Post Super Bowl Power Rankings Show!


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    Conference Championships NFL Power Rankings Show
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    1. Zyptic

      Least they didn't put the Bucs at #4 like ESPN did because they're big political cry babies

      1. Blow And Chill

        Thats good for the bucs. It will only motivate them.

    2. Enigmafiresup

      Why is everyone acting like the Bucs defense single handedly won the game when the Bucs literally scored 31 points off no turnovers??? In a a realistic football game plan you would plan to win with 31 points. If you're letting a team score over 31 points then you really are prepared to lose. KC drops 40+ then the Bucs would lose, but that's just not going to happen in a game like the super bowl EVER. Defenses usually won't implode when in the toughest situations. Bucs defense did THEIR job. It's the Bucs offense that helped win the game by piling a lead on and making the Chiefs lose hope.

    3. Son what

      Real start 4:02

      1. Sports Fan88

        Thanks bro

    4. Cyprus Daphne

      Great season, Dan and Matt, thank you! We will never forget Wess!

    5. The C. Tyson Synopsis


      1. Blow And Chill

        @Justin Klinck they just got their ass whooped. Tampa is just the better team period

      2. Justin Klinck

        @Blow And Chill nope. However I thought it would have at least been a show. That was just sad.

      3. Blow And Chill

        @Justin Klinck I bet you had the chiefs winning lol

      4. Justin Klinck

        Because they won a rigged superbowl? Against a weakened chiefs team? Lol

    6. Jonathan Ruiz

      Saints was 4 but next year idk since its jaimas

    7. Josh Hagler

      These guys are pretty good, they should be on tv more often

    8. Brash Balls


    9. Max Power

      Mahomes is more white than black, I’m sorry SJWs...

    10. Kadyn Smith

      How are the Chargers lower than the Patriots

      1. Sports Fan88


    11. nallen100

      So nfl you done exploiting your fan base yet? Lowest ratings since 2007, ouch. All because you woke idiots pander to sjw's. How many millions that cost you? The satanic half time shows arent helping your case either. I bet a good portion of the fan base is gone forever. Great decision from a company dependent on ratings to survive.

    12. Skyler Kitching

      Make top 100 play video please NFL

    13. Angel Jayanti

      B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G -P-U-B-L-I-C--S-E-X--۞------ Here ▶️▶️ √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский √™должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы уничтожить группу, √™ответственную за ее создание. .p

    14. Cayden Krushe

      We need super bowl 55 miced up

    15. Qamp

      if CMC go to the bills oml we gonna win 5 superbowls in a row

      1. Sports Fan88

        Why would he though

      2. 9CTC9

        A man can dream huh, 😂.

      3. 9CTC9


    16. Deanna Luchau

      go patriots

    17. Harry Sloan

      If the Rams are number 8 right now and if they have a good season with Mathew Stanford they got be a super bowl contender.

    18. Harry Sloan

      Can you do super bowl 55 micd up please

    19. GIL SPEED


      1. Jack Shite

    20. Salty Sapper

      I quit watching the super bowl when they started kneeling for criminals

      1. Jack Shite

    21. Сергей Павленко

    22. Stephen Skogs

      6th place team wins the SB. You really never know

      1. Jack Shite

    23. Alfredo Quinones

      Lol over rated ravens

      1. Jack Shite

    24. rcdrigerv

      I think the Washington football team should be ahead of the chiefs because they nearly knocked the bucs off

      1. Justin Klinck

        Lol thats just stupid. 1. The Superbowl was already set for Brady to win. 2. The Chiefs O-line was full of back ups on top of mahomes playing with turf toe. 3. In week 12, the chiefs clapped the Bucs for 3 qtrs straight then threw on the brakes. So at full power the chiefs are clearly able to win games.

