Kyle Pitts FULL Pro Day Highlights!


324 миӊ. көрүүлөр23

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    күнү жарыяланды 19 күн мурун


    1. NPC

      mans a Swiss army knife

    2. Mathew Heater

      49ers getting pitts and jones

    3. macdabluepanther

      The comments lack variety! Kyle Pitts, however has a lot!!

    4. ¡HEY! ¡JAPAN !

      damn. this guy is a versatile weapon. 😳

      1. ¡HEY! ¡JAPAN !

        not just a TE.

    5. Norman Alvarado

      He is the epitome of a Swiss Army knife in football, such a versatile weapon.

    6. Angry Patriots

      Versatile weapon he is

    7. FloridaMan 255

      Built in a lab 🐊

    8. Antwan Mendez

      Absolutely Versatile

    9. DJ Mck

      Atlanta there goes our man 🤫

    10. Jacion Bryant

      Raider nation that he another Waller

    11. Jacion Bryant

      He the next darrer Waller raider nations

    12. Joe Guerrero

      Could SF take him at 3?

    13. Stewart PiDazzo

      he has all the measurables for sure.. not denying that. however he does seem to be uncomfortable catching the ball. jumping and attacking it in such an awkward and unnatural way

    14. Eagleschamp1

      Dude Daniel Jeremiah stfu no Dallas cowboys would ruin him

    15. K Guttah

      To Carolina you come 🥱

    16. vince martinez

      No way he doesn’t go top 8

    17. ArkhamGabe

      Very versatile.

    18. MTB4L

      Mr. Versatility

    19. Thomas TheGreat

      So his nickname is already Kyle "Versatile" Pitts

    20. RJ Woolum

      Is he versatile,is the question?

    21. nat

      is it just me or is he a versatile weapon?🤔

    22. Notfrom Thisworld

      Imagine him and kittle same team

    23. G C20

      I hope the 49ers get him if wilson isn't available

    24. AnthonyChic

      Cowboys Pitts, Surtain, Farley we got are options.

    25. bruh

      He would great with a panther on his helmet

    26. Barty

      This kid would look stunning with a star on his helmet

      1. Barry Chamberlain

        not a chance cowboys don't need him we can already score 30+ points we need defense.

    27. Jessika XXX

      *HI DEAR* DATME.BABY KGup: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" KGup: BE GONE

    28. Hanks Xuzus

      The uninterested forest understandably dress because oboe frequently look athwart a jolly passbook. courageous, hapless samurai

    29. BennyBoyzReviews

      And with the 8th overall pick the panthers select Kyle Pitts!!!

    30. Big Daddy

      Freak of nature

    31. Blxck Jezus

      Can be a Swiss Army knife on Offense you line him up in the traditionally in the slot, outside as WR and back field as FB.

    32. Johnny C

      Versatile Pitts

    33. Matthew Tingle

      So glad my eagles traded out and we have no real shot at this guy now.

    34. ShokusApolloTV

      yo his footwork is ridiculous

    35. kevin kinda cool


    36. Kevon Noel

      Eagles need to get him

    37. Christian James

      It'd be interesting to see if he goes 6 or higher and Eagles again miss on a good prospect.

    38. Yuze Wu

      He is a versatile weapon mixed with versatility and versatileness combined with great versatile!

    39. Kris Llorin

      He's a versatility with a weapon

    40. Ari Smith

      You guys think hes a versatile weapon??

    41. Lil Jhit


    42. ZB

      6’5 at 245lb running a 4.4...bro geesssh

    43. lowkey LS

      Two words, versatile weapon

    44. American Spaceflight

      Who else agrees the Panthers are picking Kyle Pitts?

    45. MrDidzz

      Please trade up Jags!!!

    46. Bryan Smith

      this man was WORKING

    47. Kyle Allen

      The most versatile player I’ve seen in a long time, the versatility in this versatile player is through the roof with this versatile play making abilities.

    48. Simon Pinkerton

      Dolphins #6 will take Pitts, and play double TE sets with the impressive Gesicki (2018 #42). RB Najee Harris at #18, and the addition of Fuller and a healthy WR core of Parker and Williams - Tua should thrive.....

    49. Andres Caiced

      Versatile..that is all

    50. Owen Turner

      Get that man in the aqua and orange

    51. Yo poised

      Going to be the best tight end we have ever seen in years

    52. tyler byrd

      It's like people are shocked when they see how good buddy is. He was doubled teamed all year and still made plays. GO GATORS!!

    53. ItsTimeToBolt

      How can you say “FULL Pro Bay Highlights”.You’ve edited the CRAP out of this.

    54. ashbartypartytennis

      Wow. So he's like Megatron, but plays TE lol :) 1:52, zamn

    55. Michael C

      Come to Miami!

    56. Bryan Smith

      Lesson to young athletes. Play tight end instead of WR.

