Trevor Lawrence FULL Pro Day Highlights: Every Throw


898 миӊ. көрүүлөр223

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    күнү жарыяланды 14 күн мурун


    1. Koko Lim

      This kid is the real Deal! With todays NFL and How QBs throw much more this will be right up Lawrence Ally. I just hope Jacksonville get some good receiver pcs for him

    2. nothing new

      thank god some one told trevor to work on his legs cause they looked on the skinny side in college re-runs.

    3. Denesh Bhaskar

      I think hes a bust lol. Overrated. Zach WIlson and justin fields r better man. Trevor Lawerence has been overrated.

    4. Patrick Cardoso


    5. Original One

      Kyle Task is better

    6. Brandon Mosley

      This kid is wonderful in play action

    7. Kiefer Gibbs

      I’m here to see the receivers

    8. UndertakerU2ber

      He’s going to drop like a rock and flop like a fish once he starts playing in the league. I predict he’ll get benched at least once this upcoming season...

      1. UndertakerU2ber

        @Joey B. The vast majority of these hyped up college QB's end up being washed up players that get traded within 2 seasons. You can listen to the braindead "analysts" on ESPN that's going to make him seem like the second coming of Christ in order to milk his name in news stories, but history tells us that the best quarterbacks in the NFL have come out of nowhere.

      2. Joey B.

        You're hilarious. 😂

    9. sup am pro

      Are we seeing the first-ever woman in the NFL?

    10. mike newbill

      listen to those jokes slob over this kid.its a damn shame.mac jones is 100 times better than trevor

    11. frostyBUNNEY

      Would be funny if he came out and said "I ain't playing for the Jaguars" Urban Meyer would quit asap lol

    12. Matt

      He consistently misses throws to the sidelines and throws on the run, along with struggles with the throwing power to push a ball down the field and hit his reciever on full stride, will struggle hitting receivers in small windows in the NFL.

      1. Joey B.

        @UndertakerU2ber You're delusional.

      2. UndertakerU2ber

        @Joey B. You can disagree and stalk me in the comments section all you'd like, but there have been many types like him that fade into obscurity once they get into the NFL.

      3. Joey B.

        @UndertakerU2ber Couldn't disagree more.

      4. UndertakerU2ber

        I don’t think most viewers are aware that many college QB’s get hyped as being the next Brady/Manning in the NFL, but once they actually start playing pro, they have lukewarm stats and end up getting cut or traded after two seasons. History tells us that Lawrence is going to fade into obscurity once he starts playing in the league, and it’s not going to just be because the rest of his team sucks. We’ll see what happens, because for all we know, he could catch COVID and die before ever playing a game in the NFL (not that I wish for this).

    13. Douglas DeNunzio

      Nationals week will happen whenever Trevor Lawrence covers his hair.

    14. Jay Keke

      I can’t believe my Jets ruined their shot at him. SMH.

    15. RaiderBen

      He looks like a high school cheerleader

    16. Alex Anthony

      It’s sunshine from remember the Titans!

    17. kevin jeter


    18. C K

      He looks really great! Guess he has to get a career ending injury early on...

    19. BORN OF GODS

      Thank you NFL for not helping the spread of coronavirus. Not 6 feet apart, not wearing masks. The system is full of hypocrites.

    20. Wes

      His hair gives him a +5 OVR power up

    21. Blow' The Whistle

      NICE JOB

    22. rachray83

      Hair flips from a guy is so feminine, are his toe nails painted too 😒

    23. Lockup_Hoosier

      Who cares. He is going to some trash Organization like the Jaguars, Jets, Etc and will be wasted talent. The way the draft is set up it wastes peoples talent

    24. Ricky Tombstone

      Its better he does not play for the Jets. He could get paralyzed from the neck down playing for the Jets.

    25. Frank Ocean

      just saw this kid on the 2017 elite 11. definitely been made for this.

    26. Rocky McDowell

      But What About The Steroid Problem, Is it going to be a situation in which you lose to much strength? What can they use as substitute or replacement? In the transition I think they have or I know they have Hormone replacement and Testosterone builders that would be an adequate substitution.....

    27. Mister Radiak

      Please come to Chicago we need a qb so bad

    28. Abdallah Alnahidh

      He needs a hair cut asap

    29. Fernando Silva

      hate me... But this guy isnt going to be what he was in college when he gets to the NFL

    30. Bill Buyers

      Damn he rips those throws

    31. Medusa Man

      The hair is really annoying

    32. [v]

      CONSTANTLY touching his hair i mean he's losing focus every time his doing it. Tom Brady (or Joe Burrow, if we're talking about young generation) are way more impressive in that sense.

      1. Bill Buyers

        At least he isn’t licking his damn fingers like Brees

    33. TJ Ellis

      get a aint surf city

    34. Michael Horner

      6'6" .... need to bulk up to 220 - 225 lbs !