      2. Jack Shite

    25. Oof McGoof

      Why tf are the Saints at 6. They’re in mega cap trouble lol

      1. Oof McGoof

        @Awesome gamer dadasa yes, their salary cap is about 180 mil but the money owed to contracts, dead money and such is 250 mil, therefore they are 70 mil over the cap next year. Loomis just pulled off his magical contract restructuring and they are still 70 mil over According to

      2. Awesome gamer dadasa

        I don’t think you fully know how cap works

    26. Dustin Tinsley

      So i get it now....if you arent a politician or a man who breaks your childs arm or a player who beats wife, your good...but if you dont wear a mask ur goi g to jail? SPORTS ARE FOR MORONS WHO ARE IGNORING OUR COUNTRIES CRY FOR PEACE

    27. Luis Hernandez

      Go Bears 🐻

    28. Eternal Soul

      The worst Super Bowl I have ever not fully watched, I turned it off at the woke National Anthem, caught a few minutes of the very dark half time show and never bothered counting the card board fans. How pathetic, can't wait to see what this fools do this year with baseball. There's always checkers.

      1. bo nam

        Oh boo hoo you didn't like it. What's the nfl gonna do without you.

      2. GayJew

        Cry harder

      3. Oof McGoof

        100 bucks says you actually watched it

    29. Lil Phantom

      RIP Chris that’s so sad 🙏🏻😞

    30. Randy Mcfarland

      Ravens get lamar protection n win the AFC north.

    31. Fred ThePsychicBunny

      Super Bowl Predicted

    32. Itian Avila

      Can’t take Cynthia serious

    33. Jonathon Murrell

      R.i.p. Chris Wessling 💀😔😔

      1. Bendix Kunert

        A legend he will always be remembered

    34. SitUpNow

      Titans ain’t top 8? Tf

      1. Thedogeattoes

        They lost to the ravens soooooo

    35. frankviall

      Great job! Face diapers and idiots! Bahahahah,,, your ratings sucked! Keep it up and curling will be most watched sport!! Lol woke idiots!

    36. Ryan

      I hate these hour long power rankings. I don’t need to hear everything you want to say, I just want to hear everything I need to hear

      1. Cole mills

        Unfortunately it's all about the money. And what's gonna have more adds 5 minutes or 1 hour.

    37. C Tk

      Seahawks over the Rams after they beat them in the playoffs with Goff? It’s not close with Stafford now...

      1. C Tk

        @Joestar Random McVay’s system is as qb friendly as it gets. Kupp and Woods have pretty much led the league in yards after catch since McVay got there. He schemes them open. All Stafford has to do is not be afraid to bail out the pocket when no one is open and be more aggressive downfield to keep the defense honest. Two things Goff couldn’t do.

      2. Joestar Random

        y’all say that like he’s gonna fit perfectly with a new system

      3. JerryOne JonesSecond

        Seahawks could easily be Kansas City if they get a good o-line

    38. Randomly Rusty

      I am just glad this is the last time I have to hear dans power rankings.

      1. Cyprus Daphne

        ...have to? Who's making you listen?

    39. RGC2005

      0-2 vs Brady in the playoffs

      1. Gabe Sweeney

        @Forrest Scheel top defenses. Not the top. And if once the Bucs defense got their groove they outperformed everyone.

      2. Forrest Scheel

        @Gabe Sweeney the bucs were not the top defense the rams were this year

      3. Gabe Sweeney

        0-2 against top defenses in the playoffs actually

    40. Mike S

      Thank God the National Freemason League is over.


      Deshaun and jj to the pats


      Raaaaaaiders ! Up on the top


      The NFL rigged bruh

      1. Oof McGoof

        Mhm 100 percent I agree for sure. You know, it can’t be Aaron Rodgers choking on 3rd and 8 or the Bucs Defense just being that good, just always blame it on the refs.


      Y tampa



    46. BJERKASS

      Ahhh packers did way better against the bucks how they not 2

    47. Nabil X

      👟🏈 😁👍

    48. Diego Estrada


    49. Hunter Wise

      Lol Browns are not gonna win the division. Steelers are gonna win next season again and tbh should be a very dangerous and dominant team now that the play calling should be better and should fix the run game in post season

      1. Mario Fernandez

        Hunter Wise I had Steelers winning the division. I'm fire take my word for it. Ravens will win it back this year again

    50. PapaMcNugs

      This is bad, the giants beat wft TWICE and they’re still ranked almost 10 slots lower

      1. Makai Stallworth

        @Dennis DeGennaro giants lost by 2 to the buccaneers

      2. PapaMcNugs

        @Dennis DeGennaro the giants lost to the bucs by 2....

      3. PapaMcNugs

        @Murphy Brown no way....

