Rob Gronkowski Full Season Highlights | NFL 2020


53 миӊ. көрүүлөр18

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    1. Billy Wright

      Definitely the best quarterback to tight end Duo of all time

    2. Uttun Ingji


    3. Uttun Ingji


    4. Boe O

      Best TE ever

    5. Kenny Guapa

      Helps so much with blocking too

    6. Jordan Tom

      Need more of Gronk blocking vids. That's what makes him the GOAT.

    7. Ethan Woodward

      any hater: why aren't these called blown coverage highlights ? and look lol its takes 20 second for Bradys pass to get there lol Rodgers and Brees and Russ and Marino And Montana and Mahomet all are way better

    8. zoom doof


    9. Mango Mangay

      His late hands are so good.

    10. luzentime

      Equally as important as these flashy catches is the tremendous blocking that Gronk can do to open up the run game or stop the pass rush. He is a complete TE and one of the greatest.

    11. central america panama

      Didnt break a thousand but you already know he was making amazing catches. His yardage is such a game changer

    12. Jordan Bledsoe

      I just played the Super Bowl on Madden 11 Gronk was a rookie I had a fantasy team gronk had like 4 4th down conversions an the last was a td on the game winning drive incredible

    13. Corbyn Hoosier

      Gronk and Brady together Unstoppable

    14. Moritz Weiss

      how disappointed he was after the last play. He wanted this Super Bowl MVP so bad :D

    15. Moritz Weiss

      First Ballot Hall of Famer!

    16. Vincent Hübner


    17. AndyS303

      Brady looking 34, not 43

    18. The 100th Time Lord

      Gronk wasn't bought here to catch passes. He was bought to Tampa to block DEs 1 on 1. That's what this video didn't show, his great blocking abilities that led to such a strong running game

    19. Joseph

      Gronkowski is always lit

    20. Bradley Walker

      Is a 50/50 ball to Gronk really 50/50? No chance.

    21. InGodWeTrust Amen

      Gronk, Gronk, Gronk, what a player ! Many commentators are " hypo critters " and anti~Brady, clearly ) They say Nothing about the incredible offense which scored, scored, scored and scored: Brady, Brown, Gronk, Evans, Lenny, Godwin, Jones, Miller, Watson and Brate ~ And the absolute fact, that Bowles confers with Brady on defense and Brady confers with everything else also: bottom line, Defense was superb, but Brady was necessary to win the game !!

    22. TatoChipz

      He might not be 100% but the NFL is more fun with Gronk in it

    23. Aser G

      He’s not washed. People think saying a player is not washed means he’s still in his prime. No it just means that he’s still somewhat good/ average which is gronk. washed imo is where you just don’t put produce no more and really not helpful to a team.

    24. Adad Reznor

      Better than overrated Kelce

    25. Patricio Garza Guzmán

      I feel bad for the chiefs

    26. Evanflow Forever

      Gronkowski is truly amazing. How he can be such a hardworking man and still party like a rockstar. He embodies my life philosophy: BALANCE.

    27. Goburn

      They couldn’t just let us see the GRONK Spikes 🙄

    28. Brendan Hitchcock

      Definitely a 95 in Madden

    29. Bagels

      “Can’t trade me I’m retired”-Gronk🤷🏼‍♂️ Poor Lions💀 There team will always be sad💀

    30. Harry Sloan


    31. Romeo _ Perez17

      RIP Vincent Jackson❤❤

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    32. The Weeknd ........ ....

    33. Jonathan West

      Michael Jordan won seven world championships ❌⭕❌

    34. Christine Alvarez

      He started off slow, but he really picked it up towards mid season.

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    35. Steve Saenz

      Made some big time catches!!

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    36. TheMglol

      would have liked to see some blocking highlights in there, he is the best blocking TE in the NFL too after all

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    37. B H

      Truly the best te to ever do it. Just as awesome in interviews as he is on the field!

      1. Bob Bobson

        Not really he’s dumb as rocks lmao

      2. The Weeknd ........ ....

    38. Mr ME

      I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life!

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    39. FaZe Hamster

      Gornk= great

    40. leftydan1

      If its catchable its caught and even if it's not it's still caught sometimes. Absolutely huge target for Brady. Just money in the biggest games.

