Top 5 Non-QB Prospects in 2021 NFL Draft


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    1. Shaney 2k

      Jumbo wide receivers, love it

    2. Flesh Weasel

      Terrace Marshall Jr. is being slept on

    3. Taintsnorkeler

      1. Penei Sewell 2. Ja'marr Chase 3. Micah Parson 4. Kyle Pitts 5. Patrick Surtain II

    4. GreenMan

      Devonta Smith would like to have a word with you...

    5. دودي و سلطان

      شوفو اخر مقطع وعطوني رايكم استمر ولا اوقف

    6. Kei Gotti

      I want Seattle to trade up for pitts

    7. Sauce Godxx

      Like to see the packers pick up jamar

    8. CKMX

      But can Pitts block tho? I like all these TE's who are super athletic but if they can't block like Gronk, Kelce or Kittle, they're just another wr lol

      1. 🍞

        He can DEFINITELY block

    9. Smart Kid Sports

      What about Devontae Smith

    10. RefuseToLose

      Dont sleep on Owusu, best LB in this draft class.

      1. RefuseToLose

        @Kane Zhong You are right, Notre Dame has had the exact same defence since Kelly took over. Keep arguing and judging...pathetic

      2. Kane Zhong

        @RefuseToLose what scheme? Scheme is fluid between teams and is just a technical word to sound fancy. You’ve clearly never played football if you don’t even know what a Rover is.

      3. RefuseToLose

        @Kane Zhong Ive been watching the scheme for 4 seasons now. You oubviously have something against Wu or ND.

      4. Kane Zhong

        @RefuseToLose he played rover, research what that means.

      5. Liam Skidmore

        Micah is a Linebacker, koramoah is not. He is fast but he’s a safety/slot corner and kinda has tackling/ overrunning problems in the backfield

    11. Benjamin Hiester

      HOW IS PENEI SEWELL ONLY NUMBER 3??? He should be number one, or at least number 2. Also Devonta Smith gotta be in the top 5 non qb prospects.

    12. Nooblicious

      I cant believe that they put kyle pitts at #1

    13. The Brodie

      1.) Waddle 2.) Chase 3.) Smith 4.) Slater 5.) Sewell

    14. Aaron Gonzalez

      Where’s DeVonta Smith

    15. Jason Hunt

      Kyle Pitts will thrive in the NFL! (Especially on a team that utilizes TEs a lot)

    16. eriqco2

      Me as a giants fan hoping and praying that we somehow have Smith fall to us as an LSU fan, but knowing our front office we will probably end up with Pitts and ill be big sad cause I have Evan Engram PTSD

    17. Nate Lowe

      Hope Micah Parsons is a Falcons, when all is said during the 1st round

    18. The New New England Patriots

      Hopefully they won’t have to be teammates with Weak Wentz nor patient Jimmy G. Phone the ambulance if those weaklings don’t get up after 4 seconds.

    19. FZ_denbronco

      My list: 1. Pitts 2. Sewell 3.Chase 4.Smith 5. Parsons

    20. Cristian

      I haven’t watched defense prospects yet only offense but of the offense players I’d go (not in order) Pitts, Slater, Sewell, Chase, Bateman

    21. Cassandra Creamer


    22. Morgan Wells

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    23. Adrian Buck

      My top 5 : 1. Penei Sewell (crazy movement skills for a 320 pound guy at 19 years old last season ) 2. Kyle Pitts (blocks like a TE, receiving like a WR, 131 yards 1TD on 7 Receptions against Alabama) 3. Jamar Chase (dominanted at 20 years old the SEC phisically with Big play after big play) 4. Micah Parsons (freak Athletically, in run d and blitzing Maschine) 5. Jaylen Waddle (4.2 speed maybe, EXPLOSIVE, outproduced Smith till his injury)

    24. Thomas Goodall

      Have to say as a Bengals fan I’m really excited about the possibility of any of these guys coming to Cincinnati. Hopefully a better season to follow with Burrow back.

    25. iamrichrocker

      Bills could use Piss, but he will be long gone..unless McBeane can work draft magic again...

    26. Rasheed

      S/o to bucky brooks

    27. Kaulana Luke

      Am I the only one who thinks Parsons is overrated?

