2020 Season in Six Minutes! | NFL Films


146 миӊ. көрүүлөр14

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    1. Panama is the Best

      I feel like Philip rivers looking back at the field isn’t talked about enough the same way drew brees looked back

    2. Roan Weller

      Where is the NVP!

    3. Dominic Grecol

      Every Browns fan winced at 3:59

    4. GameChange

      George skittle

    5. Pilotographer

      The hit at 3:59 should have been a flag.

    6. Doug Horton

      Why do you hate the Texans? So obvious...

    7. dacian23

      3:38 Even though dk couldn’t catch him, it’s scary seeing his speed. Dude runs raw and hard af

    8. Darryn Witzgall

      This is a weird season in review. It's just a bunch of random 3 second clips thrown together without much context.

    9. The Modern Prometheus

      Cam Jordan 😂

    10. Mordero 96

      Hey how come no Texans highligh- ohhhhhhhhhhhh

    11. Walter White

      Bucs & their fantasy football team...

    12. FireFoxRBX

      The DeAndre Hopkins Hail mary is unforgetable.

    13. Isaac Smith

      Browns got robbed

    14. Alek Stupariu

      Nice video but wish there was more than 2 quick stiff arm clips to celebrate henry's 2k season

    15. Paul Ortiz

      What a weird crazy but awesome season and so hyped up for next season

    16. Eli Peterson

      There isn’t a quarterback out there that the bears wouldn’t trade for Andy dalton

    17. Ξvok

      The sadness part of the season: Drew Brees Retiring ,The Happiest part of the season: Alex Smith Coming Back

    18. Face of Bear

      The Diggs disrespect.

    19. Pick 6 Peterman

      I guess the league leader in receptions and yards was just my own imagination.

    20. DanielHPlays

      Most unique season, with the most typical ending

      1. Szeth Caligo

        The more things change, the more they remain the same

    21. dashe io

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      1. Shardz


    22. Cathy Nott

      dont you see kamera he crashers throo everyone

    23. Cade Watkins

      When Bruce said nice work kid too Tom Brady Tom ain’t a kid he’s pretty old in Bruce’s eyes toms a kid too him but Tom is pretty old

    24. George Ferminky

      The teeny-tiny creditor unexpectedly reject because gas impressively dare next a ill-fated pound. repulsive, ceaseless guilty

    25. Wonka

      Beginning of season: any of these teams have the chance to make it big End of season: oh Tom Brady won again......

    26. Tianskie

      6:00 Meme material right there...

    27. Tianskie

      What's the name of the first song used in this video?

    28. Will Hoover

      This was a good season! Can’t wait for the next

    29. Dillon Djie

      The wonderful lycra immunocytochemically scorch because rule cephalometrically arrest worth a low radio. scandalous, rainy currency

    30. Chaos Agent

      I'm disappointed that drunk Tom Brady wasn't in this.

    31. Eric Smith

      The year of Taylor heineke?

    32. Tristan Lockamy

      Running Back has 2000 yards in a season... gets 4 seconds of recognition😐

    33. Santana Swipe

      Browns should’ve beat the chiefs 🙄

    34. Michael Leonard

      No Football sucks !!!!!

    35. Electro Duck

      Brady is still a top 15 QB in the league

    36. Connormcvay 64

      We’re handing it to nick, so just don’t worry fantasy football people😂😂😂

      1. Connormcvay 64


    37. Magoane

      Andy Reids son cost the chiefs the superbowl. Stupid son

    38. GetWreckedNoobs

      Rigged for Brady

    39. James Bond

      King Brady being King Brady. At least the Chiefs lost 🤣

    40. Blair Penny

      Lol Bradys kids have held the Lombardi more than 99.9% of the NFL

    41. DoRiTo g0d


    42. LE MATT

      Y'all think you slick with the Independence Day sound track 😏

    43. Joe Berger


    44. Razeen Frieslaar

      Since Brady threw that trophy hoist that Lambardi has a whole new meaning.

    45. Morgan Reynolds

      Love a story with a HAPPY ENDING!

    46. Chavda Hitendrasinh

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    47. barry watts

      a season we will never forget

    48. Robert

      This season gave us strong Buffalo/Cleveland/Tampa teams, a hilariously inept NFC East division, the hail Murray, more fitzmagic, and some great playoff matches. Great season

    49. AZWZ

      The music makes these NFL Films videos so much more amazing! Anyone know where I can find the soundtrack?

      1. AirBorne10192

        Look for David Robidoux on Spotify

      2. S B

        It’s mostly a guy called David robidoux these days

      3. Bin


      4. Bin

        @Tianskie oh the link

      5. Bin

        @Tianskie may you wat

    50. Tyrant The Menace

      3:57 why y’all have to do Tyrann like that tho 😂

    51. Smart as anything even Monk

      2020 Season in 4 words - Covid can't stop Goats

    52. as -s

      I live in kc I'm not waiting another 50 years to go to the superbowl I'm moving city's and teams

    53. KoolKive

      tyrann mathieu so salty about the loss, he lying and implying that tom brady might have said something racist to him. tom brady, the guy that knows never to say too much and when he got in an argument with ray lewis, you knew how white he was.

