Terrace Marshall Jr. Pro Day Highlights


76 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

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    1. Lagarius Talbert

      He has the build and his release off the line is nice. But his RR and speed needs work

    2. Brian McDonald

      Not a natural hands catcher. No thanks

    3. Skii

      Bet if he didn’t opt out halfway through the season he wouldn’t have dropped those

    4. Eric Rushing


    5. Mason Edwards

      4th best WR in the draft you can't tell me otherwise

    6. Trent Cermak

      He going to the eagles in the second round

    7. Andrew Hiedelburg

      Terrence to the Bengals!

    8. Drew R.

      This pro day was NOT it.....

    9. Schwarzer Shark

      Are drops a concern?

    10. Max

      Dropping the 💰

    11. Jeffrey Jasper2007


    12. Crutch Collectibles


    13. Matt Gonzalez

      Too many drops!

    14. Michael Crabtree

      Hes got quickness, good route running, and decent hands. He gotta clean up those drops....that's gonna hurt him in the nfl but when he catches them its electric. Catch ball first then run. Hes gonna make up for it in the nfl and show everyone hes a pick worth waiting for.

      1. Adrian Garza

        His RR and breaks looked awful lmao.

    15. Cheese Reason

      He a sleeper 10 td in 7 games crazy he going early in the 2nd round

    16. Blake Swann

      Terrace on the behalf of All Ravens fans.... WELCOME HOME TO BALTIMORE

      1. John Davis

        Yaw need defensive lineman help

    17. Edwin Thompson


    18. Firechicken9213

      Seen his routes in games and his hands in game. He’s definitely a game speed guy, this doesn’t do him much justice. He’ll definitely be good for whoever grabs him though

    19. James Weatherborn

      No thank you. Eagle fan here.

    20. Thomas Upham

      Future Eagle. Gotta make up for the Jefferson miss

      1. mike !!

        Howie bouta draft sara fuller smh

    21. Hawk Hawk

      4th round

    22. james rabbitt

      To Detroit in the 2nd round

    23. Spencer Cranmer

      Anybody else think this guy would be 6’4-6’5 ? Looks way bigger than everybody else LSU had at receiver

    24. zakia azamey

      He drops the ball to much

    25. KLA Sports

      marshall has nice size and speed, route running is that bad, he can get into his brakes clean

    26. Trail Juicy

      We get penei sewell and hopefully he drops at 38 and we get him!!

    27. Clutch122697


    28. ray parker

      I would love to see him end up on the Saints him next to Michael Thomas could be a fun duo to watch and it would’ve cool to see him stick in Louisiana and be like the home town guy, from playing HS ball in LA to college ball at LSU to the Saints in the pros would be a cool story in my opinion

    29. Markel Whitfield

      I hope the Ravens get this right. I'mma lsu die hard fan. Watched him play. This guy is special...

      1. George Medley

        The Ravens draft defense they wont draft a receiver until the 4th or 5th round then they wonder why the need a receiver every year

    30. King Camaro

      Bust (Breshad Perriman or Kevin White 2.0)

    31. Yang Song

      if you compare his workout and Jamarrr chase you can see why chase is the best receiver in the draft and Marshall is slated to be somewhere from 5 to 10th receiver off the board. Chase has much more burst and runs crispier routes than Marshall and seem to "snag" the ball better.

    32. R H

      Bateman please. Terrace looks sloppy.

    33. Richard Oracin

      Work out was trash. Hopefully he is better in game

    34. Kosi Mncube

      Best receivers of all time drop balls so you guys be quit.

    35. Whopper Jr.

      His routes look really slow.

    36. Vlad Fifty-Two

      The Eagles get Horn, Surtain or Parsons at 12. And trade up to get this guy in the 1st (or stay in the second and grab him) would be dream-like

    37. Ravenous Quando

      Welcome To The Ravens Terrace Marshall Jr. just have to work on those hands and route running and he'll be a problem

      1. R H

        Naw keep him. Rashod Bateman is who we need.

    38. overseer Miller0330

      Titans want him

    39. P Good

      His 40 time is even more impressive being able to run a fast time with a bad get off. He popped straight up

      1. Tone Bangerz

        @P Good very impressive

      2. P Good

        @Tone Bangerz 4.38

      3. Tone Bangerz

        What did he clock in at?

    40. Corey Dibiase

      Eagles trade back into the 1st round with Jets or Jags and take him after taking Jaycee Horn at 12

      1. Adrian Garza

        Eagles wouldn’t have to trade back into the first lmao. This dude is not going 1st round.

    41. hunyacka42

      My opinion titans gonna get him. Maybe even he might go in the 2nd round

    42. 23qwery

      I like Bateman better than Marshall!