    28. K1NG 5UPREME

      Sub to my channel

    29. Sin Rise

    30. Luckiest

      Devonta Smith is the best non-QB prospect.

      1. The Brodie

        Jaylen Waddle*

    31. jam man

      Bucky is a big smith hater

    32. jam man

      1.sewell(he’s been the best o line prospect since q Nelson imo ppl are saying slater is better which makes no sense because people just say that because of the game against osu) 2. Chase(I have chase in front of smith and waddle even though I like both of them, chase has more ideal build for a wideout,and can do basically everything better than smith,smith is a better route runner tho it will be Intresting to see how Gms measure him playing with burrow compared to smith playing with Jones) 3.Smith(he excells at basically everything he is great route runner, he has great hands,great ball skills,good at making people miss,decently fast,biggest knock on him is his body size as he is extremely skinny and although he can bull up bulking up sometimes makes it harder to play the way you used to) 4.Waddle(he is another great receiver(has top notch speed, makes big plays,gets separation and takes pressure off the qb,no real knocks on him which is why waddle is the safer pick) 5.Parsons(a prototype linebacker, can play on the outside and might be able to be a middle linebacker as well seems like he has excellent playmaking,fast for a linebacker and is there for the tackle and can be the glue for any defense) 6. Pitts(a mismatch no matter where you put him he has great ball skills and is just a playmaker he has great talent but I can’t say him being taken by a team like the eagles or lions if smith or waddle or chase is on the board is the smartest of moves,not an exceptional blocker so it will be Intresting to see how teams use him as he seems like a slower less elusive randy moss type build) Intresting to see how much he will be running actual routes to see if he can actually play reciever) 7.Slater(seems like a stable o lineman at worse, the chase young game really elevated his stock,seems like an elite pass blocker and can be a great left tackle 8.Surtain II( a very ideal corner has all the makings of an pro bowl and maybe all pro corner seems like a no 2 corner at worst has great ball skills and a good tackling corner able to make plays 9.Vera Tucker very good o lineman seems to be able to handle the big boys and can be a productive right tackle in the league 10.farley(some see him as the best corner in the draft, he is a straight playmaker,decent tackler,able to get picks and pass deflections and has good speed to catch up on plays)

      1. Adrian Buck

        I would knock Smith down because I don't think he can really bulk up. 4 years at Alabama and still skinny? I don't expect much change in that regard. I have Sewell, Pitts, Chase, Parsons, Waddle.

    33. Grishm Masson

      My List 1. Penei Sewell 2. Jamar Chase 3. Micah Parsons 4. Devonta Smith 5. Kyle Pitts

      1. Grishm Masson

        @Orveus I honestly think he is more talented because of his size.

      2. Orveus

        Nice job putting chase over Smith.

      3. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CeeDy Duce CGJ

        My List- 1. Micah Parsons LB 2. Caleb Farley CB 3. Rashod Bateman WR 4. Kyle Pitts TE 5. Penei Sewell OT

      4. Adrian Buck

        @Grishm Masson I think he's gonna be healthy come next season. He somehow played some snaps in the Championship game so...

      5. Grishm Masson

        @Adrian Buck, I do too, but because of his injury, I would rather have Smith.

    34. sad eaglesfan

      its dumb that he didnt mention the other wrs but at least i like to see that kyle pitts is getting his respect

    35. Syzzon

      Part 2

    36. Brendan Fenlon


    37. Joe Father

      how can you talk about top non-qb prospects and not mention devonta smith

      1. samelmudir

        Waddle is just as good and faster. devonta numbers explded because waddle was injured. Chase is also better. ppl forgot about him because he sat out this year.

      2. gelene Celine

        Bucky hates him he has smith falling to the cards when he might go number 3 overall

    38. Chili Styles


    39. Sports God

      Micah go falcons

    40. دودي و سلطان

      فضلا لا امرا شاهدو قناتنا وادعمونا بلايك واشتراك 👍🏻

    41. King Shaun32

      My list: 1. Jamar chase 2. Devonta smith 3. JOK 4. Jaylen waddle 5. Micah parsons

    42. Aquil Stephens

      How do smith not make this list

    43. Noah Gudise

      when it has 90 comments and 1 view

    44. Plug Dug

      I think Sewell is a can’t miss

      1. JimmyMashengus

    45. Pascho

      Nobody sleeping on smith waddle just better

      1. jam man

        NAw as a giants fan I like both tho

    46. SFL

      “1 view, 23 minutes”

