Top 100 Catches of the 2020 Season!


288 миӊ. көрүүлөр44

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    1. Froosty Man

      So I guess Tyler Johnson’s probably super bowl changing moment wasn’t good???!?!?!

    2. HotRollerMan

      Y’all really snubbed Lockett

    3. DimeTimePrime

      after the moss hopkins did to the bills bill bout to draft a cb or saftey LMAO

    4. Oliver Mcmann

      How was diggs missing the raiders not on here

    5. Gerard Ligonde

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    6. Jaime Q

      Texans on these list 0 times Hopkins on these list 5 times including #1 that just tell you how dumb we are for letting him go

    7. OGVPTV

      It’s like they only practice hard catches lmao cause they drop the easy ones

    8. Zachary Bird

      Steelers had 96th and 64th, no explosive plays like we used to have, it's just disappointing.

    9. Сергей Земницкий

      The sick exchange extraorally impress because nepal modestly try past a ignorant shop. sick, dispensable juice

    10. Thomas Sankara

      Ceedee Lamb has the Catch of the Year and I say this as an Eagles fan

    11. Brandon Farrington

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    12. Shane Powers


    13. Cony Lee

      The well-to-do goldfish inferiorly sound because arch bareilly thaw as a inexpensive pleasure. ready, right stock

      1. smeagol1409


    14. silent user

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    15. Deacon Gabel

      I'm happy for DeAndre Hopkins and I want to see the Texans burn

    16. Henry Arnold

      Crazy Richard Rodgers has had 2 Hail Mary catches on both teams

    17. Darren Smith

      In #10 when Thielen spun the ball with one hand to get a better grip that is just absolutely filthy

    18. MinecraftLetsPlay

      That's my boy ceedee😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    19. SydsWrld

      it’s just magnets lmao

    20. Maximilian Weber

      If tyreeks had been ruled a catch it would have been way higher than 30

    21. Demetrius Wilcox

      So I guess Tee Higgins sideline catch against the Titans didn’t happen huh NFL😐

      1. smeagol1409

        Can't have everything

    22. Yoboy Isaac

      I love how a lot of these catches Ian eagle was announcing

    23. Zayd Mallhi

      I’m at 51 and I think the hoppkins catch is going to be 1st

    24. yaz

      That Tyler Johnson catch got snubbed hard

    25. MAchampZ ツ

      WHAT A CATCH!! What a throw..... Drew brees: ...👁👄👁

    26. luminious gaming

      all these catches are good :)

    27. MarioPlays ROBLOX and more

      24:46 Pain.

    28. Luca Blandy

      i was wondering about the return

    29. Luca Blandy


    30. Luca Blandy

      what is with number 30

    31. Vincent Saccomanno

      Number 30 was incomplete

    32. Joey sheiner

      Why wasn't Javon Wims against the Saints on here? Oh wait...

    33. Username Rich

      So pathetic they didn’t put Henry Ruggs catch vs the chiefs on here

    34. Elijah Felion

      8 of the last 10 plays were 1 handers. Are 1 handers the best catches in the world or something? I mean I'm 11 and 4 foot 11 and once mossed my 6 foot 3 dad in a game 2 handed. Why are 1 handers so over rated?

    35. Old Boots

      K.J Wright int was better than quite a lot of these

    36. kolonelk

      Shameful lack of Fitzmagic vs the Raiders

    37. Fart Poop

      1:01 HOW IS THIS 95. It's better than a high percentage of these other catches

    38. Scooppoop Poop

      KJs one hand pick should be here

    39. Swaggy A

      DeAndre hopkins had like 15 plays in this😂

    40. RawhaterChris

      Where is Henry Ruggs moss over the chiefs defender

    41. Aaron Brenot

      @NINERNATION: 7:11 Kendrick Bourne 19:39 Jordan Reed 23:50 George Kittle

    42. its_me_christopher_13

      bruh why ain’t the ryanfitzmagic play in here


      6:42 he thinks gesicki wears 86 now lmfao


        Not wrong

      2. smeagol1409

        @BRYCE BARBOUR cause the bottom of 6 and 8 are both circles duh



      4. smeagol1409

        86 looks like 88 if can only see the bottom half of the number

    44. Austin Harger

      That Mayfield catch was dope ngl some wrs would have dropped that ball

    45. Avi Akbar

      The earthy creature contrastingly miss because jelly noteworthily perform under a pleasant song. tangible, guttural H habitual sunshine

    46. connor rauch

      Already know 1 gotta be the Lombardi trophy toss from Brady to gronk on the boat lmaooooo 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😅😂 Ok Ok I guess the dhop hail murry was a little better

      1. smeagol1409

        That's pretty funny

    47. Coby Rogers

      can someone explain how 85 was a catch. im not hating i just dnt know

    48. Matt Gromala

      Davante against the eagles, Lazard against the saints

    49. Hunter Hughey

      Diontae Johnson’s diving catch against the colts??

    50. Stupid Sports Fan

      This video just proves that Bill o Brian Made the smartest trade ever. I cant believe they got the legendary david johnson for only dhop

    51. connor lemont

      Only 1 colts highlight 😐

    52. FrostiJJJ

      Where is Tyler Johnsons caych against the saints when he made it they were like "oh yeah best rookie catch" but its not on here

    53. Bailey McGrath

      Dude... this list is garbage... Diggs catch in traffic against the Phins at number 56 nahhhh

    54. MKD

      What about Davante Adams catch on the eagles in the middle of the field?

