Top 100 Plays of the 2020 Season!


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    1. King G

      4:38 is that dehop - SLEEVELESS????????!!!!!!

    2. Steve Sullivan

      #100... almost throws an interception. AMAZING PLAY!!!

    3. Conal O'flaherty

      Damn come on Terron Johnson deserves higher than that man

    4. Nicholas Cohen

      Okay... the Hail Murray was even more impressive than I remember. Holy cow.

    5. Owen Mancini

      Kemera literally walked his way to the number third play of the year

    6. Owen Mancini

      As a bills fan i feared the hail murry bein #1

    7. Owen Mancini

      Wow Kamera walked his way to the %3 play of the year😂

    8. Owen Mancini

      How is Terron Johnson’s 101 yard pic6 only #17 that’s disrespectful

    9. Styles Marshall

      Why was henry's 5 yard touchdown at 61? Great play but nothing really special about it

    10. Styles Marshall

      The disrespect to mahomes' unbelievable incomplete pass is sad. Never seen anything like that before. Top 50 play imo

    11. Chase Jefferson

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    12. Chase Jefferson

      JESUS is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! - John 14:6 With GOD all things are possible - Matthew 19:26 Remember that JESUS loves you and JESUS saves✝️🙏🙌 GOD is good all the time and all the time GOD is good😊 AMEN🙏 Have a BLESSED day😊 Please be careful with the music you listen to and the things you watch! Please be careful with your life and pray to GOD and ask HIM to protect you✝️🙏🙌😊 AMEN! 🙏

    13. Bryan Bartley

      how is the miles sanders 82 yard run not on here

    14. Andrew Fekete

      How was Xavien Howard’s one handed catch better than Marcus Maye’s but interception. Also Aiyuk’s hurdle was nasty at least put it in top 45.


      1 John 2:9 He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now.

    16. Charlie Muniz

      that catch at 58 was INSANE how is that not higher??

    17. Ethan Luma

      The DK rundown show not be top 5

    18. MoPasaurus Rex

      Number 2 shouldn't even be top-10 bruh

    19. Vrezii cTm

      where was evan engram one hand catch for a td

    20. YoMomma LikeThisMeat

      Incomplete pass is in the top 100? Boy they say sucking “Mahexcues” off with that incomplete pass 😂

      1. Styles Marshall

        Stfu that is the greatest incomplete pass of all time. As a Titans fan, it was better than half of henry's highlights

    21. Andrew Zeitler

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    22. Jonathan Silva

      nice tyreek hill sits down after 5 yards number 9

    23. Balcky

      Saw #48 in person, heartbreaking ❤️💛

    24. fredrik&thedigitalexpression ;;

      This order is soo random haha

    25. MarioPlays ROBLOX and more

      1:50 Remove that dash in the 49ers record.

    26. Mercy_JRAimsYT

      Justin Herbert: wins OROY NFL: meh amateur Mahomes: Throws a int while getting dumped to the ground NFL: ok this is in

    27. MalRulesAll


    28. Jv07coolkid

      Murray magic to finish it off at #1

    29. Jv07coolkid

      1:41 that man's hair is long as hell!

    30. Cony Lee

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    31. Ryder McClurg

      uhh number 33 was not a catch tf

    32. Ryan Martinez

      Washington getting the INT to seal the win against the Steelers was wayyyy better then hill catching a 5 yard pass.

    33. Patrick Redmond

      6:59 Antoine Winfield will remember that

    34. Ashley Mahan

      At number1 as I new dandre Hopkins

    35. Christian Tolliver

      16 should have been 1

    36. B boi

      No way jets are in how 😂😂😂😂😂

    37. Reynaldo Justo II

      NFL has such a hardon for Mahomes

    38. Genghis K

      Seems to be a lot of Tennesse/Kansas City highlights...hmm!

      1. MalRulesAll

        @Andy Gygi exactly

      2. Andy Gygi

        Derrick Henry and Patrick Mahomes. Best running back and the best QB. Not a coincidence they both have a ton of highlights.

    39. Charles

      That first Mahomes play would have been No.1 if the receiver caught that ball

    40. Alexander Lanterman

      Are you kidding me NFL? Number 2 shouldn't even be in the top 50.

    41. Elijah Long

      The nfl is so biased how is that chiefs play #9 that is so easy to catch

    42. Dr. Gumbo Sharts

      The best part about #100 was after the incompletion when Jason Pierre Paul stood over top of Mahomes and shouted, “it’s over boy”. Should have shown that.

    43. Christian D'Amico

      5:09. 69 should be the new starting Running Back

    44. Karl Domingues

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    45. fishtus

      a 5 yard pass to tyreek hill is higher than a 101 yard pick six to put the game away basically

    46. Brooks Bekkum

      The order of this list is terrible

    47. John Philipbar III

      No Godwin one handed catch against the lions? And no fournette spin cycle run against the packers cmon man

    48. Freddy Ulmer

      Wow, the NFL really hates the Chargers, huh? ORY and not a single play? P.S. #19 should’ve been a top 10 play. Unreal.

    49. FinsGaming

      What happened to the scoop and score Miami had against the rams?!?

