Ian Book FULL Pro Day Highlights: Every Throw


44 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

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    1. Asmar Rufus

      Yup, anything outside the hashes doesn’t have enough zip and floats. Also needs to lead receivers on the out routes,

    2. Mia Duque

      I like his pro day better than trey's.

    3. SheffRudyTKE

      I am a die hard ND fan. give him a couple years and he'll be a solid back up.

    4. Gabe

      4th round talent

    5. Jacob P

      This is a horrific camera angle that was terrible couldn’t even see the deep throws

    6. Blow' The Whistle

      Smoking Aces in his pro day..

    7. Sentinel

      Where the hell is Shane Buechele's pro day video?

    8. R V

      Tampa bay to pick him 6th rd

    9. Rich Lo

      Is this even a pro day? He looks disinterested

    10. Ivan chavez

      Can somebody tell me what team is he moving to in nfl

    11. SmithN' Wesson

      Very little arm strength, not much velocity, no deep ball ability and average athleticism at best. He is a 3rd stringer.

    12. Curtis D

      Ian... No Thank you

    13. DSC

      What you did on the field > pro days, always

    14. BeerChugginRedNeck

      Bucs will pick him and keep the SB TRAIN ROLLIN!! GO BUCS AND GO IRISH!! 🍀

    15. VoidSurfer9

      The only question now is how many picks do the Bears trade up to draft him at #5 overall?

      1. Milky Kun


    16. Medusa Man

      Develop this kid in Chicago. Great rd 5 if he’s still there.

      1. Michael Moore


    17. Quiet Money Recordz

      No he not

    18. Original One

      Bears should roll with Ian Book very Athletic and mobile

    19. G C20

      Remind me of Brees

    20. Beth St.Germain

      Notre Dame fan: but it made me LOL WHEN IAN BOOK HAD A PRO DAY BEFORE JUSTIN FIELDS

    21. CancelAnime

      Book should stay another year at Notre Dame

    22. Top Opp John

      He looks like superhero in the thumbnail

    23. Marcus Carrillo

      Top ten pick!!!

      1. Milky Kun

        Lmao hope you are kidding

    24. daniel correard

      if this kid gets a fair shake from the nfl he could be good strong arm accurate he could be very good

    25. Tyler Tracy 1

      Pls come to the eagles

    26. Alan James

      That hair cut looks good

    27. Matthew Ramos

      He’s gonna be a steal in the draft!

    28. Shanav m


    29. Timmy- Bo

      It may be his receivers but he can not throw on the run

    30. bullpup33

      He reminds me R. Wilson. Not he will be, but the traits are there.

    31. Brandon Ramirez

      Man should have stayed in collage another year. Hopefully he can be a franchise qb.

      1. Paddy Flatts

        He can’t he is a 5th year senior

    32. Trevor Lawrence


    33. thedreamer bigpapikoz

      Book is good it's just he needs to work on his decision making

    34. Calming Relaxation

      So he's deadly accurate with anything under 30 yrds, but pretty bad with big throws

    35. 1nf!nity

      i don't watch college football but who tf is this?

      1. Louis Norton

        @UCEnawyQkGNV0Nf-7y44wUlA You're welcome

      2. Louis Norton

        5th year senior for ND, led them to 2 playoff appearances, a few bowl games, great scrambler, solid passer, bit small, and he also has the most wins by a ND QB ever, solid perhaps underrated, probably going in 5/6 round All of this comes from an ND fan who lives in Indiana.

    36. PlutoMatters

      Underrated. He’s going to be a good draft 3rd day pickup for someone.

      1. Braden Houser

        @himynamescaden XFL QB

      2. himynamescaden

        He’s trash, he’s gonna be out of the league in at most 4 years

      3. Braden Houser

        undrafted or round 7

      4. Basketball Boyz


    37. Downtown Leland Brown

      lowkey underrated

    38. Isaac O

      Jets will draft him book it

    39. shawn bopko

      he tows aggressively

    40. Brandon Fouch

      His ceiling is Tony Romo. More than likely he turns into Colt McCoy though.

    41. D A N N Y

      Washington should get mond or Jamie round 2 or 3 . If both are gone then Davis or Ian round 4/5 is good

    42. Sam Rosendahl

      God I’d love to be book, this guy is gonna be a great franchise backup for fifteen years, none of the insane pressure or injuries and about half the money if you are a great one. 12/15 million a year to stand there and look good.