    47. Dalton The Sauce God

      You can’t rank Chase over Smith

      1. jam man

        That’s not really true when chase actually played last year their stats last year compared to smith this year was very similar

    48. Ehesh Ehhshs

      In the mock draft it had the niners drafting Kyle pitts in the first round they have George kittle

      1. jam man

        @King Lolz with inconsistent qb play at least track was good in college well he was cool

      2. jam man

        @King Lolz 2 be fair tho that was with Brady and an elite defense I can’t say the same for a team like the eagles or 49ers

      3. King Lolz

        @jam man so the team success was insane

      4. jam man

        @King Lolz ye but looking at Aaron Hernandez his stats dipped in everything

      5. King Lolz

        @Ehesh Ehhshs I mean the Aaron Hernandez and gronk combo was unstoppable

    49. Griffin the gaming gorilla

      My list 1. Davonta smith 2.penii Sewell 3.jamar chase 4.Micah parsons 5.Kyle pitts

      1. Will Brench

        @Orveus true true good eye

      2. Orveus

        @Will Brench IMO it depends on the team’s needs

      3. Will Brench

        @Orveus still feel like parsons is better than pitts

      4. Orveus

        Swap Chase and Smith, then swap Smith and Pitts.

      5. Brent Lauderbaugh

        @Bold And Brash exactly

    50. Ehesh Ehhshs

      Devonta smith?

    51. Lukas Bason

      1. Sewell 2. Smith 3. Pitts 4. Chase 5. Waddle

    52. Adam Ali


    53. MinePlay 512

      All my team needs is Sewell or Smith. We cannot draft a QB.

      1. gelene Celine

        Why do jets fans want to keep darnold lol😂😂😂😂As a dolphins fan i'll be happy if they dont draft a qb because they will suck this season and the dolphins are not going to be the worst team in the afc east if we have a down year

      2. MinePlay 512

        @Thaddrim Honestly, I am not all in for Watson. I don't like what my team's fanbase want.

      3. Thaddrim

        you good with darnold or are you expecting to win the watson sweepstakes?

    54. Sam Teets

      1.Ja'Marr Chase 2.Kyle Pitts 3.Penei Sewell 4.Micah Parsons 5.Najee Harris

    55. Jackson Pagan

      thank you for putting pitts at one the only thing that can stop him is injuries he has no weaknesses no linebacker can keep up with him no safety can get as high as him and in college he dominated vs top prospects patrick surtain, tyson campbell, eric stokes, richard lecounte, grant delpit, derek stingley, jaycee horn and many more whoever gets him will never regret that pick he will be a top 5 tight end his first year

      1. jam man

        @Jackson Pagan and smith shared targets with waddle for the 1st 3 games and then robert metchie iii

      2. jam man

        @Jackson Pagan he’s 2 slow 2 be an every down reciever

      3. Jackson Pagan

        @jam man he missed 3 games to and he was sharing targets with toney grimes copeland etc

      4. Jackson Pagan

        @jam man he is tight end on paper but plays reciever positions

      5. jam man

        @Jackson Pagan lol this is a joke it has to be

    56. Shri

      1 view 70 comments, Nice.. KGup

    57. Phoneybeetlemaniacxs

      No devonte smith

    58. BlazeJVB

      1 view 113 like 3 dislikes makes sense

    59. Alex Unruh

      POV: you thought he was gonna say devonta smith

      1. 8MoneyIzmyMission8

        @Bofi people don't realize, but Smith is no better than Amari Cooper who did the same thing years back at Bama. When you are force fed the ball in an offense that sets it up for you, you will not have a high ceiling. Smith, like Cooper, will top out as a 1000 yard WR for a few years. The fact that he is getting to 5 pick love is insane.

      2. Bofi

        I'm not surprised. Everyone is on this Devonta Smith high, and people are forgetting the other wrs are just as good as him, if not better.

      3. 8MoneyIzmyMission8

        I hoped he wasn't because Smith is SUPER OVERRATED. His heisman is going to get him drafted way too high and when he's outperformed by Chase and Waddle, that team is going to look like idiots.