    57. Bag ChasingAlex

      If this isn’t a versatile weapon mannn

    58. Fayisaa Hordofaa

      The itchy soprano literally explain because curtain substantially pack absent a dull turnover. imaginary, ludicrous epoch

    59. Ryan Cline

      Unpopular opinion? He's a versatile weapon. Could easily see him being taken in the first round, checks all the boxes, he can catch the football, he can run with it in his hands, has eyes that can see, I've seen him lift a weight before, honestly you can't miss drafting such a versatile tight end/wide receiver. Absolute playmaker, Calvin Johnsons twin. Now enough about Trask. Who's Kyle Pitts?

    60. ToeTag LoS

      This man gone have 91 speed in madden

    61. Ryan Smith

      he’s a swiss army knife who’s versatile guys

    62. Chris George

      The foamy clef nomenclaturally judge because seaplane recurrently suspend apud a healthy girdle. remarkable, same swing

    63. overseer Miller0330

      He’s built like a damn wide receiver

    64. Landon Patterson

      Idk if you heard but he is very versatile

    65. Thomas James

      I love you guys

    66. GraysSkies

      I’m just so annoyed watching this because Howie Roseman is a fool

    67. R S

      How can a weapon be so versatile?

    68. Emma TopSex

      *The do you want to flirt with me?* DATME.BABY KGup: Bu iyi Birisi: "Kahretsin" diyor youtube: gitmiş ol

      1. Mr. Chicken

        @Kyle Badeaux yeah u right they get other bots to like them so that people will see it in comments more so to the top

      2. Kyle Badeaux

        @Lane Hobby From other bots you goofy. That's how it works. They get other bots to like or make some generic reply so the original comment looks more legitimate.

      3. Lane Hobby

        @Kyle Badeaux but the comment got 257 likes😂😂😂

      4. cloudlight

        This comment is not versatile enough to be on this video

      5. Kyle Badeaux

        @Lane Hobby because everybody knows it's a bot made to trap thirsty mfs

    69. King Aki'L

      nfl defenses: We dont get paid enough to contain the incredible hulk

    70. Fabi Perez

      Does anyone know if he’s versatile or not

    71. SByanginnn Brown

      I mean the most versatile weapon in the history of versatility versatile weapons!!!

    72. Zaedrah

      so versatile

    73. Chris Breeden

      Who’s a more versatile weapon than Pitts?

    74. Kody Dixon

      He's not catching those passes in traffic.

    75. That Native King

      I don’t like him. He’s very one dimensional. Not enough “versatility.”

    76. Garrett Riemer

      This guys a beast

    77. Cowboysfan 421


    78. Cowboysfan 421

      Cowboys get him

    79. James TX Ciccone

      He’s kinda a versatile weapon IMO

    80. Uchia

      1:17 👀 future cowboy player maybe

    81. Doggy Style

      He's a versatile receiver masquerading as a versatile TE.

    82. Celestial Scripture

      I dunno man. Versatility may be an issue.

    83. D illon

      Bengal was right he is a versatile weapon

    84. SMA.FlyEaglesFly skeem


    85. Spartan 22

      Such a versatile weapon

    86. Kaya Muzik

      Can be used split or 4.4 40...big problems

    87. Te Lamb

      This guy should be a wide out fs too athletic to be a te.

    88. Food4Thought

      Next OJ Howard

    89. Sosa Miyagi

      Modern day shannon sharpe

    90. Richard Arroyo

      Miami bound

    91. The Goose

      As a 49er fan I would rather Lynch/Shanahan draft Pitts at 3, if Jets ends up passing up on Zach Wilson. They can draft QB in the 2nd round which Mond and Trask will likely be available. Makes no sense drafting a QB at 3 only to have him sit out to Jimmy G this season. Since Niners are keeping Jimmy and thinking Superbowl this season, then they must draft a player that will start and make an instant impact. Adding Kyle Pitts to the Niners offense that has Deebo, Aiyuk, Kittle, and Monsert would lethal.

    92. Barney

      Kyle pitts is a versatile weapon

    93. Falconsfan408

      Julio, Ridley, Hurst, Pitts gonna be amazing

    94. Isayah Joinville

      “Versatile weapon” -Bengal

    95. Demitrius Vincent

      If there at 12th philly u better take him

    96. Blacklight Productions

      It's funny how they say he's the second fastest WR/TE at 6'5 behind Calvin Johnson to post a 4.4 or better, because they act like Jacob Harris (who's also a 6'5 WR from UCF) didn't just run a 4.39 the other day.

    97. surimerican

      I got one word, DAAANG!!!!

    98. Mr. Chicken

      He’s a versatile weapon being so versatile that even your versatility couldn’t match the versatility that his versatility has.

    99. Self-Righteous Ideologue

      He may not be a versatile weapon, but he's definitely a beast.

    100. Sleezhy

      He’s so.......... Versatile