    43. Old Head WhoDat

      He could be better than Jefferson 🤔

      1. Adrian Garza

        Lol, nah

    44. Jake Wilson

      Future Baltimore Raven!!!

      1. R H

        Keep him give me Bateman

    45. Datnigacyf

      Is this ex cowboys Terrance marshals son or is the name coincidence

    46. Steven White

      Future Raven

      1. R H

        Please no

    47. Kimberly Castellano

      Yeah too many drops on quick slants for me. Easiest route to catch

    48. Anthony Alarcon

      Come to the Eagles bro!

    49. Afrokat 2136

      Meh, inconsistent hands and tight hips. He’ll carve out a role for some team, but those of you guys who think he’s round 1? Y’all trippin

      1. George Medley

        He’s definitely not a 1st rounder

    50. Sarkis Najarian

      This guy looks like a WR3 at best. Good speed and size but rounding routes and dropping passes when no one is covering you doesn't look good

    51. Michael Tribbet

      Wtf is he named after an architectural feature? Seriously, his name is Terrace? Next year are we gonna see Veranda Jones? Or Doorframe Wallace JR? Lmao

    52. Steve Malek

      Dolphins get Pitts in 1st round and this guy in 2nd :)

    53. gamersohaib

      Welcome to Charm city.

      1. R H

        Please no

    54. John Burke

      Those drops at the beginning could only mean one thing... welcome to the ravens

      1. Lagarius Talbert

        Lol helll na

      2. Reecefresh_gets

        He’d be WR1

      3. Dave T


      4. Danny Martinelli


      5. KLA Sports

        chill bruh😂, the real question is can he block? if so then welcome to the ravens😂

    55. Michael Tribbet

      Player: isn’t talked about on espn every day and ranked in the top 10 People after his pro day: MOST UNDERRATED!! 🤣🤣🤣

    56. Polo Phil

      Wishing him nothing but great health and success in the NFL!! Thanks for the championship!!

    57. Steven E

      Please Baltimore draft him

      1. Steven E

        @R H you’re trippin

      2. R H

        Please don’t

    58. SUPAMAN20021

      His route running looks iffy... and he's dropped alot for this to be a highlight film... maybe it's the jitters

      1. pew pew

        He will be a pro bowler. Book it! Scouts don't care about this pro day crap with a Qb that ou don't have chemistry with. Turn on the game tape

      2. DeZ Nutz

        Yea looks garbage def not an all pro

      3. R H

        Yeah those routes looked horrible. Rashod Bateman looks better. He’s more polished. Everything at his pro day was more smooth.

    59. Jasir Burnett

      Idk if it's just me but he doesn't look as quick and as shifty as he did when he was in the field, looks like he still has a injury or soreness lingering in his legs

      1. gabe franco

        @C S terrace Marshall does not play better in game can competition. Most overrated receiver EASY. Played 2 great corners in his career. Derion Kendrick and ps2. 2 catches for 45 yards vs surtain.. most of that coming from a td surtain didn’t even allow. 3 for 46 and a td vs Kendrick.. most of that in a td in garbage time. And he opts out the same week he plays Patrick surtain again. Undraftable player

      2. Jasir Burnett

        @C S tru tru

      3. C S

        Some people play better in a game. Drills are only in place to expose weaknesses not highlights strengths. If this wasn’t true there would be no workouts because you can’t replicate games thru drills.

    60. The Black Dog

      He's a first rounder all day long

      1. The Black Dog

        @Adrian Garza Look you troll, go give someone else brain damage and get lost.

      2. Adrian Garza

        @The Black Dog His route running is weak and he dropped easy slants

      3. The Black Dog

        @R H Obviously, that's because you are an idiot who also hates LSU. But go ahead and underestimate him. He loves to be underestimated.

      4. R H

        Not so sure about that

    61. Ellicott Raven

      Too many drops...

    62. Shanav m

      Future bronco.

    63. HaloMediaRecords

      Mid second round to early third if lucky

    64. Stanley Ezen

      I can see him on the Jaguars, Washington, Browns, Eagles or Seahawks

    65. Barack Obama

      He is literally the second coming of Julio, same 40 time, same height, same weight, great hands, above Average route running

      1. SmithN' Wesson

        Actually his routes leave a lot o be desired. No sharp cuts.

    66. SmithN' Wesson

      He has physical gifts but his route running needs work. Doesn't make sharp cuts.

      1. R H

        @George he’s not a great route runner.