      1. KAEP

        @mr bigcock, yes but that’s because he was worth the money, he was like a top backup, book is gonna be a rookie, he’s gonna have to do something worth noting to get that big money as a backup

      2. mr bigcock

        @Highlander Holyfield mariota made 12 in the raiders this year

      3. Highlander Holyfield

        What back up is getting 12-15 million a year? Most backups are on like 2 years 7 million dollar contracts

    43. Carlos Perez

      Who is the #10 WR?

    44. iplaystuff69

      Can somebody put some respect on his name he has a good pro day and a good senior bowl and people still don’t even care about him

    45. iplaystuff69


    46. Erik Daniels

      Come to the Vikings

    47. Nate Lowe


    48. Snow Man

      Shitty camera work Rookie.

    49. Wayne A. W.

      3.6 TD:INT ratio over a 4-Year Collegiate Campaign, 72 TDs 20 INTs. 2020 Undefeated (with a win over Clemson in double OT), but losses in both the ACC Championship to Clemson/Lawrence QB, then in the Rose Bowl to 'Bama/Jones QB, with no TDs in either game. Like Kyle Trask and Kellen Mond, a Draft "Project" who could serve as a solid backup for any one of the NFL's 32 teams.

    50. Michael Tribbet

      Not sure what to make of book tbh. Nothing stands out as crazy impressive to me, but I’m also no expert snd typically rely on the words of experts to see things more clearly. Hoping he kills it in the nfl tho!

    51. BvrstFN


      1. ItzHex

        That's Kellen Mond

      2. ItzHex

        Hello no

    52. Dustin Zhu

      BOOK IT

    53. KG3 24

      What size are those Feet .. is bro coordinated.. good zip on the ball though .. I’d put him on the roster back up win a few.. Edit .. to be continued

    54. Cj Alexander

      Slow feet

    55. Kyle Allen

      I loved Book in college hopefully he’ll get a chance in the NFL

    56. Geoffrey Willemsen

      Awesome practice players good work team

    57. CaderousseGoose

      They call him Ian Book because all the defenders will have this bum read.

    58. Daniel Tayong

      6th or 7th round maybe?

      1. iplaystuff69


    59. Pedro Campos

      he can be the next tom brady

      1. Justin Bieber


    60. Bandzupmalik

      He gonna be a sleeper in the draft 🤫

      1. iplaystuff69


    61. Lanson Liki

      Ian book is 🗑

    62. Stanley Ezen

      I can see him second round, maybe to Raiders, Saints or Cowboys for the sake of depth.

      1. Stanley Ezen

        Damn he that bad lmao

      2. Louis Norton

        Switch 2nd round to 5th/6th and you got a deal.

      3. Stanley Ezen


      4. Tide Podz

        2nd round? Your kidding

    63. patrick mcgraw

      He’s going to be like Tom Brady

      1. Jimbo 03

        If Tom Brady had a unholy child with Patric mahomes and made all the perfect throws on the run while also running like a 4:5 40

      2. Basketball Boyz


    64. June Smith

      "Who?" -DeShone Kizer

    65. June Smith

      Damn, that facility bro. Them Catholic's got some money lol.

      1. KAEP

        @edjy71, only some and it’s also because of money, like the U, their facility is big cause of cash and their locker room was funded or payed for by the rock

      2. edjy71

        Doesn't every other big program have kick-ass facilities too?

      3. Justin Bingham

        The BYU LDS church is also loaded.

      4. Savage Saiyan Fitness

        ND just finished building that like a year or two ago, so don’t think We’ve had that forever cause they haven’t

    66. cj money

      Ima a notre dame fan and trust this Ian book will never be a starter

      1. Milky Kun

        Maybe but do you think he will get drafted?

    67. Tru Reid

      I hate this guy so much

    68. philip campos

      I feel like he's gonna be a steal for a team 🤔

      1. Basketball Boyz


      2. iplaystuff69

        That’s a good feeling

    69. Matt Burk

      He has great arm talent and accuracy, but his decision making is what makes him not all that good. Hope someone can teach him how to throw to the right read.

    70. Hungry Panda Studios

      this isnt 2K. we cant tell anything from this angle

    71. Abhi G

      Unless he turns into like an H-back he has no future in the nfl lol

    72. il cevin

      Decent QB, does everything by the book.


