Travis Kelce Full Season Highlights | NFL 2020


16 миӊ. көрүүлөр17

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    1. JL 1

      wish i could be a TE like trav

    2. B Toughdogyt

      Why does Kelce sound or speak like he is from the hood

      1. Speedster Earth

        He is

    3. Tom Harrold

      Should've played in the superbowl

    4. Edsisters4

      kelce and mahomes were the only one good in super bowl on kc

    5. Edsisters4

      tampa rules kc drules

    6. دودي و سلطان

      شوفو قناتنا وعطونا رايكم نستمر او نوقف ؟

    7. Historic Clutch

      Bootleg Gronk...

      1. Nick Carson

        That’s why he broke Gronks records this season.

    8. Jamari Akinjide

      Travis is like a daddy to me, he runs at full force with love and loves catching balls uhhh just can't get enough a man, a daddy, a person, like kelce

    9. Baden Ruddick

      2:25 that stiff arm tho

    10. the viewers

      Download wwe champions

    11. Kerr Bros

      I’m a huge chiefs fan sad what happened to them in the Super Bowl. But still think they are the best. (I’m not bandwagon I was a Texas Tech fan before Mahomes went to Chiefs.). Plz check out me and my brothers channel

    12. ok man

      Kittle > kelce

    13. Mike Hawk

      If we’re showing full season highlights, what about them important missed catches. I’m just saying. Call me a hater, but that’s because my teams TE ain’t #87

    14. Mr ME

      May the rest of February bring nothing but Joy, good health and blessing to you my friend!

      1. Sports Fan88

        Ok I’m not subbing to you though

    15. Smart Kid Sports

      He is the best regular season tight end

      1. Huncho Jack

        and post season?

    16. Jonathan West

      Regular season don't matter

    17. kodie

      Kelce's hands in the super bowl: Aight imma head out

      1. Boxing Fan

        @Solo those were garbage time Stats... the game was over by the 4th Quarter....

      2. kodie

        @Carlos A I'm just having fun man geez

      3. Carlos A

        @kodie yesss, 0 tds equals no hands. Awesome analysis!

      4. kodie

        @Solo 0 tds

      5. Solo

        133 yards buddy

    18. blogz

      Kelce is a very good receiver. Maybe even in the top 5 of all receivers in the NFL right now. But Kittle and Gronk are the better tight ends because of the fact that they are complete.If you put an elite pass rusher in front of gronk or kittle 1on1 they will block him. kelce will have problems. since the position of a TE is a position where elite receiving and elite blocking is required kelce is NOT the best TE in the NFL. but don‘t get me wrong. the season kelce played was very impressive.

      1. blogz

        each one of them has problems. my comment is reffering on if each one of them is healthy and at his full game of THIS year. And imo it‘s still impressive to see kittle with 650 yards while playing only in 8 games, some of them injured and without a lot of practice. and kittle is the only who is playing in a runheavy offense

      2. Jenny Ma.

        Kelce is the 3rd best blocker and and an elite receiver. Gronk is average now and kittle can’t stay healthy

    19. CJM04

      you only gonna post the team that lost

      1. JK YouTube

        So? Yesterday they posted seasons highlights for the Buccaneers players

    20. SwoleReaper7

      Outplayed by Gronk coming from a retirement home at a SB 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Oof McGoof

        Kelce can’t block for his life

      2. Boxing Fan

        @Rivercool kelce didn't play better... I've watched the whole game and Kelce had a lot of yards in Garbage Time.... Rob had 2 TDs and he had a huge First down on 3rd down which kept the drive Alive and the bucs were able to Score another TD which made it 21-6.... Rob also Had a huge gain of yards in the 3rd quarter which set up the Fournette for the Rushing TD... Kelce did all his Work in Garbage Time and he dropped the ball on a 3rd down which killed the Chiefs Momentum....

      3. Connie Hughes


      4. Jonathan D

        @Rivercool he was missing more than an O- line multiple dropped passes including 2 in the end zone. Now doubt about it PM was the better arm and legs (that horizontal pass that hit the receiver in the head was nothing short of amazing) but Brady just is brilliant.