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    41. Postmaster Sgt

      Gronk and Brady so in sync I see why Brady wanted him in Tampa.

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    42. Javier Suárez

      This are only the "flashy" highlights. His blocking highlight is just as impressive. Well worth the 4th round pick we gave NE.

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

      2. Mario Fernandez

        It was basically a 5th round pick cause they won lol

      3. Dennis DeGennaro

        I mean he wasn't actually planning on playing in New England, he would've stayed retired if they didn't trade him, so New England essentially got a fourth for nothing.

    43. RW3Ints

      gronk blocking skills is elite. the goat te and one of the best olineman in the game. he made chase young and cam jordan irrelevant.

      1. The 100th Time Lord

        Tbf, Jordan went up against Wirfs for most of the game. But there were indeed some snaps where Gronk completely shut down Jordan

      2. The Weeknd ........ ....

    44. Mcgodley Games

      Gronk and Brady’s age combined is 74 years of age

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    45. Hey_Its_Kev

      “And rob gronkowski has a touchdown from Blaine gabbert!....”

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    46. Henry Liang

      "Full head asteam!"

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    47. Andrew Jordan


    48. Christopher

      Hall of Fame Gronk!


      Bucks and chargers would had been a better superbowl

    50. Squilliam

      With the receiving core on this team he was never gonna be a ball hog, but he did very well with what he got.

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    51. Holden Neff


    52. Nanadameme Febe

      When is the 2020 nfl mini movie coming out?

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    53. Rat Lives Matter

      Highlights for a mediocre TE?

      1. Rat Lives Matter

        @Jacob Kurian I said before this year, last year and the year before he wasn’t as good as he was before. He’s obviously much better now

      2. Jacob Kurian

        @Rat Lives Matter how did brady's stats go down? 4k yards 40tds 65% completion percentage is bad?

      3. Rat Lives Matter

        @Jacob Kurian well your stats always go down after you get older... Brady’s kinda did till this year. and I could’ve named more... Matt Ryan... Drew Brees... Emanuel sanders.... randy moss (not really but kinda) Peyton Manning.... Walter Payton.... Michael Vick...

      4. Jacob Kurian

        @Rat Lives Matter oh that's 5 people? Wow didn't know 5 people were in the nfl. Also fitz ain't the same. Brady is really the only one who is the same. Everyone else's stats went down after like 32+ or somethin.

      5. Rat Lives Matter

        @Jacob Kurian Brady.... Manning.... Gonzalez.... rice..... Fitzgerald.....

    54. Amplified

      This guy always makes the catch it's insane

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    55. Phiology

      Tom brady of the rings: Return of the Gronk

      1. James Hughes


      2. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    56. Jack M.

      This man should have won Super Bowl MVP

      1. Mango Mangay

        He would have been if Thornhill didn't come in clutch with the ankle tie up, that would've been a 52 yard runaway td.

      2. The Weeknd ........ ....

    57. Bossgrew

      Him and Brady really out here kickin ass and taking rings

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    58. Torin O'Connor

      Finally tho

    59. Chunky Potato

      Fun fact: all three players that scored touchdowns in the super bowl (Gronk, Fournette, and Brown) all came to Tampa to play with TB12


    61. The Wolf

      He’s a hero

    62. New York Bandwagon

      Absolutely hilarious how people have to resort to his "blocking" after seeing those numbers he put up. These were the same people who were complaining about how disappointing he was before the Super Bowl. All of a sudden after his 2 TDs he gets all this praise and is now the undisputed "GOAT TE"🤣. Baffling what recency bias can do.