      4. Kye Quick

        Yessir And nagee Harris😧😧

      5. Benjamin Hiester

        yeah, i did

    60. jayTRUE

      Jaylen waddle 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Chewy Suarez

        @jayTRUE lmfy

      2. jayTRUE

        @Chewy Suarez ?

      3. Chewy Suarez

        @jayTRUE ?

      4. jayTRUE

        @Chewy Suarez ?

      5. Chewy Suarez

        @jayTRUE not a top 5 prospect lol

    61. JH Sports

      Devonta Smith???

      1. Millie Cauich See my Channel

        As you wish, jellyfish!

    62. Darius Slay Jr.

      Keep sleeping on smith

      1. JackAtross !

        Have u seen the montages?

      2. Darius Slay Jr.

        @JackAtross ! Yep

      3. JackAtross !

        Hey u commented on my vid

    63. New York Bandwagon

      My list: 1. Pennei Sewell 2. Jamaar Chase 3. Micah Parsons 4. Devonta Smith 5. Patrick Surtain

      1. Spike Films

        @Hype Master no just a prediction version or in other words someone made the whole entire thing on which players are already going to be in the draft

      2. Hype Master

        @Spike Films They already have ratings in madden?

      3. Adrian Buck

        @Spike Films That's still not good for a CB. That kicks him out of the top 5 non QB conversation for me.

      4. Spike Films

        @Adrian Buck on Madden he has I think 90 so it could be 4.5

      5. Adrian Buck

        @Spike Films I don't think Surtain has the speed (reportedly 4.6?).

    64. SFL


    65. a. a.

      Sewell Chase Smith Pitts Surtain

    66. That guy

      Pitts routes are insane

    67. LEO MOLINA

      Hola me encanta la NFL soy de los primeros

    68. Sean Godley

      1 view 37 comments?

    69. Gael Oceguera

      30th comment?

    70. Jacob G

      Sewwl or Devonta

    71. Kristine Beighley


    72. The Latino 69

      Where my boy Jaylen Waddle at? Comment below if you want to have an argument whether Waddle is WR1

      1. The Latino 69

        @James Noble watch his tape. Actually watch it.

      2. James Noble

        Wr 3

      3. Philipp Cong

        @The Latino 69 I guess many are scared on his health. He had a very serious injury which is especially serious for Wideouts. Still I think he is the second best receiver

      4. jam man

        @All sports Highlights mane is if u don’t stfu

      5. The Latino 69

        @Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CeeDy Duce CGJ I’m not saying the Jaguars should lol. It really depends on the situation. I recommend watch last season and focusing particularly on Waddle. I love Smith but I just value explosiveness and Jaylen Waddle has more of that.

    73. Barclay Pierre élève


      1. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CeeDy Duce CGJ

        @The Latino 69 My mock draft I have the Broncos trading up with the Lions at 7. 7th Overall Broncos- Justin Fields (Steal) 8th Overall Panthers- Penei Sewell 9th Overall Lions- Micah Parsons

      2. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CeeDy Duce CGJ

        @The Latino 69 I agree. Y’all offensive line suck against the Broncos in super bowl.

      3. The Latino 69

        @Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CeeDy Duce CGJ Penei Sewell easy. We have a need at all of the offensive line positions except C and RT. So either he plays left tackle or one of the guard spots.

      4. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CeeDy Duce CGJ

        @The Latino 69 Since You’re a Panthers fan, If these players were Available which one would you prefer? 1. Penei Sewell OT 2. Trey Lance QB

      5. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CeeDy Duce CGJ

        @Lego what “Bruh”

    74. NBA live mobile Man


    75. anonymous white circle

      Where’s Devonta??

      1. gelene Celine

        Facts, bucky hates smith he has him falling to number 16 to the cards when he might go number 3 overall

      2. The Latino 69

        @New York Bandwagon I never considered Moore. I’m going to watch some of Moore’s tape and enlighten myself. Thanks

      3. New York Bandwagon

        @The Latino 69 i know what a "comparison" is, i was just thinking that he compares more to the 2 i mentioned than Parker. Chase and Moore have virtually the same 40 times as of rn and have the SAME EXACT height at 6'0. Both are also great route runners and can be solid deep threats.

