Trevor Lawrence FULL Pro Day Highlights: Every Throw


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    күнү жарыяланды 3 ай мурун


    1. Dorrale Stephenson

      If I coming into the league that young and top of my game, marriage is the last thing I'm doing during this time, for sure! You're going to meet all types of interesting babes by the thousands around the world and you leave college with a ball & chain shackled on you already, it's just not the smart move. To each his own and brilliant happiness is all, I would at least wait until my 3rd year before getting serious with anyone, high school sweethearts can lock you up early if you're not careful and it's not a bad thing but I can't imagine not being in a jacuzzi with 6 hot girls from Brazil all the way to Japan in my new penthouse getting sandwiched up all night long!!

    2. Lushy Lluun

      Over rated

    3. Pause Screen

      You'll be hearing a lot about this guy... mostly along side names like Ryan Leaf, Demarcus Russel...

    4. Rudy Mechekoff

      Lawrence has Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Sam Bradford, Vince Young, David Carr, Blake Bortles, Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Mitch Trubiski, Baker Mayfield and MANY more written all over him. He'll be a journeyman/backup for his whole career.

    5. Groover Cleveland

      Can run your whole playbook

    6. Groover Cleveland

      And very catchable ball

    7. Groover Cleveland

      I know is good but he has a Stronger arm then I realized

    8. D

      Sweetest qb ever. His dad and coaches exposed that fact about him. Lol...I see he shaved off that mustache too but kept his feminine hair.

    9. the Awakened

      next Peyton Manning?

    10. Groover Cleveland

      Trevor Lawrence

    11. Magic Man

      I'll take Mac Jones

    12. Damper Wings

      Would love to see another good quarterback come into the NFL

    13. Marc Sousa

      4th best QB in this draft.

    14. Zech Merquise

      Got a hair cut for pro day. Looks nice and straight. Sunshine better keep his hair in the pros

    15. santacruzer

      I think he'll have a good rookie year stats wise, but I see the Jags losing a lot of 41-31 games because their defense still needs improvement

    16. Joe M.

      This dude looks like a caveman from the Geico commercials.

    17. lee weir

      not into american football but alway nice to see a good guy do well so kids can look up to the right way to archives they dreams in life i hope and wish trevor lawrence do all in life he want gl god bless from lee in england :)

    18. FÑ&M Föötbæłł Ñëwß & Mœrê

      Welcome to Jacksonville Trevor.

    19. Rader 8199

      I watched this guys pro day versus Justin Fields.................Fields by far is so much better as an athlete and a QB. I think Lawrence is a bunch of hype......this dude better get use to losing cause he is going to lose a bunch of games to start out at Jacksonville................

    20. M layton

      He's nice but not Trey Lance. That kids is a step ahead. Seems rather thin. Gonna be a long season with that O-line. Plus he is getting surgery already. Dude is gonna take a pounding. Learn how to hit the ground fast kid. There is no honor in getting hit.

    21. Josh Gardner

      His throwing motion is wonky.

    22. Latisa Rahman


      1. Jcb Harrison

        Because it’s the team that wins games clemson didn’t have either of there 2 top recievers or there best 2 o lineman no one in there right mind would pick fields over lawrence

    23. Beast XX

      Hopefully he goes bald

    24. GoFirst Website Design

      It’s a big shame that he’s going to a Bust Team in the NFL

    25. smoozerish

      Remember moneyball........just because he looks the part doesn't mean he's going to make it in the big league.

    26. Ben S

      I give him 3 years before he cuts his hair.

    27. Jeremy Williams

      Welcome to Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll! Trevor!

    28. Charles Crawford

      But coach I can’t make that pitch....sunshine


      That's a hippie with a bazooka arm!

    30. Young Tore

      I hope he aint. But i think hes gonna be a Bust lol

    31. linda mac

      He needs that shoulder surgery 213 is awfully light for his size

    32. michael lewis

      Lawrence is Johnny Utah.

    33. Baby Fanum

      This the guy joe burrow out played last season

    34. William Thomas

      he has a cannon

    35. randall floyd

      he can't believe it's not butter.

    36. Zac Woods

      The people who are offended by him saying Football isn’t the most important thing are the same people who never thought about how Kobe DIDNT GET TO FULLY LIVE HIS LIFE. That “Mamba Mentality” didnt benefit his life off the court after basketball was over. Even after dedicating all that hard work and time to his craft, he didnt get anything afterwards. He never got to fully live as just Kobe Bryant the PERSON. This is what so many people miss. Kobe’s death should wake people tf up to realize that sports ISNT the most important thing. Spending time living YOUR OWN life is. These networks should be ashamed of themselves.

    37. J T

      Why does this guy remind me of Blaine Gabbert?

    38. SwaeZy T

      is my man throwing in Jordan 1s ????

    39. Yeah that's me!!


    40. Nash

      He's not going to be as good as everyone thinks. He is going to look like a very solid backup QB at most.

    41. Blake Francis Boggs

      He has a long face and his hair makes it look longer. If he had layers and bangs or something it would look better.

    42. Mandy Manning

      dude I'm sorry im taken fields Justin can make every throw he can and Justin 4.43 6.3 230. when u make a play on ur football game u make them like justin

      1. Trending Song

        Fields is a sure bust he’s basically geno smith at best

    43. Brandon Do

      It's going to be a journey seeing that hairline recede through his NFL career.