      4. Murphy Brown

        WFT won the division

      5. Dennis DeGennaro

        WFT has a better defense, and since both have bad offenses the games are close, but against teams like the Bucs or Chiefs that score a lot, WFT has a better chance of winning, hence they're ranked higher.

    51. Crawford Wilson

      Chiefs did not play good in the Super Bowl

      1. JDBass36

        @Justin Klinck Maholmes always seem to scramble just about every play. So it's not like Maholmes is a sit in the pocket QB like Brady is. But i do think that the league is catching up to KC offense. We saw them struggle a decent amount of games this year. The entire offense runs throw Tyreek and Travis. Shut them down and let the 3rd and 4th WR beat you. Tampa Bay probably gave the final big blue print. Because no other defense has shut down KC off that way every so far until the super bowl.

      2. Justin Klinck

        Kind of hard to play good when your o-line is full of back ups. Mahomes was under pressure the entire game. Smh. I knew the bucs would win but it should not have been that bad. Doesn't help that Kelce and Hill were dropping passes left and right either.

      3. JDBass36

        They came in overconfident and cocky because of the week 12 match up with Tyreek Hill had 200 yards. They were expecting the game to be handed to them for the most part. Little do they know that was Tampa Bay's last loss or the season, and since then the Bucs flipped the switch to playoff mode

      4. sterling ferguson

        And they won't next year either.

    52. 777hello there j

      I hope next super bowl there is a pessi halftime show of sweet victory

      1. Veri Gute

        bucs will win

    53. Super Gamer

      Nfl is a Cowboys fan

    54. Super Gamer

      Retarded rankings

    55. William Craig

      how about next year you have someone good at half time

    56. Dino Nanic

      Can someone tell me is Bill Belichick congratulations to Tom Brady?

    57. Scruff D0g

      Why Do Power Ranking Now. way before Free Agency, the Draft, and Training Camp. Best time to do Power Rankings is a week before season opener 7 Months from Now.

    58. Nine Tech

      fire everyone on this show, delete this show setup and go back to the old power rankings. no one wants to sit and listen to a bunch of old guys talk nonsense for an hour. we want a 5 minute video that summerizes the power rankings. I'm not sure if the guy who ran the old power ranking show was sleeping with producers wife or what but all these new power ranking shows and just boring and too long. you guys turned another 5-10 minute segment into an hour long show. i mean seriously: i just pulled a complete random time and I have to ask what does this have ANYTHING to do with power rankings?


      The disrespect for the colts.

      1. 9CTC9

        Watson to the Colts makes them sb contenders.

      2. Max Wyse

        The Colts are literally a QB away from super bowl contention in my opinion.

    60. Don Draper

      Super Bowl Viewership Fumbles To 15-Year-Low.....STAY WOKE!

      1. sterling ferguson

        It's called COVID-19, now, go to sleep.

      2. Aleksa Ristic

        Yeah no sports bars around the country with god knows how many TV's tuned into the game, and also more and more people are actually watching the game online (especially since the SB gamepass was only $1), not on the TV and hence the lowest TV ratings. Plus it was a blow-out and Tampa is a fairly small market so loads of people probably tuned out mid third quarter. This has nothing to do with being 'woke' or anything like that, the NFL was still getting excellent ratings during regular season, and other playoff games.

    61. Alex

      The Lions could get a time machine and get prime Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders back, then sign Tom Brady on a 1 year deal and these morons would still make them 30th

      1. Oof McGoof

        @Will Brench at least I don’t bandwagon for the chiefs or ravens. People gotta have some pride for their city and team even if they ain’t good

      2. Will Brench

        @Oof McGoof imagine being a lions fan 🤣🤣

      3. Mario Fernandez

        @Jan Wiggers id gladly rebuild with that package over going 6-10 with stafford lol

      4. Jan Wiggers

        @Pawlow keep rebuilding buddy

      5. Pawlow

        @9CTC9 it’s called a rebuild SMFH

    62. gallaxian

      I think the Packers have a better claim to the #2 slot than the Chiefs. Green Bay gave the Bucs a much better game only two weeks prior and the Chiefs laid an absolute egg in the Super Bowl.

      1. Justin Klinck

        Plus the fact that there were peeps in the NFL betting 7 figures on the Buccaneers pretty much guarantees the game was set for Brady to win either way. The Chiefs Offense being weakened was just icing on the cake. Chiefs haven't lost by 22 since mahomes started.

