of won those games. It just came down to a bad play.

      4. Enormous Marketing Inc.

        @SeahawksKid 09 So do you have a logical explanation for Lafluer call for a field goal? Did you happen to see the video couple years ago of the falcons game , the halftime offensive coordinator bag switch? Just wondering

      5. SeahawksKid 09

        @Enormous Marketing Inc. Brady does not cheat

    52. Sean Redgate

      Aaron just got her pregnant😂

    53. Gabriel Lozornio

      This is hilarious, Patt Mcafee was just saying at the end of his interview with Arron. “Omg Arron and the head coach hate each other” dumb headlines people will bring out that’s not true and already they are biting . Hahaha

    54. Rick Nesar

      Damn it A-Rod, you forgot to answer with a question! Kay looking extra hot today, hotter than ever IMO!

    55. walking dead

      I’m a Bears fan

    56. Fantasy Football

      Find someone who looks at you, the way Kay looks at Aaron Rodgers.

      1. Enormous Marketing Inc.

        Sooo Funny did you happen to notice the really extra extra brown nose, kay had done. Ironic so fun

      2. Arto Mkhitaryan


      3. James Jefferson

        Kay wants to hook up with him clearly. His fiancée on the other hand might not like it... 😂😂😂😂😂

    57. ItsKoolaid

      1:37 did arron rodgers jus rick roll us...

    58. Lana Felix

      hail Mary aaron Rodgers early riser

    59. Isaiah Saw

      Anybody watch last night’s final Jeopardy! answer??? Lol.

    60. Aayan Jahangir

      I was here before 2000 views lol

    61. Super Batman 1993

      Aaron Rodgers won’t retire until he is 45!😂

      1. Coldwinter

        @Trip Aces he might pass that age 40 barrier (like Drew Brees), but theres no guarantee he plays at an elite level past 40. Eli Manning, Rivers, this is Roethlisberger's last season, Peyton Manning. Age 40 has been a barrier for all QBs not named Brady. you cant Assume Rodgers will be number 2. lots can happen in 3 seasons. Peyton Manning in 2013 put up one of the best seasons ever by a QB, and by 2015 he was the worst starting QB in the league and worst to ever win a SB. Brett Favre looked like an MVP In 2009, and in 2010 he was a shell of himself.

      2. Trip Aces

        @Coldwinter Modern medicine, rehab and rules that you cant touch the QB......... Modern rules shifted after 2011 and we saw Ray Lewis cap off the era of hard hitting play in the 2012 superbowl.... Rodgers easily playing till early 40s..

      3. Coldwinter

        @Stanley NYC age doesnt work like that. you are and feel your age. theres been tons of talented QBs that didnt cross that age 40 barrier and play at an elite level. thats why what Bradys doing is so shocking, hes the only one. age creeps up fast. Rodgers is 37... lots can happen between now and 40.

      4. Stanley NYC

        @Coldwinter the difference is rodgers is one of if not the most talented qb ever as long as he somewhat protected he’ll just fine as age 45 and he works on his legs more now so they stay in tune while he gets older and also remeber his first 3 years he aint start so his body wasnt getting hurt so its more like a 34 year old body rather than a 37

      5. wambamit344


    62. Toshiki Kai The Legion

      anyone catch him on Jeopardy last night? what ya'll think of it?

      1. David Edwin

        He did a good job.

    63. Straight Actor Ian McKellen

      Rodgers to New England would be incredible

    64. Teddy

      He should take a pay cut so GB can build a great team around him. But of course he won't.

      1. Eric Anderson

        He was playing out performing his contract for years and playing under the going rate for quarterbacks. Green Bay never used free agency to improve the team. Why would they start now?

      2. Wow S

        No he is trying to but he wants more years on the contract but green bay wont do it

      3. Haha Ceejay

        You know why right? 😂

    65. EternalJaY


    66. isha gill

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    68. Noah Emmerich

      I would do anything to talk to you or to play with you🥺

      1. Sandy Gan

        Wow. Weird. Why would he...nvm.

    69. Noah Emmerich

      I hope everyone has a great day or night!😁

      1. zoyxing

        Just woke up to a tornado destroyig my house

    70. Noah Emmerich

      I hope everyone is staying safe during these hard times.

      1. Duyen Cao


      2. mac ferris

        I’ll feel safe until they force vaccines

      3. ATFK 99

        @zoyxing same

      4. AwesomKid

        @Telisa Hampton wow

      5. Telisa Hampton

        @zoyxing good

    71. Noah Emmerich

      Your content is fire 🔥 Keep up the amazing work😁

    72. Noah Emmerich

      I love watching your videos

    73. Noah Emmerich

      I love watching your

      1. zoyxing

        peeping tom!

    74. Tom Brady

      Woke up with a MVP but not a Superbowl😂😂😂


        Better than nothing loser

      2. Gabriel Haro


    75. AWM

      Aaron’s agent probably had to set ESPN up with an interview contract for a number of shows. Whereas on Pat’s show he just pulls up like he’s at his buddy’s house 😂

      1. Duyen Cao


      2. Warren Mazengwe

        Cuz Aaron Rodgers will only talk to Dan Lebatard in the ESPN world or (former ESPN world).

