Chuba Hubbard Pro Day Highlights


37 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

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    күнү жарыяланды 18 күн мурун


    1. Donovan Faalili

      Comparison of Jonathan Taylor

    2. orion sands

      49ers Rd5

    3. ChiefKeewatin

      Wanna see him in Silver and Black

    4. Riv

      Looks like he ran a solid 40 , would love to know the time

    5. Jacion Bryant

      Is he a power back raider nation

    6. Jacion Bryant

      As a raider fan they said we a 3erd running back that has power is he a power back

    7. Ron Lamar

      What was his 40?

    8. Ron Lamar

      Future Jag

    9. Hi_Im_Paul


    10. Jason Jones


    11. zen

      Kyle Shanahan is still looking for his TD (Terrell Davis), this guy looks like a good fit. If this guy falls to us the 49ers, Y'all are gonna be in BIG trouble.

    12. lashad davis

      The most slept on player in this draft

    13. Tony Dele

      I have a feeling where ends up he's going to do his thing

    14. Tris Carter

      Most underrated RB

    15. J.R. Walden

      Oh ya....This is the football player that made his coach bend the knee in fear of being cancelled during the 2020 witch hunts for having a news channel t-shirt on that didn't support his political views.

    16. GreenWasabi

      Welcome to the Jets :)

    17. DseJboOfficial

      Send him to my giants we can take another Rb fresh like his size and ability opposite of SB26

    18. Unapologetic


    19. TJ Dragneel

      Whoever Chuba gets drafted to is gonna love his talent. Speaking as an Oklahoma State fan

    20. TommyPutYouON PYO


    21. Drew Wilson

      Future Steeler in the 3rd rd

    22. DSC

      Hope he can catch like a receiver and block well, only way to make sure as a RB you last over 5 years. Good luck

    23. Zafir89

      Niners in 3rd

    24. Kartine Epil02

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    25. Jim Jimmy


    26. Jack White

      Rbs is a position you can find value in later rounds. If hes there grab him.

    27. Matt F

      Chuba “I’m not political but a news network t’shirt offends me” Hubbard

    28. shawn bopko

      He can turn fast

    29. Cocolo Sangre

      Wouldn't mind the Steelers getting this guy in the second or third if he falls...his speed is Crazy!!!

      1. Mitsuko X

        Him and Teven Jenkins would be great

    30. douglas anderson

      Hopefully he regains the shine that was on him a year ago. Think he ran a 4.48 40.

      1. That Jay Aye Morant Dude

        he ran a 4.36

    31. Sami R 04

      Kinda hope my Steelers take him

      1. Fewlatenights

        i was just thinking that

    32. Meredith Buttler

      He got wheels

    33. June Valentin

      He’s going round 2-3

    34. Alex Hendrix

      For those wondering that was a 4.36 40 time

      1. Cezarrio McQueen

        @JukeJoint523 Jordan still fast for a running back

      2. B A

        @JukeJoint523 Jordan you mean the 40 at the combine is a bit longer than regular 40

      3. JukeJoint523 Jordan

        @B A About a a foot in distance. Remember football is a game of inches

      4. B A

        @JukeJoint523 Jordan whats the difference ?

      5. JukeJoint523 Jordan

        4.47 in Combine time


      Biggest steal of the draft

    36. Old

      cardinals pls

    37. Shanav m

      Future bronco.

    38. NUB_YOLO ProPhete

      Who’s ever making these videos while you all are not putting the results

    39. B H

      That man comes from the city of champions .. so you know you're getting one if you draft him ! Let's go 780

    40. SICKO MODE

      Thought he was going for the draft last year but he didn’t, please Seahawks put Chuba and Carson behind Wilson, both came from OSU

    41. rambo warrior

      His game won’t translate well

    42. Aj The legend

      Pro dat was average nothin special late 2nd round guy

    43. Blair Assani

      Completely forgot abt Chuba

    44. Tai Weaver

      Underrated. He ran behind a banged up o-line and wasn’t put in position to succeed at osu

    45. Cody Hernek

      This guys cold

      1. Cody Hernek

        Footwork can be improved

    46. Diego Lopez

      1:27 LOL #17's last name is STONER

    47. Diego Lopez

      Raiders... if he drops to the fifth?

    48. chase

      Chiefs pair him with Clyde Edwards-Helaire

    49. Avrol Thornhill

      Early second round for sure

    50. CHRS MRVL

      He runs like one of those robots from iRobot it's super smooth

      1. Kaleb Bowlin

        Well he is on the Canadian Sprinter team so that might help

      2. Light Iverson

        He runs like prime David Johnson watch his kick return as a rookie

    51. Chris Ar

      10/10 name

    52. Rosky Raccoon


    53. steven baldin

      Phillip Lindsay’s replacement

    54. Ras-Simeon Tong

      Top 3 back

    55. Joshua Howard

      Hubbard looking nice

    56. Andrew Mott

      Great workout

    57. Jack Wallis

      Didn’t do him many favors staying in school another year. Still think he’ll be a very productive #2 at the next level. No idea when he’ll get drafted tho, back end of the 4th maybe?