      2. Justin Klinck

        Dude. The O-line was full of back ups. Mahomes had a defender in his face after every snap on top of playing with turf toe. Lol the game would have been closer if not for those factors. Remember in week 12 when the chiefs clapped TB for 3 qtrs straight? People are being so ignorant about The Chiefs.

      3. gallaxian

        @Mario Fernandez True, although home field advantage is usually only thought to confer a 3-5 point advantage and the Chiefs, who were favored to win, got blown out.

      4. Mario Fernandez

        I kind of agree. Although Green Bay was at home and that factors in for sure.

      5. Frantz Lenin


    63. Mutant Outkast

      I didn't come here for nfl power rankings because the season is over. I came here for the superbowl tv ratings because that's all that matters .did most of the country stop viewing the game after halftime is all that matters .I never watched one snap from that crap show game .

      1. Ronald Franco


    64. Aj Socool

      *I’m convinced they hate the lions.*

      1. Aj Socool

        @9CTC9 you literally put jags above lions. Who are 1-15. Who they’ve beat 34-16!!! Lmao 😂 just stfu.

      2. 9CTC9

        @Aj Socool... Bottom 4. 29. Jaguars 30. Bengals 31. Crimson Tide 32. LIONS ----. Jets There, its fixed now.

      3. Oof McGoof

        @Aj Socool I’m a lions fan but to be fair the only reason we beat those guys was because of stafford lol. Especially against ATL. I don’t see Goff pulling off the same stuff. I agree with 30th place the only thing keeping Lions in the 15-20 range was Stafford and he’s gone now. Expect the lions to get very good in the coming years with the draft picks however

      4. David Jean

        @Aj Socool yes we will I'm not a lions hater I really want them to be good it's sad seeing a team be trash for so long I just dont think Goff is it

      5. Aj Socool

        @David Jean Alr bet we’ll see.

    65. Max Babl

      Where are the 4 minute videos

    66. Glory Boy

      Nfl is the new WWE 😂

      1. Justin Klinck

        Yeah it is. That was the fakest Superbowl I've ever seen

      2. BSG SAVO

        Lmao it’s way more entertaining

    67. Tony Montana

      How are the Seahawks higher than the Rams?

      1. Np Np

        Bc seahawks are good and better then rams

      2. Justin Klinck

        Rams offense is trash.

      3. ballaholic fan

        @Cole mills good point

      4. Cole mills

        I think it's the rams cap situation.

      5. 309

        Russell Wilson is the reason

    68. Trey Lorinza


    69. james quinones

      Goff did good. Even though he made turnovers he still played well. I mean come on he beat the Seahawks in playoffs with broken thumb.

      1. Dennis DeGennaro

        @toomanyjohns lol 33 is nothing compared to Rodgers or Brady, both of which did incredible this year.

      2. C Tk

        @toomanyjohns Goff had no downfield confidence and it messed with McVay’s play calling and play design. The last time they had that downfield game with Cooks they were in the Super Bowl and the defense was NOTHING like it is now. You add Stafford with that arm and they should be Super Bowl favourites, not contenders...

      3. Mario Fernandez

        toomanyjohns stafford has been relatively healthy and lions offense was great for the last 2 seasons. He's with out a doubt, if healthy, an upgrade over goff

      4. toomanyjohns

        rams got a downgrade, stafford is old and he's regressed big time in his prime years. The lions drained all of his talent and for some reason even then, the rams are considered contenders.

    70. Hype Master

      Cowboys will see massive improvement next season

      1. Justin Klinck

        Thats what yall say every year. Lol

      2. Allan Nixon

        Cowboys are America's team south America's team that is

      3. Frantz Lenin


      4. snj1705

        Lol not

      5. snj1705


    71. Mushroom Hatters Adventers

      #bal is ranked to high .. that should be at least 3 spots lower .. hes all hype .. thay know how to stop #8 & now #15 .. well he shut down next year

      1. Land 360


    72. George Lewnes

      can't wait for the top 100 plays of the year video now.