      5. Rivercool

        @Jonathan D yeah but if Mahomes had an O-line Kelce wouldve had at least one lol

    21. Wheelchairmanjon

      Patrick Mahomes security blanket they have great chemistry on the field

    22. B M

      Wheres all his blocking highlights? I guess they dont exist. ✌🇺🇸

      1. B M

        @Ashton Hamilton hes a bum, ✌🇺🇸

      2. Ashton Hamilton

        Wdym bruh he had the 3rd best blocking grade for a te in the nfl this season

      3. Kameron Onnen

        Nobody cares about blocking highlights from a TE that scored 11 Touchdowns on the season with over 1000 yards. What is more interesting? 11 touchdowns, and 1k receiving yards or just watching him throw down some blocks.

      4. Chiefs Kingdom

        Who the hell is interested in blocking highlights? When he does block he does good, in pass blocking and run blocking

      5. JUJU-OCU

        He left to post a real comment

    23. Samuel Sir

      He’s an elite receiver playing for a pass happy offense.

      1. Keaden Wheeler

        Crazy because in the Alex Smith days they wasn’t so pass heavy and he was still balling

    24. Samuel Sir

      1) Gronk 2) Kittle 3) Kelce

      1. Rivercool

        Massive L lmao

      2. Chiefs Kingdom

        The disrespect

    25. Nolan Wilson


    26. Sprite Cranberry

      Bums not better then gronk

    27. Patriotsking Nation

      Gronk > kelce

      1. Chiefs Kingdom

        @Boxing Fan this is supposed to be 2020 gronk vs 2020 Kelce Why bring up prime Gronk? Kelce had an off game yes, but that one game doesn't make Gronk better

      2. Boxing Fan

        @Chiefs Kingdom Kelce doesn't come close to Pirme Rob Gronkowski.... a washed up Gronkowski Outplayed him in the Super Bowl LMAO..

      3. Chiefs Kingdom

        @Patriotsking Nation Gronk has around 600 yards, he had 7 TDs Kelce more than doubled his yards and had 5 more TDs

      4. Patriotsking Nation

        @Chiefs Kingdom huh ? Kelce just has yards gronk has was more touchdowns kelce ain’t even the best player on his teams since 2016

      5. Chiefs Kingdom

        Absolutely not

    28. Adad Reznor

      Big overrated WR Kittle and Gronk are better than that clown

      1. Keaden Wheeler

        @Adad Reznor Lol learn how to spell buddy

      2. Adad Reznor

        @Keaden Wheeler lol, u have Kelce emoji

      3. Keaden Wheeler

        Yea okay 🤡

    29. Cole

      Gronk is still the TE Goat but he’s close

      1. Keaden Wheeler


    30. DreamBigHawks

      In my opinion the Best TE Awesome player!

      1. Chiefs Kingdom

        @B M not even close

      2. DreamBigHawks

        @B M This video it's not from him😁

      3. B M

        *Gronkowski* ✌🇺🇸

      4. Logan Semiean

        I agree with you

    31. MashieGamie

      Runs routes like a wr, big and strong as a tight end. Generational talent

      1. B M

        just cant block, might as well be a wr. ✌🇺🇸

    32. CantGuard Kittle

      Overrated plus Kittle is better

    33. Chiefs Kingdom

      Kelce just had the best season a tight end has ever had besides Gronk in 2011 and the hater's trying to say a past his prime fresh out of retirement Gronk is better. Disrespectful

      1. Madden Moments

        4th or 5th Waller tonyan andrews and kittle

      2. Chiefs Kingdom

        @Neil Wilson I know, Gronk was unstoppable in his prike I'm talking right now and he isnt better at all

      3. Neil Wilson

        Kelce is the best tight end in the leauge now but he will never be as dominant as Gronk was in his prime. Gronk is past his prime now and is the 3rd best TE in the leauge but he is still the most complete tight end.