    58. April Ligtenberg

      5 best running back

    59. Jaylon ChildofGOD

      what was 40 time

      1. Max Frazier


    60. ʀᴀʏꜱᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

      Hope the Falcons draft him in the later rounds

    61. AWM

      Yo he looked like he was flying through that 40.

      1. ashbartypartytennis

        @AlphaDwg yeah his form looked nice on that.

      2. Big Sarge

        Pro day had an unofficial 4.38 40 yard dash

      3. AlphaDwg

        that was pure track form right there.

      4. Matthew Kosowan

        That's how it is when you are a world class 100m sprinter

    62. The Nfl Dude

      2020: Nick Chubb 2021: Chuba Hubbard

    63. Ronnie Burton

      Niners pick 43 .watch

    64. Elmar

      i too wld be pushed to the limit if my folks named me chubba hubbard

      1. steven baldin

        @Kaliegh lol did u really corrext this dude just cuz he forgot one b???😂😂😂😂

      2. Jimbo 03

        @Kaliegh ok and? They still named him chuba

      3. Kaliegh

        It’s *chuba and it’s Nigerian

    65. lyrical listener

      Lime green #12. Im just saying

    66. Ebbie EuGene


    67. Michael Lucas

      Whats his 40 time?

      1. Michael Lucas

        @ Max Frazier. Thanks. Looks a good prospect.

      2. Max Frazier


    68. Aaron Turner

      Man those bench presses started off too fast.

      1. Shubhkaran Rai

        @Arthur Martinez they still count them at the combine. But they do get a warning

      2. Arthur Martinez

        bouncing on his chest wouldnt fly at actual NFL combine...

      3. Mark Jefferson

        Lol and still he got 20

    69. Corey Dibiase

      Future Eagle. Him and Miles Sanders will be a dynamic duo.

      1. Dino Nuggies

        @JDanPlayz Zeke deserves a 2nd chance. His whole O-line and his qb were injured.

      2. Big Sarge

        I seriously hope so. Day 2 please

      3. JDanPlayz

        Cowboys should trade Zeke, start Pollard, and draft Chuba

      4. Zach Holton

        Definitely going to the Falcons.

      5. Dino Nuggies

        @BlimpAnimation 🤦

    70. Marie Mathews


    71. Outcast

      What was his 40 time please

      1. Max Frazier


    72. Aquaberry

      I completely forgot about him! Hope he has success in the NFL

      1. K Burn1

        That’s cuz the media forgot about him

    73. Ray

      underrated RB tbh

      1. Alex Hendrix

        @chase is that the Rakeem from Last Chance U??

      2. chase

        Underrated Rb Gerrid Doaks from Cincinnati and Rakeem Boyd from Arkansas.

      3. Ayodamola Ajala

        @Trevor Lawrence *elijah mitchell, Jarett patterson

      4. Trevor Lawrence

        Id say the most underrated running backs in this years draft are Rhamondre Stevenson Kenneth Gainwell Pooka Williams

    74. FNhunter

      Oh yeah eagles found there Boston Scott replacement

      1. Jameson Rapp

        @Brian Spilner sorry you’re straight

      2. Brian Spilner

        @Jameson Rapp only for you ;)

      3. Jameson Rapp

        @Brian Spilner you’re gay

      4. Brian Spilner

        @Jameson Rapp you’re welcome

      5. David Renteria

        Lmao nope going to cardinals

    75. Jamie Foster

      Only clicked on this coz of his name...

      1. Jessica Otabill


    76. Trevor Lawrence

      I feel like he should have gone to the NFL last year

      1. Christopher Moultrie

        You're going to be a BUST🤣🤣

      2. Mr. Rekt

        Stellar speed, very athletic should be a mid pick 4th-5th round. He needs to work on his hands, and ball security. I've watched a bunch of highlights and this is what pops out.

      3. KLA Sports


      4. Who has better

        @Lawrence Morgan ik he is

      5. iGAL330

        @AlphaDwg someone’s also getting fired if they draft him in the 2nd or 3rd

    77. Freddy bobby Jr.


    78. August Farley


      1. Jessica Otabill


    79. f


    80. Dayton Abbott

      CHUBAAAA representing Canada Let's Gooooo!!!

    81. Breezy

      L O N E L Y

      1. Cookie Gaming


    82. Cookie Gaming