    54. Andy Hartman

      Bucs are going to be even better this season, get ready

    55. Peyt808

      This season was full of hurdles and Aiyuk definitely being known

    56. HALLOUMI 8

      Where’s corvette corvette getting hit into 2035

    57. Were Wolf

      This was such a good recap of the seaoson man has me in my feels

    58. bziganti

      Including the missed targeting call on Higgins is salt in the wound of every Browns fan

    59. nesseiht gnay

      There is the NFL tom brady and then the rest of the league.

    60. Jmobull 39

      Alternative title: running backs pissing on people

    61. Kenneth Gruenfelder

      Whatever kind of fan you are. This video is awesome.

    62. Henry Hipp

      Can someone please tell me the name of this music

    63. Michael Allen


    64. Zyion Street

      Who ever sees this repent from your sins spread the Gospel read the Bible and trust in Jesus and build a relationship with him

    65. Owen Lefkowicz


    66. Vito Antoni

      “We’re giving it to Nick, so don’t worry fantasy football people.”

    67. Bailey

      Tom Brady is acting like “oh just another season, no biggie”

    68. XiroCastGaming

      Damn giants replaced Odells # already

    69. Harry Sloan

      At the end they should just add Tom Brady throwing the Lamborghini trophy at the boat party! Lol!

      1. jimthar17

        *Lombardy. He didn't throw an Aventador or a Huracan.

    70. Itzburse

      The parts of the browns and Jim Donovan saying they were going to the playoffs gave me chills. Go browns forever and always

    71. Juice dispencer


    72. Juice dispencer

      1st thing everyone checks, IS IT EXACTLY 6 MINUTES??????????

    73. keemo

      It was a rigged season

    74. jinzx on FPS

      Football is getting better people

    75. Joe D

      1:15 Danny Dimes

    76. J Cope

      Forgot the Jags winning the first game

    77. luke nguyen

      the teams with the 2nd overall pick keep ending up making the playoffs (Based on the last 2 seasons) Jets...............

    78. Jazmine_on_YT

      DA BEARS 🐻

    79. Brennan McKinney

      Even though my team lost in the Super Bowl, I’ll still proud of them for the season they had. Looking forward to 2021 in Chiefs Kingdom!

      1. Cyan Cyclone

        @Arnav Mathur sure buddy. Ur totally not a bandwagon

      2. Arnav Mathur

        @Cyan Cyclone being a fan since Josh Freeman was drafted makes me a bandwagon? LOOOL okay bud.

      3. Cyan Cyclone

        @Arnav Mathur bandwagon 😉

      4. Arnav Mathur

        @Cyan Cyclone Bucs.... 😎

      5. Cyan Cyclone

        @Arnav Mathur what's your team then

    80. proverbs 23:23

      Nick cubbs had the hardest stiff arm of the year . PERIOD

    81. Nathan Desmond


    82. john carlo lanoy

      2020 is a great season.

    83. yaygot digbick23

      if this season had fans this definitely would’ve been a top10 season of all time

      1. Semion Johnson

        No it wouldn’t have

    84. Altruistic Lemur

      Editor of this video deserves an Oscar. Really well done!

      1. Your Robot Overlord

        Hate to burst your bubble but this was probably done by multiple editors or atleast one editor with oversight from multiple people.

    85. LuigiN06

      NFL shows the clearest helmet to helmet hits In Football

    86. SwooshC

      I've had nothing but football put a bigger smile on my face through this hellish year, Let's go Browns!

    87. Aaron Turner

      NFLdropEA plss

    88. Her Yang

      Aaron Rodgers no looker @3:10! 👌👀

    89. AbominableSeal

      Honestly a great season considering the circumstances

    90. Stites Hamner

      When the announcer said that Lamar is like Superman without the cape he was right

    91. Lowtan19

      Ending made me tear up a bit. My favorite team really won the Super Bowl after all these years.

      1. Face of Bear

        Are they really your favorite while they're renting Brady and Gronk?

      2. Thomas Sankara

        Well deserved too. Coming from an Eagles fan. After being irrelevant since the 2000s it's always nice to get 1.

    92. Michael Jr

      Well as of right now its screw you to 33 ppl because this video is great and definitely deserves a thumbs up 👍!

    93. Isaias Peraza

      Upload more videos like this, pleassse

    94. Ben

      The Nfl: "show a highlight of a team playing the bucs or draw 25"

    95. pinkkingkolton w

      Tom brady is not the goat

    96. Adam Awesomeness

      Just Watch, Pooka Williams to the Bills in round 3 or 4. Think about that. Also, Najee Harris to the Bucs. Just watch it happen.

      1. Adam Awesomeness

        I really like Pooka and Najee

      2. Adam Awesomeness

        I am a Bills fan

    97. IC4c3s Gaming

      The adhesive baboon subjectively force because owner structurally signal behind a marked match. ill-fated, literate pancake

    98. onestopshop

      Lot of questionable calls in that Browns chiefs game

    99. Elias Gonzalez

      I’ve never thought it what’s posible to show a team being destroyed and still feel epic

    100. anthonytrainer

      Ill make it shorter for you... Tom Brady proved everyone wrong