    35. Jeff Saint

      Yeah but is he great

    36. ChumakeTV

    37. ChumakeTV

    38. Snakebite

      Another wentz

    39. Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

      “That was my SKULL! Hyuk-hyuk!” -Jeff Spiccoli

    40. Troy R.

      this guy has such good hair, and hes such a good quarterback; any guy who has grown their hair out envies this sumbit

    41. AO716

      The AFC is gonna be so stacked it’s almost Hilarious

    42. nicolas oviedo

      The erratic english optionally stare because gong unusually amuse in a crooked pumpkin. enchanting, pricey illegal

    43. madison davis

      Dabo and Urban just casually talking the whole time 😂

    44. PJ Clemons

      BUST Lsu exposed him go tigers

      1. Gods Child

        Bust like burrows acl

    45. Daniel Kaufman

      Is it just me or is it kinda lame that after all that talk and anticipation he’s gonna end up playing in Jacksonville

      1. Jay Wizzle

        Nah. DUUUUUVAL!!!!!!

    46. Sherkeydra Burley

      I have a feeling that this guy Lawrence will be good in his own Peyton Manning type of way but I also have a feeling that Trey Lance will be the most electric out of college prospects more electric Dan Mahomes and even more electric than Lamar Jackson

    47. Nash Lawhon

      Ryan Leaf or Peyton Manning?

    48. Timothy Norat

      dayum! does he ever miss a throw in practice? He is ultra elite! No doubt! The comparisons are: Deshauwn Watson, Justin Herbert, Peyton Manning. I agree. I see Peyton Manning. I see these comparisons. Keep in mind he is awaiting left arm surgery. Unreal!! He is throwing hurt! OMFG! We are looking at greatness! Details of his throws are so amazing. The lead...the velocity... the spiral... the touch...the timing. These are not throws you see everyday. It reminds me of the best pro days I have ever seen. 14:30. He FINALLY misses a throw. “but that ball is still in a position for a receiver to make a play”

    49. Glocc

      Fabio. Lol

    50. Floki

      I dont understand why he doesnt tie his hair back when playing lol

      1. Brian Hum

        And that's why some of us will get Head & Shoulders endorsements and some of us wont'.

      2. Trey Moravek

        I think it's bad for your hair and he wants the flow

      3. Black Matter Lives

        He trying to get that Head & Shoulders endorsement lol

    51. Definitely Not a cop. like 100% sure

      leave a comment if you spotted the 3 major flaws i did. people in comments- yep hes pro ready me- spots multiple flaws in throwing. yeah hes gonna struggle like josh allen did. until they fix those issues.

    52. Ceez B

      Urban Meyer tried to hire a bonafide racist as strength coach. That backfired right away.

    53. Ceez B

      Urban Meyer needs to learn to wear a mask. It's not that damn hard to put it over your nose and mouth.

      1. Tim's Music

        If I was TL, I'd tell that coach that I'll be back after you find a mask and wear it properly.

    54. Ceez B

      great throws first half but all the throws in the red zone were high. Probably a bit nervous but he should definitely end up being better than Tua.

    55. David law

      bust incomng

    56. Euclid’s Chemical Equation

      He’s going to disappoint a lot of people



    58. Erick

      Why does he look like that

    59. Travis Mannix

      Got two 2nds for OL

    60. Travis Mannix

      Got Lawrence and another first for OL or WR? Kadarius Toney is just scratching the surface as a WR.

      1. Phillip Morrison

        Absolutely I agree

    61. Xnemesis11

      The first advertising contracts are sure to come his way. But I would recommend that he put on a headband. Then he would not be so busy with his hair.

      1. Bill Buyers

        Shut up college nerd

    62. Emil Koch

      I really hope Trevor ends up being very successful in the NFL and not a bust........with that being said I want my Chicago Bears to draft him. I know we have a history of drafting mediocre to bad QB's but we could use a NCAA QB champ. By the way, hopefully he can stay faithful when he makes it to the NFL. He'll have lots of girls throwing themselves at him for sure. I wonder what time they start these workouts?? Is this an all day workout??

    63. Dave TV

      Damn Steve Smith talks a lot without saying much of anything....

      1. SageAir13

        The sky is blue.

    64. Jacob K

      A lot of bad throws and the guys are acting like he's putting on a show and making excuses. If he's successful I'll be thanking Urban

      1. Euclid’s Chemical Equation


    65. wlcsp

      Cut the hair, man

    66. Aaron Delisle

      Ah trevor lawrence, the first female starting qb to be drafted in the nfl.

    67. nowaynick

      The hype isn't real with this kid.

    68. ImOmar69

      Idk man, I have a feeling he's gonna be a bust🤷‍♂️

      1. Euclid’s Chemical Equation

        He made his reputation from beating Bama as a Freshman 3 years ago and hasn’t done anything since but get blowed out two straight years in the playoffs

      2. Chase

        Lol Me too. If he were going anywhere but Jacksonville, I’d say he has a solid chance. The problem is him and urban Meyer are gonna go through a ton of growth pains in a division where it’s built for titans and/ or colts to dominate for next three years

    69. Salted Llama

      The red zone throws were always where Peyton Manning was absolute king. Threw some ridiculously accurate balls into impossible spots. Wobble and all.