      2. George

        His routes was more complex then any of these receivers

    67. Oscar the goat Castaños

      Would love to see this man go to the ravens, he could help Lamar a lot

      1. James Williams

        @R H he trolling bro

      2. Chris Walden

        @R H right... that means Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen is a bust too... Lamar is doing more with less. Allen hasn't won a MVP

      3. DeZ Nutz

        @Al Cutillo you just called an mvp a bust. Congratulations you played yourself hahaha

      4. Thomas Sankara

        @R H he's a troll and his family doesn't love him, don't mind him

      5. R H

        @Al Cutillo a bust? So winning a unanimous MVP, being an all-pro, having 3 straight playoff appearances is a bust ? Hmm 🤔 interesting.

    68. Kevin Thoj

      Looks like another D.J. Chark clone. Could be drafted in the same spot Chark was drafted too! 🔥

    69. Aj The legend

      He needs to cleanup his hands but other dan dat solid late first round round or early 2nd day prospect

      1. R H

        And those horrible routes

    70. Cole Weber

      Dude is going to ball in the League. He’s a TD machine!

    71. Gabriel Valencia

      He should of stayed one more year

    72. Chancelorpalmz

      Steal of draft

    73. ReckHouseCO


    74. Tommy Holsworth

      He dropped like 5 passes bruh



    76. YO JACK


    77. KHOST

      40 time?

    78. jeffephina fully

      Future Ravens

      1. R H

        Keep him


      People tend to forget he was leading the WRs in TDs before he got hurt with Chase and Jefferson on his team.. Gonna be a steal late 1st early second round.

      1. universal truth

        That means he was killing guys that'll never be in the league

      2. BigSwo2909

        Maybe so, but not on either guy’s left. For sure it was game plan. Jefferson and Chase are ridiculous.

    80. Jack Wallis

      LSU just asked palyers what they wanted their 40 to be. Him and Jamaar are still incredible talents

      1. Jack Wallis

        @Adrian Pena These dudes are fast, but they're not THAT fast. It's consistent across all pro days tbh, just have to take the 40 times with a grain of salt.

      2. Thien Phan


      3. Adrian Pena

        What? Explain to me the first part of that comment.

    81. Zaid A.

      philly at 37

    82. D.W. Azul Lee

      He’s raw. Talented for sure though!

    83. This comment not sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

      thats quite a bit of dropsies.... still hope my Ravens pick him

    84. Respect My Opinion

      Looks stiff

    85. Xzavion

      A receiver’s worst nightmare. Dropping a ball. Still like him though, he’ll be a late first, early second rounder.

      1. People Champ313

        Probably better, Smith & Waddle are tiny 6ft receivers & don’t even weight more than 180lbs lol

      2. Xzavion

        @Wilberto Perez without a doubt

      3. Wilberto Perez

        If he has a full season he’d be up there with Waddle and Smith. Kid is a baller.

    86. April Ligtenberg

      Second rounder

    87. Stacey Wellington

      I feel like he finna be a Nate burleson type player

    88. Melancholy Puppy

      With the 32nd pick the bucs select

    89. jung b

      I think he's going to the buccaneers

    90. T T

      Saints...bucking Saints. You got a receiver in your back yard.

    91. Pop Fein

      He's gonna be RAVENS

      1. George Medley

        Bateman pls

      2. R H

        No keep him. Bateman all day.

      3. Hey You

        @Jonathan Carrington yup a better route runner and run blocker than Marshall

      4. Jonathan Carrington

        Nope. Bateman instead

    92. music head 504

      why yall put drops in some peoples videos but not other peoples? its crazy how yall propagandize these videos by showing what you want to show to affect their draft stock

    93. Games lane

      This man just worked himself into the 1st round

      1. R H

        Looked horrible

      2. Theo Kwit

        Did not look like a good workout at all though

    94. Yaboycarlos Tha Goat

      Ravens please

    95. NyK NyCE

      Will need a good oc. To get him open. Not an instant impact player but a year or 2 would be solid player.

    96. jasmine williams

      Ima LSU fan and watched this guy play. He’s a sleeper imo. He can make great catches in traffic, has nice speed, nice size..if he just cleans up his route running, his breaks, and strengthen up his hands he can be a nice addition to any team

      1. Thien Phan


      2. Alchemist

        Sounds great!

    97. Aaron Williams

      He dropped 1/3 two was inaccurate but he good fosho

    98. I Am Groot

      They’re gonna lock him up in the pros. 2-3 rounder for sure, too slow in and out of his cuts.

      1. R H

        Yep he needs to work on those routes and his footwork.

      2. Hey You

        @Epp 808 there’s some people who watch college football enough to get a rhythm of how pro ready a prospect is but that doesn’t mean the coaches in the NFL can’t get him right just don’t believe he’ll be a ROTY candidate

      3. Epp 808

        Are you a GM? What team sent you to evaluate him?

    99. Tom e Unicat


    100. Philly Grown

      Come to philly