      1. Will Schromm

        I wanna see the mini movie

      2. Skyler Kitching


    73. Crypted

      i aint a rams fan but they should be in the top 5

      1. Crypted

        @Thedogeattoes there's something called free agency and they got someone named matthew stafford aka one of the most underrated qbs. go back to playing with your toys

      2. Thedogeattoes

        Tf. U people r dumb. Rams list to jetts :((. Also yes u are a rams fan

      3. Corey Levine

        After the draft and free agency and who they play next year we see they be in the top 5

    74. Michelle Ezeugo

      San Francisco 49ers Legendary Revenge Tour Red and Gold 2.0 2021. Let’s go 49ers

    75. Ryan damon

      Let go Vikings

    76. samirk blue

      Wow where the broncos

    77. GB1 Serg

      Vikings at 20? 49ers at 13th? Are you crazy???? How are the bears in 17th.

      1. GB1 Serg

        @Ronald Franco lmaooooo 😭

      2. Ronald Franco

        The vikings paying a lot for that qb to be at 20 😂

      3. Cøzy Official

        What are the dolphins ?

    78. VorTex-Purlet

      Let’s go browns

    79. DJKhaled k

      Mark My Words, Bears about to go off next season, with a new d coordinator who was fangio sidekick, They r tagging rob and getting deshaun.

      1. Frantz Lenin

        @Horrible4 Doug Pederson won a super bowl and you just said he was worse than one of the worst head coaches in modern nfl history lol. I’m not saying it’s out of the realm of possibility that Wentz can turn his career around with another team, but that’s not what you said, you said he made the Bears contenders, which I think is dumb af.

      2. Horrible4

        @Frantz Lenin Sounds like something I heard about Ryan Tannehill before he made the move to Tennessee. I don't find it crazy Carson Wentz with the body of work he's shown us can bounce back from a rough season. Also Doug Peterson was arguably worse than Adam Gase and had no clue how to prepare a team for game day.

      3. Frantz Lenin

        @Horrible4 he was arguably the worst QB in the league last year and he has been a locker room cancer pretty much every year, he doesn’t even make the Bears favorites to win their division let alone make them contenders lol. At best you’d see mild improvement over Mitch.

      4. Horrible4

        @Frantz Lenin Did you forget a couple seasons ago when he was putting up MVP numbers?

      5. Frantz Lenin

        @Horrible4 Carson Wentz does not make them contenders lol smoking rocks

    80. Carlos Duran

      i really dont think these people see the timer on the bottom lol

    81. WOLF PACK

      Who just new that the chiefs were going to get in the super bowl again

      1. Justin Klinck

        Probably will at least once in the next few years too.

      2. Ryan Flanagan


      3. Mushroom Hatters Adventers

        0 ☝️🙄

    82. Sss tub

    83. Ryan Galloway

      Why do power rankings matter right now, after the draft yeh and before the season but who cares now

      1. Still Mad

        Gotta have them clickbait off-season headlines

      2. Torin O'Connor

        I think these are the power rankings as if the season was going to be continued but after the draft there will be new rankings

      3. Lo Bello

        This is end of season power rankings not next season's power rankings

    84. Hxpo

      9010th let’s go

    85. Zony is a Shinobi

      im the 8,920 viewerrrr

      1. Jay Styles

        LMAO... I guess that makes me 8,921... But who's keeping count!!!😎😎😎😎

    86. Jumpin Jehoshaphat!

      Curious about the Lions and Rams. Brady should just go and win the Super Bowl for each team. Do the Lions next! Haha

      1. Justin Klinck

        Brady can't just go onto any team and win a superbowl bro. he chose his team wisely. The Bucs were a good team in need of a QB because Winston was a clown. The Lions suck. It would take more than a pocket QB to fix that mess. Lol

      2. Torin O'Connor


      3. Frantz Lenin

        Brady should get really crazy and just switch teams every year until he retires, bring along Gronk and AB and see if he can win a chip every year with a new team lol

    87. Prab Chahal


    88. Norma Molina


      1. CarterGamingYT

        Ykw 3rd

    89. john cakou

      Raaaaaaiders ! Up on the top?

      1. Brody Carr

      2. Da memer 502


        Raaaaaaiders ! Up on the top

      4. john cakou

        @Wyeth Purkiss haaaaa !??? new year new dream ;)) Raaaaaaiders !

      5. Wyeth Purkiss

        @john cakou. Yeah a delusional dream