      1. James Hughes

        @Chiefs Kingdom Ok, so it was just a misunderstanding

      2. Chiefs Kingdom

        @James Hughes everyone knows that 😂 Gronk in his prime is higher than every tight end ever I ain't comparing careers bc Gronk is higher ofc

      3. James Hughes

        @Chiefs Kingdom Never said Gronk was better than Kelce right now, but if you look at Gronk’s total career he’s in the conversation for the GOAT tight end. IMO prime Gronk is a better all around tight end than Kelce. Kelce had over 1400 yards in 2020 on 107 catches for 11 TDs. Gronk in 2011 had over 1300 yards on 90 catches for 17 TDs, 1 rushing TD and averaged more yards per catch than Kelce. Just saying Gronk at his peak was better than Kelce

      4. Chiefs Kingdom

        @James Hughes there's no way you honestly believe Gronk is the better tight end right now, no human being who watches the NFL can honestly think Kelce isn't the nfls best tight enf

      5. Chiefs Kingdom

        @James Hughes so I'm supposed to give him an edge bc he was retired? I'm not biased, just an excuse you use to silence me There's a reason he's the 4th or 5th option. Kelce is the number one weapon IN THE NFL besides MAYBE davante adams

    63. JM

      Won’t be so easy to catch em in receiving yards after this past year, even tougher to catch em in championship rings.

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    64. ProfessorVirgo Funland

      They should’ve shown the panthers game touchdown

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    65. Cup_of_Coffee

      tbh he was kinda ass this year.

      1. James Hughes

        @New York Bandwagon Gronk retired because he couldn’t take the beating anymore and had back problems. He came out of retirement because he knew he wasn’t gonna have to carry the offense like he did in New England

      2. New York Bandwagon

        @James Hughes they dont limit his role because of injuries🤣. If that was so, Will Fuller wouldve had a limited role in Houston. Like i said, Gronk is just that much slower and isnt as big a threat as he was a few years ago. Injuries have absolutely nothing to do with that.

      3. James Hughes

        @New York Bandwagon Wrong. He has a diminished role because he has a long history of injuries, he just came out of retirement, and he’s on a stacked offense. Kelce and Kittle are both in their prime, and one of the top receiving options on their teams and still neither of them have had a better season than Gronk in 2011

      4. New York Bandwagon

        @James Hughes you literally just proved my point. Gronk isnt the receiver he was a few years prior, thats why he has a diminished role. If you actually compare him to when he was with New England, hes a lot slower, and just isnt the same possesion guy Brady relied on. None of this shows that im a "troll", so push your ego aside.

      5. James Hughes

        @New York Bandwagon You gotta be a troll. Gronk is on a stacked offense where he is used mostly for blocking. Those numbers are great considering his role on the team

    66. JJHcars

      Gronk eat people Gronk catch oblong ball Gronk Spike oblong ball when catch touchdown Glock follow tb12 to Tampa Bay four championship ring Gronk out Gronk want more

    67. Patrick Posadas


      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    68. Don Vu

      Crazy thing is that this season was gronks first season since his rookie season that he played the entire season (didn’t miss a single game)

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

      2. JDBass36

        He didn't have to be the main target. So it kept him fresh from taking hits.

    69. Jesse Dell Ross

      One of, If not the best, TE ever. Even if you don’t agree, he’s without question the most complete TE ever.

      1. James Hughes

        @New York Bandwagon You’re comparing prime Kittle to Gronk who just came out of retirement not even a year ago. Gronk still hold the record for most TDs in a season by a tight end, and he don’t get enough credit for his blocking ability. The only thing that could stop Gronk was injuries

      2. Arnav Thube

        @New York Bandwagon i would take prime gronk over prime kittle anyday. kittle is the same as gronk with better run blocking but worse in the red zone and pass blocking

      3. New York Bandwagon

        @Two-seamer 14 that's a joke right "😂"? So youre telling me hes not any worse than he was 5 years ago and that hes still the same player? Please, dont ever talk about this sport ever again if youre gonna make comments like that "😂"

      4. Two-seamer 14

        @New York Bandwagon gronk is passed his prime yet he plays like he did 5 years ago imo. I haven’t seen him get worse at anything.😂

      5. New York Bandwagon

        @FightFan95 Gronk is the greatest TE ever and is definitely the greatest ive ever seen play. I was lucky enough to start watching this sport in the midst of his prime. I was never arguing against, or denying his greatness and legacy. If Kittle keeps up 18-19 level of play for the next few years, were gonna have a legitimate discussion.

    70. Robert Bolivarr

      "One of my best tight end"

    71. JO HUNNID

    72. Offtop Brilo

      Greatest of all time no question 4X Champ 8,000 Plus Yards 86 touchdowns All while playing with the greatest QB of alltime.

