Tylan Wallace Pro Day Highlights


28 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

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    1. Amuzedbi U

      Dont worry TYlan Russel Wilson throws better than these hacks do:)

    2. Jacion Bryant

      Never 👎 heard of him

    3. Jacion Bryant

      Who is this guy

    4. Alan James

      They say he is the king of contested catches

    5. Alan James

      He is still an all American and one hell of a wide out

    6. Xavier Sheppard

      Ft worth tx tylan Wallace a true legend

    7. Emmanuel Constant

      I see him as a round 2 prospect. He may have dropped a couple of passes, But he seems to have solid ball control when he makes those catches. In the right system - He could actually amount to something special. This kid has alot of upside with possibilities. Don't count him out just yet.

    8. Blake Swann

      My god that QB sucks

    9. Dre Fin

      Bad pro day, but he definitely turn it on game day

    10. Anthony Alarcon

      Eagles let's go😃!

    11. Antonio Jordan Glenn

      This draft have the making to be one of the biggest busts because everybody looking good on their pro days some ain't right

    12. NORM Sayl

      The 3rd best receiver

    13. Pio Verges

      It would be better without that music

    14. Matt Gonzalez

      He should switch to corner with all of those drops sheesh.

    15. Marcus Palafox

      Tylan Wallace 2ND ROUND PHILLY. Heard here first.

    16. Mothahhfuckuhh Jones

      Fort Worth Texas on The Map!!!!!

    17. Robert Giammarino

      Ur bad

    18. Mackmiller974

      Lacks the explosion you see from the other top tier WRs

    19. Miguel R

      Played this guy in high school. Great hands and can make plays

      1. Jacob Carlson

        Me to went to western hills

    20. M P

      Wow.... this did not look good

    21. dannyboy24 butler

      The Tennessee Titans select Tylan Wallace WR OSU

    22. Steeler Mike

      Someone likes to drop the ball so to speak

    23. Damion Leake

      Nerves he be aite


      This dude is a good player. Gotta be a second rounder

    25. Reecefresh_gets

      This WR class is one of the deepest ever, even deeper than last year

      1. Chief

        And packers still won’t draft one

      2. Kimberly Mason

        Yes it definitely is!! U probably can get a caliber starting WR in this Draft!!

    26. Theo Keith Jones

      Tylan stop thinking to much..

    27. Tylan Pace

      Me in him have the same name

    28. JC

      Looking for the “most underrated” comments .... 👌

    29. Paul Houck

      Ravens should be watching this

    30. malyk domanyk davis

      he is a star.

    31. Ethan Y

      Poor guy, that QB sucks. Can't showcase his skills right bc that qb is so inaccurate

    32. dav o

      Damn he dropped his way to the 6 round

      1. Health is Wealth


    33. Greysoul Jr

      this guy reminds me about OBJ

    34. Pheonix

      I have a feeling he will become a superstar in the NFL.

      1. Z T

        He looks like N'keal Harry, heavy feet on his cuts, good athleticism at the high point/catch point. He's quicker than fast, but he's going to have trouble against quality NFL defenders... He's likely to be a 6th Rounder. In a deep class he's more likely to go no higher than 4th round.

      2. G. Reid

        Probably not. Most likely a complimentary slot guy

      3. Gilgamesh

        @Mr Hat go watch his tape

      4. TJ789 TJ789

        That’s a great feeling bro!

      5. joel adame

        nope lol

    35. Jay Dubb

      That’s why I’m not a fan of looking back at the QB late.. u see on the deep drops he looks forward too long not knowing when to increase speed by the time he looks back it’s to late .. gotta look early sometimes to know the judgement of the ball

    36. Aj The legend

      Some drops but route running is nice late 2ns round

    37. Owen Grube

      My #5 receiver

    38. Dequavis 69

      This hurt his stock for sure, none the less he has a lot of talent needs to polish his catching and eye coordination. He’s trying to make a move before he catches the ball. If he works on that he’ll be pretty good in the NFL.

      1. Gunnar Fugett

        I think it was just a bad day because Tylan Wallace usually makes circus catches over defenders in games

    39. 86250r


      1. Gunnar Fugett

        Bro who let you type this....