    34. Ertuğrul Çakar

      I am not in the USA now, I will come in the next 2 years and in the future I will work more than 100% to play in the NFL, everyone will see this. I believe in myself

      1. Dzul Azizan

        Gd luck. Nice name

      2. Mason Newlin

        You got this, dude

      3. Ertuğrul Çakar

        @Cam thank you

      4. Ertuğrul Çakar

        @Nahshon DeVose absolutely, thank you

      5. Cam

        Good luck

    35. Chase Clark

      Who else thinks it’s weird that every time kelce gets a post somebody has to bring up kittle? Like just give the man props where they are due. Did kittle play like kelce this season, nope! So u can’t even say that kittle is better

      1. B M

        Yea its weird, especially because Gronk is better than both of them combined. ✌🇺🇸

      2. Cam

        I get what your saying but Kittle was injured and playing with Garoppolo and competes with Kelce with a qb nowhere close to Mahomes.

    36. CW Volcano

      Looking at these highlights make me realize even more that there was something off in the super bowl. Whether they were bad Bc the o-line or it was rigged. There is no way kc didn’t get a touchdown. But alas such a good season for nothing. We’ll be back kc #bringitback

      1. CW Volcano

        @Neil Wilson naw I’m just a “fan” why would I do stuff like that 😭😂

      2. Neil Wilson

        @CW Volcano if you can confirm it you should show the evidence to sports media you will earn a ton of money. Good luck. can’t wait to watch the news tomorrow

      3. CW Volcano

        @Neil Wilson it is every year. And as a chiefs fan I can confirm that there was cheating in super bowl 54

      4. Neil Wilson

        @CW Volcano yeah it might be rigged I thought that last year when Kansas City won.

      5. CW Volcano

        @Neil Wilson the fact is that every super bowl is rigged and if you don’t believe me then believe the nfl players that said it themselves including a bucs player bruh

    37. GamingCode


      1. Ryan Mayo


    38. Chiefs Kingdom

      Dudes the best tight end in the league and it isn't close at all

      1. Julian Santízo

        @Chiefs Kingdom Yeah but without doubt Kelce is the best right now.

      2. Julian Santízo

        @B M Derek is good, he just needs new scenery.

      3. Chiefs Kingdom

        @Julian Santízo kittle didn't play this year but yes he's the only competition Waller is a distant second. Gronks a distant 3rd

      4. B M

        @Julian Santízo if Waller had a better quarterback, he would be better than kelse easily. ✌🇺🇸

      5. Keaden Wheeler

        @B M no

    39. Pac Meez

      I still like Kittle as the best complete TE (when healthy) Kelce we all know isn't a fan of blocking like Kittle is

      1. Keaden Wheeler

        @Pac Meez Woulda coulda shoulda just stop😂😂😂

      2. Pac Meez

        @Keaden Wheeler And prob would've been behind Kittle in that category too if he played a full season

      3. Keaden Wheeler

        But he was the 2 best blocking tight end this year to pff😂😂

    40. Sports 311

      He’s the best TE in the NFL, even though he didn’t get his 2nd ring

      1. Kameron Onnen

        @B M I would rather have a TE that scores a lot of touchdowns like "Kelse" then a blocking TE.

      2. Keaden Wheeler

        @B M 10 catches for 133 yards and he outplayed him okay bud

      3. B M

        @B W Pretty sad how unretired Gronk outplayed a prime kelse. The look on kelse's face in the 3rd quarter said it all. ✌🇺🇸

      4. B M

        @SPORTS SEASON 🏆💍💍💍💍🧂

      5. B W

        @B M Dude Gronk RN shouldn’t be in this conversation. Prime Gronk can though

    41. Oliver Graetz


    42. MDG

      These highlights need to be much longer.

      1. Tom Harrold

        Wasn't that many highlights to feature.

      2. Tyren Crafton

        @B M People who don't watch football shouldn't speak on It

      3. DreamBigHawks

        Yes 24 hrs

      4. B M

        @Keaden Wheeler nice rebuttal kiddo. Try again. ✌🇺🇸

      5. Keaden Wheeler

        @B M You putting the same emojis it describe the type of person you are old man 😂😂

    43. Ryan Brown

      Poor man’s Gronkowski

      1. Jacob Kurian

        @Nicholas Shaw you clearly don't know football.Prime gronk is as good as kelce now? Was kelce the one to have the best year as a TE in nfl history? No. He had the most yards. Gronk had the best record setting year in 2014 I think.

