Tom Brady Full Season Highlights | NFL 2020


178 миӊ. көрүүлөр47

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    1. Preston Fuller

      When is the playoff movie coming out

    2. Muhammad Ghazy

      mans goated

    3. BidenIsA ChinesePuppet

      Brady is great and the NFL sucks Daily reminder: The 2020 Presidential Election was stolen through unconstitutional changes to voting laws in multiple states under the guise of an overblown pandemic.

    4. Noeum Din

      Tom Brady got Super Power.

    5. Rom

      Brady has mastered his craft. Every detail in his movements, mechanics, & control is perfected to maximize his skill & limited athleticism compared to Mahomes/Lamar. Result makes it look like he's taking it easy instead of chucking the ball, but in reality it's QB perfection.

    6. Aaron & Alex

      Tom Brady is by far the most interesting QB to watch.

    7. George K

      "A lot of room to run... but Tom doesn't do that"

    8. Brendan Caldwell

      Brady's the GOAT

    9. Rigby

      “bUt BrAdY cAn’T tHrOw DeEp”

    10. Simp Zilla

      Anyone remember when ppl were callin him a checkdown qb 💀

    11. RingoComedyNews

      The funny thing is Bitchigan had him as their backup QB

    12. gene bennett

      The unbecoming male disappointingly miss because handball medicinally add but a scandalous play. accessible, smiling representative

    13. Larry Macgyver

      You know how you know when you’ve got a lot of highlights ? ... when one of your Super Bowl touchdown passes isn’t in the video and it’s still over 8 min long

    14. Antonio 23

      This is The 1rst SB that brady win legaly without cheats and Spygate. Well, Referees helps brady in this SB But it's ok. The Goat? Never. He is now in The brees, Rogers, rotlisberger category.

    15. Sebastian Montoya

      Brady’s throwing is so underrated, he has perfect form and an accurate arm! 🎯

    16. 즉시탄핵

      Super bowl = Brady bowl

    17. ellodickypoo

      Love how a majority of the highlights are during the second half of the season when he finally found he groove

    18. MoonyD911

      Can't get enough of this. Classic Brady proving all the haters wrong.

    19. k y


    20. Bob

      Nobody: Joe Buck: “DOWN FIIEELLDDD... PASS IS CAUGHT!”

    21. Cole Lowenstein

      Yall really left his first ever 1st quarter superbowl touchdown off the list

    22. KGB KGB

      HAHA they mad White boy keeps on winning!!!!

    23. olsk0004

      Green 18

    24. x bendy

      I love how the opposing team has to have atleast 3 people on gronk cuz they know he can break most tackles

    25. Arisblood

      This is what does to a person when you have a chip on the shoulder. 6th rounder nos 199 draft pick. It is always like a personal and eternal mission to prove to the world and especially to his contemporaries. That he is good and being the 6th round 199 draft pick is somewhat like a big slap to him Tom Brady. And the result Brady the Goat and the best ever so far in our generation.

    26. Uttun Ingji

      #nfl #tombrady #patriot

    27. SSJ2

      lmao this sport is so boring

      1. Matthew Dowling

        What's less boring?

      2. Kenneth Colon

        Nah soccer is more boring

      3. KGB KGB

        HAHA they mad White boy keeps on winning!!!!

    28. Beast Mode

      43 total touchdowns to 12 interceptions....over 5 dropped touchdown passes and a lot of those picks were drops (more than he had dropped picks) in the regular season. He could straight up go for 50 total TDs next year. At 44 😭😂

      1. Matthew Dowling

        If his receivers didn't drop so many damn balls he probably would've matched his 50-8 TD-INT ratio from 2007

    29. Imelda Hernandez

      Brady for king

    30. George Romero

      Tom brady is the goat and amazing arm for 43 years old I am impressed by his arm strength and talent God has gave him.

    31. Jorge Hernandez

      Tompa bay

    32. Joshua Goodwin

      scotty is one of the most underrated receivers in the nfl. like he’s so good.

    33. joshua taylor

      hes arm looks good to me

    34. Riveriux Phenom

      Dime after dime after dime. Dude has great accuracy and arm strenght. Yet someone else gets called the best thrower of the football. How is Tom Brady so damn great and so shamefully doubted so much at the same time ?