    40. Astonishing Mutha Phuckers

      With this deep of a WR class, he's def going to be a late 2 early 3 but there's nothing wrong with that hoping my WFT gets another Terry Mclaurin steal with him at 72.

      1. Gilgamesh

        You guys aren’t going receiver

    41. Michael Thomas

      Please Green Bay get this guy

    42. 천종범

      bro he dont look 6ft

    43. exotic_ TerioYT

      Sorry but he’s an late 2 to early 3

    44. Cody Hernek


    45. Isaac Connie

      Mhhmmmmmmm........ definitely needs to get his ball skills up but he will end up on a good Team with a good QB. Probably the packers, Seahawks or chiefs

    46. Mr chief

      He can’t catch.

    47. Anthony Buentello

      Played against this cat in Highschool.. To see him in pro day is amazing. Good luck P.S - Those throws could’ve been better imo

    48. Markinson Alexis


    49. DragShotKing 777

      Bad throwz, you have to make the play. If you can touch that ball, you can catch it. Thatz the difference between Talent and Hard Work....and there is those times that Hard Work beatz Talent...letz see which one winz. Wish him best.

    50. Alonzo Mcdowell

      Him had a bad day, he gonna cry in the car going home 🤭

      1. Tevin Clayton

        Like u can do better

    51. Kevin James

      2020 NFL Combine in bullied not at the NFL Statement this year

    52. Leona Niki

      0:44 vom.fyi

    53. KHOST

      40 time?

    54. Jimmy Manzo

      2:08 back to back drops 😬, on the bright side his route running looks very clean

      1. Braden Houser

        i disagree his route running looks sloppy

      2. Hunter Carrasco

        He dropped those but you need to watch in game highlights. They call him Superman and he can catch over anybody .

      3. Reecefresh_gets

        Doesn’t show up on tape and no he’s not a ‘slot’ guy. He was mostly outside but he can do both if asked

      4. Furio

        @The Latino 69 he can stretch the field , he can play anywhere you put him

      5. The Latino 69

        Slot guy

    55. Alchemist

      I remember hearing about him being the top reciever coming out last year hopefully he doesnt fall to day 3 dude has the tools

    56. Tyrique Henry

      It’s crazy cause wide receiver are built differently now

      1. Mo Alston

        Different body type different results usually come subsequently

    57. MustWatch Live

      Feel bad for him it seems like he folded under pressure

      1. AJ

        @Stanley Ezen facts

      2. YvngPierre

        @tyler durden lol look at the tape. He loves game day

      3. tyler durden

        @Stanley Ezen now imagine a packed stadium

      4. Stanley Ezen

        It’s nervous to have all those eyes on you man

    58. zen

      34 inch vertical for a 5'11" guy is great and some crisp routes. Green bay would be great place for him to land. Imagine dealing with him and Davante adams the same time.

      1. Chris Paul point god

        I think amari Rodger would fit perfectly with greenbay

      2. Astonishing Mutha Phuckers

        ​@Yeah Right have you watch Wallace play? he's physical as hell def has some great contact balance and strength with the ball in his hands

      3. Yeah Right

        @Misfit No, Steve Smith was a lot more explosive and played pretty physical when that's not Wallace's style. Also Smith was short and built like a tank. A good comp for Wallace is Robert Woods. Similar size, good not-great atheletes for the NFL, but well rounded WRs. They are both skilled and smooth, you can tell they put a lot of time into their technique.

      4. exotic_ TerioYT

        Dude Will be a fourth or fifth wr And his first first year

      5. zen

        @Misfit That's possible.

    59. Emmanuel

      dropped a couple, so why is it a highlight?

    60. Sneakyninja 08

      This guy kinda sucks

      1. douglas anderson

        @ScUfF3d Everyone has a bad day. He just chose one of the worst days to have a bad day. Make you think that guys might wanna invest in hiring a QB for their pro days. Some dude out their might wanna think about becoming a professional pro day QB where he goes around and be the QB for receivers on their pro days. That QB didn't help him at all. They went separate ways after the last pass was thrown. No shaking hands, no laughs, no smiles, no thanks.