    70. james norton

      I have no idea why he is throwing. You haven't seen enough by now..pointless! None of this is going to prepare him for the NFL. 1 picks in the draft are like a box of chocolate's. You never know what you gunna get. But the fact that he's a pretty white boy with blue eye's tell's me that Goodell will make him a star. And all the advertiser's that run sports. It's all fake Meatball..It's all fake.

    71. Salted Llama

      They talk about how thin he looks, but his legs look they belong on a horse. He will bulk his upper body plenty.

    72. LunarX


    73. Zombsnight

      brady was the next montana mahomes the next brady lawrence the next mahomes?!??

    74. Let me suck your toes girl

      poor mans Justin Herbert

    75. Marc Askew

      Now he had surgery on his right shoulder.

    76. Marc Askew

      Trevor Lawrence shouldn't be no #1 draft pick.

    77. Christopher Andrade

      His throws are still slow but I’m sure he’ll get faster

      1. Tony Bleau

        He's been clocked at 61 MPH. His throws are fine already.

    78. ConnorAndthe chocolateFactory

      He looks like a lifeguard named Chad

    79. ConnorAndthe chocolateFactory

      Hes gonna be a future nobody

    80. Mr. Roders

      Those Mocha Air Force 1s 👀👀👀

    81. Derek

      what's the point of this...they've been watching him throw/scramble for is watching him throw with nobody on him giving them more information...dumb.

    82. Dennis Guidry

      Urban going to ruin him

    83. Hidden

      Hopefully it’s not another Giovanni Carmazzi

    84. thunderbolts 24

      Somebody will make a video of “the best of Trevor Lawrence hair flips“ 😂🤗

    85. R3TR0 Remedy

      If trevor becomes a bust, Idk what I'll do. THIS MAN IS MADE FOR THIS

      1. Euclid’s Chemical Equation

        He’s going to be a bust

    86. Patriots szn

      So sexy

    87. BrushyMtnGolfer

      Good thing his name and number are on that T Shirt he is wearing LOL

    88. luis seoane

      Dolphins moving up for trevor ,size power live arm fast athletic all the physically tools everything tua does not havetua was put to see if he was good. But Tua sucked so they had to put fitzpatrick 2 times would have been 3 if not for covid 19. Dolphins could have had the first pick if texas would have lost more games and they would had chosen, Trevor Lawrence from clemson and traded Tua's Rear ... the dolphin won 10 games was cause their defense and fitzpatrick both scored more points than tua. Once there are no defensive points and no fitzpatrick tua will be exposed and the entire world will be saying Tua big bust.. But it will be too late. Tua will have no value to trade the dolphins will not have the 3rd pick in the draft to get a qb. Not 3 picks in the top trade for a qb like Watson. Dolphins are saying the right things to keep Tua's trade value high. The coaches know Tua Sucks. The defensive players and devonte Parker said Tua sucks. The chargers head coaching job will be a lot more appealing than the dolphins even with a worst record cause in the most important position in sports.

    89. Tyrone Jacobsen

      Stop the hype.... No.1 picks means nothing xD

    90. Booce

      too many QBs, not enough Jordan Palmers

    91. Kevin Kong Torres

      Hey woah, I like Trevor but did Bucky literally said that he’s Herbert but better? Like what kind of person compares a QB that has done at least something in the NFL to a guy who hasn’t stepped on an NFL field, what? That’s straight disrespectful to Herbert I hope he keeps balling out, it seems to me that all of this analysts are butthurt that it isn’t turning out the way they wanted to.

    92. Alex Hernandez

      I can’t wait to see what he does in the nfl I wish him the best of luck!

    93. nesseiht gnay

      NFL, ESPN, vegas and people like max kellerman. trevor lawrence, already the GOAT, hes already the GOAT....did you see how he throws?

    94. Andrew Mobley

      I know he’s a stud and obviously NFL ready but the best scenario is to be able to wait a year or 2 and play behind someone and learn the offense. Still day 1 starter obviously they better protect this kid

    95. Buddy Barlow

      Man, lucky Jaguars... losing at the right time and may have found their QB for the next 10+ years.

    96. Adam Nordmark

      Please fall to the Jets by some miracle

    97. Opethian

      Ehh, these videos are ok. Would like to see a defense right in his face. Hopefully the Jags do him better than Cincy has done Burrow.

    98. Samuel Beach

      He won't be a bust, but with the Jags, he could very well be a Dan Marino. Awesome player on a bunch of meh teams.

    99. curtis_browning

      trevor needs to go with the viking look eventually. not the tattoos perse, but the braded top hair shaved sides look. intimidation. especially if he grows the chin hair

    100. Christopher Malphus

      Why would you throw in this environment? What do you have to prove? C'mon man.......

      1. Samuel Beach

        I agree. We all know what he can do, and what he needs to work on. WTH?