      4. The Latino 69

        @New York Bandwagon A comparison is not me saying he’s going to be the next Davante Parker. I’m talking measurables, catching, and route running. All of those traits remind me of Parker in 2020. Ja’Marr Chase is way better than Parker.

      5. jam man

        @New York Bandwagon that’s cap he was dominating since waddle got injured

    76. Ryan Rizo


      1. All sports Highlights

        If you like sports content please subscribe to my channel.

      2. The Latino 69

        N O B O D Y C A R E S

      3. Zaayan Hasan


    77. Nakul Soundar


    78. josiah jeffrey

      I hope Kyle Pitts go,s two the Pat's

      1. josiah jeffrey

        @All sports Highlights why you have 3k sud but I will sud two be nice

      2. The Latino 69

        @josiah jeffrey yeah historically, the Pat’s tight ends play a huge role in Hoodie’s offense. Trask should be available in the 2nd round as well.

      3. All sports Highlights

        If you like sports content please subscribe to my channel.

      4. josiah jeffrey

        @The Latino 69 I hope so are tight ends suck that are on the team right now

      5. The Latino 69

        He most likely will

    79. Emn Em

      Kyle pits

      1. gelene Celine

        dude is overrated i like pitts but they are puting him too high

      2. All sports Highlights

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    80. Malcolm J. Marshall

      Keep sleeping on Smith..

      1. All sports Highlights

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      2. The Latino 69

        Keep sleeping on Waddle....

    81. 1K Subscribes Before March

      Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment💙

      1. The Latino 69

        @umVortex no. Answer my question and I will

      2. umVortex

        @The Latino 69 Shut up

      3. All sports Highlights

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      4. The Latino 69

        @umVortex why shut up.

      5. Lucas Gunn

        Yeah lol

    82. Ashley Horvath

      Kyle Trask underrated and should be a mid first round pick

      1. The Latino 69

        @Ashley Horvath damn. Why so rude. Like I can bring up a stereotype about how women don’t know anything about sports, much less football. Or do you want to keep this argument about A FREAKING SPORT civil.

      2. The Latino 69

        @New York Bandwagon right I was just listing some but yeah I agree

      3. New York Bandwagon

        @The Latino 69 mechanics are also a huge factor in my eyes. Even more than mobility to me.

      4. The Latino 69

        @Ashley Horvath when evaluating a QB, you’re looking for traits such as accuracy, footwork, how well he gets through professions, mobility, etc. Supporting casts don’t matter in college. If you want to persist in that argument, take a look at Trey Lance. He is my QB4 in the class. He plays for North Dakota State. That should tell you everything you need to know about his supporting cast. Let’s also take Zach Wilson as an example since you’re still persisting that a supporting cast is important. Zach Wilson played for BYU which is a non power 5 conference. I bet you can name only 1 reciever on that team. Yet people have him as QB2 on some boards. See, supporting casts don’t matter in college football when evaluating QB’s because you are looking at traits that will hopefully translate to the NFL.

      5. Ashley Horvath

        The Latino 69 I'm sorry you have nothing better to do than say stupid ass coments

    83. ian walker

      Pitts is a Dawg!!!!

    84. Flash Back77




    86. Drlwbl

      If Kyle pits was healthy he would win heisman go gators

      1. New York Bandwagon

        @The Latino 69 the Vikings already have Kyle Rudolph and Irv Smith Jr at TE. You want them to have a 3rd one?!

      2. The Latino 69

        @Jackson Pagan yeah I agree. I was before in the camp of don’t take TE’s in the top 10 but then I started watching his tape. He fits in so many offenses. Hell even the Vikings make sense for him.

      3. Jackson Pagan

        @The Latino 69 pitts was tied with devonta for tds playing two less games till he got hurt and he got a lot less targets

      4. The Latino 69

        Mmm no. Smitty was wrecking. Trask was playing well. Jones was good STATISTICALLY.

    87. Arno Gillain

      First!!! Oh wait nobody cares

      1. Arno Gillain

        @Zaayan Hasan well you cared enough to comment so who wins here 🤷‍♂️

      2. All sports Highlights

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      3. The Latino 69

        @Zaayan Hasan and you’re not even using correct grammar

      4. Zaayan Hasan

        but your not even first

    88. Mabafi

      Kyle Pitts should go to Jax with TL