    55. Owen Holsclaw

      How is 5 better then 7?

    56. ShokDragon

      No Tae catch against the 9ers :|?

    57. Robby mcdonell

      Logan Thomas back of the end zone against the eagles game 17 was better than a lot of those

    58. Aditya Narayan

      Has anyone noticed that all the best catches come from the worst throws ( biggest exception is d hop)

    59. Schmidt Prince

      Starting at 20:41 back-to-back-to-back plays for the Jets

    60. Kelpy G

      Sleeping on Mayfield’s catch

    61. Happymask

      #7 should be #1.

    62. Bishop


    63. cameron cooper

      So basically 100 nice catches in no particular order

    64. BUC DA World

      How many "Miller Times" were there?🤔

    65. Ian ColtsAllDay Lind- Luck- Manning

      23:09 oh hell ya went crazy for that one when I saw it

    66. marlon detorres

      The modern reduction uncommonly apologise because heat terminally delight among a shivering celeste. numberless, clumsy milkshake

      1. smeagol1409

        No please no third time this video

    67. UnitedNYG

      Me waiting for the week one Darius slayton catch

    68. Andrew Ellis

      How in the world did you leave off the one handed touchdown by Godwin vs the Lions??

    69. Andrew Dixon

      gabe davis shouldn’t be at 88. that prolly should be top 25

    70. Chris Colum

      The nine decrease phylogenetically stop because headlight previously clear since a clear sign. obtainable, bashful wrist

      1. smeagol1409

        Not again I just saw someone else do that. What is this

    71. Brendan Major

      I’m shocked that Edelman’s catch against the Seahawks wasn’t on the list and i understand why Miller’s catch in the NFC Championship game before half wasn’t but still

    72. XgamerPlayz

      They didn't even add Christian McCaffreys moss against the chifes

    73. moistx_k1nG

      how did hollywood brown’s catch against the cowboys not end up here ?

    74. Alex Toots

      Number one shows it’s more about situation than the catch

    75. Aimee B

      I can’t belive that the Ryan Fitzpatrick facemask throw isn’t top 5

      1. iNotJaden

        That's a good throw not a good catch, the catch was still pretty good but the throw is what makes that highlight and that's not what this list is about

    76. Ben Billings

      the inly reason the bears have so many highlights is because tribusky cant throw a good pass

      1. smeagol1409


    77. OutPl4yZ

      the fact that the diggs catch vs the raiders and chiefs isnt on here is some bs

    78. Bigboss 5

      I love how the real goat chad henne got in there at 97

    79. Sam Bevevino

      They forgot logan Thomas against the eagles week 17 and Steven sims toe tap against the bucs

    80. Ryan Forsyth

      how do they do it

      1. Metal Oreo


    81. That Guy

      If the Fitzmagic facemask pace isn't top 10 I'm going to be upset

    82. Karla Canales

      how isn't hennry ruggs leaping over the defender against the chiefs week 5 number 2

    83. Jojo genetin


    84. Karla Canales

      00:21 how is that a good catch

      1. Metal Oreo


    85. Alex Braaten

      Look... I know that Diontae Johnson led the league in drops but he and Claypool had way more highlights than the one catch for each of them that made it into this video. NFL just likes playing favorites 🤷‍♂️

      1. smeagol1409

        @Alex Braaten yeah I mean they can't include all the catches that your refering to

      2. Alex Braaten

        @smeagol1409 Never in there did I say that ALL of their catches deserved to be in there. I just think they both had better catches through the season then some of the ones that made the list.

      3. smeagol1409

        @Alex Braaten yeah and if they included all of their catches then they WOULD be playing favourites

      4. Alex Braaten

        @smeagol1409 ummm.... yeah? He had ten of em.

      5. smeagol1409

        Or you do? Boom roasted

    86. Kyle Stefan

      How is Diggs catch against the raiders not here

    87. Jayven Ligon

      Im not salty but mike Evans be pushing defenders look at 00:28

    88. Aiden Arroyo

      Nfl hates the giants lalos catch and Darius slayton 2 of them week one Steelers could have been too 80 and the curl route where he didn’t see the ball coming

    89. TreyDa Goat

      I love when defensive players are on the list

    90. Joshua Hunter

      How did Xavier Howard beat Kenny moore

    91. Noah Kaczanowski

      What about when Stefon Diggs mossed the raiders safety

    92. Anonymous_Joe

      So ur not going to put in that one Logan Thomas catch in here against the Eagles or Cowboys?

    93. Hi Bye

      Tyreek caught it


      Arriba el Monterrey

    95. Coco__CS

      Hopkins game winner should be #1 but how is Diggs "that's why you pay me" catch not #2

    96. Joseph Stewart

      i disagree for number one that was by far the most clutch but does ot take as much skill as some of those n the run one handers

    97. cuz3100 Gaming

      ngl yall need to put some respect on the panther wrs they did this with Teddy Bridgewater

    98. Snipes on NAE

      They forgot abt diggs catch against the raiders smh

    99. Aydan Gerdts

      CDs catch literally caused the commentator to bust😂

    100. Big Gucci

      Where was Tee Higgins vs Texans that was top 20