      2. Nicholas Shaw

        @Jacob Kurian LOL. After Kelce just had the most receiving yards in a season you are gonna act like Gronk is better as of now? Prime Gronk in my opinion is on par with Kelce as of now. Not better. Also Kelce has not had all the injury problems Gronk has always had. Kelce is the most consistent TE in the league right now.

      3. Neil Wilson

        @Nicholas Shaw id take a past it Gronk over a prime Kelce to be honest because Gronk is still a huge red zone threat he’s harder to cover and is an amazing blocker. Obviously in Gronks prime we wouldn’t even be comparing them though lol. Gronk don’t drop important passes in the Super Bowl either lol.

      4. Nicholas Shaw

        Gronkowski is a poor man's Kelce. Poor Gronk is past his prime while Kelce is shining at the right time.

    44. Kevin sellers

      No one id HD except u

    45. Adam Patton

      I was the 906 view

    46. الصدقة الجارية 1

      اللهم أنزع السرطان من كل جسد أنهكه😭😭😭💔ساعدوني باشتراك في قناتي

    47. Robert Sawney

      The best offence weapon in the league

      1. Robert Sawney

        @Cam he just is tho is mahomes and Rogers are broth Bette than him

      2. Cam

        If qbs count as offensive weapons Brady is.

    48. Chidozie Osuji

      In my opinion he’s the best TE in the league right now and for sure will be in the HOF if he keeps this up with Mahomes

      1. Keaden Wheeler

        @Oof McGoof Kelce was still top 3 or 5 in blocking every year😂😂I mean there running game was 11th this year

      2. Oof McGoof

        @Keaden Wheeler and gronk retired a year in between Edit: gronk has played 1 more season Still doesn’t justify +7 90 PFF ratings

      3. Keaden Wheeler

        @Oof McGoof But Gronk been playing longer my guy 😂😂kelce didn’t even play his rookie year

      4. Oof McGoof

        @Keaden Wheeler kelce has played more than gronk lmao

      5. Keaden Wheeler

        @Oof McGoof Yea and Gronk also have played longer it’s crazy how you say he can’t block but this year he was the 2 best run blocking tight end to pff

    49. Torin O'Connor


    50. Takman Klan Killa 187

      Cincinnati legend

    51. Jeremy Avila

      He’s a bad man

      1. B M

        He looked really bad in the 3rd quarter. ✌🇺🇸

    52. Tom Brady

      I prefer Gronk over Kelce. Kelce is an excellent reciever but I already have a lot of weapons in Tampa.

      1. Keaden Wheeler

        @Infinity Ricardo -_- He was the 2 best blocking tight end to pff 😂


        @Infinity Ricardo -_- your corny asf

      3. Tom Brady

        @Nicholas Shaw I can understand that, but Gronk is just my guy.

      4. Nicholas Shaw

        Kelce is the best tight end in the league. Gronk, and other tight ends have not shown as much consistency as Kelce has in his career. Kelce is an excellent blocking tight end lol. You all don't even know what your talking about. Guy is one of the better blocking tight ends. He's not better than Gronk at blocking, but he's never been bad at it lol, and Kelce is a much better receiving tight end.

      5. Infinity Ricardo -_-

        @New York Bandwagon umm look at kittle dude can actually throw a block bud

    53. Angel Corral

      7 views but 100 likes...

    54. B W

      POV: He’s the best TE in the League

      1. NickPlayz

        @Oliver He is not the greatest TE of all time. Maybe if he didn’t get injured multiple times. Avaliability is the best abiltity and gronk didn’t have it in his prime. There are a few TEs i would rank above him.

      2. ItzPick

        I guess my reasoning doesn’t really work because Kittle missed this season, but Kittle was outplayed in the Super Bowl.

      3. Quote Icy

        @Oof McGoof kelce>, sorry bro i dont make the rules

      4. Oof McGoof

        @Quote Icy not in blocking, which is half of a te’s job. Kelce should just switch to wr then

      5. Quote Icy

        @Oof McGoof kelce first TE to have 5 consecutive 1k seasons lmao gronk never got close, kelce is wayyyyyyyyyy more consistent u casual

    55. Jennifer McMahan

      travis is my man

    56. Ace Pitch

      Elite level TE one of the best in the league

    57. Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred

      Sadly he's a bust

      1. Andrew Sherman

        You sound so dumb rn it’s not even funny

      2. ItzPick


    58. Infinity Ricardo -_-

      He can't block he looked like a kid lost in a grocery store during the Superbowl

      1. Keaden Wheeler

        @Chiefs Kingdom That’s what I’m saying he was the best 2 best blocking Tight end

      2. Chiefs Kingdom

        Hes one of the best blocking tight end in the league, I hate that false narrative that he can't block


      Mahomes biggest highlight would be finally getting pressured by a good team.