      2. ScUfF3d

        @douglas anderson fr AB and others had terrible pro days and they turned out fine lol

      3. Gunnar Fugett

        Who let you type this....

      4. douglas anderson

        LOL Looks that way but his game and highlight videos are completely different from what we saw today.

      5. ScUfF3d

        Watch the Game film, that tells the story

    61. Owen Fuentes

      Those gloves are cool

    62. Ronald Taylor

      Possibly a steal in the draft.

      1. Z T

        Yes, he steeeel there in the 4th round

    63. Andrew Mott

      Some bad throws but also a lot of drops 😶

      1. Isaac L

        At the end he was trying to overcompensate and ended up dropping the ones he could have caught.

    64. April Ligtenberg

      Second or third round

    65. DavidCroodgomery / Trey Hendrickson

      This dude is a stud

    66. Marie Mathews


    67. Jack Wallis

      One of my fav prospects. Production speaks for itself.

    68. Carpet Food

      This is a comment

      1. AJ Burthe

        This is a reply

    69. Redder 4

      He’s underrated

    70. Ale12

      6-7th round.

    71. Ras-Simeon Tong

      Him and Chuba Hubbard will be STEALS

      1. zen

        @Ray True but someone or the other gets injured all the time. He will be getting enough touches. And we specialise with track guys which he is.

      2. Ray

        @zen highly doubt it, don't the 49ers have like, 4 above average backs?

      3. zen

        He is gonna be a 49er hopefully. For the zone run scheme we run he will run untouched.

      4. Ray

        yea, Oklahoma St. coming out with some great players this year. Wallace, Hubbard and Jenkins will be great players.

    72. Nick Spagnola

      His game reminds me of OBJ, could be a steal on day 2

      1. Z T

        OBJ??? Did you forget what kind of pure speed OBJ has? This dude not anywhere close.

      2. Nyk NyCE

        nah he's kenny stills folks.

      3. 999 speed

        @Chris Paul point god fr

      4. D.W. Azul Lee

        I don’t see OBJ but he’s very reminiscent of Golden Tate, slightly taller but similar tape

      5. Taintsnorkeler

        more like Nelson Agholor

    73. D K

      This did not help his draft stock at all lol

      1. Marcus b

        @Yeah Right he said this did not help his draft stock. Which he is right. Rather he stays in the 3rd or drop, his pro day did nothing to help him. Which being drafting than projected. It might've dropped him a rd

      2. Josh G

        He was too much in his head

      3. Michael Miller

        @Yeah Right ^^Man..., this take is fantastic!

      4. Yeah Right

        No but it was expected, that's why he's looked at as a 3rd RD WR at best. His production and skill set are top notch, but he doesn't have great size or elite athleticism. Whatever team gets him will be very happy, reminds me of Robert Woods but WR is loaded with elite talent these days so he will be overlooked.

      5. Jdd3

        His in game highlights speak for itself though .

    74. sun cochran


    75. Nikolas Folk

      Does anybody know the numbers?

    76. Captain Boomeran


    77. Juan Maldonado

      definitely going to the eagles

    78. ZimmFor3

      Never heard of him but he seems HELLA solid

      1. Tvsportsman CVD

        @Brock Halford yea he’s got 8 more contested catches in his career then devonte smith

      2. ilovetexas

        @Carlos Garcia South hills high school fort worth. Go scorpions

      3. Carlos Garcia

        @ilovetexas fr?

      4. ilovetexas

        @Carlos Garcia Ey I'm from there!

      5. Carlos Garcia

        Oh and btw he has a twin brother too his name is tracin

    79. Robert Hudson

      What were his measurements?

    80. TrickShot Headquarters


    81. Levi Danger’s Sports


    82. Opd CJ


    83. Spooks x Pickle Yt


      1. Jalil Coward


    84. The Latino 69


      1. Spooks x Pickle Yt

        @The Latino 69 😬

      2. The Latino 69

        @Spooks x Pickle Yt 😂 mb

      3. Spooks x Pickle Yt

        Lol u were first by 2 seconds 😣😂