    35. Brett Reid

      this years super bowl was great. it could be brady's best team in the sb ever, or least top 5. cant recall a super bowl that one team was just completely dominated all 4 quarters. it was great to see brady on the side that was doing the dominating . = D #goat

    36. Jori

      "oh Brady cant throw the deep ball anymore, he's washed" have you ever heard "Brady looking deep" more than this year lmao

    37. Raymond Ling

      I'm new to football. What are they shouting before a play?

    38. Nikola Stankovic

      Tom dropped more bombs in this video than NATO on my country in 99'

    39. Nikola Stankovic

      Clearly a decline in arm talent

    40. Maurizio Spagna

      - SEVENBRADY© - Land of creed. In the sporting days that will follow Tom Brady's career; because he's the best, he's a legend, he's a myth, he's the greatest of any era, against all logic, Brady must do something extremely surprising to enrich even more than any singular feat and exciting salient moment on the surface of our brain, now full of its plays in beauty. Every play by him, every win by him must be exciting as hell, he will have to border on the supernatural ... but one thing is certain, if he succeeds it will no longer be a magical moment but rather Tom Brady's passage to the divine sense of a God on the land of creed. --------------------------------------------- Nei giorni sportivi che seguiranno la carriera di Tom Brady; perché è il migliore, è una leggenda, è un mito, è il più grande di ogni epoca, contro ogni logica, Brady deve fare qualcosa di estremamente sorprendente per arricchire ancor più di ogni singolare impresa ed eccitante momento saliente sulla superficie del nostro cervello, ora pieno dei suoi giochi di bellezza. Ogni sua giocata, ogni sua vittoria deve essere eccitante da morire, dovrà rasentare il soprannaturale ... ma una cosa è certa, se ci riesce non sarà più un momento magico ma piuttosto il passaggio di Tom Brady al senso divino di un Dio sulla terra del credo. (di Maurizio Spagna©2021) - The signature of American sport in Italy -

    41. KilMo Yang

      What a journey!

    42. Dragster F

      This is Tom not In His prime either 😳

    43. Jean Espinal

      Tom has won 2 rings on Mahomes’ head. At 40+ years old on different teams and conferences. That is just unfair. I’ll be laughing in 15 years from now when people argue a mahomes goat case like they do Lebron.

    44. Matt Favaloro

      1:21 that's the same ball as in the game against the Packers right before the half Joseph opposite side of the field in different starting positions . It's the exact same if you look at the actual way Scotty caught the ball over-the-shoulder on his knees

    45. Gaming Celebrity

      Tom Brady always loves a challenge! Make it to the playoffs/Super Bowl with a new team after 20 years with New England. Especially with no preseason.

    46. Ninja Fly Away

      Great season refs! I mean... brady!

      1. Kikono Dende

        Yeah cuz the refs put the ball in the receivers hands right lol get lost hater

    47. Frankie Godino

      closest thing to immortality in sports

    48. Kevin A

      Should been considered for MVP honestly!

    49. yoos 24D

      mike evans was stop next to the red zone 5 or 6 different times which tells me he could have had 18 or 19 TDS instead of 13

    50. Steven2006

      At this point if you don’t say Brady’s the GOAT you need help like he done something to hurt your team

    51. TheChubbyd07


    52. Empty Giddy

      Mahomes passed the ball while parallel to the ground, Bardy cant do that. Mahomes the real GoAT

      1. Michael Ant

        But Mahomes lost to the real goat 31-9 in the Superbowl 💀💀💀

    53. Jordan Sellers

      The G.O.A.T 7 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍

    54. Ryan Burks

      Lol last clip would be Tom giving Ty the bird 🤣🤣🤣

    55. Harrison Craig

      Dude is 43 man.... and looks as good if not better than he did a decade ago... Brady is defying reality...

    56. Shannon Luciano

      Wheres all the carried by defence cockasses at

    57. Liam Gruis


    58. dkchen

      I hate Tom Brady

    59. HindSighterinoKripperino

      That arms still got some juice

    60. Griselda Cordoba

      The SonKisser

    61. DARTH VADAR swgoh

      Welcome to the "BEST" Bay area Tom and Gronk you are now South West Florida Bad Boyz 727/813 is the Jewel of the South

    62. JG23

      “Green eighteen, set hut!” - Tom Brady

    63. swag lord

      40 TDs is a big year for any QB

      1. vinh nguyen

        Cam newton have 8 TD and 10 INT this year...