      1. Gabriel Carrillo

        @Jacob Kurian wdym? Fisher was playing most of it. Until he got hurt

      2. F.L.Y

        @Jacob Kurian had his all pro LT that game & other guys were playing their natural positions. Also I don’t think anybody gone mistake Bills DLine with the Bucs


        @Gabriel Carrillo your o line is a bunch of nobody’s to begin with. And kelce nor hill could catch the ball, your o line doesn’t determine that, that’s what happens in the NFC

      4. Jacob Kurian

        @Gabriel Carrillo ok? You have your reg win, we have our sb win.

      5. Gabriel Carrillo

        @MØN5TER FOR BRADY we had healthy o line that game

    60. Tristan Niedermeier

      Best TE

    61. Infinity Ricardo -_-

      He should just become a wr cause he can't block for sh*t

      1. Ashton Hamilton

        I mean he did have the 3rd best blocking grade this year behind kittle and gronk 🤷‍♂️

      2. Keaden Wheeler

        Someone doesn’t watch football

      3. Nicholas Shaw

        You obviously don't watch him play. The guy is a top 10 blocker amongst tight ends.

      4. Achyut Badri


    62. New York Bandwagon

      Aaand everyones just gonna ignore the fact that he broke the single season receiving record for a TE since the Chiefs lost the SB😂. Keep spreading this false narrative that Kelce can't block, even though hes one of the best run blocking TEs in 2020.

      1. B M

        The only thing that *BROKE* was his spirit in the 3rd quarter. ✌🇺🇸

    63. Steve Guti

      We are safe in the arms of God praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

    64. Eduardo Funez

      Wheres the playoff movie?

    65. Android Q Music

      The Super bowl showed us all the importance of a good & healthy OLINE!

      1. Oof McGoof

        @Jayden Scott idk the Bucs were locking up the top. Their regular season match was super close with Tyreek going off. I honestly think the Bucs still would’ve won even with a healthy Chiefs O line. Bucs used 3 safeties and it tied up the top. Keep in mind that Brady didn’t even need to score in the second half. Imagine what the score could’ve been if he tried the whole game

      2. Jayden Scott

        When doubling tyreek makes more room for other people in the middle of the field

      3. Jayden Scott

        I’m not no chiefs fan but if they had a line they could’ve won if mahomes had more time he would be able to find tyreek or kelce and hardman

      4. Ken Kaneki

        @Historic Clutch I agree the game wouldnt of been close with a good o line they dropping balls to much penalties the def killed its self pretty much with all the penalties

      5. Historic Clutch


    66. Big Twin

      2nd best tight end

      1. Big Twin

        @Chiefs Kingdom o nvm ur a chiefs fan so ofc ur just gonna get on ur knees for him

      2. Big Twin

        @Chiefs Kingdom George Kittle was out basically the whole season and when he was playing u could see the difference

      3. Jacob Kurian

        @Chiefs Kingdom bruh he ain't a good blocker.

      4. Chiefs Kingdom

        1400+ yards, 11 TDs, 100+ receptions and a great blocker 🙄

      5. Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred

        4 or 5th

    67. Steve Guti

      Jesus Christ died for our Sins according to the scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

      1. Adam Patton

        Uhm Sir this is a football video

    68. Milly Visions

      Better than kittle

      1. Samuel Sir

        Gronk thinks Kittle is better.

    69. دودي و سلطان


    70. Sayed Gomez

      His hands decided to Mock Pittsburgh

    71. YungSauceGodJ

      they didn't include the one when he caught that really nice pass in the superbowl... oh wait

      1. Keaden Wheeler

        Not funny I

      2. Nicholas Shaw

        Bruh he got over 100 yards in the Super Bowl. Yes he did catch some good passes.