    50. Matteo Pepe

      Who was number 4 for

    51. snow- _flake

      Say what you want to team more entertaining then the cardinals

    52. Jakob M18

      how's aiyuk play so low, it should be in top 20 or 30

    53. Marcelo Sichonany

      0:47 clearly holding lmao

    54. Veer Marwah

      the Mahomes throw goes from 100 to 1 with a catch

    55. Timmothy Santoro

      Bruh i feel like number 9 should not be hinickies throw or whatever yea i get it was a backup qb winning a playoff game but no and bruh number 8 is carrs hail mary td no he was wide it woulda been a catch and was cant be that high.

    56. Jaiden Brown

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    57. King Klutz

      this list is awful look at number nine😂

    58. Universe_ pog

      ah yes, a field goal is 40 spots higher than a 95 yard run.

    59. Spirit Bros

      It’s crazy to think how the #100 best play could’ve been the #1 play

    60. Matthaeus

      17:07, I love how #31 is trying to help get the ball and after fumbling around with it he just backs off with his hands in the air, lmao

    61. seubert22

      Is every deep ball brady completed a top 100 play?

    62. Ed Wuncler III

      7:02 noice

    63. Christopher Watkins

      I’m watching these plays and doing them on madden

    64. Lilbittyninja

      I am disgusted that Davante Adam’s TD against the 49ers didn’t even make the LIST..

    65. Robert Petix


    66. Gavinb 18

      Putting Aaron Jones run at 79 is so disrespectful

    67. Geoffrey Braun

      99, the play is average but the end is not

    68. Yo Savic

      Jets in a top 100😳

    69. TheDCGuitar13

      When the worst receiving corps in football drops 8-% of their targets, its all Lamars fault. When the best receiving corps ever gets blown out, they failed mahomes.

      1. Andy Gygi

        They did fail Mahomes, to be fair. Lamar is an average passer. Not good, but not terrible. He gets too much hate.

    70. statly

      Justin Herbert: Breaks every record NFL: Ok Also NFL: An incomplete pass should be play #100

      1. blacker58

        @Mark may as well say tom brady's 75 yard throw in super bowl 42 that hit randy moss's hands while being plowed the previous play and being sacked 5 times all game should be considered one of the greatest plays that season... wtf? it's an incompletion.

      2. Mark

        Its not about records its about best plays which that damn throw was the best of the year but yes herbert was snubbed considering he had really good throws too

      3. Patrick Redmond

        Yeah but everyone knows all his records will be broken in the next 5 years

      4. I Am A Human

        Pat mahomes

    71. Austin Haynes

      Aiyuk at 56!!!???

    72. AzLegatzkeShow

      number 100 should be number 1 hands down!!!!!!!!! Greatest throw in NFL history!

    73. Gaylord Catarina

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    74. Jonah Lopez

      Mahomes: *completes wide open pass with clean pocket and a quarter to go* NFL: OMG how amazing, thats literally the second best play we've seen this year Fitz: *game winning no look pass with seconds remaining while having his head ripped backwards by an NFL lineman* NFL: yea that's like 16 lol

      1. Jonah Lopez

        if patrick mahomes made that throw it would be #1 no doubt

    75. Mikeys Low Hangers

      wait was the first clip the super bowl in 2021??

    76. Jacion Bryant

      number 1 and number 100

    77. Jacion Bryant

      raiders nations

    78. Cannon Thiessen

      Nice just not a single chargers play

    79. Wesley Larks

      Ah yes. No Herbert, no Chinn, no Mclaurin tackle, but Joe Burrow's scramble makes the list. Gotcha

    80. Elijah Williams

      can you believe that frank gore this season has surpassed barry sanders for 3rd all time in rushing yards.

    81. CAM NEWTON2015

      Wow not a single panthers play here

    82. George Sherman

      Obj does some good cuts NFL. One of the best plays

    83. Andy Garcia

      There could have been a better #9.

    84. Gatoraids115

      Miami shoudve been #1

    85. AnimeFlyz

      Only 10 seconds in and this video is a joke. Just come out and admit you suck of Mahomes.

    86. Sebasbuckets

      I think a high school quarterback could have made the same play as number 9.

    87. Jude Magnotti


    88. AlphaRada66

      not the nfl riding mahomes smh

    89. Thanos Will Come

      WTF is this order

    90. Pan Troglodyte

      75 DREAM

    91. KingNeptune

      Why isn’t 77 higher?

    92. Moral

      where was flacco throw to crowder corner of the end zone snd where was mcsorely to hollywood

    93. Bobby_ BaseballClipz

      99 best plays (in random order) and one incompletion by the most overrated QB in NFL History! New title?

    94. HouseOfAthletes

      I guess Jerry Jeudy 92 yard touchdown never happened

    95. 1Duriann

      19:15 come one how is that number 9

    96. Halobot 20

      This list is terrible, so many missing plays.

    97. Bandoo

      i guess tee higgins catch vs the titans isn’t as good as an incomplete pass

    98. James Marinelli

      Shut up quarterback

    99. Michael Jusino

      Scottie Miller is a young goat yo

    100. Turul Kabaoglu

      Justin Herbert???????