Who is the Best All-Around Athlete in the NFL?


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    1. Who Dat32

      Lmao bruh it’s Taysom Hill 😂😂😂 that man plays every position

    2. Devin Nutter

      Mahomes got drafted in baseball and he is pretty good at basketball and don’t even ask about football. Tyreek is also really good at basketball, football, track, hurdles, cross country etc... And Odell could definitely play Soccer too

    3. Tzviel Kahan

      4.28 was Henry rugs 40 time

    4. Jason Peters

      Mahomes got drafted 36thRd by Det Tigers in 2013. Mahomes averaged 20ppg/7rpg his Sr yr in High School in basketball. Mahomes is (38-8) in 46 career reg season NFL starts at QB. Mahomes is (6-2) in 8 Playoff games including making 3 straight AFC Championship games, b2b SBs and 1 SB Title. Mahomes also has a NFL MVP in his 1st yr as a starter and a SB MVP in his 1st start of a Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes is 25 years old. I'm going with ^^^QB1, Patrick Mahomes.

    5. Drew Pocernich

      It's Davante Adams, or Aaron Donald and the third guy isn't very close.

    6. Prison Mike

      I don’t believe JPP would be a pro in bowling tho😂

    7. Deric Mango

      Tyreel Hill .

    8. Yerger1k _

      jimmy graham could hoop and play TE

    9. JairSolo Dixon

      Patrick Mahomes he can play baseball, basketball, and obviously football.

    10. PeeJay TheGreat

      Odell ‼️

    11. Super swag

      Kyler Murray would’ve been the first pick in baseball guy you dumb

    12. Super swag


    13. Ham 1982

      best athletes in NFL there are many Tyreke Hill, DK Metkalf, Julio Jones, Deshaun watson, Lamar Jackson and the list is long

    14. Fletcher King

      Tom Brady

    15. No Thanks

      Gotta be Phillip rivers

    16. Dark Shadows

      obviously dk

    17. Ralph Orlatei

      So nobody gonna talk about Julio Jones?

    18. Ethanz08

      Henry Ruggs go fast

    19. Ms. Squidward

      Kyler Murray: literally picked top 10 overall in both sports Everyone: Russ can play both baseball and football it has to be him

      1. Tio Hill

        Welp, guess we all forgot about Patrick mahomes. He would have able to go pro in baseball and basketball, but whatever.

    20. Solar Flexer 2

      DK i see u out there!

    21. Ed Cera

      Anyone remember that video of JPP doing backflips, incredible agility for someone that big

    22. Kyle

      9ft basketball goal...

    23. Jared Tamaro

      Peter knows what he’s talking about

    24. Braydon Green

      Russel Wilson because he could be the Yankees shortstop right now

    25. Jacob Marshall

      Jesus Christ is Lord. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today!!! God bless you all!!! Amen.

    26. El Pineapplez

      Wtf Henry Ruggs is cracked at basketball 😂😂

    27. BD8 Gaming

      Definitely Kyler 💯

    28. Yirmyah Fox

      The correct answer is Tom Brady!

    29. Steven Zou

      Denzel ward lowkey

    30. Andrew Kreuter

      So many great athletes, gonna say saquon

    31. Blair Penny

      Montez Sweat man. 4.4 speed at 6"5" 265 lbs

    32. Brooks Zygmond

      what bout mahomes

    33. flumdadygaming

      Jpp he literally blew his hand off and he’s better than ever

      1. X Æ A-Xii

        it was literally one finger chill out

    34. Michael Bernal


    35. Zachary Anson

      This might be the weakest opinion I’ve seen

    36. Nizar Elhankari

      The fact that theres no talk about saquon barkley in the video or in the comments bothers me

    37. Liaj Nub Yaj

      Lamar jackson

    38. Finn Hill


    39. Corey Stenson

      Imagine Danielle Hunter with MMA training

    40. Zurich Foreman

      How Lamar ain’t make the list he the best athlete in the league

    41. Mr Poopy pants

      Aaron Rodgers

    42. Matthew Burns

      How nobody is mentioning Austin Ekeler is a crime. The man is a freak in the weight room. PFP strongest dude in the NFL.

    43. David Amuka

      Jesus loves you turn to him and be saved

    44. Jack Wallis

      Is athleticism pure athletic skills (like jumping, running, etc) or ability to play other sports? Two very different things

    45. Leo Corral

      no mention of the cheetah?

    46. Brooks Bowman

      It’s easily kyler Murray

    47. Andrew Azurdia

      Odell duh 🤷‍♂️

    48. Daryl6485 Gaming

      What about Josh Allen? He played pretty much every sport like a pro, and the combination of size, strength and speed make him so athletic.

    49. J.D. Matthias

      Devante Adams is said to be an amazing basketball player... Idk...I used to say Russell Wilson, but the way that Murray was crushing that baseball, I gotta go with him. He looks like he has the stuff to be an all-pro at multiple positions in or out of the diamond

    50. Reecefresh_gets

      Jason Pierre Paul? Really?

    51. Du_ux

      aj brown

    52. Mark Chaney

      Lane Johnson

    53. BaJa Filth

      Christian mccaffrey

    54. David Chaney


    55. Mr. Doctor

      That Ruggs tape got me convinced.

    56. travis cannon

      DK Metcalf 100%

    57. M. Biggs

      Any professional O-lineman is hands down the best professional athlete.