      1. ymetjuh

        His playoff numbers all almost untouchable aswell, he cemented his legacy as goat this season

      2. The Weeknd ........ ....

      3. Mikerism Messiah

        Imagine if he wasn't injured for being so dam physical

    73. Chidozie Osuji

      Gronk and Brady the best 2 man duo of all time?

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    74. MinePlay 512

      Gronk made a great comeback out of retirement. Was very surpriced he is still a star.

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    75. Libert Siagian

      work hard party harder

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    76. Awesome Dylan

      I hope they show him block chase young for the entire game, and let him get sack nothing but air! Gronk is a beast. Not washed. Stop it

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    77. VoltXxShot2


    78. Yeelicious -

      Gronk looks badass in the thumbnail ngl

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    79. Jo K

      I'll still pick an out-of-retirement Gronk than any other TE around the league right now. Just his blockings alone can make him ahead out of everyone else. And his offense, okay we all know what Gronk can do whenever he has the football.

      1. Chiefs Kingdom

        @Arratay yeah sure Kelce is a great blocker but is blocking really a tight ends top priority anymore? Honestly, it's overrated in tight end arguments Don't get me wrong blocking is very important but I'd rather be a game changing receiver than an extra in blocking Blocking is only used as an argument to make Kelce seem worse than he is and you know it

      2. Arratay

        @New York Bandwagon show me tape😐

      3. New York Bandwagon

        @Arratay are you trying to tell me that Gronks a better blocker than Kelce? I agree. But dont tell me "he doesnt block DEs", cause he does. Look up "Travis Kelce run blocking" and see for yourself. And yes, he can block them 1v1.

      4. Arratay

        @New York Bandwagon show me kelce blocking des like young or cam jordan 1v1

      5. New York Bandwagon

        @Arratay again, every tight end in the league blocks DEs. Same goes for LBs. Keep making up false assumptions with no evidence whatesoever💀.

    80. Joseph Smith

      Best tight ends in my opinion Shannon Sharpe, Tony Gonzales, and Gronkowski. Honerable mention goes to Jay Novacek WDE

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

      2. New York Bandwagon

        Antonio Gates? Dallas Clark?

    81. Hiii Kief

      I’m early asf lmao 😂 well give me a like if you think bucs will go b2b

    82. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

      What a comeback year 😗

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    83. Real Abraham

      That ain't rob Gronowski that's Ra'shawn gronkowski

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

      2. Big Blue Giant 2122


    84. Aparks

      _"I'm a tank! I belong in that fish!"_ *- Rob Gronkowski*

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

      2. Aparks

        @David Le nah, he's a lot smarter than people give him credit for.. especially financially -- at least up until 2018/19, he had only spent from his endorsements and such and put away/saved all of his actual NFL money.

      3. *Erica* SECR3T ViD3O * Live !!! Now -*-

        You're so reliable that I can't imagine not having you around.

    85. My Teams Suck

      Tonyan better

    86. Bobby Be twirlin

      He had 7 td last year and bloked great so I think he’s still got left in the tank and might even get his 100 td in next season

      1. Bobby Be twirlin

        @_GBE_THE_ GOAT_ it might include his playoff stats, and I think it was said earlier in the season before he got his 7 tds

      2. The Weeknd ........ ..........

      3. TB RC

        @_GBE_THE_ GOAT_ just said they connected 91 times. In what context, I'm not sure.

      4. _GBE_THE_ GOAT_

        I seen that he only has 87 career td including this year but the announcer said 91 ?


      G R O N K TIME!!!

      1. The Weeknd ........ ..........

    88. G. Herra

      he might not be prime gronk but damn, that dude still has talent.

      1. Rom

        He looked healthier than the past 5 years. No arm or leg brace

      2. Boe O


      3. Rowdy Wolfy

        @Holden Neff bruh

      4. Valentine Gaming

        His blocking is still great

      5. The Weeknd ........ ....

    89. Fuzzy Wuzzy

      He blocked more this year than he then he had catches he looked his self in the Super bowl.