    64. Âdil K

      His Goatness

    65. Thinker 4ward

      Don't forget to say congratulations to a Pat's fan. We won the Super Bowl!

    66. Jakob Corona

      He throws 42-46 if he plays well against New Orleans Week 9, n plays 2nd half against Detroit... and prlly 5000 passing yards

    67. Sameethh Gadila

      There is only one GOAT

    68. Wild Pringle

      Did he go back in time

    69. Eastwood Rufus

      Why is this man 43 Years of Age and a Starting NFL QB 🤔 ????

      1. Aristoi Gabriel

        For one reason and one reason only. He can get the job done.

    70. Ianツ

      Coach when Tom Brady is on the team: LONG PASS FROM TOM BRADY! ONLY THIS

    71. Rith Christian

      This show that Scotty miller deserved more respect as deep threat in every game.

    72. Practice

      Simply the standard of which quarterback excellence is measured. Tom Brady.

    73. Demetrius Almanza

      2:26 just realized that Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown are wearing the exact same thing. And I mean Exactly the same thing. From the forearm band on their right arms to the tall white socks, they look identical

    74. Demetrius Almanza

      Crazy to think that almost 1/5 of his passing yards was to Mike Evans

    75. Danse Macabre

      Brady just turned the Bucs into the 96 Bulls, must watch TV next year going for the repeat, and might be even better

    76. Nicardo Neil

      Tom Brady's footwork in the pocket is a masterclass in quarterbacking. Nobody has ever been better. Just ignore everything else and watch his feet: calm, deliberate, efficient, almost always in perfect position to throw. It's just beautiful.

    77. Benny Hath

      I don't want to be a prisoner of the moment but I think he'll be a first-ballot hall of famer

    78. Luis Enriquez

      The square locket progressively burn because linen intraspecifically snow around a laughable oyster. tacky, unaccountable cafe

    79. O Finn

      he's so calm

    80. psych 7

      Haters: Oh but Brady has an 'ok'/weak Arm and can throw the ball down field Brady: Hold my highlights

    81. Mariano Jadash Reyes Navarro

      Es un maldito corebac que se ñeva los anillos por comprar el partido es un idiota

    82. Mide Martins


    83. Lucas Vinicius


    84. nicauri natera

      Brady is the master

    85. Nathan ThreeLeaf

      Should have also included the dime he threw to Brees' son

    86. Rohit Suresh

      5:40 “a lot of room to run...but Brady doesn’t do that” 😂😂😂

    87. JayNice 910

      Wait a min I see a lot of deep throws I thought they said he couldn’t 🤔🖕

    88. Rohan Mahesh

      Bucs like to take their shots for deep throws!

    89. shermanmi

      Down fee-ULLLLLD...

    90. Dad and Lads Sports

      Goat! Who Agrees

    91. yi chen

      U noe I do not eat breakfast 🍳

    92. Noah Elliot Kamp Teglgård

      One word and one word only. GOAT 🐐

    93. spar0035

      Man I forgot how many beautiful connections between Scotty Miller and Brady there were besides the NFC Championship!

    94. spar0035

      Wow Scotty Miller grabbed several ridiculous catches on perfect throws by Brady.

    95. Guilherme Souza

      Tom brady fez o Brasil amar a NFL, alguns com raiva dos Pats outros por amor

    96. Jordan Bledsoe

      Nfl I want to see brady play on thanksgiving day 2021 thanks

    97. Sleepy Head

      Brady is the GOAT. But he’s not the best overall (talent wise) QB of all time. I gotta give that to Rodgers and Mahomes. Ofc not the greatest, but the talent wise yes. Can throw, scramble throw to sideline, and scramble to make a play. Can do almost literally almost anything a QB needs to do on the field, but just no where as clutch as Brady.

    98. King Aki'L

      What does Tom brady & ariana Grande have in common? They both got seven rings

    99. D

      The dude is seriously challenging Jordans spot as greatest American team athlete. I still give it to Jordan, but the margin is razor thin at this point.

    100. Dominic Segreto

      Another GOATED season for the G.O.A.T.