      1. F K

        @M. Biggs an offensive linemen can play no Position in Basketball or soccer lmao, in Basketball they couldnt guard anyone their height because everyone runs circles around them, or guard higher guys who would (at least some) maybe still run circles aroumd them and shoot over them. And in soccer they would just be much too clumsy. Brute strenght doesnt bring you anything because it will just be foul after Foul and they wouldnt be quick and agile enough. They are fast for how they are build but they are not fast compared to smaller athletes

      2. M. Biggs

        @F K they are fast, Just not the fastest. An Offensive lineman can play any other position in sports, But no one can play their position.

      3. F K

        What??? Best athletes need to be fast and explosive too. Its guys like DK Henry Jones Saquon who have that package together

    58. diegodayzz __

      saquon EASILY

    59. Clutch Jr.

      Patrick mahomes or obj

    60. Faithful9er


    61. Drumf Bum

      Idk, but Ronald Acuña Jr could be a pro in any sport.

    62. Nicholas Bauman

      Ruggs for sure is the best athlete

    63. YEAH AIGHT

      it has to obj or dk

    64. Christian Maileoi

      And yet Patrick Mahomes is still banned from playing basketball

    65. Cameron Hughes

      Aaron Donald could play any sport he wanted and excel.. easily. Best all around athlete by FAR

      1. F K

        @Cameron Hughes they would guard him with bigger players without a Problem because he wouldnt play PG either. He isnt fast and agile enough. And neither would he be a good soccer player. Far to big to not be dribbled time after time. And we Arent even talking about football skills on the ball or positioning

      2. Cameron Hughes

        @Tampa is back 5904 name a point guard that would guard him👀

      3. Tampa is back 5904

        Except basketball, what his short thick ass finna do ?

    66. Kyren Nash


    67. Timothy Martins

      Ima go wit Henry Riggs bro in the nfl plays wr and probs could teach him how to play cb and he’s a bball player and he could of done track he ran 4.2 in combine

    68. 777d7777 777d7777

      Definitely Kyler

    69. Brownsfan32

      Cody Parkey

    70. Ric Hochulski

      you are trying to rank probably the best athletes in the world, there's a case to be made for each one

    71. Person Person

      Russell Wilson DK Swolecalves Aaron Donald

    72. Monta Tracy

      Myles Garret

    73. Kayne Barker

      Henry Ruggs

    74. Reid Martin

      We really forgetting saquon barkley

    75. Cardinals 23


    76. Jackson C

      They forgot the question almost immediately. It’s not who’s the best 2 or multiple sport athlete. It’s who’s the best over all athlete. Speed, strength, agility, jumping, explosiveness. That’s why I’ve got dk

    77. Del Del

      Disappointed they didn’t even mention Julio

    78. Andrew Fischbach

      People say Murray because he was drafted in the MLB as well but the question is who is the most “Athletic” player not “most skilled”

      1. 7 Reasons

        Kyler Is arguably the best athlete every time he steps on the field. Dude has Vick like speed and agility.

    79. TheDarkknight04

      Kyler murray or DK. Aaron Donald is very athletic and quick for such a big guy aswell

    80. Icey J

      you aint gotta do Kyler in the thumbnail like that

    81. Yuva The Beast

      DK Metcalf 100%

    82. Ephraim Wimberly

      Taysom hill could possibly be on the list

    83. Ian P

      It’s got to be Deshaun Watson. Name any other player who can put 10 guys in a backpack and carry them an entire game.

      1. Div Mara


      2. Prison Mike

        @Lilhappymeal 95 do you really watch football tho, lamar is not the best player in the nfl

      3. Edward Zibert

        @Tommy theres only so much 1 guy can do

      4. Tommy

        Carry them to 4 wins? Lol OK

      5. Lilhappymeal 95

        Lamar jackson

    84. bash prod

      Kyler is so good

    85. Joe Matamoros

      Gotta go with Michael Sam on this one

    86. Brian F

      Ummm... Taysom Hill anyone?

    87. Andre Burnetta

      odell hands down

    88. Syed Alim

      I believe it could be JPP

    89. Jakob Flynn

      Henry Ruggs iii baby! Look at those BBall highlight tho 👀👀👀

    90. Ethan Allen

      Easily mahomes drafted into the nfl and mlb and his high school basketball tape is unreal

      1. Look at you.

        @Mrsamuraij I I saw you rooting for the bills in one of the other nfl videos💀 I have nothing to say to you

      2. Mrsamuraij I

        @Look at you. he runs like a child

      3. Mrsamuraij I

        @Look at you. How is it mahomes

      4. Look at you.

        Yea, it has to be MVPatrick

      5. Look at you.

        @Deb Weston *Mahomes😐

    91. Big Graham


      1. Reid Martin


    92. NFLMISTER17 Productions

      Eddie Lacy for sure lol

    93. Miles Davis

      Dude said Aaron Donald and only said football things. Its gotta be someone that can be pro in 2 sports

    94. Nicholas Shaw

      Dudes. Aaron Donald, Tyreek Hill, DK Metcalf, and Kyler Murray. Take your pick. These dudes are off the charts

    95. zoyxing

      Probably me. I'm just built different.

    96. King Flores

      So DK is out here rocking the cradle, and we’re asking who’s the best all around athlete? Have any of you ever tried rocking the cradle? It’s a difficult dunk to make you have to really have hang time why do you think Jordan made it look so good? DK all the way even though AD is a man child and just a beast of a human I don’t think he can jump like that.

    97. B Mor

      Lamar Jackson and It isn’t close

    98. Alex Manimbo

      Dk easy

    99. Lorraine Hess

      Josh Allen.

    100. Taeder

      Gotta be Tom Brady 6th Round in the NFL 18th Round in the MLB

      1. Tampa is back 5904

        John facts lol

      2. John

        Your stats don’t prove you to be right tho