        You pround of that one😂😂😂

      2. Jeremiah Chacko

        guess he's a real book worm

      3. PlutoMatters

        Ba-doomp tish

      4. Zaayan Hasan

        @Papi Tre At earliest, the 5th

      5. Jackson Constantine

        No passion though. Bet he’s just there to make *paper*

    73. ethan esparza

      he is so underrated

      1. iplaystuff69

        @Footed he has 20 years at most to work on that buddy

      2. Footed

        He has no arm strength

    74. Carson Watkins

      Late round sleeper

    75. TR3Yz _

      Practice squad player isn’t bad or third string backup

      1. KAEP

        @First Last, and yet he’ll still be in the NFL while you’re not

      2. First Last

        He'll be a good water boy or bench warmer

    76. Team Warriors Harsh

      Throwing dimes could be a starter if he goes to the right team and fixes the deep ball

      1. Jackson Constantine

        How’s he throwing dimes then 😂 you just contradicted yourself

    77. JKJudah

      probably 3rd round to Minnesota

      1. JKJudah

        @Justin Bieber dang Justin, you aged pretty quick lol

      2. Justin Bieber

        7th round*

    78. Jamie Rodgers

      Y’all the biggest haters.. he looks great.. dude missed like 3 throws that were his fault.. there was a drop and a misread in the air from two other plays that’s on the WR..

      1. Justin Bieber

        Go watch actual games bro

      2. Zachary Chen

        anyone can look great in pro day lol

    79. Next Gen

      Giants please get him

      1. Jackson Constantine

        Take it you’re a Jets fan then?

      2. Justin Bieber

        As a 3rd string tf

    80. David Chuha

      Man could be backing up Mahomes/ Brady

    81. Airborne Jay

      footwork is horrendous lool and got a long delivery

    82. JB 0809

      He shoulda stayed one more year at ND he’d have a bigger name in the draft.

      1. Hengel Andrews

        @AJ K his ceiling is a being a career backup moving from team to team. His floor is undrafted practice squad guy for a couple of seasons before he’s out of the league completely.

      2. Justin Sullivan

        Lmao no. He is who he is. Nothing would’ve changed that. What you see is what you get.

      3. AJ K

        Ah yes improve your draft stock so your chance of making it in the NFL plummets as you go to a losing franchise. Great plan

      4. Louis Norton

        His draft stock has never been higher and he's a 5th year senior there's nothing else he could have done.

      5. Ayodamola Ajala

        @Jet Cola Can't Melt Steel Beams facts

    83. faiz Ali

      Did scouts even attend this

      1. First Last

        Heck no

    84. Corey Dibiase

      Eagles 7th round pick

      1. Dank Burrito

        I would be ok with that.

    85. King Camaro

      Carson wINTz 2.0

      1. Zachary Chen

        wentz is better than 📚

    86. Austin DeSanto

      Austin DeSanto

    87. Colton Lombardo

      Didn’t know it was half-ass casual day. Dude isn’t even trying to raise his stock.

      1. Louis Norton

        Fact is since none of yall Ian Book you don't know how hard he was trying or what was going through his mind.

      2. SinikkaL

        Guess you just watched the first few warm up throws and judged the entire workout based on those. Idiot.

      3. Deadmanwalking Yep

        Yea this was terrible

      4. James Calder

        His stock isn't gonna shoot up because of his Pro Day - He is not gonna go high in the draft and he knows it.


        Still will get taken regardless so who cares if he wasn't trying

    88. Nicholas Woods

      11th round pick at safety

    89. Logan Rocksmith

      Havent watched it but did he jus run around a bunch

    90. Daniel Coronado

      Could sit behind Stafford and learn for a few years this wouldn't be a bad 3rd day pick up by the LA RAMS

      1. Hannezo Wolf

        @Daniel Coronado Fair enough, when they don’t have any first round pick for a couple of years, grooming a QB they feel good about from the later rounds Isn’t a bad Idea

      2. Calming Relaxation

        nah, why waste a pick when they are trying to win now, give stafford 3 years

      3. Daniel Coronado

        @Hannezo Wolf I'm not sold on Wolford yet. Would rather have a younger QB like this to learn under Stafford.

      4. Hannezo Wolf

        Wolford Is pretty good tho

    91. Show Me

      He will be a good backup QB

    92. Cryptum404

      Honestly looks better than fields

    93. Ricardo Martinez Ramirez

      Damn going 1#

      1. First Last


    94. Zack T.D


    95. Michael J


    96. Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie

      Ian Book such a solid player really looking forward to seeing him put in work

      1. Milky Kun

        @Jackson Constantine tbh gotta admit that's true and I'm a notre dame fan

      2. Milky Kun

        @Stanley Ezen unfortunately hes not going 2nd round

      3. ConstantReplay

        @ItzHex 6th round is over drafting

      4. ItzHex

        @Stanley Ezen he's a 4th

      5. Stanley Ezen


    97. Matt Jones

      The next drew Brees but with a rocker arm. Just watch.

    98. Elie

      Have a good day god love y'all

    99. Tpvn

      Better then Trevor don’t @ me

    100. Santos Hennessy

      Reminds me of Tom brady