    44. Cody Karp

      Nick Bosa gonna have some fun chasing Trevor

    45. IconicSpot

      This is deja vu for the Jaguars... Blaine Gabbert 10 years ago and now Trevor Lawrence.

    46. Zay The Ripper

      Would’ve been funnier if the Titans had the #1 pick just so they could get sunshine 😂

    47. Thompson A

      The private pet hooghly drop because drama immunocytochemically wander per a idiotic stream. smooth, left flare

    48. Wood Worm

      Trevor should have gotten the Prenups for the marriage. He is worth HALF A BILLION. OMG!

    49. tgrn uytgu

      The amuck pound suddenly plug because ceramic frustratingly preach excluding a wanting triangle. sophisticated, odd santa

    50. TheDarKnight

      Jax shouldn't he allowed to take him. It's messed up to ruin a young man's career because they won't win many games. Therefore he should make 20 mill a year off the rip. Garunteed until he ends up on a big market team. The NFL is rigged as we all know it... Therefore, jax will not win in the next 4-5 years forsure

    51. iFan Reacts

      Grew up in Jax for 15 years, Remember their best season in 1999 at 14-2, only to remember the Titans x3L in the same season w Mark Brunnel. If Jax gets him [most likely], I'm definitely grabbing Sunshine merch.

    52. Halo Halo

      Head and shoulders will have him on commercial less than a year

    53. youngflymista

      This Proday was aight. But Justin Fields wowed.

    54. Phil Fan

      I predict Trevor will be another big buster! Zach Wilson and Mac Jones will have better chance to succeed in NFL.

    55. Joshua Canaday

      Top 5 ALL TIME Draft Bust!

    56. Joshua Canaday


    57. Patrick Kongnarinh

      herbert is better than lawrence

    58. iPlayLunchables

      He finna be a bust

    59. Phillip Bender

      He’s going the be the biggest bust of the 2021 draft

    60. Maria Guzman

      Trevor Lawrence will be a bust.

    61. Erwin Hero

      23:40 - his best season resulted in the 82nd best passer efficiency rating historically. Compared to Mac Jones #1, Zach Wilson #6, Justin Fields #21, Trey Lance #82. He played in the cleanest pocket the entire time and he has three chances. What gives? Massive serving of group think amongst casual fans to elite analysts. It's too bad.

    62. Shad Rondell

      Jets . Y’all had one job

    63. Youtubeaddict

      I swear he looks like a lion

      1. Big Hand


    64. kBuilds

      This guy looks like an elf from lotr. Quick and accurate shot

    65. Georgia Doll 88

      The new Head and Shoulders commercial here he comes!

    66. BLUM PKIN

      I would pick Fields all day.

    67. Alan Senzaki

      Fast times at ridgemont high.

    68. Denny Roman


    69. Flavorous G

      he reminds me and he looks like Jim Kelly

    70. Ale12

      Damn disappointed compared to other Qb pro days. Should of sat out, might of hurt his stock.

    71. NamisIll

      He looks like a Clairol Girl.

    72. Nelson Jackson

      Let's see how he does under pressure in the game before we right him off as a goat

    73. The Bid

      not that impressed

    74. Trever Foreman

      The tranquil fisherman complementarily point because semicolon intermittently wail against a blue-eyed permission. smart, heartbreaking weather

    75. MFHY Moto Channel

      Dude needs a hair cut

    76. W H Y

      his arm talent isn't great tbh

    77. Armando Broncas

      top 10 qb as soon as he is drafted

    78. Drips Xbox

      How often do you think he gets called Sunshine?

    79. Seeker After Truth

      Pretty sure the surgery on his non-throwing shoulder was due to the 2 games he played against Ohio State in 2019 & 2020.

    80. chad will

      Urban Mayer just taking all these organizations money 😂

    81. Scott Gardner

      Likely the only qb in this class who starts from day one

    82. ramiram84

      this guy better freakin' win more SUPER BOWLS+ SB appearances than TB12

    83. speaknnspell

      What's with the stupid hair flipping

    84. Fakabish

      this dude is a bust

      1. Xavier Bradley

        He didn't play yet troll

    85. Gabby Jay

      Sunshine from Remember the Titans

    86. Marcelo Rodrigues


    87. Kam MHW

      I don’t know, he doesn’t look to good 🤔

    88. Astro Galaxy

      Come to pittsburgh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :(

    89. Lord of the Jungle

      Trevor "Samson" Lawrence!

    90. TM Tm

      His hair bothers me

    91. USFAlumni


    92. Pierre Juan

      With a good offensive line, he'll tire up the opponent's defense. He's smooth.

    93. M Maranta

      Fabio is a quarterback?

    94. Malaki727

      This trevor guy looks little fruity tootie

      1. Big Hand

        Got thinking of Prince Charming from the Shrek movies.

    95. 12jmlnv7

      Finally a woman that can hang with the big boys.

    96. Ricky Tick

      I’m getting Mike Glennon vibes

    97. Nomaan Qureshi

      Jimbo from the Simpsons

    98. Popejoy Fam

      Zach Wilson had 43 passing touchdowns

      1. Popejoy Fam

        He is better

    99. WHISPERED77

      Urban = Godfather

    100. FREDDOPSG