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    90. JC Cordero

      Two Teddies? "I was saving them for the Super Bowl"

      1. Steven Joseph

        Two Tuddies = Touchdowns

      2. Heis_nberg

        i dont get it, care to explain?

      3. The Weeknd ........ ....



    91. SB 3Pic Man

      Even though he really didn't have many opportunities this year, he made the most of what he was given. That's Gronk's specialty!

      1. SB 3Pic Man

        @Stonks Very good point

      2. Jonathan West

        I could care less about football it's a presentation like wrestling kids are still starving and Ethiopia in a year 2021 you're talking about some stupid ass football never even seen a live cam video of the globe spinning can't find that one real picture m************ is trapped in hell

      3. Stonks

        You could say the same for all their WRs not having that many opportunities (Evans, Godwin, Brown) simply because there's so much talent that the ball got spread around. Teams couldn't just focus on 1 guy.

      4. The Weeknd ........ ....

      5. Jonathan West

        @JJ Mac noway

    92. Rol Builds

      The people who thought that they were first here: “I just cli8cked to comment” The people who came later: “WTF I thought I came first!”

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    93. Ryan The Piano Man

      The GOAT tight end still has it

      1. The Weeknd ........ ....

    94. Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan

      i love GRONK+

    95. Tom Brady

      Gronk is the real GOAT

    96. SP Nait

      17 viewer

    97. Don't Be A Sugar Coookie


    98. Leonardo Bonilla

      Let me ask a question!.... Does gronk make the top 100 list this year ? I think he will only because of Superbowl performance

      1. New York Bandwagon

        @Jacob Kurian you literally just proved my point😂😂😂. A tight end doesnt just block every play, thats why they arent offensive lineman. And Mark Andrews is a better run blocker than Gronk in the first place. What a pathetic comment.

      2. New York Bandwagon

        @Jacob Kurian Waller had over 1000 yards in 2020 and Gronk only had like 700. Andrews also had more yards and is a better run blocker. Im guessing youre a troll🤣

      3. New York Bandwagon

        @Germanischer Krieger you think Gronks better than Mark Andrews and Darren Waller? Thats a joke right?

      4. Germanischer Krieger

        New York Bandwagon bruh dont Talk him that Bad... Kelce and Kittle where better but than comes Gronk without a question

      5. New York Bandwagon

        Definitely not. I can name 5 TEs who were better, and not every one of them will make the list. He probably will make it just because of the Super Bowl.

    99. Roman Coleman-Isaac

      Nfl is there gonna be new uniforms on some teams

    100. Daynger

      This man is NOT washed

      1. Arnav Thube

        @New York Bandwagon well yea but its not his fault hes playing with 3 awesome wrs. and he doesnt even need to create seperation if you watch the highlights

      2. New York Bandwagon

        @Arnav Thube good to see that youve lowered your "projection", but if youre being real, itll never happen. Why? Because the Bucs had 3 receiving options that were better in 2020. The reason why he never saw so many targets in the first place is cause hes not as good a separator and isnt as reliable when it comes to possession. The Bucs just had too many mouths to feed. Were going absolutely nowhere with this conversation, so ill just agree to disagree.

      3. Arnav Thube

        @New York Bandwagon oh well yea thats obvious lmao of course hes not gonna be the most dominant player anymore but its not like he sucks like cam or 2015 manning. if you extrapolate his stats from his year to a year where he gets arouund 110 targets like he would in new england, he has 64 catches 900 yards and 10 touchdowns, which is top 5-7 production

      4. New York Bandwagon

        @Arnav Thube thats right, change the subject of the conversation after realizing what you did. And players like Cam Newton, Richard Sherman, and Larry Fitzgerald can still "take over the game", yet both have the "washed" narrative against them. Gronk is just nothing close to what he used to be and what i saw years ago, period. Im not worrying about him destroying my off ball linebacker anymore like i did when he was with New England. And he just had 2 TDs in the SB, nothing else. Yes, he did block effectively, but so can many other TEs in this league. And i watched the SB while writing a paper that was due the very next day, so does that count?

      5. Arnav Thube

        @New York Bandwagon washed means no longer a viable player. gronk can still take over game lmao did you watch the super bowl or not?