      3. Sports Co.


      4. J B384

        So true

    76. Morris Farca

      Interview Patrick Peterson or Justin Jefferson instead of Aaron Rodgers ‘cuz Aaron Rodgers Sucks

    77. Kieran Thiagarajan

      I like turtles

    78. Dutch Van Der Linde

      Idk how you can hate Rodgers, yall let the media tell you who to hate

      1. skeon67

        @Henry Lopez Packers fans hated Troy, Michael, and Emmet........y’all killed us in the 90’s. Early 90’s

      2. Matt Munoz

        @Menacing Ship Gee, I don't know? Maybe it's your comment above? Considering there's no other way for me to get any idea of you, that must be it, right? Stooge.

      3. Menacing Ship

        @Matt Munoz Where did you get that idea about me?

      4. Matt Munoz

        @Max Lethe You're a stooge. All of those top companies work together. Get educated. Stop listening to the media.

      5. Matt Munoz

        @Menacing Ship You're a stooge. All of those top companies work together. Get educated. Stop listening to the media.

    79. Juicyy Moosey

      I love Aaron

    80. Morris Farca

      Congratulations to everyone that is early and found this comment 🏆🏆🥇🥇🏅🏅

    81. Josh


    82. Big Sarge

      Dude.... this interview was HILARIOUS 😆

    83. Morris Farca

      Booooooooooooo Aaron Rodgers SKOL VIKINGS

      1. Morris Farca

        We’re not the only team without rings the bills bengals panthers falcons chargers titans cardinals browns lions Texans and the jaguars all didn’t win a ring. P.S there is something called google look it up

      2. Lashay Smith

        Boooooooooooo only team in NFL that dont dont have rings

    84. Robert Villa


    85. Brent Barrus

      Aaron is always the most sarcastic guy in the room.

      1. Jan Nelle

        you can tell that he is a big Ricky Gervais fan

      2. Brent Barrus

        @Leo Martin Good one.

      3. Leo Martin

        Sarcastic. Please google this word before using it again.

      4. Michale Gray-Marcy


    86. Doughboy God

      Aaron Rodgers 💘 you bro Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wisconsin Forever.

    87. Juice boy Rekts

      who wanted to kick the field goal huh

    88. The Sphinx

      Focus on the NFC championship and not Jeopardy 🤡

      1. DuskThunder9

        @Shiven Joshi he’s not a clown but he shouldn’t be doing jeopardy tf

      2. Shiven Joshi

        Man out here really clowning Aaron Rodgers for doing something he enjoys

      3. Devastinator

        Wow calling him a clown? Damn.

      4. zoyxing

        Seahawks fan?

      5. J B384

        Maybe he should focus on winning mvp

    89. Aaron Cabrera


    90. Samoa

      I don’t think Aaron is gonna stay in Green Bay😩

    91. Alexiz Gaming


    92. JaredPica

      Goat 🐐

      1. Greysoul Jr

        @Weasel Wolf Rodgers the goat? you must be drunk

      2. BYU for Life

        @IDGAF he plays offense g, also Kevin king and the defense kinda blew it a little bit

      3. BYU for Life


      4. zoyxing

        @Julian Winter Brady is better all time. It's no longer a discussion.

      5. Julian Winter

        Rodgers is far more talented than Brady, Brady may be the most accomplished QB of all time, but Rodgers deserves more recognition, when Green Bay had a top 5 defense they won the the Super Bowl with Rodgers. Brady when he was at New England had top 5 defenses, solid receivers, and when he moved to tampa he still had great receivers and great defenses. Rodgers, with a worse team plays as good if not better than Brady each year. Besides, getting to the NFC championship 6 times in ten years is pretty impressive anyways.

    93. The Packinals Fan

      Its great to see Aaron Rodgers happy, he will always be my favorite qb.

      1. IDGAF

        @Brian "If" doesn't matter Brady is GOAT rather you agree or not 😂

      2. Brian

        @IDGAF if Brady played in the 80's and 90's things could be a lot different. This era is much easier to not get hurt and have a longer career. Manning even said that when he eclipsed Marino's passing record. Goat? No apples to apples comparison.

      3. Cool Dude I

        @Weasel Wolf I’m sorry but you Rodgers and Brady fans need to relize that josh Allen is #1 qb

      4. Josh Emerson

        @Weasel Wolf the point of the game is to win the Super Bowl so take that away and what are we even playing at that point.

      5. Duyen Cao


    94. Draedyn Freeman


    95. Ideal Warrior

      Sheeesh Aaron Rodgers bussin

    96. Savy VI

      Daddy Rodgers

      1. Bray_denss


    97. Rj Keilback


    98. Astra Xau


    99. Madden 21

      Aaron Rodgers

    100. Gabriel Haro