      3. Blue Rubio

        F you

      4. Luckiest

        I didn’t laugh 😐

      5. Chidozie Osuji

        Very not funny 😑

    72. iOS Gaming

      Only one trying in the super bowl other than mahomes

      1. Keaden Wheeler

        @Seahawks fan how ?

      2. Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred

        This isn't about Mahomes....can we go one vid without talking about him?

      3. Seahawks fan

        ikr mahomes sold

      4. Seal S

        Yea I know even the bucs didn’t try and they still won by a lot

    73. REID

      if u see this comment sub to me

    74. zen

      Rip chiefs

    75. Joscelyn Vargas

      no won can Gord him

      1. B M

        English is hard. ✌🇺🇸

      2. Jora Music

        One* guard*

    76. Help Me Reach 10K with videos

      Congrats to everyone who found this comment,

      1. Torin O'Connor

        Hi bot

      2. Chidozie Osuji


    77. Trace McSorley

      Almost as good as me ngl

      1. Keaden Wheeler


      2. Adam Patton

        I’m going to be the mascot for penn state

      3. Infinity Ricardo -_-

        Not even close you just to good

    78. EpicChocolate

      It’s funny that it’s always the same people in the Super Bowl.

    79. Maria Beltran

      It was good tho

    80. ItzPick

      #1 Tight End in the league!

      1. ItzPick

        @Jora Music No one said Alex Smith is trash. He didn’t put up stats like Mahomes did though

      2. Jora Music

        @AJ Burthe no, I’m saying he’s half decent.

      3. AJ Burthe

        @Jora Music You're saying Garoppolo is trash?

      4. Jora Music

        @AJ Burthe Alex smith is trash?

      5. AJ Burthe

        @Jora Music Even if Kelce didn't have a great QB, he would still put up monster stats. Just look at 2016 and 2017

    81. Abhishek Jhantla


    82. xDiamond YT

      Best tight end in the league

      1. xDiamond YT

        @B M all he did was win the super bowl this year. Kelce had a way better year

      2. Reed Ricketts

        @B M no

      3. B M

        *Gronkowski* ✌🇺🇸

      4. Logan Semiean

        I agree with you.

    83. Young Sleep4396

      He is a bum

      1. Gc c08

        Are You High?


        Ok lil boy u mad cuz you mom got no money stfu🤣

      3. Pepper

        Ok young sleep 4396

    84. Jack Grady


      1. Jacob Kurian

        @Nicholas Shaw nah bruh all-time gronk is way better.

      2. Nicholas Shaw

        Kelce>Gronk Especially right now lol.

      3. Neil Wilson

        @ItzPick *all time definitely currently probably not

      4. Jacob Kurian

        already know

      5. ItzPick

        All time maybe. But not currently 😆

    85. Justin High like a kite

      Only him and mahomes came to play in the Súper bowl

      1. Isaiah Rojas

        I’m not a Chiefs fan the hell

      2. B M

        @Isaiah Rojas key drops, kelse is trash. Nice defeated face in the 3rd. ✌🇺🇸

      3. Jacob Kurian

        @Isaiah Rojas kelce had that stats when the bucs already basically won. It was the 4th quarter that he had 143 yards. Garbage time.

      4. Isaiah Rojas

        He dropped almost 150 yards tho

      5. Drew

        @Seal S no such thing as garbage time stats

    86. I dot for vc Goat

      Noti gang

    87. RiggyPiggy


      1. Jora Music

        @RiggyPiggy third my guy

      2. RiggyPiggy

        @Jora Music i was second

      3. Jora Music

        Btw you’re not even first, you’re third.

      4. RiggyPiggy

        @Justin High like a kite ok lol

      5. Justin High like a kite

        No one cares

    88. RemDog Litty Army

      I’ve been trying to type Kelce’s name for 5 minutes now but autocorrect keeps changing it

      1. RemDog Litty Army

        @B M Lmao

      2. Keaden Wheeler

        @B M Learn how to spell his name talking about my spelling 😂😂

      3. B M

        @Keaden Wheeler smoking kelse fans ✌🇺🇸

      4. Keaden Wheeler

        @B M You smoking

      5. Jora Music

        @B M yessir

    89. Brish Productions

      He was good

      1. Jora Music